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February 17, 2009



you get a picture of AJII or Pimp holding up or wearing a Canespace tee shirt, I will donate to you all the 2009 Canespace signage, vinyl stickers and any other various promo props you need.

Posted by: solarcane | February 17, 2009 at 10:41 PM

I tried. They can't do it. Don't ask.


aight, since you asked them

I'll give you all that stuff anyway... I'm easy



Solar...top left!

dj moonbat

I was at the 2001 Rose Bowl, and the way AJ abused that Nebraska corner was so unfair, it was almost a disappointment. Even if he HADN'T thrown the guy down with one hand, he still had the guy beat. The manhandling was just a gratuitous show that he pwned that guy. Like he was playing against some kid in a peewee league. The second touchdown, the cover guy at least stayed on his feet.


Solar...top left!




Ray Ray is #72 on that list??? WOW, Unbelievable!

Lamarcus Joyner at STA, you better believe Cris Carter will be trying to get him to go to the Suckeyes.


dj...I'll never forget that play. It set the tone for the entitre game. Men against boys!


86......Great Article. AJ was always one of my favs. Plus I had him this year in my fantasy league (which I won). Thanks for thr hard work.....



JJ talks about the new offense

February 17, 2009

Tailback Javarris James says his injury-riddled 2008 season "was my downfall year."

He's hoping to rise back up this year as a senior.

"It hasn't hit me yet (that I'm a senior)," James said. "I never thought this moment would come. Now that it's here I feel like I'm going to take full advantage of it."

Helping James take advantage of it is a new offense under first-year coordinator Mark Whipple.

Players are studying the new playbook every day. So what is James' take on how the new offense affects the running backs?

"It's great for us," James said. "It gives us the opportunity to get in the open field, get the ball one-on-one, line us up against linebackers. The whole offense - it's a tough offense to learn, but once we get it down pat all of us have a lot of confidence in coach Whipple."

Asked what is hard to learn about Whipple's offense, James said, "It's a pro-style offense. You have different terminology, have to learn a lot more, study the play book a whole lot more. It's not too bad, though. Once you get the feel of it you'll be fine."

Asked how hard it is for the quarterbacks in particular to learn the offense, James said, "Oh, the quarterbacks, I don't really see how they do it. They have to be some smart individuals."

What does Whipple's offense ask of the running backs?

"The things you see guys in the NFL doing - pass blocking, catching the ball out of the backfield," James said. "You have to be the quarterback's eyes as far as protections. You have random protections, have to look at the safeties.

"The offense is going to be fun for us. It's a lot different from what I've been used to since I've been here. I really expect big things from the offense."

James tried to sum up the new offense by saying it's both more conservative and more aggressive than past UM offenses.

* James says the team's first meeting with Whipple wasn't exactly a rah-rah event.

"He's a straight-on guy," James said. "He gave it to us raw. He kind of put us in our place. He said a couple of words in the meeting, kind of caught us by surprise. It was like tough love.

"That was a lot different from what we were used to. We know this guy came here to win. That's what he's been used to."

* James commented on running back signees Mike James and Lamar Miller.

Of James, he said, "He's a strong kid, a fast kid. He's a nice kid, a guy who is going to work hard. You're not going to hear about him getting in trouble. He's like an old country boy. I expect him to do a lot of things this year."

Of Miller, James said, "From the recruiting process me and Graig (Cooper) had a chance to talk to him. I've seen film on him. He's an explosive kid. Every running back here that comes in and does what they've got to do, they're going to have a chance to play."

James added, "Their job is to take my job away, and my job is to not let them take my job. That's all a part of being here at the University of Miami. If you're scared to compete, this is not the school you want to come to."

* Of how he is physically right now, James said, "I'm feeling good. I told myself maybe I need to work out harder. I don't know how that's possible with coach (Andreu) Swasey, but maybe I need to do the little things. It's my last go round. I'm going to hopefully have a healthy season."

* Asked where Lee Chambers fits in, James said, "I was proud seeing him doing well (in the bowl game). He worked hard the whole year. Like I told him, once you get that opportunity you have to take advantage of it. That's what he did."

* James said when he arrived at UM he expected to be in school three years before going to the NFL. His plans changed after two injury-plagued seasons. He petitioned the NFL advisory committee last year but opted to return to school. He says where the committee placed him in the draft "was a lot better than what I expected. It was tempting. But I didn't have a healthy season, didn't really accomplish anything here and felt it was best for me and my teammates if I came back."

James declined to say in which round he was projected to be drafted.

* James said departed quarterback Robert Marve "is my boy. Wherever he goes, I hope he dominates unless they play us."

* Of Jacory Harris, James says that "He's our quarterback. You see him out there, he's taking more leadership, knows everybody's looking at him. He's a kid that doesn't care about pressure. He's a different type of kid. I feel he'll do a lot for us."

James says Harris is taking on more of a vocal role this season.

"He gets up in your ear, tells you what you're doing wrong, let's you know `I'm going to need you this year,'" James said. "When guys start goofing around he takes charge. That's the best thing I see."

Cane Since 1982

Another New Manny Article:

Basketball article. info on Collins condition.



That's pretty funny........

One Floridian calling another a country boy. I follow J though.


1982...thanks for keeping us up to date with the "New Manny" links. Nice job!


Work sucks........


''Coach Shannon expressed the need to talk to Bryce,'' Arthur Sr. said. ``He had some concerns. He did not appear to be upset. I told him I'd tell Bryce to call him."

It seems as if Shannon set everything straight with Bryce during the talk. He pulled the plug on the circus, if you will. Especially considering he is visiting us last now. I really think he is a Cane. We'll see I guess.


GREAT article 86 & GREAT job! Appreciate 100% ALL your input & efforts for this GREAT BLOG of yours! :) THANKS!


Hey 86 - I forgot to mention - U look like you can play "back end"! :) GREAT JOB on this article, again! Maybe, AJ, can "hook-you-up" w/Houston! LOL


Hey 86 - I'm recommending your blog site to others... this blog rocks!

Cat5 Cane

JLF... great read
* James says the team's first meeting with Whipple wasn't exactly a rah-rah event.

"He's a straight-on guy," James said. "He gave it to us raw. He kind of put us in our place. He said a couple of words in the meeting, kind of caught us by surprise. It was like tough love.

"That was a lot different from what we were used to."

Talking about Whip's intro to the team...LOL

Randy... I want to welcome Mr Whipple. Yeah, Clap,clap, Go Whip!!

Thanks guys! You shouldn't have... Cause there's a new sheriff in town and I'm going to change a few thing...LOL

First order... Assignment blocking... Everybody here is assigned a man and if your not getting the ball, you better be knocking your key block on their azz......!!!

Coming from the Pro's and telling it like it is... is going to make these guys better then anyone can imagine.

Come on Whip... Just do it!

Cat5 Cane



Sup Tortuga?

Can't wait for U to meet the future Mrs...

Hope U have a great day!


I have to say I think Canesport posting an article that says "Miami on Verge of Dropping Brown" is just stupid when all they have is "sources" telling them this. That's just dumb. Are these the same sources that said Lovett wasn't a candidate?

Like Arthur Sr. said in the article, Bryce has had a process and he's going to stick through it. Yes, it's weird and somewhat self-centered but whatever. Kid can be a complete beast.

mr troutman

Anyone know what school Marve will be attending. Didn't they say after signing day he'll know.


I just don't get it. About the offense.

JJ says this:

"It's great for us ("us" being running backs). It gives us the opportunity to get in the open field, get the ball one-on-one, line us up against linebackers. The whole offense - it's a tough offense to learn, but once we get it down all of us have a lot of confidence in coach Whipple. It's really a pro-style offense. You have different terminology to learn. But it's not too bad. Once you get a feel you'll be fine. The offense is going to be fun for us. It's a lot of different from what I've been used to since I've been here. I really expect big things from the offense."

Bryce "I'm nothing but drama" Brown says:

"We basically talked X's and O's, that was it. I honestly really didn't get a great, great feel for it. Inside something was telling me that, you know, it's not really, like, his philosophy, how he does things, is not really what I like. But he did say he saw my talent."

And of course Brown finishes it off, "But he did say he saw my talent." I sure hope this "rescinding his offer" is really true. This kid needs to get over himself, and I don't want his attitude on this team.

Hey Bryce,




" If you're scared to compete, this is not the school you want to come to."

way to lay it between the lines Mr. James



How can I get a CANESPACE T-Shirt???

Let's say we do get bryce brown, who wins this match up in the open field...Sean Spence vs. BB??


I bet the first couple practices will be like a Chinese fire drill.

Offensive players confused about what they are supposed to be doing.
Defensive players in the wrong positions.
Guys shuffling in and out to see who the new coaches are confident in.

There will definitely be headlines from practice about how this guy or that guy broke some big runs or caught some bombs.



How can I get a CANESPACE T-Shirt???

Be first post on a new blog

Write some interesting blog articles.

Bring something astounding, or a scoop to the blog no one in the media has reported

send 86Cane some bucks



my sisters' best friends' boyfriend said that marve is in his english class at u. of south florida in tampa.

he told him that he was still working on appealing to go to a sec school, but if it doesnt work he will stay in tampa

if he gets the appeal he would go to either LSU,UF, or Tenn. and orson charles would go with him,but orson doesnt want to stay in tampa

Sarasota 'cane



why can't people get past the fact BB is a 17 yo kid making the biggest decision of his life? 17 yo! Can he be easily influenced? you bet, that's what recruiting is all about.


"I've made my bed and now I have to sit in it". A-Rod


It ain't just me:

Miami's Shannon on verge of best recruiting move yet

February 18, 2009 10:05 AM

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Enough already.

The fact that Miami is even considering the possibility of rescinding their scholarship offer to running back Bryce Brown is the most positive news that's come out of this drawn-out, look-at-me, read-my-website, talk-to-my-middle-man recruiting process.

The fact that Brian Butler's name has been in the news as often if not more than Brown's is nauseating, and it represents everything that's wrong with recruiting today.

Miami coach Randy Shannon would be doing himself and the program a huge favor by letting Brown go.

Coach Brian Byers of Wichita East High School, who has coached football for 30 years, told the New York Times that Butler's philosophy is "all about me, me, me."

"That's not what football is about," Byers said. "We're a proven fact. We had supposedly the best football player in the country in high school, and we went 6-3. We didn't have a team because of that."

Neither will Miami if Brown comes to Coral Gables.


hey 86.... hope to read your post this PM -later & out for now...

Cat5 Cane

I must be on Manny's Do not accept list!... Tried to jump on some non believers with this post... and was rejected!!!

You Guy's must be wolves in UM gear!

"Anyone here that is dissing Arthur needs to check himself and stop flaming the fire. Arthur is a Cane...
What is wrong with you people and until you hear something negative from his mouth, then stop with the insults.

Most everyone is looking for instant gratification, in today's world and 100 percent of the time, it takes exposure, experience and time to learn a position before being a starter college. Most of the time, players don't become starters until they're in their junior year and if Arthur wasn't good enough, he wouldn't be in the rotation at all as a freshman... So get off his back... Mr.I want it now, Fan, who probably has never played a down in College... Otherwise you would have more respect for the player.

Some A-hole writes a blog on another site and everyone reacts, as it must be true...

Canes law... give yourself 24 hours before reacting to the sky's falling and anyone who doesn't want to see James and Bryce in the same backfield and Arthur, as a MLB'er in 2009, 10 and 11 is CRAZY... Starters or not, they will improve our chances of a NC Title on every play they're in the game.

Then I tried...
Manny,... great Blog! and still was rejected by saying... Sorry, we can not accept you content.

Ohhh Well.... Go Canes


Hey Cat...

Check it out


"Well, we did know that we weren't taking tic-tacs." A-Roid


KL - is that you and your daughter - she is so cute! LOL I had a picture of mine very similar last year with the pompoms on her head - too funny.

86 - was there a blog article where the BUC pics were ever posted?


scUM-can you believe that press conference? My goodness he is the king a whiners!!! My divorce (because I could not keep my hand out of the cookie jar), my youth, my ignorance.....really A-Rod shut up and if I was his attorney I would advise him to just shut his trap!!!!!




Where is The Truth and J when you need them. Did anyone flash the Canespace light for them (like in Batman)?

So Legion, what happens with Brown? I think he either will commit today or that offer is buh-bye! LOL

And no matter how good he is, I think the program will get massive kudos for cutting him loose. These kids can't hold these schools hostage like this!

I just feel sorry for Arthur in all of this. Because his bro will be vilified and he has to hear it.

Got an 11 o'clock meeting. See you guys later.


I am sorry, I blame the parents for this whole mess, get control of your son! Didn't cookie's Mom set him straight last year? I am available is BB's Mom cannot step up! I promise you guys I would set him straight!


Take him in the bathroom Canechic!!!


Oh, I CAN believe that press conference. I mean, what celeb or athlete hasn't used the ole "They were my cousin's drugs" when they were caught? I'm not much of a MLB fan but I'd have to say that the steroid era has ruin the game. The record books are so tainted now there is no telling who was cheating when they obtained that record. Roids plus overpaid athletes is why, IMO, baseball has been passed over by football as America's pastime.


pinch his azz canechic!!



Baseball should have an electronic device under home plate that engages when steroids get within 12 inches of it.

It would then send an painful electric current through the batters body the entire time he is in the batters box,negating any edge the roids are producing.

A bonus situation would be having the pitcher throw a magnetic ball at the offenders head while the current is active



By the by, CC........

Solar and I are down for "personal disciplinary ventures," if you've got a free hand, or two.........


amen brother!!


out for awhile



CC woke up on the wrong side of the bed this am!!!

Angry take cover my man!


JK sista. I totally agree with you.

I saw that article you put up in the last blog about the freshman sports being cut. Hopefully they can avoid that. What the hell are the freshman supposed to do with themselves???



http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/04/sports/ncaafootball/04recruit.html?_r=2&ref=sports .. pretty interesting stuff on Brian Butler

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