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January 21, 2009


Century Cane

Go Canes!!!!!!




New Manny - What we are hearing about the OC Search -


Can someone cut and paste my last comment on the last blob here. Much appreciated

The Wizard

About a month ago 86 said to expect a "MAJOR" announcement on January 21st. Well............


Well there goes the neighborhood. Hope this "revelation" doesn't create a Koetter, Part II. By the way, a Stoutland for Flood trade you make every day of the week and twice on Saturday.

Wish they could bring Jay Butler with them to work with Swasey. We would then have a S&C program.

Now if we could get that certain DC candidate, dear god ....

Posted by: J | January 21, 2009 at 07:04 AM


WIZARD...The two major announcements, in addition to Canespace Day at The BUC, are:

1. Canespace will have the opportunity to meet in person with former Cane and current NFL Superstar Andre Johnson in Tampa on 1/28/09 for an EXCLUSIVE interview that you will only find here. No other local major media outlet will have the scoop, only The Space. Tune in on 1/29/09 for the full story!

2. In our never ending effort to bring U the news U can use Canespace is announcing a MAJOR new partnership with Gary Ferman at www.canesport.com. We wil be running a new feature each month starting in February called "Five Questions With Ferman". Gary will answer five questions submitted by Canespacers to give U the inside information on recruiting and the Canes that everyone clamors for.



Thanks 34


WHAT NEXT? Maybe Shannon will suspend himself for violating team rules?


Maybe Ferman should have a feature: 5 Questions with Truth, SC, Canez1, Cav, bg and Calvin (didn't mean to leave anyone out)


If we attend the titanic tonight is it a problem to leave the car in their parking lot while attending the game?


Maybe Ferman should have a feature: 5 Questions with Truth, SC, Canez1, Cav, bg and Calvin (didn't mean to leave anyone out)

Posted by: J | January 21, 2009 at 08:16 AM

He already does when he reads Canespace!


If we attend the titanic tonight is it a problem to leave the car in their parking lot while attending the game?

Posted by: canesteeler | January 21, 2009 at 08:26 AM

Not a problem. I will confirm with the Manager. There is a UM lot right behind the Ti and across from the baseball stadium that empties after 5 PM.

Steeler...U need two extra tickets? I have them if U do. Let me know.

Rashad...U gonna make it? I still have two reserved for U also.

Marvin, Cat5 and others see U at The tianic between 5-6 PM.


Speaking of Ferman he's saying Whipple and McNulty are NOT candidates.

Old Skool

Ahh. Now I know why we weren't supposed to make fun of Ferman.

It's a pity. The Canesport headline today has lots of possibilities.


Soup actually I may have two extra tickets if my girlfriend and her brother don't attend. I will meet you at the Tanic


Losing Young doesn't look like an issue with the committs we already have, but it can't help with any defensive kids we're still trying bring in. I'm sure RS will try to put their minds at ease though.

The Truth

bg - GTFOOH!!!

Did he really write that?

Wait, was he clarifying they aren't right now this instant or never were?

Whatever...I'm telling you buddy, git yo money and ruuuuuun.


Guys, can't hang around today...be good and be well!!


I will tell you guys, Coach told someone 12 hours before Nix was hired that Nix was not a candidate.

The Truth

You know what...I take that back bg. I really do.

Ferman has a business to run. Guys like him are truly in a learch these days because there is simply no credible info to hang off of. Randy and co are doing a bang up job of keeping people out of their business so that this hire can't be compromised by a leak.

Can't blame the man for writing what he hears about this hire cuz he can't be hearing much.


Truth...so are you saying Ferman is throwing darts at a dart board blindfolded and hope one hits? It seems the guy has more credible info on recruiting than the day to day operations of the program itself.


Truth you are so nice, right? I had to leave the blog last night because I thought everyone was about to fall of the Clif!
Hopefully today will be better, Go Canes!


If we get RU's OC & assistant o-line guy, I guess we'd be inheriting JUCO O-lineman Andrew Tiller as well........


I really think everything will be alright, I do not know why just a gut feeling.

The Truth

No Matt he's not throwing darts as per the OC search. But he's reporting stuff as fact that are rumors just like everything else.

He does a great job with recruiting. But you have to understand that the recruiting info comes from the hs players, their coaches and family...not the school.

So, again, it's all open to speculation.

I took back what I wrote. He does a good job but at this point I will swear on my freezing nuts he is not a credible source. It's not his fault. But that is the truth.

The Truth

Today through Friday will be great. No worries. Everything is fine.


Truth...You have to feed the beast when they are paying $100 a year I guess. Friday will definitely be a good day.

And let me tell you about freezing nuts...20 degrees this morning, 7 w/ the wind chill. Burrrrr! Did I mention last week it was 10 below? Yikes!!


Rivals says Coach is on the Left Coast to interview a finalist, right?
I guess its Dana Holgerson.


Go Noles!! Moving on to 3-1 in conference after tonight..

The Truth

It's not Dana


Truth I trust what you say and I am waiting to be a happy man come Friday!

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

In case y'all missed it last night. Six opened a can of worms I couldn't resist when he compared Ole Miss' defense to UGA's, to point out a few things about Martinez.

So I did a teeny bit of research and guess what I found......ANOTHER NIX IS THE FIX. haha

Ladies and Gents I present Alabama native, Mr. Nix, Tyrone Nix that is...Ole Miss' DC.


“Tyrone Nix is one of the up-and-coming, bright defensive coordinators in America,” said Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt when he selected Nix as defensive coordinator for his first Rebel staff on Dec. 11, 2007.

Nix, 35, has been one of the youngest defensive coordinators in Division I college football for the past seven years, directing defenses for his alma mater, Southern Miss, and most recently South Carolina.

In 2007, he coached inside linebackers in addition to managing a Gamecock unit that topped the SEC and ranked fifth nationally in pass defense, allowing just 168.8 yards through the air.

The USC defense in 2006 was sixth in the SEC and 29th in the country in scoring defense, surrendering 18.7 points per game, 4.5 fewer than in 2005 despite returning just one starter. Junior college transfer Jasper Brinkley led the team in tackles and earned first team All-SEC accolades at middle linebacker.

In his first year in Columbia, Nix served as co-defensive coordinator and tutored the defensive line. Under his watch, a pair of Gamecocks, cornerback Johnathan Joseph and safety Ko Simpson were selected in the NFL Draft. In addition, Simpson earned All-America accolades.

During his 10 years on the Southern Miss staff, Nix coached every position on defense and served as defensive coordinator the last four seasons, when the Golden Eagles’ defense was among college football’s toughest. From 2001-03, USM was top-15 in the nation in both scoring defense and pass efficiency defense each season.

In 2003, they ranked No. 5 in the nation in pass defense, No. 13 in pass efficiency defense, No. 14 in scoring defense and No. 23 in total defense. Nix's coaching efforts were recognized as he was a finalist for the Broyles Award, given to the nation's outstanding assistant coach.

In 2002, Southern Miss ranked No. 4 nationally in pass efficiency defense, No. 10 in pass defense, and No. 15 in scoring defense.
Nix entered the 2001 campaign with the distinction of being the youngest coordinator in the country at 29 years of age. Despite losing seven defensive starters from the previous year, Nix's 2001 USM defense finished in the NCAA leaders in scoring defense (8th), total defense (11th), pass efficiency defense (12th), rushing defense (13th) and turnover margin (21st).

During his 10 years on the Southern Miss staff, Nix coached every position on defense. In his last four seasons, he served as the Golden Eagles' defensive coordinator and inside linebackers coach. In that 10-year period, he mentored 12 All-Conference USA selections, four C-USA Defensive Players of the Year and six All-America selections. USM also enjoyed team success, winning four C-USA championships and earning seven post-season bowl berths.

As a player, Nix was a standout linebacker for the Golden Eagles from 1990-93. He finished his USM career with 295 tackles – still among the top 15 in school history – and was one of only three true freshmen to play on the 1990 All-American Bowl team.


Its obviously Long. IMO he will be the guy.

He has a ton of experience and is unemployed. Dont think we have a deep enough pocket to take an existing OC from a top tiered D1 school.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

According to Manny, the RUTGERS OC is a likely candidate...who knew these stats and facts..

> I've been told the new top candidate is Rutgers offensive coordinator John McNulty. I received a phone call Tuesday night from a friend very deeply connected in the coaching circles who told me McNulty has been offered the job at Miami and is now mulling it over. McNulty, 40, previously interviewed for the UM job in 2007, but passed and returned to Rutgers with a pay raise. Last year, he interviewed with Nick Saban at Alabama and returned to Rutgers again.

From what I was told, McNulty passed on the UM job the first go around because of the lack of talent on the offensive side of the football. Now, he likes what he sees -- except for the offensive line. McNulty apparently would like to bring assistant coach Kyle Flood with him. Rutgers gave up the fewest sacks in the nation under Flood in 2007 and 2006. As for McNulty, Rutgers set school records for total offense (5,841 yards), points scored (421) and first downs in his first full season in 2007. The Knights also became the first Bowl Subdivision team to boast a 3,000-yard passer, a 2,000-yard rusher and two 1,000-yard receivers in the same year.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

PB, Long would be great, so would the Houston OC, and I think this McNulty cat would be as well. I'd rather have an NFL guy personally but these college guys seem to have the goods.


Video Highlights and Photos from NFLU Confernce Championship Weekend featuring Edgerrin James, Ray Lewis, Willis McGahee and more!


Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Montreal, good for you. Have fun in the sun.

Mr Troutman

Happy Mr President Obama Day Canes. Now that the old guy is Gone (Bush) The new guy is in. Shannon is doing the same thing on getting a fresh new start with the OC and DC. All again ladies and gentlemen is not as bad as it seems. Everything happens for a reason and only time will tell on the sucess that Shannon will have.Patience is a must though.


If he turned us down before, and then turned down Alabama, I think it would be a tough pull.


The article stated Randy was speaking with someone in the Pac 10. That means it's not Chuck Long. My thinking is it's Danny Langsdorf, Oregon State's guy, who is stuck behind multiple (assistant head) coaches on the list for OC there.


Troutman this is a great day for the canes, like I said have good vibes.

dj moonbat

"If he turned us down before, and then turned down Alabama, I think it would be a tough pull."

Maybe he and Nick Saban just didn't get along. McNulty would hardly be the first guy not to groove with Nick's style.

Mr Troutman

By the way if McNulty turned down the UM job because lack of Offensive players then we don't need him now. Who needs a coach who only comes when their are PRO BOWLERS ON OFFENSE!? Who the F are U! There are coaches who come to schools with less talent and just coach them up. I hope this was some made up BS that some reporter wrote to stir the pot. Also since when does a coach from Rutgers, I repeat Rutgers become so picky. Boy how the mighty have fallen...


New day new outlook here on the space. Glad to hear that all signs point to announcements in the next couple days.

With 11 coming in this weekend I think some excitement around the program could not come at a better time. One coordinator in place would do the job, and if anyhow there where two in place, well Randy's new name would be Superman. (which I currently reserve for Spence since I just can't get my head around calling our fiercest LB "sleepy")

Mr Troutman

Good morning Canechic nice to see U smiling on a day like this. How can I tell...It's all in the writing dear.


Slow on here today.


After all of this Randy will be too tired to search for a DC, by then he will have gotten used to the idea of taking over the DC position himself.


Gotta good feeling about tonight's game. I think Daquan Jones will make a huge impact


scUM u ready?


The Truth, with all due respect to you, it seems like Ferman has been more right than wrong. Most rumors end up to be true anyway.

Reading between the lines here, I understand we didn't get Whipple or McNulty. Based on what you said yesterday, perhaps Whipple is the one who is going to Rams along with the Eagles ex-OC.

The days of paying 2/3 less than the competition and getting coaches may be over for the U. If Tennessee can get Browning to go there as a grad asst, couldn't we make him come here as an OC. Hocutt, do you hear me?


dlu - for all we know this is just smoke and mirrors as RS may have already thought about taking the position over himself anyway as he is the one who knows what a Miami-D is made of. He's got Ice to assist him now with other stuff. This year will prove very interesting

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