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January 24, 2009



Should have waited

8th Man in da Box

Let's just get the deal inked. I could care less as to when it's officially announced. I want RS to get the most bang for you buck here.

I'm just hoping this is finalized....I'd hate for this to backfire b/c the info was linked prematurely.


Although this will be great news when announced, let us wait for the official announcement before we get goo ga ga on it. It is exciting but the U and the Randy man have yet to make it official.


One of the things that concerns me is how his record will translate to big time college ball. I remember a long time ago, when BC was set to play U Mass in the 1980's, and U Mass was coming off an undefeated season. I asked my friend from the Boston area whether an upset was possible. He laughed and said it was a men versus boys thing. And sure enough, BC pasted them. Now, that was the eighties and all, but how good is the record? He didn't go 12-0 in any season he was head coach. His teams mostly had at least three losses. Now JJ had the same before he came here too, but let us not get too hyped up about the hire. He is going to help but it will take time.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Soup, I think you handled it well..."projecting" being the key word. It keeps you out of the "traditional news agencies" arena and responsibility.

Plus, I'm sure Rivals and Scout and a few others are already running with it, so what difference does it make at this point.

Rock on..

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

VA, you're shooting yourself in the foot over a commodity you/we don't really know. We DO know, however, that his offenses set records year after year. Whether his entire team went undefeated or not is IRRELEVANT.

He's not here to coach the team. He's here to orchestrate the offense.

Combined with the last four years in the NFL, I see no reason why it must "take time."

He's worked with two of the best and most talented QBs in the league and with two of the best teams over the last ten years. Why does it have to take time??

By this point in his career, his skills are sharp, sharp, sharp, and he's naturally sharp, so allow yourself a moment or two of joy before you start picking him apart and worrying.

Shannon hit a Grand Slam with this one. He was the top of the list and not very likely for all sorts of reasons.

Tip your hat to Shannon and give credit where it's due.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Did some research on Whip...Very interesting

Posted by: FAMUCane | January 24, 2009 at 01:42 AM




Lets hope this pans out.

If it does it will serve as confirmation that a coach of this caliber sees unlimited offensive potential on our team already.

Let's face it, this guy could have gone anywhere and he came here.

Thats a good thing.

Go Canes.


saw that clip last week it is very good


monte-- great clip! we're healing and we're fighting our way out of hell!!!

if whip is it then bring it on!


As the Whipple turns....Day 2

Cat5 Cane

Mark Whipple

Agree with all spacers that are pro active.

He knows offense and plays that work.

Has a wealth of experience to draw from and will take us to the next level.

His maturity will bring a calming effect during difficult times, when needed.

Clock management... No problem!

Has ability to evaluate players and bring the cream to the top... To be known as "The Whipple Factor" from here forward... LOL

Extremely Strong credentials and experience as a QB coach and all QB's will grow from his expertise... Check! Check!

Game Day planning... Check!

Upper Management experience dealing with Assistant Coaches... Check!

Life time winning records as a coach... check!

Randy... Guru Rating... Check!Check!,Check!


I hope we can get the whipplenomics done with soon...


It is Whipple's world, we are just living in it.


Whats the latest super?


As far as the DC candidate Truth alluded to he is one of the best recruiters in the country. and a hell of a linebacker coach. I guess its a matter of first is he ready to be a DC? And would he leave his current job?

I'm quite pleased though that Shannon is even considering him. He is a guy I didn't even think would be a possibility.

Posted by: canefan3 | January 23, 2009 at 10:47 PM

Yup, Norton would be an excellent hire. Like I said before, I'll take any defensive coach from USC anyday of the week.


Whats the latest super?

Posted by: ObviousCane | January 24, 2009 at 09:06 AM

According to my sources, Shalala is contemplating changing the name of the school to UW-University of Whipple, in honor of the Whipple man. Maybe Truth can confirm?

dj moonbat

The man wants to be a college HC. He's said as much in the past. Div I schools wouldn't hire him, so he went to the pros to build his resume.

Now, he sees an opportunity to showcase his skills with some of the nation's best skill players. Expect torrents of points.


I have no idea, I'm just waiting like everyone else. Waiting for the world to change......

Alex D

Here’s my take on this potential hire. Any offensive coordinator that is WILLING and ABLE to utilize the Tight End and Fullback in Miami’s offensive arsenal has my complete vote of confidence.

Alex D

Yup, Norton would be an excellent hire. Like I said before, I'll take any defensive coach from USC anyday of the week.
Posted by: SuperCooper | January 24, 2009 at 09:06 AM

As strange as this sounds USC’s offensive and defensive philosophy is exactly what the U perfected to change the college football landscape. Was it not Pete Carroll and USC that was sending their assistants to Miami a few years back to learn and study or style and our philosophy? It’s time for the U to get back to Hurricane Football 101.

Gin & Tonic

Looks like Randy followed the same advice for hiring an OC as my uncle gave to me for dating when I was on high school.

When in doubt....whip it out!

Mr Troutman

Just bringing in experienced coaches will do me just fine. The past few years Shannon has given younger coaches chances but they just couldn't handle the JOB. We are now after veterans so things should look a little better. Young was a good hire but he just didn't have a good enough line to stop the run. The reason why he was torn was because he knew Miami was bringing in more Athletes and it was a matter of time when things were going to get brighter. This year once again will be very very interesting.....


The latest Bryce Brown info...

Is Bryce Brown Still Committed to Miami?
“YES", I’m still committed to Miami, said Brown. He’s probably had to say this hundreds of times in the past couple of weeks, but Brown stays consistent when asked this question. Back in February of 2008 Bryce and the UM staff communicated Browns plans before he committed. They understood that he would still take his five official visits and this was no surprise to anyone involved in this process. Miami does have the one thing that no one else has (older brother Arthur Brown Jr.). Brown said, “Its more like a family conversation when it comes to the Miami staff, I can tell that they want the best for me and they aren’t pressuring me to sign my national letter of intent on signing day. Miami supports the fact that I am taking my time and making an educated and informed decision.”

Bryce seems more concerned about who the Canes will hire as Offensive and Defensive Coordinator and just as importantly how will the offensive line 2009 class will turn out. “I’m really watching to see what schools lineman, Marcus Hall, Bobbie Massie, and Daniel Campbell will be attending on signing day. Some people say what type of impact I could have on where some other players will go, but I want them to know that they have an impact on my decision.” But still some ask is Bryce Brown still committed to Miami? The remains to be “YES” as of January 22, 2009.


Damn, so you mean to tell me that Bryce will be attending 3 different schools based on where Massie,Hall,and Campbell go... DAMN, then He really is good...


I hope this pans out, he would be a great hire. Busy recruiting weekend as well


Wow, Ken Norton and Michael Barrow on the same defensive staff, man, it's gonna be hard keeping those guys off the field.

Mr Troutman

Getting that O and d line in tact is what will get Miami over the hump. 10 to 12 Scholarships should be used on the lineman. The other remaining should be on cornerbacks, Linebackers and athletes. This is turning out to be a Star studded team that will be the most underrated team in the ACC and perhaps the country.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Guys, Shannon is not hiring another experiment at a coordinator position. Plus, like Calvin said, I don't want any defense from the PAC-10, even USC's. There are too many talented, proven DCs at current colleges and even the NFL to let Norton cut his teeth with us.

I'll be totally amazed if Shannon even thinks about this, and disappointed for the first time in one of his decisions.


Hopefully that is Bryces backwards way of trying to tell those big OL men to come to Miami, he wants to play with them down here.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

PB, very true. Whipple is definitely a man on the make. I give him three years tops, which is all we need.

I'd love to have Winston Moss but he's already DC for the Packers, recently promoted.

I see Tenuta or Nix or an NFL position coach long before Norton.


USC had one of the best defenses the country has seen in a long time, and his track record with linebackers is amazing. Plus, he has been learning under Caroll for a while. Just saying....

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

BG, wtf is wrong with Bryce?? He's gone off the primadonna edge. Now he's worried about which OL will come instead of recruiting them to the U?? This is not the way to ingratiate yourself to your coaches and team and definitely not the fans.


Monte just watched that video and it was awesome.


I am with you Super Ken Norton would be a huge hire. I love Michael Barrow but I think he needs just a few more years coaching but if he gets promoted, I am in his corner.

Go Canes!!! Randy proving his critics wrong!

Cat 5 Cane


Knowing Randy's mentality as a LB, if he could, he would have nothing on his defensive team but Linebackers... Little one's, Medium size ones, Big one's and Bigger Ugly one's... nothing but LB's running around the field, looking to hit someone.

Sooo it doesn't surprise me that Ken Junior is on the radar. he fits the bill... A player in pro and college and has Coaching experience.

Personally I like more experience as a coach but what the hell.



I miss anything??


I think if a guy like Norton were hired, Randy would act as a hands on mentor and possibly even call the plays until he felt comfortable. Norton realizes he is behind a bit of eightball behind a young DC there, so his ego might be able to tkae this sort of arrangement. He could hypothetically be here for four years, move on and then Barrow could step in.

I still like Martinez for consideration because of his work with DBs and he wont need on the job training. I know he has his detractors on here but I think he is a great candidadte the only question is would he want to leave UGA for home (and I dont know if the stability issue can be played up because UGA is one bad year away from Richt being on the hot seat/out since UGA fans are sick of being always so close.)


Nothing official Hurriphin. Unless we get an announcement today, (I don't know why wait till Monday like Rivals is predicting)I think today is just a quiet day and tomorrow news about how visits are going will start coming in.

On that note, does anyone have a final list of who came this weekend? I have seen varying reports.




I think that the Norton hire would be a big mistake. I would hire Barrow as the DC before Norton. I think that shannon should just take over until next season. As for whipple I have yet to see him come to Miami wearing a miami hat. Rob Chud will still be our guy. I have been saying it for months. This is gonna be like signing day with the hats and whipple will put on a Philly hat while Rob puts on the U hat. GO CANES!!!

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Shwarma, Shannon's through with the training grounds hires. He gave two unproven guys a shot and they both failed. It's over. The U is now the place where you go when you're already at the top of your game and you want to take the next steps higher.

For Norton to prove something to me he needs to step out of Carroll's shadow and do something without 4 and 5 star recruits, like Tyrone Nix and Tenuta have done.


is 100% correct on this one. Norton hasnt done anything to prove he is a good DC. He is unproven and he has 5 star atheletes to play with all the time. We need another bill young out there that can take 3 and 2 star players and make them great. I think one more year with him would have been great, but lets turn over every rock and find the best guy available.


Anyone got any news on Greg Reid ??? Is he really coming to visit next weekend ???




Chi pun

Dom Capers was just hired as D coordinator at Green Bay. They are switching to the 3-4 from the 4-3. Unless I missed something REAL recent.



Don't know where Moss is headed or gone to. I know he was interviewing with the Raiders.


On a sad note, Kate Yow passed away, RIP Coach Yow, RIP.



Still no word on Moss. But I doubt he comes down to college when he'll have an opportunity in The League. IF he did go to a college you have to figure we would be at the head of the list.


If I remember right Randy Shannon did pretty good his first year as a DC. Why? He learned from some of the best. Just happens that Norton played with and under some of those same guys. Then he went and coached under Carroll who was a big time DC in the NFL and who's defenses have chopped up teams in college since. Now is he the number 1 guy I'd want?No, but he's up there.

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