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December 07, 2008





Nemo...up early I see? Nice work!



01/21/09 Miami vs. Florida State
Coral Gables, Fla. 7:30 p.m.

More details to follow...




I realize that Coach's statement that he would evaluate the staff was made for the benefit of the media but if he were to make a move, because of all the openings throughout the country it would seem that we would need to be talking to someone right now.

What about Croom?


Does anyone know these rumours about Bryce Brown? Is he still a Cane?


Bryce Brown article

(Sounds like a cry baby to me peace)

"Being recruited can be overwhelming," Brown said. "I'm looking forward to getting it behind me and finding that place that I definitely want to be."

Sometimes being great isn't enough, as East's Brown has learned

The numbers bowl you over, much the way Bryce Brown demolishes tacklers. He is now finished with one of the most incredible high school football careers in Kansas history: 6,809 rushing yards at Wichita East, far and away a City League regular-season record.

Some great running backs have come through this league (Barry Sanders, anyone?) and Brown's rushing yards overwhelm all of them.

After gaining 1,338 yards as a freshman, Brown followed up with 1,773, 1,825 and 1,873 yards the next three seasons. Those are the top three single-season rushing totals in City League history.

Wow. Wow. And wow one more time.

Yet this season, Brown isn't even the state's Gatorade Player of the Year. That honor belongs to another City League product, Bishop Carroll quarterback Blake Bell.

Brown, as great as he is, played in only two playoff games at East. The Aces didn't make it to the postseason in either his junior or senior seasons.

Brown, as great as he is, has had some trouble holding on to the football and there are those who wonder whether he's going to be able to correct that problem.

Brown, as great as he is, is waffling on the oral commitment he gave to Miami (Fla.), where his brother, Arthur, is a freshman linebacker, and admits he's still looking around.

Brown, as great as he is, has become a little jaded because of the scrutiny that comes with being as great as he is.

"I'm happy with my high school career," he said. "But with all of the things being said, I don't really feel like I got as much support as I should have. Being from Wichita and Kansas and being a positive influence with younger kids... anything positive that happens, it seems like people are always trying to find a negative to it."

I didn't understand what Brown was talking about, so I asked him to be more specific.

He said he reads posts on message boards that have been critical of him for his play, his attitude and his demeanor.

"They say things like, 'He's not as good as he thinks he is,"He doesn't play any competition', 'He's a prima donna,' " Brown said. "It's like, 'What else am I supposed to do? I'm doing positive things. I'm not on the street, getting into trouble or anything like that."

Brown has been an exemplary student at East and said he hopes to finish the semester with a 4.0 grade-point average. He's a bright kid who has always kept his focus on school, as well as football.

But being Bryce Brown, for all its perks, has kept him from having a normal high school life, he admits.

"It's been overwhelming, all of the attention and the recruiting," he said. "I've gotten a lot of opportunities and gotten to do things most kids only dream about."

As for Brown, he dreams of getting to do some of those mundane things his friends get to do. He didn't go to the prom or homecoming because he was out of town on recruiting trips.

When he made his oral commitment to Miami, it appeared all of that was finished. But there's something not quite right about the Hurricanes. Perhaps it's that Coach Randy Shannon has recruited a large stable of running backs, which could make it difficult for Brown to be an immediate factor.

"I know there are other options out there for me," said Brown, who has visited Missouri, Clemson and Oregon. "I'm not starting over with all of this. If people think that, then they're going to start coming in more and more and more.

"There are a couple of schools I'm seriously interested in and those are the schools I want to put my time and effort in. I don't want to be wasting anybody's time because I don't have time to waste."

Those couple of schools, Brown said, are Oregon and Clemson.

He has always been enamored by Oregon, and fell in love with Clemson on a recent visit.

"There are 20,000 people in that town, the stadium holds 85,000 and I'll bet there are more than 100,000 there for every game," Brown said.

Clemson recently hired Dabo Swinney as its coach after Swinney replaced Tommy Bowden on an interim basis in October.

"He's a really positive guy and the players relate to him real well," Brown said.

There is a lot of talk about Brown possibly being interested in Kansas State, now that Bill Snyder is back in charge of that program.

Brown said that kind of talk is premature, but he did say he has great respect for Snyder.

"I like him, he's very smart," Brown said. "He knows his Xs and Os and he's real good with people. But I don't think it would be right to say Kansas State is on my radar. Coach Snyder came down here and I got to meet him (Monday) and see what he's all about."

Brown doesn't want the recruiting process to drag out. He doesn't even really think it's a "process." It's more making sure he's dotted all of his I's and crossed his T's.

"Being recruited can be overwhelming," Brown said. "I'm looking forward to getting it behind me and finding that place that I definitely want to be."

Eagle sports columnist Bob Lutz co-hosts "Sports Daily" from 9-11 a.m. weekdays on KFH, 1240-AM and 98.7-FM. Reach him at 316-268-6597 or blutz@wichitaeagle.com.


Remember a month ago when everyone laughed at David Lake ITU when he said Brown might end up in Oregon????

"There are a couple of schools I'm seriously interested in and those are the schools I want to put my time and effort in. I don't want to be wasting anybody's time because I don't have time to waste."

Those couple of schools, Brown said, are Oregon and Clemson.

He has always been enamored by Oregon, and fell in love with Clemson on a recent visit.


the Wizard

1/21/09 More To Follow ? Enough with the tease ! What's the deal ?


1. Bryce Brown winds up at UM. Vault it!

2. Can't reveal more now on the 1/21/09 BIG DAY for now. It will be in conjuction with the UM vs FSU basketbal game. Just in the early planning stages for now, but it will be BIG. Many details still to get worked out.

3. ACC Championship game coverage and photos will post tonight at 9 PM. Kenny Calhoun is now a Canespacer. I took a photo with him at the game and gave him a card and he said he will check us out and possibly do an interview soon.

4. Former Cane OL and Current Miami Dolphin Vernon Carey interview set for Tuesday afternoon as part of the Home Depot NFL Neighborhood MVP Award process.


Solar, CGNC, Ocala, Canechic...did U get my email?


Coral Gables, FLA (www.hurricanesports.com)

The 2008 University of Miami Football Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday, December 14, 2008 at the Westin Colonnade Coral Gables. Bring your kids out for an exciting night to mix and mingle with UM football players! The cocktail reception begins at 6:00 p.m. and the awards ceremony will begin at 7:00 p.m.

The 2008 senior class will be recognized and individual awards will be announced in a variety of categories, including team Most Valuable Player.

Tickets to the banquet are priced at $50 and may be purchased by calling the Hurricane Club at 305-284-6699. Fans calling from outside the local area may call 1-800-GO-CANES (option 6).


I read BB statement as he's interested in those two schools but still a Miami "oral" committment.


Time for NFL"U" !

1PM games

- "Anytime" Hester and Greg Olsen going up against the Jags

- Andre Johnson (good interview 86), Eric Winston, Rashad Butler and Chris Myers going up against Green bay

- Reggie Wayne going up against Orien Harris and Cincinnati

- Shockey, Johnathan Vilma and Buck Ortega going up against Atlanta

- Kenny Phillips, Sinorice Moss, Jerome McDougle and Jeff Feagles going up against Philadelphia

- And Ken Dorsey, Leon Williams and Santonio Holmes going up against the Titans (god help you Kenny, going up against the Titans D) ..... K2 is out for the Browns.


I got it 86 and sent you an email back.


Nope. Nope. Nope. I aint doing it. I'm not dancin' with Bryce. Just like the others, he isn't a hurricane right now, so whatever. I hope he makes it to CG, but if he doesn't, we'll still have Coop, Mar', Baby Gore, & Mike James(who i've got a good feelin' about) in the same backfield. I'd rather him decommit, than come here and transfer. I aint gonna chase this kid around. He's gotta do what he's gotta do, and so do we.


kenny d: 6
titans: GOOSE EGG


too much pressure is put on these kids (referring to Bryce Brown article, but could be applied to the college players and other kids in the same position). advise to Bryce wold be - don't read what's said by people who don't know you.


The way i look at what brown was saying, with recruiting being overwhelming for him, with all the attention, their is no perfect place for him than Miami if he wants to get away from all that, because when he gets here, HOME OF where almost everybody gets treated like a regular person, he'll be humbled real quick here.

Now who can blame him for having seconds thoughts after miller committed, he sees that his brother can't get on the field except for special teams right now, so he knows the competition is 4 real.

WIth brown having second thoughts, i'd be happy as hell if soldinger was here, although he wouldn't help as far as recruiting goes when it comes to calling brown and trying to convince him to come here, almost any recruit would be able to see the runningbacks in the NFL and just know that soldinger was responsible. tommie robinson claim to fame about coaching lt, that's not enough for me.

Anyway if bryce follows thru on his word, welcome to UM, if not, good luck on your decision. If he's that sensitve he needs to stay off message boards and definitely stop trying to please people especially when you already know you're doing the right thing.


hurriphin, you watching that game or like me just checking the updates online?


Guys like bryce should just worry about going to college and having fun with it. Where-ever he goes, if he goes to oregon or clemson and becomes a bust, he'll crumble, he comes to UM where he'll just be another runningback, he'll only face internal pressure of beating the guy in front of him out, not external, because most of us on here are still in the, we don't care what you did out in kansas, let's see what you do against Miami competition, in other words, he's not certified yet.

Although i wouldn't bet agaisnt runningbacks who come out of the state of kansas.


just getting the pop-up scores esteban....


My boy Drew Brees is handling business against the Dirty Birds.

He's pretty ok.


I too have a good feeling about "The Truth" and Mike James. Don't mean to knock Bryce but he seems to be too damn arrogant for me. Did you guys check out his Mollie Rose interview on the Herald? Cocky as hell like his isht don't stank. Also, check out most of his photos, always on the phone like he's talking to his agent or something sporting those clown-ass outfits lol! But don't get it twisted, hope he comes to UM but ain't gonna cry if he doesn't.

macjones de albuquerque

Somebody has too be the harbinger of titillating gossip, other than that KARLOS.

Florida covets Miami quarterback

Miami coach Randy Shannon said at a Dolphins Touchdown Club luncheon last week that he might settle on one quarterback next season. But there's uncertainty internally about whether one of them might transfer before then. Word is Florida would covet Robert Marve if he leaves.

Miami Herald

Robert Marve, AP

What the FREAK' is going down there in Coral Gables. Tell moi it isn't true!


If it is KARLOS taking Coach Shannon's comments, and twisting them into pure gossip, well, it's not funny, baby!

KARLOS, did U feed the A.P. with this chit, just because U have an axe to grind with Nix and staff.


during downtime I guess all we have is rumors! yuck, i hate that cr@p!


Bowl game selections tonight Anyone think we're going anywhere besides San Fran?


at this point hurriphin I am not really interested in any bowl games!

The Truth

Please do not refer to Lamar Miller as "The Truth" on Canespace. Theres only one Truth on here and that would be me.

Thank you for your time.

Your compliance is expected.


A quick heads up:

I gotta goto a bar up here in Boston to watch the Fins since the game's on the same time as the Pats.

There's a sports bar close to me called McFaddens in Faneuil Hall (I'd goto the Fours usually but the Celt's play @ 6)

Anyway I was gonna go until I went to their website and McFaddens is the friggin "Official" Bar for Gator Games!?!?!?

Are U f*hkin kidding me?

Anyway...Champs @ the Pru it is.
Reason for telling y'all this?

U come to Boston?
Dont give McFaddens your $.

CANES, baaby


sorry dollbaby, but we aint smellin' BCS till about 10'. you'll come around about gametime.


Darc does houstons have the finz game?? love that place!!



I was on Canesport and noticed that they're reporting we almost got a commitment from and o-lineman today, what i want to know is, is he a juco or highschool player, reason being, it says he wants to go home and talk it over with his Mother and fiance, lol.


Calvin- his name is Watts, Juco from Texas. He said he was "Speechless" after his visit. Was a commitment to Houston, family lives there, but we gave him a lot to think about (the last part of that sentence is just my interpretation). I like our chances based on his interview.

Re: basketball- I've got a real love/hate thing going on with our Canes b-ball team. Love my school, wouldn't think of rooting for anyone else, but damn, they frustrate me every big game. I practically had three heart attacks during that one.


Rivals tease- Roy Watts 6'6 300lb JUCO lineman, committed to Houston, originally committed to Texas out of high school.

long live ron mexico!

gates not in bcs NC game?


long live does that mean AL vs Ok in the National Championship?

long live ron mexico!

i don't kno. someone else just told me that the BCS and harris polls on there are old. i may have posted that too soon


Here is a list of every Kansas high school all state player since 1961.

Out of the hundres on there how many do you really recognize that ever turned into anything?


Gale Sayers Barry Sanders Bryce Brown then???

MNW turns out more college elite caliber players in a season than the Kansas School System does in a decade.



I practically had three heart attacks during that one.

Posted by: j.w. | December 07, 2008 at 04:59 PM

Did you see what I posted last night JW? I am convinced they will give me a heart attack before season's end.



Its officia;....we are in the Emerald bowl vs. Cal.....




thats going to be a rough game!


Cal's secondary can pick off passes, 23 this season
Best can run the ball 1,394 @ 8 yds a carry.



Juco lineman committed to houston?? Can he be that good??


Thanks j.w.j

solar, great research, but that's exactly my point about not betting against bryce truning out to be good, he standas out on a list where the guys who stood out were all timers.

Like i said back when though, their is not a need to worry or complain about recruiting anymore as long as shannon and company is here. The biggest concern is going to be coaching.

It takes certain coaches to coach winners, and that's what we lost when we lost soldinger, kehoe and hargraves, their resumes speak for themselves, but more importantly they were championship coaches as well, that would have been a match made for DOMINATION, had they still been here.


Did somebody say kehoe will be coaching in tennessee!

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

What's up Legion?? I've been out of pocket for a bit because I'm having a new heating line laid and have to wait on the gas company to do their part, so NO HEAT for a few days.

Bryce is 17, he's going to waffle but I don't think he'd go to school on the other side of the country from his brother because of a big stadium. Soup says he's a Cane so there must be something to it. I believe the Truth said so a bit earlier as well.

He might be having second thoughts because of the talent at RB here versus the other places, esp. Clemson. Oregon is about the same as we are, maybe not as much but they have some young guys who can run.

Marve or Jacory trasnferring still doesn't make ANY sense because they'd be even further behind the curve than they are now, with more upperclassmen ahead of them.

I wouldn't mind seeing one of them RS next year though.

To me, both of them knew what they were getting into when they signed, so they need to suck it up and sit if need be, like all our great QBs have done. If not Taylor Cook isn't too far behind them and might end up passing them both after all is said and done.

I don't know why Shannon couldn't run the old Steve Spurrier approach though. He didn't have any trouble bringing in QBs.


Also solar, if we use history as a lesson, the time is about right for another good runningback to come out of that state.


thanks Cal,

I truly like Arthur cause he is humble and trying his best to live up to his press.
He will get there.

My take on Bryce is he is as good as he seems, but Miami/Dade is more complex and big city than he feels comfortable at.

He loves Oregon and Clemson more for the off campus small town environment than the actual team it seems.
I also think Arthur not getting as much time as the rest of the Freshmen weighs on Bryce's decision as to how prepared he is for Miami.



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