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January 28, 2009



Go Canes!!


Haha!!! Soup I think I get a Canespace Shirt with That Post!! I Believe thats 3 or 4 # 1st time Posts.


Good Article By The Way!!! Also CGNC Meant to Tell U Yor Article Was Good As Well!!! Go Canes!!!


Browns...do I have your addy? Email me your mailing address and size to:



86 I just sent you an Email, Thanks. Go Canes!!


good article 86


Found these comments about Hall at TOS what do you guys think???

"Because I have been on the Hall to OSU bandwagon for sometime. I got a message today from someone in Marcus's inner circle that said he was blown away with his visit. Not like his Michigan comments. Anyway he said that as of now Hall really wants to go to Miami if he gets his mamma's blessing. We will see but you guys really have a great shot."

I hope I end up wrong on this by the way.

"Everyone knows my stance that I believed Hall was committed to OSU as a silent all yr. Well I am warming up to Hall to Miami. I don't think its a done deal but what I heard yesterday is there is an individual at Glennville that is pushing him to Miami now along with the fact he LOVED his visit. It's on Randy's meeting with the mom.

There is 2 kids that are helping right now pushing him there hopefully his future roommate and a RB. "


I Just Noticed That Guy With The Gator Hat In The Picture with Andre Get Him Outta Here!! LOl


Posted by: BROWNSUB | January 28, 2009 at 11:27 PM

Lol need to crop him out of pic


from the last blog...

Shabba Ranks

Posted by: dj moonbat | January 28, 2009 at 10:28 PM


and Matt, while i may not agree NYC is the BEST city ever (i am from Boston, afterall), i feel what you are saying about it being a great place to live. I wouldnt mind visiting there quite often. But ive lived half of my life in Boston and the other half in South Florida, im a 561, 305 or 617 man for life.

And as much as id love to have bryce, im over all of this drama. Let him make a decision and i wish him the best wherever he goes, be it here or elsewhere. Mike James and Lamar Miller, you are TRUE U and for that you have already earned our respect.

oh and our DC will be a very large hire, methinks.

Posted by: reggaebob | January 28, 2009 at 11:33 PM


and before i head out, i totally understand the gator guy being in that pic with andre johnson. which UF alum is he going to fraternize with? reche caldwell? yeah...

now on to homework...


Yeah what are U gonna do? The Gator hat guy was in the way, but it is Central Florida. I met SEVERAL UM folks from The Home Depot though who outnumbered him by far.


Anyone look at the Highsmith video on ESPN? He looks very good. He may be the sleeper of this outstanding class.




SI can't make up their mind.

Same Page......Are we a force or are we losing guys....GREAT REPORTING!

Miami losing grip on commitments?

Between losing games, coordinators and a starting QB, Miami has been in turmoil
Despite that, Randy Shannon has turned Miami back into a top choice for recruits
Depending on No. 1 RB Bryce Brown and other elites, "U" could land top 10 class


Guys also visiting this weekend is Quinton Washington. He is an OL out of SC. I like him too. Nice tape. I hope we can pull him as well. If we get him and White, I'll be happy. I don't think we get Tiller, and Campbell is having grade issues, but I like those 2 guys. Bob Massie or Marcus Hall, though I think neither ends up here, would be icing on the cake.


Tubbs is rumored to be the man to fill the DC position. It would be a big hire and if we win the NC 2 out of three years Whipple and Tubbs can pick where they wanna coach next.


Soup 4got to tell u tshirt. Size in that email 3x

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Hassan, I think Tubbs is already inked in at ESPN. Good easy, cash and a nice break.


Good article 86. It's always great to see former canes represent the U proudly.

So Tubbs as a DC? That's news to me. But good news nevertheless.


Hassan, I think Tubbs is already inked in at ESPN. Good easy, cash and a nice break.

Posted by: Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer | January 29, 2009 at 12:56 AM

those are the general rumblings about tuberville, and after his large auburn buyout i doubt hes in any real rush to get back into coaching immediately


Great to see so many Canes in the Super Bowl!

Great to see Canes (Johnson & Carey) representing in bettering thier communities!

Can't wait to see 7 Canes represent 'The U' in 2 weeks here at Aloha Stadium for the Pro Bowl!!!!



Gruden Gruden Gruden!!!!!!

YEAH i said it!!! GRUDEN!!!!!


I remember when Adrian Peterson was available to play in NCAA... he was also ready, at that same time, with a body [mass & speed], to play in the NFL. That 1st year in college, he would have WON the Heisman had he not been tagged "freshman".

In 2009, there is another RB with promises not disimilar form Peterson. Big difference is that Bryce will not be going to run behind all those corn & cow fed lineman from Tex & OK paving the way at well-known perpetual powerhouse OK.

Thus, for Peterson, it was a known entity [OU]how his services would be unleashed. On the contrary with Bryce, he is going Cane after an '09 O line was said to be the strength of that UM team that eventually turned out to be one its biggest link of weakness.

The reality is whether the Bryce camp should be concerned with the HOW, AMOUNT, WHERE, WHEN, Bryce skill sets will be unleashed. I say yes, the camp shall demand to see how this all can be done from the newly titled architect of the Univerversity of Miami offense, Mark Whipple & HC Shannon.

Requesting to know is just for that camp, and showing it to this camp shall be a piece of cake for the U coaching team. Arthur Brown, Sr. and his son have already said that the U supports Bryce in maintaining a deliberate and balance head in making his final decision, and he will make the choice for the U, but only the right and comfortable way.

Welcome aboard Bryce!

Everyone else, particular including all the fans that seem to mouth off at Butler, Bryce, and Arthur, Sr. and their request for Bryce's utilization transparency shall just STHU!


I love Mike Furrey. He is the brother in law to a good friend of mine. Unfortunately, he was cut by the Lions yesterday.


AJ has some big hands, damn.


So if Shannon does accept the play calling duties of DC would that leave us extra money to go after an additional strength coach or a dedicated nutritionist?


Dre' all day.


Good job blogging Hawaii! No Gruden!

Andre is so cute!


Who is coming to the U as a big time DC? Tubbs would be perfect

lets say brown has about 1100 yards as a freshmen that would break our all time make n about 10 td's sounds about right. I think Brown can make an impact. I also think with so much more depth our OL can be pretty good. not great but pretty good. Jacory will not hold the ball as long this year which will make them look good. and with our guys not being freshman it will scare defenses more now that they all had a year of swasey


Solar break the blog again!!

Century Cane

Antrelle rolle


More to follow on the AJ interview and more photos. AJ loves him some Canespace!


This class is turning into a better class then last years. I am super excited this is the best time of the year. Hopefully we get everyone that we need. Its good to be a Miami Hurricane!!


IMO BB is a Cane and working behind the scenes to better this class. Give the "kid" his time in the son.




Whip It, Whip it Good


Super you know what they say about guys with big hands.............. They wear big gloves!


A shout out to all those guys that pitch in and help. Steve Smith does alot up here - he personally donated money so a local highschool marching band that was invited to attend the inauguration could go - their fundraising fell short


the steelers give the U a bad name! they are on of the few nfl franchises without a former cane on their roster


Thanks Brownsub


steve smith is the man--they would be in the super bowl if delhomme didnt drink too much the night before his birthday and throw 5 picks!


Carolinacane - yeah I didn't think about delhomme celebrating his b-day!!! There was always that rumour about Jim Kelly and the 4 superbowl losses too........gotta give props to Arizona though - they neutralized Beason and shut down the run. Made delhomme throw and we know he always tries to do too much


86 - and don't forget to post the rest of the pics from the Miami FSU b-ball game - or are you saving that for another time?


yea a guy i work with said that lots of people saw him around town the night before--i give the cards alot of credit too though--they shut down steve too--i dont think he had a catch in the first half!


Great article. Met AJ, Dorsey and the rest at a U game in Syracuse NY way back when. When you stand next to them, they are awsomely huge! Fun, fun, fun.
Been out of commission again. Back to the hospital yesterday. Got a severe upper respitory virus and have lost my voice. Contageous, of course. So, I'm home again for awhile. I work 3 days a week at the unemployment office and I'm sure that's where I got it. Process 600 people a day and germs are everywhere, expecially on the computer keyboard and mouses etc. I sure have had bad luck the last two months---norovirus, emergency gallbladder surgery and now this. But, I'm a true CANE and I will bounce back, but at 60 yers old, it just takes longer. Wierd not having a voice at all. Hope I get better in a week or so. My best to all of you.


86 - and don't forget to post the rest of the pics from the Miami FSU b-ball game - or are you saving that for another time?

Posted by: CanesgirlNC | January 29, 2009 at 09:54 AM

Yes, I will post them right before the Wake Forest game on 2/4 or 2/5. We are planning on doing another "Canespace Day at The BUC" for that game and I will post them to show how much fun we had at the FSU game.


MaryLou...feel better, take care, be strong!


canes have to beat maryland on sat night--tough 3 games after that with duke, wake and tarheels! we put are self in the same position last year, but i think we have to have a better than .500 record come tourney time

Mr Troutman


I always admired Your courage on staying tough and loyal on this blog. I hope U feel better and work things out.

Keep some Lysol around to spray in the air. LOL! Processing 600 hundred PEOPLE a day can be rough. This economy is sure getting worse. President Obama can only do so much before it all come crubling down. It will take the act of GOD to stop this severe bleeding to this US economy. Let us all pray for all that are losing their job and also for our Canes!! I just had to squeeze that one in there.


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