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February 12, 2009





If he could triple the amount of int's we had last year I would definitely love it. Also a couple of game changing blocked kicks would be sweet.


I "Heart" Canespace!!!


I know some people are skeptical of this hire but I am not. I think Lovett brings alot to the table. We needed an experience Defensive coordinator who will allow the talent to play up to its potential. You can play up to your potential in a base 4-3 probably better than in some schemes where you take more chances. And when you take chances regularly, you will eventually get burned.

This is a young defense that needs a steady hand to guide it. This guy seems like a good hire. He also was alot more loyal to the coaches under which he served than they were to him. So I welcome him aboard and I am confident he will do a great job!


Link to Canes 2009 football schedule:


4%ers UNITE!!!


[email protected]
Former University of Miami linebacker Brandon Marti was arrested early Thursday morning by Miami-Dade police and charged with battery and false imprisonment related to domestic violence.

Details of the arrest have not been made available by police.

UM spokesman Kerwin Lonzo said Marti, 18, was suspended during the season last year for violating team rules and was let go by coach Randy Shannon at the conclusion of last season.

Marti did not play in any games and participated mostly on the practice squad as a freshman.

Marti was an All-Dade first-team selection as a senior in 2007 at Miami Gulliver Prep, where he made 101 tackles and was selected to play in the Dade vs. Broward All-Star Game.


I guess that Answers our question about Marti.


The Atlantic Coast Conference released the 2009 football schedule today and the University of Miami football team will again play one of the toughest schedules nationally in head coach Randy Shannon’s third season.

The Hurricanes will play six homes games at Dolphin Stadium including a matchup with BCS National Championship Game participant Oklahoma. Miami opens its season with a nationally televised game at instate rival Florida State on Labor Day night. Game times have yet to be announced.

Eight of Miami’s 12 opponents played in postseason games in 2008. The Hurricanes, annually one of college football's top television ratings draws, have two games already scheduled for national telecast – a Labor Day Monday night meeting with instate rival Florida State on Sept. 7 to open the season and a Thursday night home meeting with Georgia Tech on Sept. 17.

For the first time since joining the ACC in 2004, UM opens the season with three consecutive games against ACC opponents. Besides the season opener against Florida State and week two matchup with Georgia Tech, Miami will travel to defending ACC champion Virginia Tech on Sept. 26.

The eight postseason teams from 2008 on Miami's 2009 schedule are: Florida State (Champs Sports Bowl), Georgia Tech (Chick-Fil-A Bowl), Virginia Tech (Orange Bowl), Oklahoma (BCS National Championship Game), Clemson (Gator Bowl), Wake Forest (Eagle Bank Bowl), North Carolina (Meineke Car Care Bowl) and USF (St. Petesburg Bowl).

To read more about the Canes 2009 schedule, click here:



Browns...unfortunately yes it does. Marti was rumored to have other off the field issues, but no need to go into that now. We wish the young man good luck with his future.


You right 86.


Where is everyone at this is a big day just as much as the recent big days we had. The hurricanes will be back in the National spotlight and not going anywhere no time soon... Sure the schedule is hard but we as fans and tru hurricanes shouldn't want it no other way... All of our games are winnable and yes we still have a young team but all of our returning players have experience, and the newcomers will be ready to roll. This is a complete hurricanes team not a bunch of fugazzi's that wear the U on their helmets. Mostly all of the players are used to big games and believe me they will be ready. I'm a 12%er! and I believe if we do lose it will only be 1 game but I still am a 12%er! Go Canes 2009!


I remember people were saying that Miami should not recruit Marti. He isn't worth it. I guess they were right.


Shandel has a short but nice piece on Spence. He's the kind of kid you just love to root for. He's a beast on the field yet humble as can be.


As a correction to my post on the last blog, I just realized we will have a week and a half to prep for GT. While these first four games are brutal, this is a break and I think ensures 2-2 as the absolute worst we can come out of the gate.


does anyone know where I can watch the press conference with Lovett or a transcript of it?


Very true shwarma. We will need that extra time.


This was Hurtt's breakdown on 2010. I am thinking it could look like this with local talent alone

1 QB - Godfrey
2 RB - Gore and Clements/Gainer
2 WR - Dunkley/Johnson and Harris/Meline
3 TE - Christian/Allen
4 OL - Linder, Wilson
3 DL - Chandler, Nix (committ) and Lemonier
3 LB - One postion not rich in 2010 for SFL
3-4 DBs - Joyner, Robinson, Dorsey
Kicker - Palardy


I don't think Godfrey will be the only qb. I think he will be considered an ath and Miami will also bring in a "true" qb. someone that fits a pro style offense.


I guess where there was smoke with Marti there was some fire.

Thats usually how it goes.

Hope the kid can straighten out his wagon and get his act together.

Best of luck BM.


tight head prop

Anyone seen that LSU is in the mix for BB? Is he going to change his name too?


The REAL bad news with Marti, is that we are still thin @ LB. We recruited 7, but lost 3 (Kane, Marti, and Harper). Not getting Barrington hurts a bit now.

Old Skool

For Marti there's alway Louisville. They always seem willing to take our cast offs.


That is way too sad about Marti, Please kido get your life together! Hoping for the best!

Go Canes!!


I like your sense of humor bro keep it coming!

shwarma, In my heart 9-3 in my real world 8-4 which is even a harder to reach 8-4 than the one I caught hell about last season.

The spring game will having everyone jacked on how fantastic we are.

Then we will start the season with teams allowed to blitz and hit the qb
The realiy of playing a tough college football schedule with a young team and new coaches will slowly take place.



I know that news hurts my man Truth.
damn sad


Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Poor Brandon. Get some help son.


I enjoy your posts on here, I like that you stand up for "that guy" when a lot of people doubt he is worth the nonsense.

If he does make the team and becomes the starting RB and All American,I for one will still think he is a bozo as far as a person goes.

Scoring tds doesn't necessarily erase being a dilweed for me sorry.



some Q & A from coach Lovett's conference:


With our schedule we will have a feel quite early if we are going to be in the ACC title game.


Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

BG, Canez1 said Wylie has moved up to LB size, so that should help.


Nrews Day.com
Campus Confidential

2009 Could Be Trouble For Miami

While 2009-2010 schedules are rolling out, it's worth mentioning the mountain Miami has to climb to begin its season.

The Hurricanes open on a Monday night (Labor Day) against a re-emerging Florida State in Doak Campbell, they then return home to face Georgia Tech, a team that finished incredibly strong (sans bowl game) with a brand new offense, then it's up to Blacksburg to face Virginia Tech, and it all ends with a visit by Oklahoma and Sam Bradford.


The Hurricanes could be defeated going into the second week of October.

Randy Shannon needs his players to grow up in a hurry, most notably Jacory Harris, who will be the featured quarterback in Coral Gables this fall (remember, no more Robert Marve).

Even if the Hurricanes rally to go 6-2 to finish the season (UNC, Clemson, Wake, South Florida all on the docket), that's a 6-6 season assuming they drop their first four.



my very best to Brandon Marti...hopefully he can find help and turn his life back in the right direction.


EDSBS blog

SMU just staged a purge of their roster that the Man of Steel himself would be impressed with, booting a total of nine players off their roster for “violating team rules or school policy.” June Jones cares not for the blood of a single life, or even a million, so long as the people’s will is done.

Mad props, Coach Jones. Na Zdorovie!

Coach Jones evidently takes the “scholarships are one-year agreements” definition very, very literally. For the record: Jones signed 29 last year and signed 26 this year, so overage is a slight but not massive concern.



Yo Brandon,
Assuming the allegations are true....

Marti--- Being young, and making mistakes is cool-

but the first rule you gotta learn is that you can't put your hands on anybody...

dj moonbat

"Even if the Hurricanes rally to go 6-2 to finish the season (UNC, Clemson, Wake, South Florida all on the docket), that's a 6-6 season assuming they drop their first four."

Grow a pair, dude! Since when do we start ASSUMING losses to any of those punk teams? Sure, we can't assume WINS like we used to, but jeez. . .



Yea FSU and Virginia Tech are definitely beatable. A great effort by us and a lot of points against GT and that team is beatable.



I don't care who's on the schedule, we play them one game at a time, and the kids are hype because more than likely the 1st 4 games will be on t.v. for sure. Good thing we got depth early though. As someone said earlier, as long as we keep jacory helathy, we'll be alright. Imagine if we had nix going into this year's schedule without marve on the team he'd probably still be calling qb running plays.

This year, it's all in the pocket and run if you have too. We got moncur coming back, senior productive playing leadership, will help keep the d-line fresher and not cause us to have to rush guys into playing to early. Guys are going to practicng real hard this year because alot of them don't want to get redshirted, lol. The dominant d-lines of the past are starting to take shape real soon.

Also, i hope somehow brandon marti stays on the team though, that's the type mentality we need on this team, if he stays around long enough he'll learn to harness all those emotions on strictly football and ball out. I know shannon doesn't want to have to deal with shat like that though but put marti on special teams and let em head hunt, the best thing for him is UM.

This schedule makes it where we'll get to play against good competition 4 games off the bat. If guys weren't training hard, they are now. We got swasey whos all Miami, born and raised here, so we got a S&C coach who's not just here for a job, but who's here to see his hometown team dominate again, i'm glad he's not gone myself. shannon got the staff strong as hell now, for real, "NO EXCUSES" now.

Also, not having epps hurts us alot though, he was going to be a main tight-end, had 1st round potential all day long, speed and tuffness for days. Time for someone else to step up now. The receivers, we're straight now, runningbacks, straight, o-line, we're ok right now, at least 3 strong, what 2 will come in and help make us 5 strong, we gotta keep our o-line guys strong and healthy for sure.

Until the young guns come up. We will get blited alot early on, and good because whipple's offense counter reacts the blitz. With jacory and his football wits, we should be alright quick. I'm starting to get excited about the d-line though for some reason, but we got about a whole nother 7 months before the games start.

We got a team full of players who hate loosing to the core now. To go with that, we got a team full of players who don't care who they're playing and look at them as if they're better than us or something, the way the guys on this team think, we are going out to dominate whoever shows up.

Last year we had the talent to go undefeated or loose 1 game at best but we had a garbage oc and still did good with him, now we got an oc with more common sense, more experience and more importantly, more aggressive. With this new defensive coordinator, he's less blitz happy, which plays more into our players strength, and will allow our corners to focus mainly on coverag, zone defenses don't make great db's to often.

We got everything in place that we need to suceed from here on out, if this team stays healthy, we're going to represent real well.


Why does the U get to start spring practice before everyone else?


Hey soup between me and u, ya boy is right on it with canes newz .... aint it???LOL


I always tried to put into pictures Patrick Nix running the Miami offense

I think I got it




Ga. Tech unveils 2009 football schedule
Posted: February 12, 2009

ATLANTA (AP) -- Coming off its best season in eight years, Georgia Tech unveiled a football schedule that includes eight bowl teams from 2008, three contests against Southeastern Conference schools and two nationally televised games on Thursday night.

The Yellow Jackets will open the 2009 season Sept. 5 against Jacksonville State, the first of a six-game home slate that also includes Clemson, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and the traditional regular-season finale against Georgia on Nov. 28.

This past season, Georgia Tech snapped a seven-year losing streak to its state rival and finished 9-4 under new coach Paul Johnson. Despite a loss to LSU in the Chick-fil-A Bowl, the Yellow Jackets posted their best record since 2000.

In addition to facing the Bulldogs, Georgia Tech has road games against two other SEC schools, Vanderbilt and Mississippi State. The remainder of the road schedule includes Atlantic Coast Conference opponents Miami, Florida State, Virginia and Duke.

"With 11 BCS opponents, including eight which played in bowl games last year, our schedule will be extremely challenging," Johnson said Thursday. "At the same time, it's a schedule our players and fans should be really excited about. The home schedule includes a number of big-time games and many of our road games are within driving distance for our fans."

The Thursday night games will be played back to back: at home against Clemson on Sept. 10, followed by the trip to Miami's Dolphin Stadium on Sept. 17. This will be the 17th consecutive season that Georgia Tech has played in the weeknight game televised by ESPN.

The Yellow Jackets will play six road games for the first time since 2003 and two regular-season games in the state of Florida for the first time ever.

The most difficult stretch comes in October, when Georgia Tech has four of five games on the road. The lone home game that month is against two-time defending ACC champion Virginia Tech on Oct. 17.

The only open date on the schedule is Nov. 21, a week before the Yellow Jackets face Georgia at Bobby Dodd Stadium.



Sad news about Marti. I loved the mentality he brought to the game on the football field in HS. Hopefully he gets his act strait.

As far as our schedule goes....

It looks pretty filthy. FSU is very beatable. I mean if Kirby Freeman can do it, Jacory Harris can. Our offense will need to put up 30+ to beat GT but that's why we brought in Whipple. We have the offensive talent to score than many every game. VT, I fully expect us to win. OU, well, let me just say this.... I was at Norman the last time we played em (and met Hurricane Mitch!) and I still have nightmares of Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray.

It's just going to depend on the development of the enormous amount of talent we already have. This is why coaches get paid what they do.


If anyone wants to listen to the press conference today here is the audio link



tluv, that game against oklahoma 2 years ago wasn't that bad for 3 quarters, just we had tim walton and nix to go along with alot of sub-par talent and still we were in the game. Now we have better coordinators, although 1st year, you already see the xperience of lovett when he said he learn what the players are use to an teach from that so terminology doesn't become a major factor, that's experience talking right their.

whipple, pretty much the same way, add that with better talent along with expereienced coordinators and that makes for a strong team. The guys who showed alot of promise last year are going to be able to play knowing they belong come this year. hat's going to make a big difference.


Damn typepad won't let me post my post.


Who's got the Truth beacon? Light that beeyotch up.


Man, bump the 12% club, count me in as one of the 6%'ers.

I'll call a loss to Oklahoma and maybe a slip up along the way.

But bump that, until we lose, I'm calling undefeated.



The score wasn't too bad til the 4th quarter but we were dominated all game. Thankfully Kenny Phillips was in the game because he saved about 6 TDs and had a forced fumble. Of course, no one knew Sam Bradford would end up being the future Heisman trophy winner. Yes, Patrick Nix was our OC and Walton was our DC...definitely an improvement at both spots. Also Kirby Freeman, Kyle Wright, and Lance Legget were all on the same roster. Hopefully all these upgrades translate into a win but right now I'm skeptical.


Like I said, as long as Jacory stays healthy, I think we will be fine.

QB: I expect Jacory to be a top 25 quaterback in the country this year.

RB: Definitely above average, but maybe not great.

WR: I think this group is top 10 in the country.

O-Line: The jury is still out. Some guys could step up big or we could be mediocre. I think Whipple will not try forcing to do what they are incapable of doing. I think Whipple makes them look good.

TE: Probably not so good with Epps' injury.

D-Line: Top 10 in the country.

LB: I don't know what to expect from Brown, Futch, Buchanon, and co. If healthy, they could be anywhere from serviceable to very good.

DB: Safety we are money. There is some inexperience, but safety will be top 25 in the country I think. Cornerbacks, I don't know what to expect.


for those who like recruiting and
since the ink is dried on LOI for 2009 here is a head start for 2010
miami-dade top 30
broward top 30

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