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February 09, 2009



Midwest, Bruce Johnson is the only Hurricane invited to the NFL combine.

Posted by: KLCaneFan | February 09, 2009 at 12:04 PM

How friggin sad is that!!!


Posted by: Canez1 | February 09, 2009 at 12:17 PM

CR good point on Adkins. Dude is a physical freak. Just needs some coaching.


Posted by: Canez1 | February 09, 2009 at 12:20 PM


Manny great stuff!

You need a better pic tho bro. Thats not doin you justcice LOL

Good job Ocho Seis.





Hey that pic is throw everyone off - rumor has it he looks like Clooney!


Good looking out, 86.
One more position to fill @ DC and we're set for the spring. (well two with Bryce Brown)
Love the one on one w/ Navarro: relaxed but honest...

Canes, baaby


Good article. Typepad is back on the pipe though.....




Mcgee won't start this year. He is too raw. he is just learning how to play Corner. He will be great one day but, it won't be this year.


What happened?


Aaaaah a new old blog showed up


yeah i don't see McGhee starting this year either. I think DVD will be all good this year and Grant while limited cause he's slow improves every year. Just might never be better than a very good nickel guy. Outside on the 1st or 2nd WR I don't like that match up, but inside I'm cool with him. Having a better athlete in Randy Phillips at safety should help a lot.


When did we FIRST know about the Lovett hiring here on Canespace?


February 06, 2009 at 12:13 PM was first lovett spotting


About the new D.C.NOT trying to be Moral Police,but mean looking,OK.Ugly,not so good.I'm with Canechic.He's one of us now,a CANE.This is the guy you all have been waiting for,our new D.C.To some not the first choice.He coached at UNC,stole one from Butch,most excellent.They ate our lunch,this year we eat theirs.Welcome him.TRUTH said,could work out well with SHANNON.He help hold everyone to 10-14 points a game,???I'm just sayin... the "U"


Should have hired him on Valentines Day! LOL

Whether we like him or not, we are in for the ride!


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Ok. That's off topic but was on my mind. Looking forward to spring ball. Also looking forward to more into about who's been working extra hard during the break. Also anyone know which players are running track this year?


there is going to be a ny times story this week on bryce brown and the butler character...

they are saying he will not be eligible to play college football because he has an agent in butler...and that he has been under investigation since november.

if he does decide to play in canada he will only make approximately $80,000 a year at best.

it will also cover other options like playing college football in mexico


opps, i fogot...

it will also talk about how miami will be investigated because his brother arthur is on the team...

i dont know what the issue is ther but i suppose they just wanted to make sure he does not have an agent either

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Caniac, I hope you're wrong about this. I just want Butler behind bars. Can't he be charged with ruining a minor's life?? haha

And if Bryce is indeed a minor how can he hire an agent, legally, if he can't even sign his own LOI??


Cav, I don't know if this is true or not but figured there are this be worth investigating. Like his father was part of setting up that website. Thus trying to profit off his son and not sure where that's falls when it comes to NCAA rules.


is it me or does ray ray look bigger than dye?can't believe this guy's a safety. i think he'll be a LB next yr unless they keep him on a strict a$$ diet.and u guys are just plain mean as far as our new dc goes.let's not make fun until he starts clappin his hands, ok?:)

The Truth

SOUP I started giving you all clues and asking J if he was going to "love it" on I think Thursday or Friday.

But by the end if the day it looked for a second like the gun had been jumped. Not so much now LOL

Cat5 Cane

Wason a walk about and missed the action yesterday...

John Lovett for Defense... Damn, what a hidden find for Randy, like a big ole ruby in the clay and although not said, I bet Tubbs had allot to do with the connection.

Hell of a pick!... Welcome aboard Mr Lovett!!!

Well one thing is for sure, he's got the guns and we have the silver bullets, now it's a matter of putting them into the chamber and pulling the trigger... and it's his job to make sure we hit the target... in knocking them down one game at a time!

The clock's ticking... so hurry up and sign already.

Cat5 Cane

The Herald, today's news

Miami Hurricanes expected to hire UNC's John Lovett for defense

UM is expected to hire John Lovett, a former assistant to Butch Davis at North Carolina, to coach Randy Shannon's defense as soon as this week.


University of Miami coach Randy Shannon told reporters last week that if he couldn't find a defensive coordinator before spring practices begin in two weeks, he would coach the defense himself.

Shannon isn't going to have to pull double duty after all.

A high-ranking source close to the situation told The Miami Herald on Monday that North Carolina special teams coach and defensive assistant John Lovett will be hired to coach the Canes' defense next season.

Pending drug-test results and human resources protocol, Lovett's hiring is expected to be announced as early as Wednesday. A news conference likely will be held after the announcement is made.

Lovett, 58, would be the third defensive coordinator in three seasons at UM and the third since Shannon was promoted from the post to head coach in 2007. Lovett replaces Bill Young, who left UM for his alma mater, Oklahoma State, last month.

''John is a very good technique coach. Everything he does is going to be sound,'' said former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, who said Shannon called him to talk about Lovett a few weeks ago.

``He's very aggressive, likes to blitz. His experience, specialty, is with the secondary and linebackers. The best thing about John is he understands the game and has been around it for a long time. And the great thing about this move is he understands that league, been around the ACC a while. He's also a very good recruiter. He's great in the Northeast -- New Jersey, New York, that Washington, D.C. area.''

Like Young did a year ago, Lovett would come to Miami with a wealth of experience. He has spent 15 seasons coaching as a defensive coordinator, with stops at Bowling Green, Clemson, Auburn and Maine. Tuberville said Lovett runs ``the same 4-3 defense we used to run when we were at Miami under Jimmy Johnson.

''He'll run a little bit of everything,'' said Tuberville, who first hired Lovett as his secondary coach when he was at Mississippi. ``He'll run an eight-man front a little bit, do an odd-man front. He understands the zone blitz game. He's been around it all. With Randy's background on defense, really, it's a perfect mix.''

Lovett was hired by former Hurricanes coach Butch Davis two years ago at UNC to be the teams' special teams coordinator and defensive assistant. In two seasons, he helped kick-returner Brandon Tate establish the ACC career mark for kickoff-return yards, and kicker Conner Barth set the UNC record for career field goals.

Lovett was at Bowling Green the previous two seasons. In his first season there, the Falcons ranked 20th in the country in turnover margin.

Before his stop at Bowling Green, Lovett spent three seasons (2002-04) as the defensive coordinator at Clemson. He developed the Tigers into one of the ACC's top defenses. Clemson ranked 11th in the nation in pass-defense efficiency and 26th in total defense in 2004.

Before that, Lovett was defensive coordinator at Auburn from 1999 to 2001 under Tuberville and with him at Mississippi.

At Auburn in 2001, Lovett's defense shut down Steve Spurrier's No. 1-ranked team at Florida, holding the Gators to minus-36 yards rushing and a season low in points and total offense. In 2000, Lovett's defense ranked 14th in the nation in total defense and 15th in rushing defense.

Lovett also was the defensive coordinator at Maine for five seasons (1985-88, 1994).

''The biggest thing Randy wanted was somebody who would fit in,'' Tuberville said.

``We didn't talk a whole lot about football. What he wants is the right fit in the community, someone who understands the ACC. Being a defensive head coach, which I am, you got to be on the same page with your guys. There's going to be a real good relationship there between the both of them.''

Davis has got to be foaming at the mouth!!! and I love it!


"Don't tell me your sorry cuz you're not, don't you know, you're only sorry you got caught"


Bryce Brown to announce on March 12 per Rivals.

Cat5 Cane

Per Dan Stein on the sideline:
"Cherry - on - Top Award: Bryce Brown. I am not one that believes he is over hyped because he played weak competition. Brown is a legitimate All-American candidate, and potentially the best Miami running back since Frank Gore. However, with two other stud running backs already in the class, Brown will not make or break the class. He simply puts it over the top if he comes."

Dan's opinion is an understatement in my opinion but one can understand his positioning...

IMO... Brown has the ability to make a great offensive team... Greater! Look at all of the top 20 teams, with bettter then average OLines and and running backs and tell me he wouldn't make any of those teams better with him on the team!...

Every year... one, two or three players comes along that have that "It", that star quality that can explode a team to front runner for NC and I belive he has that gift.

If we give him a Oline that can make some holes... He'll handle the rest. but the problem is that with the stable of backs, we have, falling over each other,... 4 would be sitting on the shelf and we know that won't happen in Randy's design of team first.

Being spoiled... I want Brown for Miami, but if lose him ,to like USC, I understand.

Cat5 Cane

Good morning Chic... waz-up girl?

What's your take on Brown? Is he worth the fuss?


February 06, 2009 at 12:13 PM was first lovett spotting

Posted by: OceanStateCane | February 10, 2009 at 12:08 AM

SOUP I started giving you all clues and asking J if he was going to "love it" on I think Thursday or Friday.

But by the end if the day it looked for a second like the gun had been jumped. Not so much now LOL

Posted by: The Truth | February 10, 2009 at 01:56 AM

NICE!...If U want to know, and know FIRST, U got to be part of The Space!


I think the U needs a clean bill of health from the NCAA on Brown before the LOI, something doesn't smell right.. This program is headed in the right direction, no one player should be allowed to cast a shadow over the program... the U is much bigger than Bryce Brown ... there are 79(?) other players to think about....personally I hope he goes elsewhere, this situation isn't going to get better, only worse.... there are already a lot of reporters digging up dirt and they won't stop until they find some violation, they dislike this guy Butler just my opinion


BTW I think Bryce is a victim, when your a minor your choices are limited... I hope he gets a chance to display his talents somewhere... any sanctions, if any, should not be against him


My concern is BB may not get clearance from the NCAA to play. His big mouth (pimp) agent is making it seem as if the kid has his hands open looking for a payday. I have two words for BB, Maurice Clarett! Come to college and earn the opportunity to go to the next level. I am tired of his drama queen shat already!


Cat I'm not sure about him, not sure if he might try to be bigger than the team! Hope he gets his head straight!




Every year from here on out you are going to have prima dona 17 year old kids waiting after NSD to sign. The reason is because no schools has the balls to say kid get off your hight horse and sign on the day 99.9% of high school athletes sign. As far as Aroid, he did what damn near everybody else in the game was doing. Is it right or wrong? I don't care as long as the Ynakess don't make the world series this year!

Old Skool

Will the announcement be on pay-per-view?


I'm not sold about Bryce being the "it" factor running back. I have seen too many can't miss recruits miss.

As far as all this Butler BS I really don't care. Bryce is doing what he thinks best and if he is not breaking the rules, more power to him. If Shannon had a problem with this he would pull the offer. That is the only opinion that matters to me. Not just 'cause he is The Randy, but because he actually knows what is going on and not guessing like most of us are. JMO

For next years recruiting can anyone give us out-of-towners a breakdown of high schools that are a pipelines to The U (Northwestern?) and schools that are not (St. Thomas?). Thanks.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

OLd Skool, you can bet Butler is going to try to put together some sort of sponsorship to make some money off of it. That's the reason for the delay and this entire media circus.

Butler's about to endanger a young man's career for s disgusting short-term payday.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Este, well, if his father has a hand in it many dots connect. Still, the last person who needs to be punished is Bryce. They need to punish his father and Butler. Either way, the NCAA needs to step in and stop this type of foolishness before it happens again. Because you know it will.

Truth, you and J were definitely on target way before anyone else.


Anyone else miss Patrick Peterson/Johnson............?

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Stein is right about Bryce being the cherry on the top.

As far as Bryce's talent, though, much remains to be seen. He competes in Kansas and showed some speed and good hands at a HS All-Star game. I'm not sure that shows any more than Miller or James competing in FL.

Plus, Cooper, JJ, Berry and Chambers can ball. If he can outplay them, he'll be the real deal and there won't be any questions.

We'll see.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Hurri, lol, you're funny.


While we're at it,

anyone wanna predict next season's recruiting drama/saga/soap opera?

Urban Meyer, UF, & Louis Nix should should make for some great "Must See PC."

Also gotta love the already whirling rumors about LaMarcus Joyner. That kid should be a blast to follow, in 09'.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

"If we give him a Oline that can make some holes... He'll handle the rest. but the problem is that with the stable of backs, we have, falling over each other,... 4 would be sitting on the shelf and we know that won't happen in Randy's design of team first."


Cat 5, if Bryce can leap past JJ, Cooper, Chambers and Berry, and Miller and James, he'll be the essence of Hurricane Football.

Personally, I don't think he will. I haven't seen anything to make me think he can do what Frank Gore and Willis Mcgahee couldn't do. It's not like the incumbents and the frosh are sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Hurri, yeah, the Nix situation should be wild. It might be another Buchanon situation.


Chinese - Coop, James, Berry, and Chambers have done NOTHING to show me that they can "ball." I hope they will prove me wrong this year.

Cat5 Cane

All great points on Brown... and I hope he realizes that you have to walk before you can run to the finish line, as Steeler pointed out with Maurice Clarett... a sad ending to a very talented player.

thanks all...


The Truth

bg Joyner was the kid Miami is high on that is the HUGE FSU fan.

That'll be a kid that IF Miami gets him will be a great pull. But I'm putting it out there now that a DB going to Columbus with an FSU grad as DB coach and FSU having the glorious tradition at DB that they do I don't think it's going to happen.

He can say what he wants to all the recruiting sites but that kid will be a Nole.

Gin & Tonic

Posted by: ChicagoCane | February 10, 2009 at 10:00 AM

You are Correct Bartender!!

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