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January 11, 2009



Get your tickets, get 'em right here, get your tickets...



Canespace working around the clock to bring you the latest news.

Go Canes!!!!! I'm glad I'm not a Gator!


Cat5 Cane



New Articles on the morning shift. I like it.


Expect announcement between 15th and 18th


so early for a sunday!!



Cat5 Cane

I knew it would come down to the wire but Damn, I feel the way a jilted girlfriend would feel and I'm jealous of Bryce even talking to other teams... Saying... You better not even be thinking about it, you sombitch! LOL to myself.

Bryce... You're too valuable to us and would be one of the keys to 09,10,11 and 12.

To everyone... don't dis him. Now is the time for clear minds to speak and let Arthur be the drawing card!... Make no mistake, we want Bryce!

A Canes Fan


Great article. Help is on the way, I hope. Great win over BC yesterday. Wish I could have watched it, but up here in Michigan, it's only snow, snow, and more snow.
Still recovering from emergency gallbladder surgery. Love wearing Joe Boxer men's pajama bottoms, (stretchy drawstring waist), but it's back to work tomorrow!!! Pressure from regular clothes hurts too much around the middle. I feel like that mobster in NYC who used to walk around in his PJ's and Robe fooling everyone!!
Best to everyone.


Bryce Brown,

In the NFL, the last two weeks, playoffs and pro bowl news! The "U" has been all over the place. Not to take anything away from other schools, but did any ONE of them have the former player exposure the "U" did.

Just think about it, The EDGE making noise, Rolle making plays, Portis running like a man, Ed Reed blowing things up, Ray Lewis still killing people, Andre Johnson PRO BOWL, Beason PRO BOWL, Kenny Phillip will make plays today.....

The young players that want to be part of the FAMILY at the "U". Just look at the pipeline to the NFL! And yes, we have been down on talent. But NO MORE! Randy has the roll going. Either you want in or you can't handle the heat. NO ONE does it like the "U". Look at the end of the Panthers and Cardinals game,,,who meet at mid field.
Beason and Edge had the U meeting!

UT, OU, and USC are nice, BUT really Ballers want to play for and fight for the U.

So, Byrce bring you skillz and power. Be part of the legacy of the U.

The Truth

Can one of you fine legionairs go over to the last blob and pull my last posst about BB...

I'm not home on the iPhone and I can't copy and paste...


get well marylou



That would be Vincent "the chin" Gigante.

Big Wheel, baby!

The Truth

BB=bryce brown...


The Truth

Get well soon Mary Lou!


Truth, here ya go:

"One last thing about BB and hopefully you guys will take it in and not leave this blog looking like the Bryce brown soap opera until NSD:

Miami doesn't have an OC as far as the recruits know. If you guys think to when all his drama started it was in conjunction with Miamis drama with the OC.

He's still committed. He's reafirmed that committment. I can tell you that committment will not waiver unless Miami goes into next season with a dud at OC or no OC at all. Both of which are not possible. All the other schools he's visiting have OC's right now...get it?

Just wait to see what gets written AFTER the new OC is announced. Until
then all of this is meaningless.

Randy is very well aware of his mistakes. He is very well aware now more than ever of his vision for this program offensively. He is also well aware that he has 3 very special RB's coming in and will do what he needs to do to supply and offence for them and all the other kids to flourish in.

The main thing with bryce is Arthur. He's here. He's staying here and that is far more important than any other factor. Once the OC is named I will bet my cojones all this BB talk goes away real quick.

I'd even bet another dynamic playmaker comes aboard too.

Be patient boys. Don't get your panties in a bunch just yet over BB. It's all going to be ok!

Posted by: The Truth | January 11, 2009 at 09:52 AM

The Truth

Im done warning about the stabs in the dark...

If anyone gets the chance I oils really appreciate someone copying my last post on the previous blob to help shed some perspective to the legion on Bryce Brown.

Have a great day girls and boys and Mary Lou do what you need to do to get healthy!!

The Truth

Hey thanks super!!

The Truth

Hope it helps.

Be good guys


No problem man.



FWIW - Warren Sapp to interview Ray Lewis in 2 minutes on NFL Network.

Two HOF from the U. That last part was for Bryce!

Go Canes!


Canespace working around the clock to bring you the latest news.

Posted by: Hurricanedave | January 11, 2009 at 07:25 AM

New Articles on the morning shift. I like it.

Posted by: OldSkool | January 11, 2009 at 08:52 AM

Anything to keep the "customers" happy!

BIG days on 1/21 at The BUC and 1/28 (secret) coming up.

Trust me on this one. ;-)


. Marve is considering Oklahoma State (coach Mike Gundy visited last week) and Purdue, among others. Glad he might choose to stay close to home to be near his family.


Mike Gundy paid Marve a visit according to the Herald. Supposedly he's also considering Purdue.

They also said they talked to Chuck Long and he denied having spoke with UM.


Damn canesfan5, beat me to it.


T I am with ya on BB. Once an OC is named, not really important who it is, and he visits late Jan it is a done deal with this kid.

Can't really blame him for looking around but the games are what I don't like.

Whatever. The kid will be a Cane in the end and that is all that matters.



Despite internet reports, our sources tell us Houston offensive coordinator Dana Holgerson is not a candidate.

As posted on footballscoop.com



Great question brought up on TOS.

What would the Canez record be this year with Tebow and Harvin on this team?

I say 10-3 at the least just because of what those two bring to the table.

Whatya guys think?



We beat UF if Harvin n Tebow aren't on their team but are on ours.


No one is a real candidate if you read what's been put out there the past two days. Makes me think they all are.


We do not have those players and it is what is but the future is ours!!!!! So let us all move on!!!! Gayturds still suck, when I wake up in the morning I am much happier that I am a cane and not a gayturd even with their ship!!

Go Canes!!!


"Breaking the Huddle" on HBO.

Good stuff.

Cat5 Cane

Coaching changes is at an all time high... and it's just not limited to Browns, Jets, Detroit, Denver and 49'ers... maybe 20 PRO and 40 or so College teams are all in the hunt or were in the hunt for someone. Looking for that magic bullet.

Went on line and found more then I wanted to know. Talk about confusion and coaching carousels... Damn. It's getting to the point with the exception of a few, that a position coach might have 2 years longevity before moving on to the lure of big bucks and fame.


PS... don't know how it will appear, but to adjust to "most recent date" first, before reading different topics.


Cat5 and 1982...U guys want to go to the Maryland game on Wednesday night to cover it for the blog?


Is the Maryland game home or away?


J - When saying the 15th to 18th is that with a specific candidate in mind or just the university's goal?

I know that finding the right guy is most important, but I think naming someone by the end of the week is important with recruiting in-roads since one more week of OC instability give other universities one more week to chirp in our targets ears.


Este, I agree with you. But if Tebow and Harvin are on our team, I think we're all bytchin up a storm because we're not getting the ball to the TE's, WR's and other RB's... and we tend to lose the rogue game to Mississippi or the likes. I personally wouldn't want Tebow at the U, regardless of how many NC's he brings. He doesn't play our brand of football. I would take, McCoy, Bradford, Stafford, Sanchez, and Daniels among others. They spread the ball out well to their playmakers and are good leaders.


Billy Sanders decommits from the U and will play for UCLA.....no shocker there.

dj moonbat

" But if Tebow and Harvin are on our team...we tend to lose the rogue game to Mississippi or the likes."

Yes, it's much better for your losses to have the legitimacy that comes from being repeated, again and again. "Rogue" losses are so unseemly.


why would he pick ucla over us?closer to home?that's gotta be it,there's no competition after epps...so wtf,over?


you know you want a nc. come to the g-ville and win a few. urban wants you bad and you know you want to be a gator
dont make the same mistake your brother made
no oc wants the um job or they would of hired one already
dont be a thug
be a man
be a leader
be a gator

Posted by: gator bait | January 11, 2009 at 12:56 PM

This is a Canes blog, why do Mud Lizards think they are welcome here????


After this, I will not bring up or talk about Harvin or Tebow of Nazareth unless someone directly asks me about them ... and I can't believe I'm about to use this person's quote in describing why I won't speak of them again ... "Keep talking about me b*tches, you're making me famous" - Paris Hilton

So, here's the question - Right now, in the current situation the Canes are in with their roster, who would you rather have on your team ... Harvin or Tebow of Nazareth.

This is of course saying that Harvin stays for another year of college - which he almost certainly isn't.

Harvin, added to all the other playmakers on the team

Tebow of Nazareth, over JaScory Stringbean Harris, Cannon, Taylor and Little Highsmith

I'm taking Harvin.



The Truth

Listen here Turd

It took 22 years between wins for you clowns to steal a game over Miami. And the way you schedule Miami it'll be another 22 years before you get another.

Win 2 more football NC and we'll talk. Otherwise take your sorry ass back to canesville and drown yourself in Tebows holy water.


The Truth



Yes, it's much better for your losses to have the legitimacy that comes from being repeated, again and again. "Rogue" losses are so unseemly.

Posted by: dj moonbat | January 11, 2009 at 12:54 PM



Canespace picks for Superbowl?

I just got my credentials. Last time it was here in Tampa, it was Ravens vs Giants and I got to see and talk with a bunch of Canes ... Ray Ray, Duane Starks, Jessie Armstead and Coach Barrow.

I'm wanting that to happen again.

Steelers will beat the Chargers. It will be a tough game for the Ravens against the Steelers, but think that Ravens "U" will squeek it out by 2. If the Steelers win, I think they win the SuperBowl in a defensive battle in Tampa.


Watching NFL Net., and I didn't realize that the phins have the longest home game winning streak of 27, all in the Orange Bowl!!
That of course, coincides with the canes 58 straight home wins in the OB.
How in the hell did we allow that place to go to waste again?!?


Who is RS looking at for OC?

SI says Shula said no thanks.
Long has not been contacted.

you have Heupel, Applewhite, and Holgorsen mentioned for OC at Minn....

look like RIP???? qb coach from Cleveland is only guy that is in.....

We need better than a RIP!

Someone for the CANES family has got to know something better than this!


Actually, this is the Crocs house, and it sure the hell isn't the Canes house ...


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