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January 26, 2009



super that good news we need the Big Uglies...now if we can get his sister to work on Marcus Hall lol


86 great news about Home Depot,
forget about sucking up to the athletes can you get me a deal on some baseboard and crown moulding while your there??


Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Super, we're on a roll. Welcome to the family Malcolm.

Solar, I hear you about the wait and see but this is the first time we actually have a PROVEN COMMODITY on offense since, since, well, since Gary Stephens. Everyone else has been an unknown or riddled with question marks or full of potential but no PROOF.

But you're right for curbing the enthusiasm because you know the second we don't convert a 3rd down everyone's going to scream for The Whip to whipped.

Bet on it. lol

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

JLF, honey rules the world. Believe it. hahaha

Big Moo

CGNC, I hope 86 is paying you for your hard work...nice post

Canes win ACC title next season and finish with a better record than the Percyless Gators!


Canesgirl, very interesting and persuasive article. Well thought out...

You get what you pay for and then some. Hire the coaches that can do the job, and they will let the U reap the benefits with buco interest and profits.

You think Soban at Alabama was worth the money? Heck, he is already got their money and them some.

Now we got the personnel to get our big slice of the pie!!! Lions share!! oh excuse me I meant to say Hurricane Share!!!


Bunche is a Cane? Where is the link?

Whips offense.. I hope it gives the QB and WR some read options. Because the old o was just straight patterns and no adjustments.
We need something that makes defense have to think. Instead of read and react. We need mint chocalte with whip cream & cherry.
Not vanilla 2 scoups please!

And I think we need a front man on the side lines and in the box for Defense. RS needs to be on the sidelines as HC. I don't care about what we call them but we need DEF CORD or DEF SIGNAL CALLER & a SET OF EYES in the box watching every play.


CgNC the part about Notre Dame getting ultra bucks because they are ND is nauseating.



Chi Pun
not only the Honey, but RS gets the last in-home visit Thursday



Good read...especially the Irish robbery. Even with their sweetheart deal, even Notre Dame looks like amateurs when you check out the deal the Big10/Pac 10 and the Rose Bowl have.
Check out these bowl dollars (you should add them to your totals).

By the way, this is also why you will never have a playoff. (Delany is the Big 10 commissioner)

The Rose Bowl is the emergency exit for the Big Ten and Pac-10, the one that allows those two conferences to block movement toward a playoff because they can back out of the plan and return to the old days when their champions met in Pasadena and made millions.

In the current BCS deal, Delany secured valuable concessions for the Pasadena, Calif.-based bowl.

# The waiving of a $6 million BCS entry fee.

# A separate and extremely rich (eight years, $300 million) television deal with ABC. All other BCS games – Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl and BCS championship game – are broadcast on Fox.

# Favored status in the team selection process that encourages the Big Ten vs. Pac-10 matchup that features the kind of tradition-rich, major-market powerhouses, such as this year's Rose Bowl participants Southern California and Michigan, that almost ensure high television ratings.

# An escape from ever having to select a non-BCS conference team such as Boise State, which despite its Fiesta Bowl heroics this year is a potential ratings and revenue risk for a bowl game.

# Exclusivity to the coveted late afternoon New Year's Day time slot.

"It's a matter of independence and control," Delany said.





Good point, not only does The Whip have his favorite unique style plays, but he knows the Eagles playbook and has seen what plays work consistiently by other NFL teams, no doubt he has a thicker playbook than Nix's post it pad.

I don't mean to sound skeptical, I don't know anything about UMass or Brown, I'm just getting shell shocked from can't miss coaches and players not producing the advertised goods.



Bunche commits! Thanks Super!



How much did we dole out for the Whip? Whatever it is let us report twice the amount. Nothing like the biggest car in the block to flash around...lol

Seriously, how much? It will signal what we get for DC. I can't believe they are even considering saving money by double dipping the coach! We spend $100,000/per athlete and we are going to save money on a DC???


Solar, CGNC and Ocala...check email.


are you really gonna miss a days work for NSD, you are a sick individul brother... that's why I dig your style lol



Chi pun

I was just kidding. I absolutely agree that Randy NEEDS a DC. The main joke of my post was all the hype around Whipple right now. It hasn't even been "Officially" announced and we are talking Heismans etc... so I said our biggest need is someone to take over for him when he bolts for a head coaching gig after a record breaking season at The U.

Seriously on to the DC spot now. At the very least he should be able to hire an assistant D line or LB coach so that Hurtt or Barrow can be a DC. With Shannon helping every step of the way. A gradual transition. I would much prefer that he can name a full time, experienced Defensive co-ordinator. I like your enthusiasm for the Nix guy, bring him in chi pun.

How about my prediction for O co-ordinator? Wonder what Jay Norvell is doing right now.


Say what you want about Randy but as a parent, I love these types of statements from recruit parent's. Good for us!

"Bunche's father, Curtis, an assistant coach at Newark, said he liked Miami because of what it offered beyond football."


Bryce says: One of the big things Brown is waiting on is to see what some high profile offensive line recruits are doing to do between now and next Wednesday.

"I’m really watching to see what schools lineman like Marcus Hall, Bobby Massie, Daniel Campbell, Malcolm Bunche, and Pete White will be attending on signing day," he said. "Some people say what type of impact I could have on where some other players will go

So we got Bunche, we probably get White too I think if distance doesn't come into play. That leaves Campbell who I also think we get if he gets grades. So I think between Whipple and these OL commits, we'll keep Bryce around as we've said all along anyway.


Soup check my Email.

I already paid my Verizon account.

Kidding bro, sweet catch Soup, Canespace getting lot of respect.


are you really gonna miss a days work for NSD, you are a sick individul brother... that's why I dig your style lol


Posted by: solarcane | January 26, 2009 at 08:14 PM

Yes sir! Already on the books. I'll be watching ESPNU all day!


since we are on the bowl topic, have you guys seen how the moutain west wants an automatic bid to the bcs each year--although i agree with their premise since they have had some pretty decent teams the past ten years, it does leave all the other teams out from the mac conferance, the wac conferance, etc...


From Shandel at the Sun-Sentinel:

It's finally done.

After weeks of speculation, the Hurricanes finally have their offensive coordinator. A source just confirmed Mark Whipple has accepted the job. The hire is expected to be announced tomorrow. With Whipple, the `Canes get three important components. I like to call it a "Whipple Double." And for many UM fans, today is a Good Day. It's just too bad the Lakers can never beat the Super Sonics again.

-First, Whipple brings a creative offensive mind. He's earned a reputation as someone who can put points on the board. While UM showed some flashes under Patrick Nix _brief flashes _ Whipple should be able to maximize the Hurricanes' talent.

-Secondly, word is the UM staff was desperate for someone who had a knack for working with quarterbacks. Look no further than Whipple. He was the QBs coach with the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2004-06, helping develop Ben Roethlisberger into a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Whipple was probably next in line to be the Eagles QB coach, too. So Jacory Harris should be flashing a big smile now.

-Thirdly, there is all this talk of coach Randy Shannon also running the defense. For this to happen, he probably needs someone he can trust on offense. Someone he can leave alone while he handles the defense. Whipple has head-coaching experience and I already mentioned his offensive talents.

I'm sure coach Shannon won't hesitate to call Whipple the "Top Gun" in the offensive coordinator search.


It will be interesting Nix said that he only had 1/2 of his O. in place, implying that is all that the players could absorb. I never bought that bad boy. You get Rich Rod putting in a new O at Mich and they were the worst in their history. Then you got Johnson putting in a new O at ga tech and he scores big. There are certainly a lot of paradoxes. My view, I will go with history, Whipple has turned around other teams O's in one yr, I have read. So, the U has enough talent for Whipple to score big at the U, ,my guess, that Whipple is a big winner from the get go, but it is really just a semi educated guess.


Tomorrow is going to be a great day....but for how long? This was a quote from todays herald

''I didn't know Mark that well, bringing him here,'' Eagles coach Andy Reid told The Philadelphia Daily News in late July. ``I just knew the things he'd accomplished. I talked to [ex Steelers-coach] Bill Cowher, and Bill really liked him, said he'd be one of the first guys he'd hire if he came back as a head coach.'

Lets hope Cowher doesnt find a job anytime soon.


I'm loving Bryce selling himself to the highest bidder, not a thought about being loyal to his word,his brother, Shannon

The guy is starting to give me the creeps.
He either get's on the bus or the bus leaves without him


More from Shandel, the best Saluki south of Chicago:

UM hires new offensive coordinator
Shandel Richardson | South Florida Sun-Sentinel

CORAL GABLES - The University of Miami is expected to announce Mark Whipple as its new offensive coordinator Tuesday.

Whipple, who spent the past two seasons as an offensive assistant with the Philadelphia Eagles, was unavailable for the comment. Neither the Eagles or UM would confirm the hire, but a source said they are only awaiting a "few human-resource issues."

Whipple, 51, becomes the Hurricanes' fourth offensive coordinator in five years. He replaces Patrick Nix, who was fired following UM's loss to California in the Emerald Bowl.

Whipple will have the responsibility of revamping an offense that has faced much criticism the last three years. It showed some improvement under Nix in 2008, at one being the highest-scoring offense in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The Hurricanes lost their final three games and finished 7-6. The offense ranked 89th out of 119 Division I-A teams, averaging 326 yards. The Hurricanes' 27.1 points a game ranked 52nd.

Whipple is known for developing offensive talent, especially at quarterback. He was the quarterbacks coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2004-06. In 2005, he helped turn rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger into a Super Bowl champion when the Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks.

Before joining the pro ranks, Whipple spent 16 years at the collegiate level. He led Massachusetts to the Division I-AA title in 1998.

Shandel Richardson can be reached at sdrichardson@SunSentinel.com



Someone better make sure Whipple doesn't buy a home in Tampa.


Yes sir! Already on the books. I'll be watching ESPNU all day!
Posted by: bg1906 | January 26, 2009 at 08:19 PM

Aight man that's it!! , you're on my list for nomination.
Este's young he can wait another year LOL



Bryce said:

"I’m really watching to see what schools lineman like Marcus Hall, Bobby Massie, Daniel Campbell, Malcolm Bunche, and Pete White will be attending on signing day,"

Maybe, just maybe, this is all part of the plan to "encourage" some of the OL to commit? They all have one thing in common, they have Miami on their list. Just saying.

I think people need to get off Bryce, it is obvious where he is going. Especially now that Whipple is the OC. He has nothing to do with what Butler is doing his pay site.


i agree with you solar about brown--but i think these days the top one or two prospects are follwing the trend that pryor set, to get alot of national media attention after nsd--lets just hope he does sign with the U and all that media attention will be positive




CSROH voting starts in May to be announced in June. Get your time in now to get your votes later!

Big Moo

First preson that posts a Devo video is getting slapped in the face...


Malcolm Bunche

Delaware in the crib baby!!!


Big moo that was so two days ago-we already did! GO CANES!!


I agree with SuperCooper. All those O line prospects that Bryce mentioned have Miami in their sights.

I think Bryce will be a 'Cane and we should all just chilax and let things play out. He was our 2nd commitment for this year so this is just a way to get some spotlight back. Just like Olivier Vernon did but on a different stage.

Randy would pull the scholarship if he felt something wasn't right.

Wasn't it Bryce that said "he was going to pay for that" when some O line recruit to floriduh threw The U hat on the ground.

Wasn't McGee with him at the all star game and said that Bryce was trying to recruit others to Miami.

If all the soap opera drama disturbs some, just tune in to recruiting on Feb. 5th. And then wait to see who actually gets into school.


super, Carolina,

Arthur Brown has style and grace.
Bryce is a media hound and can't get enough.

Super you have a valid point that Bryce may be trying to encourage players to go to the U.
Couldn't he just text them and phone them in person, without the media limelight?

I think he come here too.
I also think he becomes a distraction in the press before Shannon sits him on the bench a couple games.



I dont think Shannon would recruit "bad" people. People that put themselves ahead of the team. JMO


WHIPPLE IS HIRED!!!!!! IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!!!!! LETS-------------GO------------------CANES!!!!!!


Alex D

Any OC with a since of creativity is an upgrade from Patrick Nix. It’s good to see us recruiting these big O linemen; it will help create the foundation of our offense.


you are right about that.
I think coach Barrow is recruiting Bryce though.

I think Bryce will be a Cane, I think Cmac and Spence will humble him a little at practice, and maybe he gets it together.

all said I was a much bigger fan of Bryce Brown when he was a big fish in a small pond.



This is a sad day for me. I have had to take my Rob Chud shirt off and my Ken Dorsey underwear off.... and pull out the whip cream and put it all over my naked body..oh yea now lets just get a good DC and that will be the cherry on top..GO Canes


I guess just because of Arthur being here and how I read they were decent folk I give them the benefit of the doubt. I look at Bryce assuming he is a 'Cane and looking at his statements and actions thru that prism.

Patrick Peterson last year was different. Remember when he went on that show and asked FSUs' LB recruit, "do you wanna get on the train or get run over by it." Thought that was cool till he decomited and said we didn't show him the love. (Or maybe we pulled the scholly first, then he said we didn't show him the love. I like that version better).

Matt Patchan saying that some of our players weren't worthy of a scholarship. That is OK to say if you are coming down to help build the program. That is fine if you are going to take a scholly from one of those "worthless" players. Then you commit to the gutters and I think your a punk.

When it's all said 'n done I think I will like Bryce. But I reserve the right to call him a punk tease in the future;)

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Solar, I totally agree about Bryce. It's disturbing. But I think he's a Cane.

Super and DZ8, my concern is when he arrives and DOESN'T leap-frog everyone because he's been playing Wichita Kansas competition, what's he going to do, start pouting and saying he's not getting enough time because he wants to win the Heisman next year??

Hopefully it's all just a big favor for his so-called mentor, who's doing a horrible job of mentoring, pimping his protege who should already be enrolled and learning the system.

We'll see though. We will see.

The Truth


Levity is not a prerequisite for fandom...


The good news is, Miami, I think, is really going to turn the corner on this one. Virtually everyone they've targeted is coming aboard now - players and coaches alike - and that is a direct result of the HC.

He is a Cane...not a bench warmer. Not a starter...but a National Champion. On and off the field. This is his world. He is taking his lump while learning, but he's smart enough to get help, curageous enough to make change and stout enough to deliver on his peomise that EVERYONE - including himself - will be held to thenhighest of standards within that program.

I still say you don't evaluate a staff until the 8th game...so it'sll be my cry this year as well. Especially with Whip.


i do expect to see a much more cohesive unit simply because everyone involved is a year older, a year stronger and a year more involved in the program as Randy maintains it.

There won't be too many more "looks like tarzan, plays like Jane" running out onto that field. You either do it, or you won't.

I am as excited as I have been in a long time as a person who breathes this stuff everyday. I am happy to see the rest of us are too. but let's not get crazy...

Let's have fun now. There is a proffesional running the O now...he's the real deal. It's up to the players to get it together and take care of their responsibilities.

The same for us fans...we need to support - as in TRY to be a little more POSITIVE - this program instead of looking to compare it to a time that has passed...not only with "The U" but with Collgege football in general.

USC has a rediculously talented roster and as good a staff as anyone over the past 4 years....and even with that wins are no longer guarenteed.

Everyone has players. USF has players. Hell, Appalacian State has players now...

But Randy's mentality about HIS program will be what sets Miami apart once again. It will be the edge, i believe, that will see Miami winning another title within the next 3 years. A lot of people that have "a say" doubt that. I don't.

Miami is in good hands boys and girls and good things are on the horizon. You WANT this to work because if it does it will be special...and if it doesn't we'll be starting ALL over again.

So man up - chick up - do what you gotta do, but let's focus on all the positive things that are happening and really get nehind this program. Tell your friends, tell your family and hell, if you in charge tell your employess and your students to get out to the stadium or tune in on TV and cheer this team.

They deserve it without all the negativity.

Especially now.


Nice article canesgirl!

The Truth

Oh, and STOP worry about Bryce Brown...will ya'?

Read between the lines a little and welcome to recruiting:

He is the best RB in the country.

He is as high profile as it gets.

His recruitment is a national story.

He has a mentor that has a feldgling business and need your 9.99 too get it going.

Got it?



Chi pun

I don't see that as a problem. If you are worthy you will play. When he is getting stuck in practice he won't have the breath to say he should be starting. If he has breath it means he juked and outran everyone and should be starting. Arthur proved he has humility by not starting last year and loving it and sticking it out. They are brothers.

Good night Legion... to dream of great defensive coordinators...

The Truth


Great Job!!

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