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January 20, 2009


Fran in Debary

Good morning Canes fans from Central Fla.

army cane


fran in debary

My post at 6:14 does not show up , whats up guys.Hungry for news!!!!


Another day another drama!!


Work sucks.........




Hey, if Young dips, and we get UGA'S DC, does that mean we get GA CB Greg Reid by default?


Fran it's there, sometimes U have to post again for it to show. TypePad is squirrely. The SS blog was messed up for several days. I'm out for the day, off to Fort Pierce, then Fort Lauderdale.

Canespace Day is Wednesday.

Meet at The Titanic between 5-6 PM.

Meet at the game after.

Tickets can be picked up at The Ti or at Will Call.

Canespace T-shirts will also be available.


Good Morning Canespace. Back to work today unfortunately. Happy Inauguration to everyone.
As always, GO CANES.

The Wizard

If Young leaves, I say Randy takes over DC and brings in Jimmy Johnson as Asst HC to do things that RS can't because of time constraints of being DC. Just a thought.


There is no way Jimmy comes to coach at the U, keep dreaming.


Hey All Canes fans,

If you liked the two ACC recruiting breakdowns, check out my Hurricanes football blog:


Go Canes!


Fran - good morning. I am in Deltona so we are practically neighbors.


Give me the Whipple.


Whether Young stays or leaves, he needs to make a decision ASAP. We can't be left at the alter if he leaves.


Plus the available pool of DCs is rapidly being spoken for. We need to get in the hunt right away if that's going to be the case.


Worek??? Not me, home on a snow day....maybe we will get enough so I can make that Canes Snow Woman....


Good morning CaneSpacers. My wife did her first time post last night. "Spunkey"


Miami is used to being left at the alter, Schnelly did it, JJ did it, Davis did it, etc....I believe if he does go that RS takes over, at least for one year. Then hired someone next year.


lyquid good for your wife, tell her to keep posting!

What a great day today is!!!!!


1. There is about a snow balls chance in hell that JJ will come back and coach in any capacity. He has a strong gig and isn't going to leave that.

2. I'm sure Young will be making his decision in a timely manner, hopefully today if it hasn't already been made.

3. Whipple would be an amazing hire!


i doubt Wizard was thinking there was any chance that JJ would coach for us in any capacity. Maybe canefantasy would think there was but no one else. Just was putting his wishful thinking out there.


my internet service was not working yesterday and I get it back today and we are losing Bill Young. Damn I feel like I have missed two weeks of news. Who is our president. oh yea damn.. all I have to say is that Tommy Tuberville, Willie Martinaz, or hell Randy can run it himself. We will be fine with or without bill young, but this still sucks. I just remember the Gtech football game and how our defense could not stop a simple option. So I wont lose any sleep over billy leaving.


my internet service was not working yesterday and I get it back today and we are losing Bill Young. Damn I feel like I have missed two weeks of news. Who is our president. oh yea damn.. all I have to say is that Tommy Tuberville, Willie Martinaz, or hell Randy can run it himself. We will be fine with or without bill young, but this still sucks. I just remember the Gtech football game and how our defense could not stop a simple option. So I wont lose any sleep over billy leaving. YEA JJ WOULD LOVE TO COME COACH FOR US.. HAHA I love it


Canefantasy. That same GT simple option ran all over Willie Martinez's GA Defense too.


sorry didnt mean to post twice. just overly excited about JJ coming to coach our defense.


from Bruce Feldman's blog at ESPN

• Jamaal Green was a good player on the great 2001 Miami national-championship team. Green, a tough defensive end from New Jersey, went on to play for the Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins, but that was never his childhood dream. As Adriana M. Chávez reports, Green is now fulfilling his dream, working in law enforcement. His dream became a reality Feb. 17, 2008, when he became a U.S. Border Patrol agent in the El Paso area.


Man, the hits just keep on comin'

Marve fiasco
Waiting on a new OC
BB 'wavering'
Bill Young might leave

Damn, it would be nice if there was some GOOD news coming out of CG for once.


so what is the difference between having bill or having willie??


rebirth how do you know in the end that it may not be good news? Sounds bad right now but you know everything happens for a reason, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Just do not assume it is all bad!


I hope you're right canechic, Im hoping there are much better days ahead for the program. Im just tiring of the seemingly endless line of bad news and excuses thats been coming out of there for the past couple years.


but you know everything happens for a reason, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Just do not assume it is all bad!

Posted by: canechic | January 20, 2009 at 09:35 AM

Excuse Me, Everything happens for a reason? Nonsense.

We are without an OC for about a month. Now our DC is rumored to be leaving. Swasey may be leaving too. What the hell is going on in Miami?

Everyone else seems to get whoever they want. With all the talent that we have on the team, we can't even get an OC on time. This is getting to be ridiculous to say the least. Hope Randy knows what he is doing, but this whole mess doesn't inspire confidence in the football program.


I know rebirth but when one door closes another one opens and sometimes for the better! I think Marve may have been a cancer on the team, now Jacory has a chance to lead and shine. I am not so worried about Young as I am about the offense. We already have one of the best DC on our team. Maybe we get someone better do not know just can hope!!




herald guy how long have you been a fan of the canes? We have never been able to get whoever we want. We have always had up and coming guys. MIAMI DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME MONEY AS OTHER SCHOOLS!!!!!! A fact that will never change!!!!

If you thought Coker sucked as much as most of you have said, then how in the world did he win a NC? I will tell you how, he had a talented team full of leaders that is how. We need talent and kids thirsty to win. That is how we get another title. Randy knows that all the great coaches in the football world could not win without talent.


Alright Lyquid - tell Spunky to keep on posting! Canechic - U got mail


I got it canesgirl and replied!!!


Nice blog Anton


We have never been able to get whoever we want.
canechic | January 20, 2009 at 09:49 AM

First of all, this is not true at all. We have at least been able to get someone competent on time (see Coach Young last year).

I can already see the excuse for next year. First year OC and first year DC etc. I want Randy to be here as long he wants, but without coaching stability, we are not going to get anywhere fast. We are going to be mediocre for a long time if we let our assistant coaches leave and not make new hires on time.

Everything happening for a reason sounds comforting philosophically, but it doesn't help you in reality. We needed an effective OC 20 days ago. Alas, we present ourselves as a program in a disarray.


Alas, we present ourselves as a program in a disarray on and off the field, if I might add.


Esteban....whos Jamaal Green? Am I missing something?

orange 'n green in the vein

OC! DC? News.

Fran in Debary

To raizecane
hi neighbor did you have any severe flooding from Fay? 28 of the 38 homes on Lower Lake Ct were flooded. The wife and I were spared A thief who ripped off many of the homeowners who paid him in advance(bad choice)to redo the inside of their homes has finally been caught in Galveston Tx.I hope they can throw the book at him. BTW he had FSU bumper sticker on his leased hummer and claimed to be from the Fl. panhandle. If you want my EMail add just ask.
UM fan since first telivized game in 1951


Everyone else seems to get whoever they want. With all the talent that we have on the team, we can't even get an OC on time. This is getting to be ridiculous to say the least. Hope Randy knows what he is doing, but this whole mess doesn't inspire confidence in the football program.

Posted by: theheraldguy | January 20, 2009 at 09:43 AM

What does "on time" mean? Was there a date to when we should hire an OC? RS is taking his time to make the RIGHT call, even if that means losing 1 or 2 recruits.


UMike, Jamaal Green was a starter at DE on the 2001 championship team.


Well herald guy Young came to win a NC and that is why most come to the canes not for money! Sorry history is that we get up and comers! Young still is an up and comer! Most other coaches go to schools and get paid great salaries, Not at the U. Sounds like you see nothing good in our future, so all I can say is be negative and negative will certainly come to you.



It's not really about the money at the U. Shalala and the administration just raised 1 billion dollars (with a "B") in private donations in the last two years for an endowment for the university.

Do they have the money to match the reported (and denied by OSU)700,000 to Bill Young? Yes. Will they match? No. Think about it...would you?

Coker was making as much as anyone in college football when he was HC. Randy was one of the highest paid assistants in football when he was DC. Big money can get you Stoops and Saban and Carroll, but it can also get you Charlie Weis, Kirk Ferentz and Dennis Franchione.

Miami has always been a unique place for coaches from JJ to Dennis to Butch. Think of all the coaches who left during that time. The coaches who come to Miami have always been like the great players who came here...three or four years and off to the pros.

So relax, take a deep breath and things will work out. The players are coming and the coaches always follow the players. I hope Young doesn't leave because Okie State will never win a Big 12 title or NC because they play in the South (Texas, OU, Texas Tech) and I think Bill wants to play for the big one. If he leaves, Randy will find someone like him and the U will move on.


Fran that surely stinks! I sure hope he gets his in the end...generally those kind of people do!


He was? I don't remember his name lol


......and then there was that time Hurriphin cussed his computer out, cause' he saw that Duke was beating us at the half, and Marve was still in........


he rotated starting with Andrew Williams. The 4 DE rotation we had at the time was Williams and Green at RE with McDougle and Cornelius Green at LE.


Canechic, thank you for putting this in perspective. Miami has never been a premier coaching destination unless you want to go on to the NFL. Miami is a small private school that can not afford to pay assistants millions.

Miami is home to the young and hungry. Players and coaches need to have the mentality that we are going to win because we have worked harder than our opponents all off season. Hard work builds confidence in yourself and team camaraderie.

Lets go Randy find who you want and get these guys kicking some ass! Go Canes and its all about the U baby!


Sounds like you see nothing good in our future, so all I can say is be negative and negative will certainly come to you.

Posted by: canechic | January 20, 2009 at 10:09 AM

I want evidence of good things in our future. Look, it is simple really. Our OC's contract was not renewed because our Offense was a mess on the field. But, we need to hire a replacement in a timely fashion (like in two weeks at the most). If we don't, it comes across as though we didn't have a plan in place when we let the OC go. This reflects badly on Randy and Hocutt. We fans don't know what is going on, but all we know is taking too much time when every other school seems to be getting some of the candidates with outstanding records. As fans we can wait for the right one, but, the administration needs to communicate its plan to us at this point. Otherwise they come across as inefficient folks who don't know what they're doing.


I want Randy to be successful. It is his responsibility to find the right OC and convince the administration to pay up. This whole situation is stinking though.

dj moonbat

"If we don't [hire an OC in two weeks], it comes across as though we didn't have a plan in place when we let the OC go. This reflects badly on Randy and Hocutt."

That's not a very smart way to look at it. There are REASONS that guys wouldn't be available for a while. And the better the guy, the more likely it is you'll have to wait (because his team won enough games to keep playing late in the year).

Mr Troutman

Inaugural day is here as well as more news for the Canes. Well Young leaving will not be a bad thing as some may have written about. Just like a new president, a new OC and DC will only mean a new beginning. It's not like ALL WORLD BEATERS COACHES ARE LEAVING US ANYWAYS. I liked Young better because at least he didn't cave in under pressure but if he leaves we'll be alright. Shannon has a buisy and heavy load to deal with so things will work out just fine.

Now on recruiting, it seems though the right type of players are starting to get to the U especially playmakers and athletes. This year will be a great yearfor Miami, being on the bottom and playing medoicre has to be a distant memory. ONE THING FOR SURE FELLOW CANES, WE WILL NEVER FORGET THESE DREADFUL YEARS AS FAR FOOTBALL IS CONCERN.... THESE YEARS WERE AN ONGOING NIGHTMARE THAT U COULDN'T WAKE UP FROM, IT JUST KEPT HAPPENING OVER AND OVER AGAIN UNTIL ONE DAY...... BAM IT'S ALL OVER AGAIN FOR THE REST OF THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL WORLD... WE'RRRREEEEE BACK!!!



Nice write up Anton!


The OC hire timing may not be in Randy's hands. If the guy you want needs some time to decide, what can you do? If you are in the final weeks before signing day, what comes first, recruiting or visiting personally with the potential hire. What if he is on the road recruiting, as well? What if he wants to visit Miami with his family before he decides?

Anyone that Randy hires will already have a job. What if it is a pro coach for Pittsburgh? Think the guy is a little busy right now?

Randy's first priority right now is closing out this recruiting class. Number two is talking to Young and convincing him to stay...then the OC job. Sorry folks, but that's the way it is in "big bidness".



so what is the difference between having bill or having willie??

Posted by: Canefantasy | January 20, 2009 at 09:29 AM

About 20 more years of experience and success......

Look, I don't think Willie is all that bad. However, Bill Young is a better DC than Willie Martinez, make no mistake about it. If the switch were to be made, it would be a step down in quality.


I was standing by the Washington Monument in 1963 when MLK gave his speech. For me, this is a great day. Hope you have a great day. 1963 was the year I came to the U and my love affair with the Canes has been going strong all these years. Seems like yesterday.


Thanks Jer!


I was expecting to see a preview of tomorrows FSU-Miami basketball game. Thats ok,, we can talk about FSU's up and coming victory tomorrow. lol


Okay forget Willie lets go after the big fish in tommy tuberville who use to be the defensive coordnator at the U!! I really dont like this offseason as much as others but the future is bright at the U no matter what distraction occur. trust me we will be fine. In randy we trust.



You and the rest of us are unaware of what's going on with the OC as far as time goes.

For instance perhaps the guy Randy wanted first said no thanks

The guy he was after was coaching in a late bowl game and has several offers along with Randy's.

The guy Randy wants is more expensive than the U can afford, Randy is trying to negotiate

No one Randy has contacted wants to coach at a small private school with limited facilities and an unrealistic fan base.

The guy Randy wants has agreed but their are contract problems at his current school

You never know

One thing is certain Randy wants his coaching staff together worse than we do.

One last thing
Randy is trying to set up this program for the long hall 5 ten years from now, it isn't going to be a NC team for at least 3 or 4 years be patient


The Truth

Solar if you continue to post things that are both rational AND plausibly probable I'm going to have to contact the admin to see if you can be banned for making too much sense.

This is a UM sports blob buddy. We only do drama and hysteria around here!

Get it straight!



yea I slipped up

back to 1984 and everything is easy



Great day for our country, great history Hurricane Dave. I am a Civics nerd and to me this great and I love to hear stories of old!!! The waterworks have already started.

herald guy I give up with you, you see things the way you want no matter what I say. So I see a positive path, one that will take time but will be good! I am an older, wiser lady and have learned that sometimes good things do come to those who wait.

Go Canes!!!


Ya know George Bush is looking for work,

I'm thinking if he could completely shut down an elite nation's economy, GT shouldn't be a problem



back in awhile.

canechic make sure the ropes are holding the sky up till I can get back if you don't mind.



the rock would be perfect. he was a good coach in that one movie.


Solar U too funny! I think the fact that he bankrupted two seperate businesses prior to his presidency, should have given some a hint to what he would do to the US!


IMO our economic shortcomings have been masked by huge BCS bowl game payouts.

Can't to the Planter's Itchy Nuts Bowl three straight years and not notice the difference when they mail the check...


Fran in DeBary -
I was spared from flooding. I hope they nail that guy BIG TIME. To me, there is nothing worse than people who take advantage of others who have suffered a huge setback.

I have a dream.....and that is for a new OC to be named by the end of the week.

GO Canes....


LOL I love how congress gets a pass on the economy when they are the ones who make the budget every single year. In actuality, the Presidency has very little power. But I guess it's easier to focus one's hate towards one person instead of the entire body of the House and Senate.


Young will probably leave, he is a good dc but I side with the positon of canechic. The U has the potential to turn Young leaving into a positive as with anything. Young does not recruit, and the U got run over in 3/4 games last season. Excuses aplenty but fact is happened. Maybe, big maybe but it is possible someone else does and would have done better.


Don't worry about Young. The talent that is coming into this program will have this D on autopilot for many years to come.

RS ran a base defense 99% of the time with all world talent and it ran itself. Tell me one instance you thought to yourself, Damn that was a great Defensive gameplan!! It was all about the talent on the field.

It won't matter who the DC is. The talent will outshine them.

Now the O is a different story.....

Simmer down bytches!!!



Canez1...Whats up bro! Been a while!!


maybe he turns down the job and stays. It does say that he is torn between staying or leaving otherwise he would have done it already. He is enjoying the palm trees in Miami as oppose to the corn fields in oklahoma. Money isnt everything!!


Because of all that talent on D in the past can we honestly, objectively say that Randy was a great defensive coordinator? Just a question.


scUm, whats your feel for Canes Noles BB you guys gonna take a beating?



Please no politics. But about the cost of the inauguration... in four years it will be the most expensive in history... and then four years after that it'll be the MOST expensive....etc....


It is really happening, Obama President.

Gin & Tonic

Posted by: Canez1 | January 20, 2009 at 11:39 AM


The D was always the following:
1) Your line can't block our front four..so
2) Our linebackers will be making tackles in your backfield
3) Our corners are going to shut your receivers down...so
4) Our safetys will be picking off your passes.



good perspective about the big picture



scUm, whats your feel for Canes Noles BB you guys gonna take a beating?


Posted by: solarcane | January 20, 2009 at 11:46 AM

It should be a great game like it has been the past few years. It's hard to say who will come out on top. Last year both teams won their road match-up and couldn't protect home court. We have a great defensive team this season. We are holding teams like Pitt and Duke to their lowest scores of the season. We have the athletic speed but we also have the size this year. If we can contain Miami's perimeter shooting I think we take this one. We have the big men needed to dominate the glass. I think it'll be a low scoring game with FSU by 7.


I know we don't have the ideal coaching staff set up yet but this is what I want to see in the future:

If Randy is only focused on being a dominant program year-in and year-out we need a couple of things in place.

1. Talented recruits and good connections with all the major hot beds of talent. We got this.

2. A realization that Miami has never been a destination school for coaches. It is a proving ground and launching pad for coaches. They come here and the Miami talent makes them all look like Paul Brown.

Bill Young is an anomoly. He is not an up-and-comer. He came to Miami to try and get a ring and enjoy the weather and beaches. We need to have bright young assistants in place that are ready to take over after the DC or OC leaves to become the head man somewhere else. I am not sure we have that yet. Hurrt-Barrow-McGriff have proven nothing to me yet (except recruiting skills from Hurtt/Barrow). On offense we are not even close.




I think there is going to be some real grinding for rebounds by both teams.
Miami has been tough on the offensive boards.
You guys control the boards we are in trouble early.
I think Miami has to play as fast as they can the entire game to win.



As the week leaks away into yesterday, the sun rises over Miami, I hear distant thunder. It is the sound of the Canes rising to football ascendency. Big weeks coming.



You're completely right about the D under Randy. He ran a straight up, 4 man rush, and rarely blitzed. The revolving door of D-Linemen got so much pressure on the QB, the DBs would have field days. And then once Dorsey and Company put points on the board, Miami got up by two touches, and then the D could pin their ears back and go crazy because it was passing time. Another year or two, probably three, develop some defensive depth, and the same thing should be happening.


As much as I like Obama, I must be honest, I think they messed up the oath of office.

The United States Constitution, Art. 1, Sect. 2, paragraph 8 (or the last paragragh os Section 2) read quite differently.


One year ago this week

"I haven't accepted a job anywhere"

Kansas University defensive coordinator Bill Young denied a published report stating he accepted a job at Miami on Wednesday.

"I haven't accepted a job anywhere," Young said when reached Wednesday evening.

Young has been linked to jobs at Miami and Washington in recent weeks, but the veteran assistant insists he's still defensive coordinator at Kansas.

CSTV.com, citing anonymous sources, posted a story on its site Wednesday saying Young had accepted a two-year deal to become the defensive coordinator at Miami.

I'm jus sayin



conch salad

"Miami (FL) Killian High School RB Lamar Miller had a trio of Cane coaches in his house Monday night - Randy Shannon, Aubrey Hill and Tommie Robinson."

Locking up Lamar Miller. Obviously this means Randy is in MIA. Hope this doesnt mean they are unsure about BB, but I guess if you read between the lines that may be the case.

BTW, Lamar says the visit went well, they talked about what he should expect getting on campus and his mom asked a bunch of school type questions. Also, there was NO TALK of a new OC or anything of the sort...says hes been a Cane since he was 7... I think Lamar will be the best back out of this class


Canez1...I know, all this drama and I cannot get anything done, no OC, might not have a DC. Just wait until NSD and see how much work you get done then.

This whole inauguration is a big joke, how you can throw some huge party for Obama, a guy who has done jack $hit yet when everyone is praying they still have a job tomorrow. But who cares, its Obama so I guess its ok. It is so hypocritical!

Scum...you are right, there is over a trillion out there ready to be distributed for the bailout, so the taxpayer will foot the bill for this one too. But its Obama so its all good. PUKE!!


after all the money we wasted in the last eight years ur worried about what their spendin at the inauguration??????!!!!!!! i dont put a price tag on the advancement as a country we just recently made as different races came together for once. as if mcain was the answer?????


Six Amen! bitterness never got us nowhere, move on and move up!




Very good post, Obvious:

"Reid's Visit to the turds -

While it might have been fun, it wasn’t enough to convince him that he should drop all thoughts about other schools. He met with Urban Meyer Sunday morning before he left and Reid thought the meeting was a bit stressful.

“It was kind of rough honestly,” Reid said. “He wanted me to commit, but I’m not done with my visits. He was kind of mad because I de-committed even though they’ve been with me since my sophomore or junior year. We talked about that for a while. He was frustrated with me, kind of mad.”

Posted by: ObviousCane | January 19, 2009 at 10:49 PM"

Remember that song "You can't hide your lying eyes", well, here is a REAL reason why we call the Gator's HC - "Urban Lier".


I thought we were quitting the political talk?


Maybe the OC has been hired already........

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