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February 13, 2009







soup I love this article bro


Interesting article, George Mira once told me that Miami was too cold and damp for him. He was from Key West. I do not know how he felt later about Canadian football. George Mira could have been a great baseball player but the football staff did not want him to play baseball with spring practice and all


JuniorCane66 fantastic stuff, thank you!



From the last blog

From Sporting News

When Miami linebacker Sean Spence saw that he was spending Labor Day this year playing Florida State, he was thrilled.

"I live for big games," Spence said. "I think our whole team feels that way."

Good thing, because the Hurricanes may face the toughest first month of anyone in the nation next year, starting with the rekindling of a holiday rivalry.

Miami will visit Florida State in prime time on Sept. 7, Labor Day night, a marquee matchup to help the Atlantic Coast Conference open the 2009 campaign. ACC officials released the year's schedule on Thursday.

"We better be ready to go Day 1, because this will be a totally different opener than we had last season," Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder said. "I think it is great to be featured in a national TV game versus a team like the Hurricanes. It will be a great way to start the season and helps FSU continue to be a program in the national spotlight."

A year ago, Florida State opened with a 69-0 win over Western Carolina.

This year's first game should provide the Seminoles with a little more of a challenge.

"Our fans will have a lot to look forward to," Florida State athletic director Randy Spetman said, "beginning on Labor Day with the Hurricanes."

Miami and Florida State played the college version of Monday Night Football to start the 2005 and 2006 seasons, with the Seminoles winning each by three points. The game was back in its customary October slot the past two years.

Miami leads the all-time series, 30-23, with Florida State winning a wild 41-39 affair last season at Dolphin Stadium.

"We're going to know where we stand midway through the season," Miami left tackle Jason Fox said. "That's why all of us came to Miami, to play in big games and to win big games."

Miami's early schedule shapes up as brutal.

After the Florida State opener, the Hurricanes return home against Georgia Tech -- who cost Miami a trip to the ACC championship game last year with a 41-23 victory -- in another prime-time matchup on Thursday, Sept. 17, then visit Virginia Tech nine days later. And following that, a home game awaits against national runner-up Oklahoma.

That's four games in four weeks against teams that finished last season ranked in the AP Top 25.

"Should be cool," Spence said.

The Seminoles figure to get a bit of a respite after Week 1, hosting Jacksonville State five days later.

But Florida State's season could end with maybe the biggest challenge of all: the Seminoles close the regular slate Nov. 28 at defending national champion Florida.

Moving the Miami-Florida State game back to Week 1 has been expected for some time. The Hurricanes jostled their non-conference schedule around several weeks ago to free up the date, and Florida State also had to make some moves to accommodate the switch.

The Seminoles were supposed to open with Maine, not Miami.

Both coaches -- Florida State's Bobby Bowden and Miami's Randy Shannon -- have indicated in the past that if they had the choice, they would rather see their in-state ACC rival later in the year.

"It doesn't really matter if you get FSU early or get them late," Shannon said. "You still have to play them."

At the same time, both also freely acknowledge that the notion of playing in prime time, almost certainly as the only major college game in the nation that night, is a lure too strong to ignore, especially as a selling-point to recruits.

"The ACC wanted it bad, they wanted it bad, and I think ESPN wanted it bad," Bowden said. "It's always been such a good national draw so we both agreed to play that game again and you know, we've got to play them sometime. I think I'm probably like Miami, I'd rather play it later but this is just too good of a deal to turn down."

There also won't be any butting-heads with the NFL that night, either: The pros won't open their season until Thursday, Sept. 10, almost certainly with the Pittsburgh Steelers opening defense of their Super Bowl title at home.

Posted by: CanesgirlNC | February 13, 2009 at 08:27 PM

That's four games in four weeks against teams that finished last season ranked in the AP Top 25.

"Should be cool," Spence said.

Any doubt why everyone here loves Spence?


Posted by: solarcane | February 13, 2009 at 08:33 PM


That was a fun article to read Juniorcane



He told me that he may be on later and tell U who he really is. We will see...


Does anyone know when Football tickets for the Labor Day game go on sale?


I say we Start a Petition for the Canes to Wear Throwback Jerseys for the Labor Day Game to show the Glory Days are Back. Anyone agree? 86 u can make it happen!


86 - it seems like we can't enlarge the pictures anymore since typepad went to this format?


Brownsub I am on board for anything but those tangerine colored pants they wore this last bowl game!



Great stuff!

Since your takin' it back, like a bad gift, here's one for black history month:

Ray Bellamy

......History anyone.......?


EDSBS Blog feels our pain

Run! Fire! With the announcement of the ACC’s schedule this week comes two nasty bits of news. First, Miami and Florida State will frontload the Labor Day schedule, thus exciting oldsters who remember when this game was awesome and meant watching Bobby Bowden crap a kidney as his kicker marched out to miss a potential game-winning field goal. Aged harm-joy: it’s the sweetest vintage.

The second is HOLY JEBUS look at Miami’s first four games: at Florida State, Georgia Tech at home (The same team that ran for 400 plus yards on them last year,) at Virginia Tech, and then getting Oklahoma at home. 0-4 is a real possibility for Miami, who may be running from a smoke machine out of the tunnel, or who may be trying to escape the flames of their potentially catastrophic early season.

( picture of Sebastian running out of the smoke)

That’s not Warren Sapp warming up the locker room RUN RUN RUN!!!

In that same Sentinel article, there’s also the news that UM hired John Lovett, UNC special teams coach and assistant coach, to coach their defense, which will still receive intense scrutiny and coaching from Randy Shannon, most likely.

( Brandon Marti reference struck by me )

Bryce Brown: Taffy Seduction. Bryce Brown is leaning toward LSU, which he describes as “for real.” Brigadoon University and other imaginary schools said to be heartbroken at the news.

Fix nothing but his joke telling skills. Scott Loeffler, new qb coach for Florida, plans nothing but tweaks for Tim Tebow. Matt Patchan may be protecting the Great Tadger Trimmer, as he has moved back to the offensive line after volunteering to move to defense for his freshman year.



Canesgirl I agree those pants were terrible those were not UM colors!


86 - it seems like we can't enlarge the pictures anymore since typepad went to this format?

Posted by: CanesgirlNC | February 13, 2009 at 09:33 PM

It is more complicated than EVER to post pictures. Another one of their alledged "improvements".

It depends on the format in which they are sent to me. Since these were older photos and already cropped and formatted it makes it tough. And when sent to me at [email protected] the format gets all messed up some times too.

U just don't know the FUN I have!


Ray Bellamy

......History anyone.......?

Posted by: hurriphin | February 13, 2009 at 09:43 PM

Hurri...I know where U are going with this. It is a GREAT story. U want to write it up and I will post it?


LOL Solar you are obsessed!

True Cane

Let's see what these new coaches can do



You gotta hold my hand through the process. I'm posting from my phone, and don't have a clue how to do it.

Why wait for me though.........

Just grab the story from Hurricanewarriors.com, and I'll give you full credit for it.......


Interesting article on Swasey from 2004:



Very nice article. Good read


Shandel Richardson came up with some wild humor about Bryce Brown that's getting lots of hits. http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports_college_hurricanes/2009/02/leave-bryce-alone-leave-him-alone.html It's been picked by numerous outlets! Not sure what to make of that, but what does the legion think of that Shandel sortée?


I was born in 1957, and grew up a Hurricane fan. My uncle owned a clothing shop on Miracle Mile, and all the Canes players came in for their duds. I don't know if he charged them or not, they just came in. So I rooted for the Canes from early on. You all moan about 4 tough games in a row nowadays. In the 60s, it was 10 rough games in a row. Our regular season always included the toughest teams like Notre Dame, Florida, Florida State, Alabama, and usually one of the military academies when they were good football programs.

We usually started off good but scholarships were unlimited in those days. We never had the depth to compete. By week six, playing our brutal schedule, we were lucky to have enough players to form a D line. And football wasn't the pass happy thing back then except for the Mira years. It was physical smack mouth football every game. We didn't have alot of local Florida high schools. A 5-5 or 4-6 season for us was very good.

In those years when we beat the powerhouse school, there was a swagger in the community. We could be 3-7 but still take pride that we beat the ranked team that year. And we did that alot during the 60's and 70's. No one wanted to play us in Miami.

Times have definitely changed for the better. We aren't the door mat anymore. But those guys who gave the community the "big win" like this article points out will never be forgotten by those of us who lived through it. When it was happening, you never thank them enough for their perseverance against the odds. But I can tell you that guys like them set an example and foundation for what this program is today. We are forever indebted to you.


It's articles in "home town papers" like Shandel's that make me wonder why anyone would want to come to Miami. Nice job Shandel, most home town papers would be falling all over themselves extolling the virtues of the nation's number one recruit.

By the way, where's the article on Orson Charles...is he playing the "Bryce" game with the Gators? Why no bad pub from the SS?

I would imagine that these types of articles and blogs are being emailed by LSU, USC and Oregon fans and coaches to Bryce 24 hours a day.

The haters will get what you deserve. Kid has broken no laws and has done exactly what he said he was going to do. If he doesn't come to Miami, it may be partially your fault.

Just leave it alone and see what happens.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Texas, he hasn't broken any technical laws but he's done just about everything wrong a person can do in terms of public presentation and reputation. Wherever he goes to school, NO ONE will really respect him as a man, unless he goes to those limp-diks out west, who salivate over anything. Those places may respect him as a player but not as a man.

He'll have to earn it seriously if he comes here, hopefully from his brother most of all, who was as highly touted and decorated as Bryce, yet handled the entire process with the highest level of professionalism and taste.

One year ago he wasn't like this. So I place a large chunk of this evolution on Butler. At the same, it's his head that has exploded. So he will deal with what he has wanted- the spotlight.

If he comes here we will in no way be spoiled or even respected until he proves it on and off the field. Half of this team is full of Shannonites, kids as talented and decorated and ambitious as Bryce. And it's only going to be more of that in the future.

Like Shannon tells every kid, "I'm going out next year to find someone to take your job."

So if he wants to go somewhere and be the coach's pet and the big fish in the pond, he should take his azz out west.

If he wants to ball and literally be all he can be, because anything less will have his azz on the bench, and become a Man, maybe even The Man, he'll be a Cane.

It's just that simple, according to his OWN criteria.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Also, a big OOH-RAH! to those classic Canes who laid the foundation and kept the program afloat until Schnell arrived.

fans are the most sorry a$$ people but they definitely earn the right to be that way!!!!!!!

i'm not hating on bryce brown here, i actually respect the fact he wants to take his time picking his college, what i don't get is that the guy has been committed for a year and now he is changing his mind about it, the meaning of the word "commit" certainly have changed. it's definitely self inflicting what is being trashed against him, coz' then if like Shandel say he needed to be left-alone, i think you can understand that even an 18 yr old kid would know when to stop and that so other people would stop, fans will be fans, there will be no limitation to them, after all, aren't fans the one that makes up college football, and other major sports, it's safe to say without fans, there are no income, no income, no sports, so Bryce certainly knows what he is doing here i can't agree on what most people would say that he is only a kid a young man who doesn't know yet what he wants because at 18 ur already a young adult, act right and the bashing will stop, because he knows as well as others do that all fans have all the right to act stupid and cruel b'coz that is just the way it is, no fans no sports period! Shandel should be thankful for his job, because the fans are the one the makes it to be what it is in sports right, he should be glad he got something to write about, again, it's cruel and most certainly pointless to bash a kid who wants to wait til march for a college decision, but that's just how sports works, period!

call it ignorant! call it immature to say! call it whatever! but fans will be fans, and they pay the money in any way possible to satisfy their sports needs, and that includes having the right to say what they want, it's what wrong with america but it is what works, like what old motto says "customer is always right" and the fans are the customer and the players, team, etc. are the deliverers of entertainment!!!! you can use the ron artest situation back at the palace years ago as an example, throwing a beer at someone's face is out of line, but who got the better end of that!!!!

Bryce make ur own decisions and go with it!

i blame that butler dude on this one, but no-one else could get the bigger blame than bryce himself coz' he lets the guy manipulate him, at the age of 18 i don't think ur that naive and stupid to actually let someone else run ur life!


Note my communication with Christopher Stock at insidetheu.com... I understand trying to sell web-subscriptions, but really ger your facts straight!



I agree with you that news must be reported. Good or bad, Miami has had it's share. I don't ask that this information is not reported. To the contrary, it is information that we expect to be informed of.

My complaint comes strictly with your writing, or should I say wording of the information or lack there of. Two more things come into my mind now to question the article. At no point in your article did you mention that his "team status" was in question or that you had spoken to Brandon and that he denied "team status" rumors.

Adding some of this information might have provided clarity to your article, otherwise the simple statements made...

1. "Freshman linebacker Brandon Marti was arrested EARLY THURSDAY MORNING and charged with battery and false imprisonment."

2. "Marti did not play in any games last season and was dismissed from the team AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE SEASON after being suspended according to UM.

3. "He is the second player UNDER second-year coach Randy Shannon to reportedly have been arrested. Quarterback Robert Marve, in October 2007, was the other."

Once again, one and two do not equal three. Unless you might consider the other information that you provided in the follow-up e-mail to me provided only after my writing you of the inconsistancies of your article. It's not that I would stop reading your information, but as I said in a world that already cast a shadow over "The U", a writer for a supporting website should NOT not report information, but should atleast provide all the information properly.



From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: I'm disappointed!
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 12:52:55 -0500


We will continue to report on the University of Miami even if it is not a positive topic. We will not turn the other cheek as reporters. This has been our philosophy since we launched our site. We covered the Robert Marve arrest as well as the Eddie Rios arrest. Unfortunately it happens.

In regards to Marti’s status on the team. The spokesman said he was already off the team after the arrest. However, there was no announcement about this. If he was off the team, coach Randy Shannon should have said something to the media to avoid things like this. So we reported both in this story--that is not on the team and that he was arrested in the same story. If he was off the team, we wouldn’t have even written the story. Also, I talked to Brandon Marti while there were rumors about him off the team, and he denied them.

It is not a story we will follow up on, but it is something we will write initially and continue to write.

Christopher Stock


[email protected]



From: Matthew Lohr [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 5:14 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: I'm disappointed!


I'm disappointed with your reporting of the Brandon Marti arrest. The University of Miami has enough issues with the media dragging thier name through the mud, why would you join that. Let alone the fact that you supposedly work for a site to promote intrigue for Hurricane fans at InsidetheU.com.

Two things really stick out in your reporting. First, you list Brandon as a freshman linebacker in the first sentance, but fail to mention right off the bat that he is longer with the team until the near end of the article. Secondly, you mention that his arrest happened recently and state that he was dismissed from the team, all while saying that he is the second player arrested under Shannon's head coaching career. (Maybe, the math is difficult for you but being removed from the team at the end of the season and being arrested a few days ago do not equate to being under Shannon's watch.)

Please, write the report properly next time!

[email protected]


JuniorCane, thanks for the article.
It takes me back to when I was a kid first getting turned on to college Football.
Up at the crack of dawn and down the driveway to get the tribune on a sunday morning and reading about my gridiron heroes and imagining what the games were like the night before.

Thanks to all the Mighty Hurricane Warriors
that fought for the U!


It's not Shannon's responsibility to notify you when someone has been dismissed from the team. It's your job as a psuedo-journalist to make sure your facts are straight.

In your rush to get it first, you got it wrong. Just man-up like A-Rod and admit it.

Old Skool

So why is Bryce waiting until March 12?

He didn't want to upstage the Academy Awards.

Selection Sunday for March Madness is the 15th, so he slotted himself well.

Cat5 Cane

Thanks for the flashback! and hope to meet you some day!



Thanks Juniorcane for that article it brought back many memories for me. We moved to Hialeah in 1949 from Pittsburgh and my first live Cane game was against PIT Panthers in 1950 or 1951 I just don't remember. I was 10 or 11.My dad had a friend who's son played for Pit. His name was Bobby Bestwick. in your article you mentioned Nick Ryder,for me he always seemed to standout with determination and courage I hope he is well.
Canes 24/7


Great job JuniorCane66.


Jeff freaking Luc, must get


Damnnnnnnnnnn. Dude would be perfect for MLB.

Another tough one for the canes

Man gonna have some tough pickin through our schedule next season


Wonderful nostalgic article for me, too. Having gone to the U from 1966 to 1970, it was a magical time, but not a sports winning time. And yet, we all took the bus to the Orange Bowl for every game, win or lose and cheered our Canes. The wonderfulness of Coral Gables in the "olden" days--Miracle Mile etc. Lincoln Road. Dressing up to the "nines" to go to the shows on Collins Ave on the weekends. WOW.
Back to reality. Once again, please give us a link to the BB game tomorrow night. Although, I don't know if my heart can take another OT game.
Happy Valentines Day to everyone.


Thanks JuniorCane66. This article brings back alot of memories of my time at the U in the 60's. I knew a few of these Canes...they set the foundation for what is today a great football tradition.


Happy Valentine's CANESPACE Ladies!


what wiki has to say about "Jolly" Cjharlie Tate

Charlie Tate
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Charlie Tate was the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes football program from 1964 to 1970. During his tenure, he compiled a 34-27-3(.555) record. His best season came in 1966, when his team went 8-2-1, with a Liberty Bowl win against Virginia Tech. Chuck Foreman was the most famous recruit for coach Tate in the late '60's. When interviewed at the ESPN Club in Orlando, Florida, Foreman, who went on to have a great career in the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings, said the following about Charlie Tate, "He had faith in me, as a black athlete in the South during that tumultuous time, and I will never forget him. He was a great, generous man."


Nice to see all the old school Canes coming out in support of the article.

When U read about TRUE Hurricane heros like in this article it just makes U sick to read about some of the recruiting nonsense going on these days.

These high school players who have NEVER played a down for The U get more attention than players who have made MAJOR contributions to the Canes success over the years.

The person who wrote the article is actually the son of one of the players mentioned in the article. I can't tell U which one but maybe he will come on the blog and tell U himself!



"It's articles in "home town papers" like Shandel's that make me wonder why anyone would want to come to Miami. Nice job Shandel, most home town papers would be falling all over themselves extolling the virtues of the nation's number one recruit. "Posted by: texascane | February 14, 2009 at 12:21 AM

Hum, one could arguably spin it as defense for "our" Bryce who, eventually, ends up with big bro Arthur at the U anyway!

But, yes, other articles of Shandel show a distaste not just for the UM fan, but all Football "fanatics". Shandel must forget that the word fan is the beginning of fanATIC, thus, a true paying fan is a fanatic :) Shandle makes fun of the pure college football fanatic, from he who follows recruiting fanatically to those that don't come to games when the U stink.

Yet, the hatchett job by Chris Stock on "current" player arrested -- who somewhere else on the article had been "terminated" -- is more like what many local journalists, I mean webcamers, do: They sell information to the highest bidder, and the highest bidder is only the outlet that buys and post negative information about the U! If it is not negative, then Chris Stock doesn't get his story published elsewhere, and growth for press people comes when your story is picked by others.


Happy Valentines Day SpaceCadets!


It is so great to be Standing in the Sun again...

Got some Canes Overhere!!!


I think I know who JuniorCane66 is, but I'm not telling


Soup great job, I love those stories of old! It makes me miss my grandparents telling me stories about "Old Miami".

I agree 100% about these spoiled 17yr olds! I know it is the way the recruiting game is played but the day a 17yr old tells me what he is doing.....? Well let me just say I do not know what his parents are thinking, letting this go on this way.

Seeing my daughter and some of her friends sit around and cry with pure delight when they got their letters of acceptance to their dream school, makes me wonder about his intentions. But I will not talk about him anymore!!!!!!

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

It's not Shannon's responsibility to notify you when someone has been dismissed from the team. It's your job as a psuedo-journalist to make sure your facts are straight.

In your rush to get it first, you got it wrong. Just man-up like A-Rod and admit it.

Posted by: texascane | February 14,
2009 at 08:09 AM


Texas, exactly. Stock is a two-bit, pseudo journalist like most of them. But he's not a stone-cold idiot, Shannon hater like his so-called colleague Rudy.


Happy Valentines Day to all! Please guys make sure to at least get a card or if you cannot afford make one. Women love that, in fact better if you make one and write a love letter!


Jeff freaking Luc, must get


Damnnnnnnnnnn. Dude would be perfect for MLB.

Posted by: SuperCooper | February 14, 2009 at 09:12 AM

Super what did I say a couple of blogs back! I told you he's the Truth! LOL He likes UM too as he's originally from the MIA!

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