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December 04, 2008



Seminole will play Boone HS to determine who goes to state. NW and Seminole in the citrus bowl??





Just got back from the Armwood/Plant game, decided to drive over and stop by ... guess who I saw there -

- Lane Kiffin, checking out Orson Charles

- Robert Marve, standing next to Aaron Murray on the sidelines .. both with headsets on, helping out the Sophomore QB, Phillip Ely for Plant

- Tony Dungy out there with Robert Marve, pumping up the Plant team before the game

- Aqib Talib, Tennard Jackson, basically the entire Bucs secondary

- Coaches from basically every big school you can imagine (Georgia, Miami, Florida State), every single one of them hanging all over Orson Charles family.

Orson Charles played out of his mind tonight. I seriously don't think it was him, but some alien that took over his body. He made a catch in the 2nd Quarter that looked like he had no chance catching up to, and turned it into a 26 yard TD. Charles also made a nice catch, and ran through everyone for a 39 yard TD. He also went nuts playing defense. I have no idea who that freak of nature was out on the field that was wearing Charles uniform, but, he went absolutely insane.

Armwood did not blitz like they did during the first game against Plant. I mean, THEY DID NOT BLITZ AT ALL. I have no idea why. You could tell they were also a little confused, it looked like Plant was running a completely different offense than what I've seen them run all year. When Armwood played Plant for the first game of the year, with Aaron Murray playing, they freaking blitzed him every damn play. Tonight - nothing.

Mywan Jackson, the Armwood QB, didn't even play the majority of the first half b/c of an injury.

Armwood killed themselves with penalties and horrible kicking game. Insane amount of penalties, stupid penalties. Mywan Jackson being out of the game, esp. at the end of the game - hurt them tremendously. The other QB they had that came in, you could tell he really didn't have a clue. Armwood tried to run the spread, instead of sticking to their regular power I game. They missed a 32 yard FG at the end of the game to tie it, and Plant won.

Dwyer beat Booker T. Washington, so, Plant will be playing Dwyer next week - up here in Tampa. Unbelievable.


Final Score MNW 40 Killian 15






hurriphin...the U


I put on for my city...Bill Young




Jack is going to slap Kentucky for 40 minutes tonight. Can't wait.


A comment from a Florida fan on Debose:

"ohh and also for who ever was watching the game, on our last touchdown where Andre ran it like 60 or so yards at the end of the play after his back flip he ran to the sidelines and pointed at the miami recruter idk who it was maybe shannon but i was far from the play and he shook his head up and down at him, kinda scared me because i would not wanna see all 3 of our good guys go to that school down south"

I like the sound of that.


Sean Taylor


Good morning


MNW vs Killian wrap up:



Super those guys are great athletes, think maybe they want to stay together like the Northwestern guys did last year?

It is pretty dead on the blog!


Canechic...nice work on the HS fooball games last night. Thanks for that!

I'm off to Tampa for the ACC Championship game. Gonna write it up for the blog and take some photos. Wish me luck, I'm wearing CANESPACE to the game!!!

SIX...call me whenever, I'll be there around 11:30.


Have fun 86 wish canes were playing but maybe next year, gosh I am tired of saying that!


SuperCooper: you put a smile on my face with that florida fans comments. Thank U.


Jacory is back working out and should play in the bowl game.

CC we might have to write a few letters to Santa to get the Trio down here in Feb ;)



Watching College Gameday... both Desmond Howard and Kirk Herbstreit pick Miami's 2001 defense as the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!

Yeah, that's right...

Let's Go Canes!




kinda like when the blur scored in the 07' muck bowl, and threw up the U, huh soop' coop'......?


Have two comments for the space' this morning:

Does anyone else feel that this bowl game is of very high significance. 7-5 was an improvement and we showed things are starting to turn, but I think to convince those great recruits things are on the up and up, this win could be key. Also, a win gives the young guns more fire going into the spring.

Secondly with recruiting, as we now have 16 recruits, I figure after transfers we will be looking at 23-24 schollies. Allowing for 1-2 decommittments this is how I would like the final 8-9 to round out (to me I thnk either Plein or Sanders and Vernon are most likely to be those decommits):

3 linemen (Bunche, White, Massie and Wheeler being top of the list)

Seminole Trio (this would be a huge get as Dubose is the one I am most worried about)

Orson Charles - Though a little light still, I would love to see him step up to be the next great Cane TE in 10' (Marve needs to recruit this boy hard so talks of transfers I hope aren't true)

Sheldon Richardson - This is the huge national get I hope is the present under our orange and green tree.

One more corner or Jon Bostic - Whether its the TX guy from rivals or maybe a local guy like Carter from Ely (though I don't think he comes here)




andre "double back-flip" debose


Santana Moss

orange 'n green in the vein


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