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October 23, 2008





Bring on the Deacons!!!


WTF? where did my post go?



I am now very confused...


very good read!


wow six

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

DatCane thanks for this.....MUST READ people..an AP reporter goes with the team to Duke. Answers a lot of questions, erases doubts....


EDITORS - AP Sports Writer Tim Reynolds was granted behind-the-scenes access to the Miami Hurricanes as they traveled to play Duke last Saturday. This is his report on the work-in-progress 'Canes.

DURHAM, N.C. ((AP) - It's Friday night at the Miami Hurricanes' team hotel, about an hour before players will drift off to sleep, and offensive coordinator Patrick Nix stands to deliver some inspiring words.

The conference room is silent. Every offensive player's head is up, all eyes on Nix.

"In case you haven't figured it out, everyone is against you," Nix says, calmly but emphatically. "Our receivers are too young. Our quarterbacks aren't any good. Our offensive line can't finish. That's what everyone says about you."

This is what it's come to at Miami: An us-against-the-world pep talk on the eve of playing Duke.

Since 1983, the Hurricanes have won more national championships (five) than the Blue Devils have posted winning seasons (three), but Miami is no longer the undisputed king of college football. Every day is a test, a challenge to move closer to regaining that elite reputation.

Nix's message sinks in: Miami beats Duke 49-31, getting five touchdowns from backup freshman quarterback Jacory Harris and putting together consecutive wins for the first time all season. The Hurricanes whoop their way into the locker room, then gather on bended knee in prayer, everyone with an arm slung over someone else's shoulder, because that's how the great Miami teams did it.

"We're on a roll now," Miami coach Randy Shannon tells the group. "But we've got to stay focused. After tonight, this game is over with. I don't care how good of a game you had tonight, after tonight, it is over. We can't pat ourselves on the back and say we did a great job. We did. But after tonight, the only thing that matters is getting the University of Miami better."

With that, his team leaps and roars.

These days, every victory is significant.

"Happy homecoming to Duke," wide receiver Kayne Farquharson says over the din of the locker room celebration. "Duke scheduled Miami for their homecoming? When a team schedules a team for homecoming, they want to put on a show for their fans and their families. But we made it our party. We brought some Miami flavor back. The ball is finally rolling for us now. We think we control our own destiny again."

Ah, postgame smack talk. Michael Irvin would be proud.

But maybe Miami really is getting somewhere by going back to its us-against-the-world roots - albeit in a much different way than two decades ago.

The reputation of the Hurricanes' program is indelible: They were college football's bad boys, the brash bunch that wore camouflage attire to the 1987 Fiesta Bowl, would stand and pose over prone opponents after big hits, celebrate wildly after touchdowns, bury teams by ridiculous margins. They were generally considered to be the dark knights of the game. (Anybody remember the "Catholics vs. Convicts" T-shirts Notre Dame fans broke out for the 1988 game in South Bend?)

Miami's makeup has changed considerably since. Without anyone asking, two linemen ducked out of a packed elevator at the hotel Friday night, so a family of five had enough space to enter. The Hurricanes' graduation rate is one of the best in major college football. Players volunteer in the South Florida community. But the decades-old stigma about the program remains, and was evident in the reaction over two horrific events in 2006: an on-field brawl against FIU, and the off-campus slaying of Bryan Pata three weeks later, a crime that remains unsolved.

Butch Davis made it an emphasis to change the way people saw Miami on the national stage, then left the blueprint for what became the 2001 national championship team. Shannon follows a similar path. That's why, after dinner but before team meetings on Friday nights, some attend Mass in a hotel ballroom, while other coaches and staff meet for Bible study - the week's theme was patience - a few doors away.

Mass? Bible study? Patience? Miami football?

There was a time those things might not have gone together. Those days are long gone.

"There's a lot of things about this program that people don't realize," Shannon says.

Every aspect of the road trip is so civilized that the smattering of fans in the lobby bar are fighting off boredom. For the Duke trip, coaches' wives are invited, as were the team secretaries, so the traveling party was bigger than usual. Once at the hotel, players scurry to change out of their dark blazers with the "U" on the left lapel, and head downstairs to an enormous conference room set up for a buffet dinner.

The only real sound is the clinking of silverware against the white plates.

Fried chicken, collard greens, grilled chicken, broccoli, it's what the great Miami teams ate, so it's what this Miami team eats. Tradition also says there's ice cream at the team meal, so some players leave with sundaes, others with containers filled with chicken legs, and in one case, a player departs with his hands full of both. After all, it'll be nearly three hours before the snack table is open.

"It's hard not to go get a bowl of that ice cream," left tackle Jason Fox says. "But I try, especially if it's a day game in Miami."

The team meeting starts at 8 p.m., so naturally, everyone is in their seats by 7:50. Everything starts early. Football time, they call it. Over the next two hours, they go over everything: kick coverages, offense, defense, special teams.

A guest speaker is summoned, a 47-year-old minister and YMCA executive from North Carolina who sets two chairs six feet apart and uses them as props while he does a split, and then entertains players with a series of karate kicks. He tells them about the ups and downs of his personal life, and keeps repeating the theme of his message: Moments matter.

It's what Shannon and his staff have been saying for months. When your moment comes, will you be ready?

Harris is on Saturday. Duke leads 17-7 before he engineers a perfect two-minute drill to get Miami within three points at halftime, then helps the Hurricanes put up 35 unanswered points in the second half to pull away for good.

"Moments do matter," Harris says. "Every play, you've just got take it one by one, and when you get that moment to make something happen, take advantage of it, because you may not get a second chance. We understand that now."

In those Friday night meetings, where coaches show video of dozens of Duke plays, they use odd terms like "skinnying your pads," which happens when a ball carrier turns his body to slip through a small space instead of trying to barrel his way through a hole. It'll be a key to the game, they say, and they are proven right. Travis Benjamin slips his body through two defenders perfectly on a punt return in the third quarter, taking the ball to the Duke 28, and eventually catches a touchdown pass on that drive that puts Miami in full control of the game.

"We want these guys to finish every game, come out with emotion and make plays," wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill says. "Tonight, that's what they did. It's real simple, and it took a while, but we did it. And we didn't panic. We knew we had a chance to win the game, and in the second half, we opened it up."

It sounds so simple.

"It is simple," Shannon says.

There have been whispers that either Harris or starter Robert Marve will transfer for weeks, talk that will only pick up after Harris' big game against Duke. But here's how angry Marve acted on Saturday: He was, by far, the loudest celebrator in the locker room afterward.

Some pundits have suggested it's an act when Marve and Harris openly praise one another in interviews, saying it's just for the cameras. There are no cameras inside the Miami locker room on Saturday when Marve enters.

"Good work, 'Canes," he screams, slapping teammates - Harris included - on the head and shoulder pads as he weaved his way to his stall.

He scoffs at the notion that the quarterback "partnership," as Shannon calls it, is a problem right now.

"It felt good that we finally showed people exactly what we could do," says Marve, a redshirt freshman. "I was glad to see the young guys do well, glad to see our defense was strong, glad that we got tested in a battle and no one freaked out, no one panicked, everyone knew it was just time for us to explode. It just took a little time to get us going."

Marve means in the Duke game.

He may as well have been talking about this rebuilding project.

Miami was 5-7 last year, and at 4-3 this season, the turnaround is hardly complete. There won't be a national championship this year. At this point, a bowl game isn't even guaranteed. But with waves of freshmen and sophomores contributing already, with one loaded recruiting class already on campus and another expected to be on the way, Shannon truly believes Miami is getting closer to that elite level.

Another championship moment for Miami football, he says, is coming.

"It's been a while for us," Shannon says. "Now this team can get a little more confidence and feel good about themselves. These young guys are coming around. But we're not done. These guys can feel good right now, but there's a lot more work we have to do get Miami back where it needs to be."

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Typepad is on crack.....


Yeah, this new format is absurd. I'm glad I don't have to sift thru multiple pages to find the last post, but going from bottom to top is weird. Ok, done venting.

Will there be any Canespacers tailgating on Saturday? I plan to be there and would like to finally meet some of you people. :)


For this weekend and this weekend only.. Go Canes.. Beat Wake..


DATcane - thanks for the article link. I just checked it out and am going to forward it to some folks. It's always good to see articles disspelling myths and misconceptions.

Go Canes!

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Scum, we might be able to help you out. Who do your boys play?

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

OGV, now that typepad has put down the pipe, good work as usual, esp. with your prediction for wild 4thd down calls by Les. It always seems to happen. lol

To me, this season confirms my theory that Mark Richt isn't hungry enough to win a NC and that he doesn't HATE TO LOSE....unlike The Randy. These are two of the critical ingredients that separate the good from the great.

But I think Richt might pull this one out. They have enough firepower to beat anyone, and enough strength and speed on defense to stop just about anyone.

The question is can Richt get them mentally prepared and hungry?? Last year he used a gimmick to ignite the team. This year he'll have to come up with something more substantial.

They can still win the SEC though. We'll see.


We play Va Tech this weekend. So we'll do you guys a favor in exchange for beating Wake.


Interesting article on Aldarius Johnson - thanks "The Miami Hurricane" . Seems like a good, grounded guy with goals and the desire/drive to acheive them...let's hope so.


"Johnson knows how to handle his business and still have fun

Posted October 22, 2008 at 9:24 pm

By Lelan LeDoux // Senior Sports Writer

His adrenaline gets going.

Young Jeezy’s “Put On” is pulsating through his blood stream, causing him to bounce up and down on the sideline.

It’s third and goal and the Hurricanes need a touchdown.

He is motivated.

No. 4 walks onto the field calm and smooth. He lines up, and then he goes - with ease.

Seconds later he is tapping his toes at the end zone sideline, after scoring his first collegiate touchdown.

This is Aldarius Johnson.

Johnson just “put on for his city” and, more importantly, for his team.

“That is my song,” Johnson said. “I just got in the zone. I was telling my teammates I was going to score right here. The Lord blessed me, and I scored on that play. I couldn’t stop celebrating on the sideline.”

And that is how Johnson is. A young man who is always energetic and forever looking for something fun.

“I just have fun, on and off the field,” Johnson said. “On the field I have fun running around and catching balls. I just want to see everyone happy and the coaches happy, as well. I love to see the coaches have confidence in us to make plays for them.”

Even when Johnson was a little kid he was always having fun and loving the game of football. At the age of 5 Johnson was already into peewee football.

When he was younger, friends and family told him to just stick with it. But it was when he was 9 that he truly fell in love with football.

This love carried him to back-to-back state titles at Miami Northwestern Senior High and an athletic scholarship to a school with five national championships.

Johnson plans to make a living out of football, but he does have a back-up plan if football does not work out.

“Everyone wants to make it to the NFL but you’ve always got to have a back-up plan” Johnson said. “I want to be a sports [analyst] or something that has to do with sports. That’s my love.”

Off the field, Johnson is the same way he is on the field. He is always looking to have fun. He spends the majority of his time watching a lot of movies and spending time with friends.

“He is a good, quiet guy,” head coach Randy Shannon said. “He is happy-go-lucky, fun loving. He is a guy who does his work - do what has to be done. Aldarius is good to be around.”

Since becoming a Hurricane, Johnson has been compared to former Cane Andre Johnson, someone who Aldarius admires.

Andre calls Aldarius often to offer encouragement and share his wisdom. He has taught Aldarius how to use his strength against little defensive backs and to break tackles after the catch.

However, the key influence comes from the people that are always around him.

“Jacory Harris inspires me,” joked Johnson of the freshman quarterback and high school teammate. “No. My mom. She inspires me everyday. [Also], I have a son. So I always tell myself that I’m not doing it for me. I’m doing it for my son and my family. That keeps me motivated.”

This past weekend, Johnson had a career high in yards and receptions, hauling in eight catches for 84 yards and one touchdown.

With time, Johnson will become an even better receiver. He already has great hands and is very efficient running his routes. He will look to improve his speed in the spring by running track.

“My best is yet to come,” he said.

Johnson has the desire and focus to be Miami’s next elite receiver and, better yet, a fun-loving guy."

Go Canes!


A.J. is a hot topic this week...here's some "love" from Jorge Milian at Palm Beach Post (now being printed at Sun Sentinel in Deerfield).


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CORAL GABLES — University of Miami freshman receiver Aldarius Johnson caught eight passes Saturday against Duke, including two game-changing receptions in the Hurricanes' 49-31 victory.

"It was kind of a coming out party for me," Johnson said. "I had a great game."

There's no arguing that.

Johnson's eight receptions were the most by a UM wide receiver since Santana Moss had nine against Florida State during the 1999 season. It's the most catches by a Hurricane at any position since tight end Greg Olsen caught eight passes against Florida State in the 2005 season opener.

None of Johnson's catches were more important than a 15-yarder on a fourth-and-1 situation just before halftime that led to a touchdown and cut the Hurricanes' deficit to 17-14.

"Fourth down and one - that was huge," tight end Chris Zellner said. "It killed the defense. They wanted to get off the field, but they couldn't."

Opponents better get used to it because the 6-foot-2, 206-pound Johnson appears to be developing into the clutch receiver the Hurricanes have lacked for several seasons.

Aside from the fourth-down reception, Johnson caught a 6-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter that put UM ahead for good at 28-24 and pulled in a 15-yard, third-down pass in the fourth quarter that led to Miami's final touchdown.

All of those passes were thrown by backup quarterback Jacory Harris, who teamed with Johnson to win two Class 6A state championships at Miami Northwestern High.

"We have a combination going from high school and it's carried over to college," said Johnson, who had a game-high 84 receiving yards. "He knows where I'm going to be and he knows where to put the ball when defensive backs are all over me. Yeah, we got something going."

Harris replaced starting quarterback Robert Marve in the second quarter against Duke and led the comeback win by throwing four touchdown passes to four different freshmen receivers, including former Glades Central star Travis Benjamin.

While everyone got in on the action, Johnson served as Harris' security blanket.

"Aldarius is just that person that is going to make that for-sure catch," Harris said.

As a senior at Northwestern, Johnson set the Miami-Dade County record with 76 receptions, breaking his own mark of 72 as a junior.

Johnson chose Miami over Florida, Florida State and LSU, but there was never any doubt what school he would attend. Johnson had been showing up to UM practices since the seventh grade, sometimes running routes with Andre Johnson, the ex-Cane and current NFL star.

Because of their similar size, position and surnames, Aldarius has long been compared to Andre. The Johnsons are not related.

"They can do that," Aldarius Johnson said.

Not so fast, receivers coach Aubrey Hill said..

"That's a great compliment, but he has a long way to go," Hill said. "It's still a little bit too early to be comparing him to Andre Johnson."

Coach Randy Shannon wasn't as hesitant, saying that Aldarius was "a step slower" than Andre, but adding that Aldarius could get "that fast and bigger."

The younger Johnson is fast and big enough to lead the Hurricanes (4-3) with 20 receptions and 195 receiving yards entering Saturday's game against Wake Forest at Dolphin Stadium.

"I've been playing since I was 5 and I've always had big-play ability," Johnson said. "I always tell the coaches that whenever my number is called, I'm going to come down with the ball."

Go Canes!





I got a strange feeling CANES put a full game together this week verse WF.


Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Well, I stunk it up last week, going 3-3. Learned my lesson about picking road teams. Every one of these games is a tough call, so this week, I'm sticking with the home team. You know what that means, don't you? Everyone playing on the road will win ...

North Carolina 17, Boston College 14 -- Both defenses are playing well, but Butch Davis should have his players ready for redemption after the tough loss to Virginia. The Eagles' turnovers will hurt them in Chapel Hill.

Vanderbilt 21, Duke 20 -- The Blue Devils can score more points than that, but not against Bobby Johnson's defense. Not when a home win here would make them bowl eligible for the first time since 1982.

Florida State 24, Virginia Tech 20 -- Tyrod Taylor cannot beat the Seminoles alone. Not in Doak Campbell. With or without Dekoda Watson, Mickey Andrews & Co. will force Taylor to throw it, and Myron Rolle will be waiting for it.

Georgia Tech 17, Virginia 14 -- The Yellow Jackets' defense will keep the Cavaliers from earning their first road win of the season, and the offense will look much better after quarterback Josh Nesbitt had a week to shake off the rust.

Maryland 28, NC State 24 -- The Terps are coming off their best performance of the season, but Wolfpack quarterback Russell Wilson is the real deal. He'll be throwing into a depleted secondary.

Miami 21, Wake Forest 7 -- The Hurricanes are young and will make mistakes against the Deacs' talented defense, but when Wake's offense has scored just one touchdown in its past three ACC games, it's hard to believe much will change on the road in Week 9.

Off: Clemson.


wow six

Posted by: canechic | October 23, 2008 at 08:40 AM



Dinich is a moron .. plain and simple.

She should go back to making Little Rascals movies as Alfalfa. The further away from the keyboard for her, the better.


I think this game could be a springboard not only for the rest of the season but for the future.

We pound this Wake team and not only does it pump up this young team but also will instill invaluable confidence that this team can play with anyone.

I won't be able to watch this game because of a work function but I am getting hyped up already!!

Love it!!



Why do people keep mentioning myron rolle. What has this guy ever done


I made points about the game afterward as to why the Phillies won/Rays lost, and the "experts" on ESPN/FOX said the exact same thing this morning ... but yet, I'm called an apologist - haha. Nice darc.

Ya, this is a 'Canes blog. Here's something 'Cane related ... Pat Burrell went 0-3 last night with 2 K's. It's probably the only time I've ever rooted against him.


How much more will Baby J play this week?

Hopefully the D will shore up their passing D this week, a lot of Duke drops last week helped out tremendously.


Has anyone here used that channelsurfing.net to watch the games on ESPNU? When I do its a black screen, but I can hear it..do you have to set up an account or something..any ideas anyone???

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Six, Heather's not as bad as she was. Clearly she's over her head though. She has NO business predicting scores and outcomes for a sport she's never played or even covered before this gig.

That would be like trying to predict outcomes at CGNC's horse showing events. CLUELESS.

It shows when she says something stupid like Myron Rolle will be waiting. lol

ESPN just can't seem to stop discrediting themselves.


Umike, there is no account to sign up with. I dont think that the connection is very good and too many people are signed in trying to view the game.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Jimmy, Rolle's solid. I haven't seen anything spectacular, although Scum could tell you better than I can.

Personally, I think the infatuation comes from the fact that he's never had a B in a class and is pre-med. But as far as what he's done on the field, I haven't seen it, with hits or coverage. Maybe I've missed something.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Six, I meant to say, "That would be like ME trying to predict the outcomes and scores of one of CGNC horse showing events."

I don't even know if that's the proper term for what she does. lol I know she doesn't jump. lol

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Also, anyone who hasn't watched Shannon's Wake preview is missing A LOT of answers to the questions we bang around here.


This may have already been posted. I haven't been here in a while. Busy and the new format was annoying.

Top 10 Canes in the NFL....pretty cool....



Cav - haven't been able to check much on the Wake game or Shannon quotes, been overwhelmed with the World Series stuff here. What did he say about Baby J and how he's coming along for the Wake game?

And as you remember, at the beginning of the season when people were breaking down the games of this season - a lot of people were taking Wake too lightly, and when some of us pointed that out by breaking down some of Wake's players ... we were laughed at and told the only reason for them playing at Wake was b/c they wouldn't even see the field for Miami. It was funny to think that then, still funny now. A. Thorpe is no joke and would be a starter here ... and I love the LB turned kicker named Bosher for our boys, but I'd take Sam Swank all day long. Riley Skinner doesn't make FROSH mistakes, and Wake is just a straight up disciplined team mainly due to the longevity and maturity of the players being in that system.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Six, I thought most of us expected Wake to be tough, up in the air. I'm actually surprised by how poorly they've played after the first two games.

I think their offense is slow as molasses, and Skinner is making some bad, bad mistakes and reads. Defenses must have figured out something about him after the FSU game.

Their D, OTOH, has played stiff most of the way until last week's embarrassment. I think they had a similar implosion to the type we've seen for the last several years where the defense is just tired of carrying the whole dam team. Eventually someone comes along and breaks you down.

But I expect them to be up for this game. At the same time MD threw for 300+ yards out of 421 total. So something is seriously amiss.

This will be interesting to see.

DallasTX Cane


is this thing ON??


slow day on the ole blob...

DallasTX Cane

almost 3 hours w/o a post?? has typepad killed the blob?!?

DallasTX Cane

well, hola KC


it certainly seems that way! :(


hola right back at ya!

lou of M


DallasTX Cane

yeah, i cant take this down and up down and up non-stop, just to read the conversation and post...

DallasTX Cane

ruins the convo flow for me


me too


slow day on the ole blob...

Posted by: KLCaneFan | October 23, 2008 at 04:07 PM

we can't tell if we are coming or going - LOL

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Dallas, and KL, I think no one knows what to see. The doom and gloomers are all MIA, haha.

I would like to talk strategy but no one ever seems to want to really do that. They'd rather down the coaches and players but now they can't do that other than say, 'It was only Duke." lol

Has anyone seen an entire Wake game or at least some highlights?? There aren't many out there and what I found didn't reveal much other than the lassitude of their offense and the soundness of their D.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Maybe it's the new format?? haha. I doubt it. It's not too bad. I think the other way was better to be honest.

Let's take a vote...

Multi-pages you have to go through in order, one at a time..


Last post first...


Cav, I've seen Wake a few times this year - against FSU, Ole Miss, Baylor, and a little of the Maryland game.

They lack speed big time on offense. Their only real playmaker is Anquan Boldin's little brother. But he lacks vertical speed. He's a b*tch to tackle though like his brother. They will be in the shotgun pretty much the whole time unless its a short yardage situation maybe. They got a FB that's athletic but they don't really utilize him as much as they should in my opinion. Offensively overall they'll spread us out and try to dink and dunk there way up the field.


and damn i just realized i'm going to have to watch Oklahoma St vs Texas on ESPN 360. I was hoping it would be the ESPN2 game cause I know VT vs FSU will be the ABC game for me. Michigan vs Michigan St on espn2 sucks. at least I can watch the two games I want to see simultaneously instead of flipping back and forth.


I thing the entrance exam for MENSA is easier than keeping track of the forward/back drama of this blog.

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