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October 31, 2008





do i get a shirt playa?


UM History and Traditions:


UM Facts and Figures:



Canezilla...U betcha! I ordered more shirts today and should have them at the VT game. Also available by mail.

DallasTX Cane

Holy Hand Grenades!


first, maybe?


already getting ready for the game tomorrow.we need to this win to gain some respect.i see cooper over 120 yards and james around 70 .also congrats to bosher it feels so good to know that the ball is going to be good after a touchdown.have fun ucf you can have our garbage.go canes


86 how do i get it mailed to me?i tailgate on the east side of the stadium you guys are 20 miles away


Zilla...if you call me on my cell at the game I will find U and bring it to U inside or ourside the stadium! Email me at host@canespace.com and we will connect.


PHILADELPHIA -University of Miami Hall of Famer Pat Burrell became the second Hurricane in as many years to win a Major League Baseball World Series title as the Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Tampa Bay Rays, 4-3, Wednesday night at Citizens Bank Park. Burrell, who has spent his entire 11-year big league career with the Phillies, delivered what would prove to be the series-clinching run with a double in the seventh inning as Philadelphia won its first championship since 1980 with a 4-1 series win.

With the score tied at three in the seventh, Burrell - the Phillies' starting leftfielder - hit a 1-1 pitch off the wall in center off J.P. Howell to lead off the bottom half of the inning. After Burrell was lifted for pinch-runner Eric Bruntlett, Pedro Feliz drove in the game-winning run two batters later with a one-out single up the middle of Chad Bradford to plate Bruntlett from third.

A third baseman at Miami from 1996-98, Burrell follows up former UM shortstop Alex Cora, who on a ring last year with the Boston Red Sox.

Heading into the at-bat, Burrell was 0-for-1 with two walks in the game that began on Monday and resumed on Wednesday after two straight days of inclement weather in the Philadelphia area.

During the regular season, Burrell hit .250 with 33 home runs, 86 RBI and 33 doubles. For the postseason, he had 10 hits, three home runs and eight RBI in 14 games. The longest-tenured player on the Phillies' roster, Burrell has 251 homers, 827 RBI, 655 runs scored and 1,166 hits in his big league career.

Recognized as one of the greatest players in UM history, Burrell finished his three-year career in Coral Gables with a program-high .442 career batting average. He ranks second in UM history in career home runs (61) and total bases (465), while ranking fifth in RBI (187) and fourth in walks (170) despite only playing three seasons.

The only Hurricane to have ever won the Golden Spikes Award, Burrell was inducted into the UM Sports Hall of Fame in 2008. He became Miami's first No. 1 overall pick of the Major League Baseball Draft in June of 1998 after hitting .432 with 17 home runs and 47 RBI his junior year.


Truth, I found and retrieved it:

Defensive foosball is all about gap responsibility with your front 7. The 3-4 effectively allows you to put pressure on the OL without selling out.

Most of the time the 3-4 looks like a 50 defense where you have 5 men on the LOS and two LB's within 5 yards off the ball shading both guards.

The DE's in that alignment are essensially LB's giving you the freedon to drop off and send any combination of guys on any play.

The misnomer is the 3-4 is for teams without DL depth but that's really not true. It's about creating missmatches for the tackles and it creats confusion for the Ol by allowing the DC to blitz linebackers while still playing base zone defenses. Also, as a DC you can create other "looks" like a "45" front, or "40" defense without changing your personnel. Plus, f you add things like allowing your ILBs and NG to either incorporate the "X" or "Y" (Weak side/strong side)you can completely dissrupt a play call...while at the same time if that offensive play call is perfect for the D you have called, you still won't be completely out of possition to effectively stop a big play.

From what I know of grohs D he brings only five when they "blitz" allowing them to keep a free safety in the middle to help the corners. When they don't send 5 they usually run a zone that they change the looks on, buts its basically a 2 deep with various drops in zone underneath with the corners often playing man and then dropping off.

For a young QB it can be very daunting. For an inexperienced OL it can be brutal which is why I feel Miami has a quality OL coach...he's prepared them for this game little by little each week.

Miami runs kind of a little 3-4 in some situations with Atkins in there and it's really effective at getting the OL and QB confused...

UVA does a good job of it because Groh is NFL bred and brought that knowledge with him.

Herbal was right...all that info up there is great and I tried to keep it simple not talking about 2,5, or 9 techniques and that other useless mumbo jumbo...the simple truth is, if you can cram the ball down their throats it will force them to gap them selves up and play it real simple.

Miami MUST run the ball well this week or it could be a looong day.

James and coop have to bring theor A games and the OL need to stop doing the cha-cha out there and blow guys off the ball.

If Miami can get 4.5 per carry and run it 25-30 while the game still counts they'll be ok.

Talk with you all again Sunday or Monday.

Go Canes!

Posted by: The Truth | October 31, 2008 at 12:16 PM

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Zilla, your run totals need to be reversed if we're going to win. We need JJ to have the big day, especially on 1st down. If Coop can break a couple of big ones that's gravy.

Truth, that all makes sense. Thanks for explaining the 3-4. Strategically I can see why it's popular in the NFL

Hey Yo!

For those of you in South Florida the game will be on CBS4. Not in HD unfortunately (that's a tragedy right there).

Is it wrong to not go out and vote if you can't stand either of the candidates?

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Zilla, we need JJ to have a big day moreso than Coop 'cause that will mean we're controlling the LOS on 1st and 2nd down. But if either of them has a big day we'll win.

Truth, thanks for that explanation of the 3-4. It makes sense tactically why teams run it so much in the NFL.


"This would be the best time to let marve/jacory work out of the shotgun, and go 3 receivers wide, when you spread teams out that run a 3-4, most of the time, their done because that'll put a linebacker on a wide-out, so somewhere their should be a mismatch. If nothing else it softens them up and makes it hard for them to blitz and play down hill which the 3-4 is designed to do.

That's how jimmy started running the nfc east, he brought in all that speed and ran parcels and gibbs out of their. If we don't utilize our speed tomorrow, it's going to be a long day. If marve is coming out from behind center, let's watch and see if he's picking up where the linebackers are while he's dropping back otherwise, he might have turn-overs galore.

This is also the game where we'll need to utilize the swing pass to jj or coop a lil more for sure.

Posted by: Calvin | October 31, 2008 at 04:50 PM


The spread would be one way to attack their 3-4 but I bet Shannon will try to run then pass, instead of passing to set up the run.

It will be interesting to see which way we go.


Nice to see all the Canespacers acknowledging our only probable award winner this season


Cat5 Cane

Response to soup's blog to Zilla...
Your 20 miles away... "Zilla...if you call me on my cell at the game I will find U and bring it to U inside or ourside the stadium! Email me at host@canespace.com and we will connect"

Sorry Soup!!!... Zilla, you remind me of my son,.... "just give it to me in my hands so I don't have to move"..... Damn it son!!!... Just get your azz up and trek over to the tailgate and get your FREE Canespace tee.... or forget the offer!!!... when U come over, you'll meet more canes fans to say..... We have a "CANE" over here!!!!



joaquin gonzales


Cat5...no problem, you said what I was thinking, but U know!


Dont think Bosher will win unless they judge it by who's got the biggest nutz when a punt returner is coming at em full speed.


sorry cat 5 to upset you soooo much.but when you are in charge of the bbq for 15 people its kind of hard to get over there before the game..i have no problem walking anywhere just have alot of tailgating duties.just sounds like to me your mad because you were not number uno?maybe you can post 1st after they do a story on how we mop up uv go canes

macjones de albuquerque

It's a simple football cliche but apt. In order for your Miami, F-L-A Hurricanes to fly away with a victory on Saturday afternoon, the rushing attack has to MAN-UP and break the "century" mark. No if's and or but's will suffice, because the Cavaliers have relatively limited their opponents rushing attack in their four game winning streak, which should end on Saturday IF the O- line and JJ and Coop all MAN-UP.

Now, on the flip-side of the LOS tug of war. The Young Cane D has to hold Virginia RB Periman(sp ) in check. The man has been a beast lately, and has "gone off" running the ball.

Side note. I look for Romeo Davis and Ojomo and one-play Dixon to have very good games tommorrow. Davis had an impressive game last week in the Canes win over WF, and I look forward for him to better his groove. Ojomo will be steady ready as usual and wreck havoc on the flanks. But it's Nixon who must come to play and man the middle.

Hurricanes 24

Virginia 17


Streaking Cavaliers await streaking 'Canes
October 31, 2008

Associated Press

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) -- It hardly seemed possible a month ago, but when Miami plays at Virginia on Saturday, the winner will become a favorite to reach the ACC title game.

Virginia (5-3, 3-1 Atlantic Coast Conference) moved into first place in the Coastal Division last week with its fourth consecutive victory, 24-17 victory at Georgia Tech. It was the Cavaliers' second victory in a row against a ranked team, a first in six years.

But division rival Miami has been surging, too, with three consecutive victories. The young Hurricanes (5-3, 2-2) are among the nation's statistical best on both sides of the ball, and have memories of a 48-0 loss last season in the finale at the Orange Bowl as motivation.

Considering that Virginia lost its first three games against Bowl Subdivision teams by a combined 128-20, and that Miami started 2-3, it's as if their seasons are starting over.

"We might not win another game," Cavaliers coach Al Groh said this week. "We might win them all. I can see where every one of them is going to be hard to win and I can see where (in) every one of them, we've got a chance. I think the players see that too."

Cornerback Vic Hall, who had an interception in Virginia's stunning blowout last season, expects an angry opponent, especially since the game will mean so much to the winner.

"This is going to be a very hard game for us to win," Hall said.

The Cavaliers' confidence should be soaring, though, because their turnaround coincides with the emergence of Marc Verica at quarterback and the return to form of bruising tailback Cedric Peerman. He has averaged 111 rugged yards on the ground during the winning streak.

"We're much farther along than we were a couple of weeks ago," said Verica, a sophomore who has started the last six games. "We're pretty confident right now, but I think it's important to stay hungry and humble and not be satisfied with these past four games."

For Miami, a key figures to be finding a way to deal with Virginia's 3-4 defense. The alignment has stymied them in two losses in a row, when they've totaled just seven points.

Robert Marve, one of two redshirt freshmen sharing the quarterbacking duties for Miami, said coping with the Virginia defense isn't so much a matter of figuring out the schemes.

"The big thing is they have good players over there," Marve said. "They have players that definitely know their assignments. They run the 3-4 very well, they have a good linebacker corps. So we're definitely going to have to bring our "A' game and be ready to play ball."

Before Virginia started winning, Groh's job seemed in jeopardy. Now, he's far more likely to earn his second consecutive coach of the year award than to be looking for work.

It is, Miami coach Randy Shannon said, no surprise to him.

"They're playing a lot better from earlier in the season to now, but that's typical of how coach Groh does it," the second-year Hurricanes coach said. "He does a great job of getting his guys to respond from early in the season to late. It's like the NFL mentality -- late in the season is when you want to be your best. They don't make a lot of mistakes, not at all."

They sure didn't make many last season in ruining the finale at the Orange Bowl, which drew greats from when Miami was the king of college football, and ended with a loud thud.

For junior left tackle Jason Fox, who called the whipping "embarrassing," this week is about preparing with the memory of 2007 in his mind, then concentrating on the 2008 game.

"It's in the back of your mind," Fox said. "But when that whistle blows and you're out there, you're playing for a victory and nothing else matters. It's just football from then.

"You just want to win because you hate losing."

Bottom line, this game will Team Shannon's most difficult game of the season outside of their game against the Gayturds.


Outside of the South Florida area....

If we cannot get ESPN 360 Is there another way to watch the game online tomorrow at noon?

Can we get CBS4 WFOR online? Or Raycom online or any others...

Cat5 Cane

Zilla... had I known all that, you could have saved me allot of my anger for the Tech game... (Coming soon)... "ROCK ON AND CRANK YOUR PARTY" !!!



The Herald reports that Marve is a probable on the injury list released this week.
Maybe this is an elegant way of accepting or justifying that Harris will play more often than not. Anyways both QB's are good and will be better with time, but right now Harris gives us the best chance to win, the O looks fluid under him and yea he will committ errors but the positives totally outweigh them.
I don't care who plays, I just hope Nix call a good intelligent consistent game.
Get the RB's involved more lets pound this guys and then play action ...to victory



Against a 3-4 defense, I would expect Nix to line up in 2 TE's and one back and try to pound the ball. It only works if a lineman can get to the LB's and block. The real key to beating the 3-4 is the center/nose gaurd matchup. Control the nose gaurd, you control the defense.


we can run on UVA and pass on them if guys execute. they are solid but not special. with so many young guys you never know what to expect tho.

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