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December 27, 2008





Nothing would be finer than to have a solid win tonight for the Canes, to end this year off strong, and signal the start of something big.


Good wishes, I think you forgot one minor detail though.. Sean Spence?


Oh, snap! I got called out!!


One of the best and most accurate blog headlining of all time. That was like a great pre-game speech, get you fired up, basically enuff with all the bull-crap, the time has come now, either you can do your job or you can't. By now, i'm real confident receivers are keeping their shoulders down coming out of their breaks, i guess if not, look out. This game is all the more reason to open up the playbook, we're going against a team with 23 interceptions, so what this basically tells us is, they're db's are aggressive and will start sitting on routes, especially if the oc starts getting conservative, time to open this game up like we did agaisnt virginia, solarCane, wake pimp up and tell him to get ready.

We have all the offensive tools needed to be balanced and keep the call defense off balance, by the way, v-tech seems to somehow end up puting who they think is a key player out of the game, but hell, running a wide receiver screen to the side where t.benjamin has to block is where that defender fell on his ankle seems like on purpose.

We all know nix will try to do his best impersonation as a great up and coming oc, so he can all but assure he'll get the oc job at auburn, clap clap clap clap calp, let's go auburn, clap clap clap clap clap, let's go auburn, ome get one of your own so he can go and coach with pride and not with this cavilier offensive experiment he keeps doing here.

jacory, go ahead and change the plays as you see fit, i.e. the goal line slant against the gators so cal will know, we are attacking them and not the other way around, keep their defense on their heels. It's time for epps number to be called, he's earned that right, suspending gordon should help his cause out that much more, may hurt us a lil in the run game, but e should be alright.

clint hurtt, it's time for you to start separating yourself from the likes of john palmero, or at least joining him in his brief success here, his stamp was put on the program against the run, where will your stamp be, time to ratchet up your coaching skill sets, we got the d-lineman now that you need, groom them.

The offensive line, we got the orignial five starting, so on paper, fox, franklin, xavier, figs and youngblood, seems like a strong group, put epps next to one of them, with aj, shields, benjamin, james and hill in the backfield, points should start coming on the board consistently tonight. Although we all want a dominating win, for now, how these young Canes get a win without help from a referee, i'm taking it.


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For cryin out loud, its gameday!!!

Hurriphin......the U!!


Good Mornin Legion...

Got Some Canes Overhere!!!





Cat5 Cane


Where's the spirit for this one? I don't know, but it isn't here... So many people have bought into Cal and their strengths that they have forgotten what got us here... They have two main assaults,. A pocket passer, who throws at 60 percent and not known to run and a good running back in Mr. Best. Defense needs to gel and pound the QB and stuff the run. Young needs to open up the Blitz and shift the LB's on and off the line instead of the statue formation we've seen all year. Would lov to see the LB crew show up for this one. If they do, we'll see some turnovers.

Cal will start 6-5, 233-pound senior quarterback Nate Longshore (83 of 143 passes for 930 yards, nine touchdowns and four interceptions)... I'm sure after watching film on us, they'll try the QB run option, to loosen up the pass and run... Young should know this and spy him, as every game we have lost, was to a mobile QB.

Offense rests with Nix and his belief that Jacory can do it. The play calling is way to predictable and Nix has nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving Jacory the nod to change the plays. Slots and TE's must be on the same page when Jac sees the blitzes. Jacory needs to add a little more zip on the long ball. Key blocking assignments on the end around has been a sore spot and is a must.

To the Boss... Loosen up and get aggressive. We are the underdogs, by 8 frigg'n points. The worst we can do is lose and the best we could do is kick their azz. What side of the coin do you want people to remember?

To the Legion... Where are my 12 percenters today?
True... we all want to win, but the difference is, instead of wanting to, we are going to... the only question is, by how much!



Game Day! Last one for awhile, stop the run, controll the clock on O. Everything else takes care of its self.

Cat5 Cane

Morning to all... Hell, it took me 1/2 hour to write that post and when i posted, I see we have some Canes over here!... Ocalla, Hurri, Bham and Calvin... It's a great day to kick some azz!!!


DB's gonna have to do a double-shift tonight. Gonna have to cover for a while(thanks to Cal's O-line)and unfortunately, probaly have to tackle j.best more than we'd like.
D is the key. I am confident in the O. with Jacory starting, we're likely garaunteed about 21pts. Then, a Def. score here, a Sp. Tms. score there, and we prove that the best football is, and will always be, played in the "state of Miami!!"


Canes 24 Cal 21.. Bosher last second FG for the win! Go Canes!!!!


Cat5Cane, 12%ers are alive and well. We had a little set back this year, but nothing that cannot be fixed. Will be keeping an eye on strength and conditioning coach in 09. If we hit wall again, then someone as to hit the road.


All I can say is "Let's go Canes, Let's go Canes......we have to win. Man up and play some ball, and that goes to the phins too!!!!!!


Cat 5-

U know I'm ready!!
Its always difficult for me to blog during the game, cause I'm usually to busy watching/yelling at the TV, but I'm gonna be decked out in orange n' green, sitting next to my good "luck" charm, (my daughter, Miami) and watchin us do the thing to them California cupcakes. WEST COAST TEAMS ARE SOFT!!!

Including their ringleader, and queen of their hive, USC.

Hey, and if we do somehow !ose this game, what always seems to follow are defeats........

You got it!! 3 or 4 big time recruits!! Its win, win baby!!


Never let you fear of failure be greater than your desire to succeed. (Nix IS listening today right?)


your fear...


"Our defeats"


Shannon believes Marve will transfer.



Hurriphin is your daughter's name Miami?


Yes CC,

Was waiting to name her that since I was like 15. She's a twin.


Wow hurriphin I have twins!!!! How old are they?


Since both of my favorite football teams play in that city, once I found out that one of the two was gonna be a girl, I said "I'm going for it."


Oh, snap! I got called out!!

Posted by: KLCaneFan | December 27, 2008 at 08:11 AM

Sorry, had to do it! We will get it together in 2009.

New blog for the LIVE game coverage will be posted at 7 PM.


My babies, and I use the word "babies" loosely, just turned five on the 10th. 1 boy. 1 girl.


Anyone watchin' ESPN Classic?

Tribute to the OB game on!!

We lunchin' or what!?!?

Soup, your short prime is being televised!! WAKE UP!!

Cat5 Cane

per you... UM coach Randy Shannon said this week he has not talked to Marve since informing the quarterback of his suspension.

Marve has not requested a release from his scholarship, but Shannon said Marve "is probably going to transfer."

Randy, your positioning on this is questionable... and definitely falls under the bracket of deniable plausibility.

Has anybody noticed when randy makes a statement to the press like, "he has not talked to Marve" so he can say he doesn't know... Come on, give us a break. Your number one QB is thinking about leaving the program because of actions by you and you haven't done anything about it? You haven't asked your OC to get involved? You haven't spoken to Eugene Marve to explain your positioning to get his understanding and approval? and lastly you haven't tried to talk to Robert and your just letting it go,... by saying the suspension is not a big deal and he just needs to understand that team violations will not be accepted... Right?

Randy... You're a good man and I'm sure you want whats best for the kids in your heart, but leadership might not be your strong suite and I hope you learn from this as well!

The bottom line... The Bowl game is a team effort and everyone who brought you there, deserves to be there, unless the police have handcuffs on him!!!




dj moonbat

Randy is pushing Captain Awesome to $h!t or get off the pot.

Also, he's letting high-end QB recruits that there may be a little less of a logjam than originally anticipated.


Thos are your rules/opinions Cat5 Cane and The Randy obviously has a different set of priorities. Just difference of opinion but, in this case, The Randys' opinion is the only one that matters.

We have what, maybe 20 total players game missed this year out of just over 1000 (13 games x 80 players). The players know what they signed up for. The Randy does not sugar coat it.

The other part of the question is whether these are suspensionable offenses. If they are not in handcuffs they should be allowed to play? Couldn't disagree with you more. The shock therapy The Randy is instituting is to change the culture that permeated Coral Gables for the last half decade. 90% of people stand around waiting to be led. The Randy is in that 10% with an obvious plan. Be it a good plan or a bad plan it is light years better than the mediocrity that Coker was so comfortable with in that 90 percentile.

This is the furnace that will separate the weak, "I wanna go to The U', from the die hard orange 'n green in the vein*. The leaders from the followers.

*orange 'n green in the vein was not used with permision from the blogger of the same name. The commentary expressed in this post may not reflect his/her own views.


I agree DZ8, you know the rules you follow and all is good! Randy knows how to make winners and being a winner is not easy it takes work! Got to have it mentally and physically!

Cat5 Cane

JD... You're right on both parts but at who's expense... the team or the player? Then try to remember how many suspensions were given to players and how many games it effected this past year. Game Suspensions should be held for the worst of the broken rules, as it deflates the moral of the whole team, before going into a game... not just the player himself.


Also look at it this way. Marve had an opportunity to TAKE the starting spot. No one outside of the Marve household would argue that he won it hands down. His development might've been/was probably slowed down by the two QB system but that was the boat we were in. A GREAT QB would've overcome that, and Marve still might be able to if he sticks around.

So maybe Randy saw something, a weakness, a flaw in Marve that made it that much easier to turn down his appeal ( it wasn't just ONE class he was late to). The timing also made it easier because it is happening before NSD, and will alllow Jacory a chance for extended playing time at the Bowl, to see what we have in him.

Machiaveli to be new special teams coach. Announcement coming soon...

Cat5 Cane

Guys, I'm not saying that players should not be penalized for screwing up!... but let the punishment fit the crime... Just saying, suspensions are the ultimate and should not be given out like candy... and if a player is passing the coarse and has missed a few classes... dose not make a suspension but 10 laps around the field and 100 push-up for a week is more justified.


Shannon is doing a good job with keeping his players in check. Marve knew the rules so there isn't any hard feelings my way..as they say BUSINESS IS BUSINESS nothing PERSONAL man.

Cat5, Shannon has laid down the law and the rules of the team if U can't follow them like any other job then you're FIRED. By the way why haven't Harris been in the SAME amount of trouble Marve has this year and he came from a rougher ENVIRONMENT....HMMMMM Shannon hasn't done anything to MARVE that he hasn't done himself. Just like Nix is being evaluated and he doesn't even know it. Don't think your BOSS is just smiling all the time in your face and he likes to joke with you....no Dumba$$ he is setting U up for the KILL. (Killing U softly while U laughing with them). Shannon just hold U ACCOUNTABLE and teaches U how to be a man. U shouldn't have to hold a grown mans hand while he is in College. Some people grow up while others stay the same throughout their LIFE.... having fun is one thing but being immature is another. Like the BEER commercials says DRINK RESPONSIBLE AND NOW I'M SAYING IS TO ACT RESPONSIBLE.......




You look at the stats (and the following are just guestimates):

1 out of 100 high school players play college ball.

1 out of 100 college players play in The League.

So the talent is there, everywhere, but not all of thos college teams or high school teams with talent win Championships. It takes another ingredient (Portis, Reed), DESIRE.

Randy is trying to find the ones that want it the most. Not just come game time but in practice, off season workouts, AND going to class. There are no surprises, he is not writing the rules as he goes along. Shape up or ship out.

For the record I still want Marve to prove himself and stick around.


Cat5 Cane,

All of the Old UM coaches never favored the games or bowls over the disregard of the Rules. I know Don Solinger didn't. But that's true for all great coaches. I know, it was hard for me to beleive it when the coaches said that they are more concerned with these kids developement as good people first. But the great ones do it consistantly, so they themselves must beleive that.


Suspensions are NOT the ultimate. Dismissal from team would be the ultimate. Wait till a player gets suspended for a year. (Jammi German?) We'll see how bad that player wants to be a part of "this thing".


LiveBlog at http://blogs.themiamihurricane.com/! I'm in the Garden!


WE GOT SOME CANES OVER HERE!!!!!! any good places in the kendall area other than the usual sports girll and ale house to watch the game? or any other recommendations for another place?


"Guys, I'm not saying that players should not be penalized for screwing up!... but let the punishment fit the crime... Posted by: Cat5 Cane | December 27, 2008 at 12:14 PM"

Cat5 Cane,

If it is the fact, that Randy is "more concerned with these kids developement as good people first", I mean, if that is his inner drive, then it makes since that teaching them that in life there are "serious consequences for certain action" would be appropriate in Marves case.

The QB, the Leader of this team, must understand that inorder to lead or become that example to the rest.

Cat5 Cane

I don't know if what I'm saying is getting lost in translation, but I say it again. Guys, I'm not saying that players should not be penalized for screwing up!... but let the punishment fit the crime.

That being said... I can see the rules of building moral and confidence is lost on all of ya and since you don't believe in working off your punishment, U are suspended from watching the game... LOL

We agree to disagree... and will someone pass me a beer! We Got some Canes overhere!!!

Go canes!


And DZ8 is exactly right. Suspension is not the ultimate punishment.

I remember my uncles and what they use to say in this regard: In order to "know" what's really inside a person - you HAVE TO SQUEEZE THEM, Then you will know by what comes out. Pressure is a natural test, Marve is being tested, and right now, frankly my friend, he is failing. I thought he was real, when he knows this is no bodies fault but his, that he would say so, MAN-UP, AND MAKE AMENDS with his team, with his coaches, his love ones, but beyond them all - with himself. I guess wearing tatooes don't make you a man, does it?


"We agree to disagree... and will someone pass me a beer! We Got some Canes overhere!!!

Go canes!

Posted by: Cat5 Cane | December 27, 2008 at 12:43 PM"

I could agree with that.

Cat5 Cane

It's not just marve that I speaking of... and to that, I support your stand as being a Canes fan... to all Canes who believe in the U of old and new school.

It's all good! Just do it!

dj moonbat

See, the thing is: Marve THOUGHT he was cool with Shannon's promise that he was going to recruit Marve, and turn around and recruit somebody to take his place.

But he thought that because he didn't take seriously the idea that anybody out there had a chance of actually taking it from him.

But somebody did. So rather than redouble his efforts, he's thinking of moving on.

Shannon's got nothing to lose here: if Marve leaves, we've just lost a guy who thinks the QB slot was just HIS. If he stays, he's staying on the Boss's terms -- guaranteed, if he stays after this, he WANTS it.


Should we be rooting for UNC?

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