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March 22, 2009


The Truth


The Truth

Wait...in honor of the king:



Truth...now I gotchU! U have to give me your name and mailing address so I can send U a FREE Canespace t-shirt.

Don't tell me, I know:

UM Athletic Department
Hecht Athletic Center
5821 San Amaro Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Can't wait to see Randy's face when U show up in your Canespace shirt on "casual Friday"...


Truth way to hit it my friend.

I was busy hacking out a piece for soup stain.
soup check your email when you get a sec.



Jim Morris At Miami (FL) Totals 713 W 260 L

The Truth

LOL Soup...


Truth...me too! ;-)


Fuel for the fire

Sports Illustrated Archive

Art Kehoe's Block Party

Miami's assistant head coach has gone from digging ditches to King of the Trenches and has given the Hurricanes the best offensive line in the country.

You are in their world now, so relax. Belch. Scratch yourself. Neglect your hygiene. When practice is over, throw on the clothes you wore yesterday and the day before. You are among like-minded people. You are in Lakeland, Fla., at the Down and Dirty Camp, a sweltering, collision-intensive three-day immersion in line play for ninth-through 12-graders. The D&D is seven two-hour practices crammed with instruction and head knocking. The participants are proud to be known as mules. (Only those who finish the camp are allowed to purchase a T-shirt bearing the legend AIN'T IT GREAT TO BE A MULE?) It is not for everyone. A few years ago a 6'5", 320-pounder went missing on Day 2. "We found him hiding in the closet in his dorm room," recalls cofounder Kelly Scott. "It's too hard," blubbered the lad. He did not get a T-shirt.

Of the 41 coaches working the second of three D&D camps in July, 21 were from colleges. As they teach, so they are enlightened, making mental notes on who can move, who can take coaching. "When we get into the fiercely competitive drills," says Art Kehoe, "that's when you find out who really doesn't like to hit that much, and who's gonna bring it."

Kehoe, who has coached at Miami since 1982, has been working the Down and Dirty for seven years. His Klaxon voice—"Get a wide base, like a sumo!"; "Throw your hands out like you're trying to rip through somebody's chest!"; "I'm gonna be a pain in your ass till you do it right!"—is a familiar noise here. "Coach Kehoe doesn't get on my nerves," says Joel Rodriguez, a backup center for the Hurricanes. "But the sound of his voice does."

Rodriguez is one of three players Kehoe has harvested from this camp. (Starting right guard Chris Myers, a third-year sophomore from Palmetto, Fla., is another.) That's fewer than one every two years. Why does Kehoe do it? The money these coaches make at the camps is barely enough to cover the beer they drink at the El Kau Kau, a homey hole-in-the-wall not far from camp. "I'm here because I like linemen," says Kehoe. Also, it beats digging ditches.

He was a small fish in a small pond, a 175-pound guard at Archbishop Kennedy in Conshohocken, Pa. Yet Kehoe seemed ungrateful when his coach delivered the news: "I talked to the coach at Stevens Trade School," said Chris Bockrath, "and we can get you in." Kehoe's father was a plumbing contractor; Bockrath figured his son wanted to be one too. At Stevens Trade, in Lancaster, Pa., young Art could get a two-year degree in plumbing and play some ball, boning up on faucets while testing himself against such opponents as Lackawanna Junior College and archrival Williamson Trade School.

There was a small problem: "I didn't want to be a plumbing contractor," says Kehoe. "I'd been digging ditches every summer—long enough to know I didn't want to do it for the rest of my life."

Instead he found a career in a different sort of ditch. After embarking on a U-joint of a journey—from Conshohocken to Laney Junior College in Oakland to Miami—Kehoe played two seasons for the Hurricanes. Since arriving in Coral Gables in 1979, he has been a fixture around the football offices, evolving from player to one of the finest offensive line coaches in the country. Last March, following the Hurricanes' national championship season, in which Kehoe's line yielded all of four sacks in 12 games, Miami head man Larry Coker added assistant head coach to Kehoe's title.

Kehoe combines a dynamic and, well, earthy teaching style with a sharp eye for talent and a willingness to go out and find that talent, even if it means packing his passport. He commands the respect of his players even as he allows them to take their best shots at him, as starting center Brett Romberg did at the team banquet last February. "This is for Coach Kehoe," said Romberg, standing on the dais holding a framed photograph of the O-line, "even though I can't really see him right now because of the glare of the spotlight on his bald spot."

Arthur Francis Kehoe, as incorrigible wiseass Romberg is wont to address him, had a full head of hair when he signed with Miami. His arrival coincided with a modest renaissance in Hurricanes football. (By then Kehoe was up to 235 pounds.) He started two years at guard, protecting future Buffalo Bill Jim Kelly. As a senior Kehoe was a co-captain, roomed with future New York Giant Jim Burt and played on the first Miami squad to go to a bowl game in more than two decades.

Kehoe played a more important role in the Hurricanes' most recent renaissance. Miami's rout of Nebraska in the Rose Bowl last January gave the school its fifth national title since 1983 but its first in 10 years. It marked a rebound from NCAA sanctions that stripped them of 31 scholarships from 1995 through '97 and forced Miami's coaches to be more resourceful than ever. Throughout those lean years, no one did more with less than Kehoe. "The state of Florida has traditionally had great skill players and great defensive players," says former Hurricanes coach Butch Davis, now at the helm of the Cleveland Browns. "But," he adds, referring to Florida, Florida State and Miami, "there haven't been enough talented offensive linemen for all three major programs."

In 1995 the Hurricanes traveled to Syracuse, the Big East title on the line. "We suited up five offensive linemen," recalls Davis. "If someone got hurt, our plan was to put the backup tight end in and tell him to hold someone on every play." Miami won, but Davis and Kehoe realized something had to change. "We were never going to win a national championship the way things were going," says Davis. "I encouraged Art to push and grow—to get outside the box."

Kehoe didn't stop there. He got out of the country, with frequent trips to Canada. Offensive guard Rich Mercier, a Toronto native who's now with the Browns, committed to the Hurricanes in 1995, and a transcontinental pipeline was christened. Since then Kehoe has plucked four more mules from the Great White North. He found Romberg at a tryout in Windsor, Ont. "It was a gloomy day, and there was this stumpy guy with a tan," recalls Romberg. "Every time he walked by me, he'd whisper, ' Miami.' " Kehoe had been immediately smitten with Romberg's intensity and footwork. A scholarship was dangled soon thereafter.

Last season Romberg centered what was arguably the finest line in the nation. Both tackles were drafted: Outland Trophy winner Bryant McKinnie by the Minnesota Vikings with the seventh pick and former walk-on Joaquin Gonzalez in the seventh round by the Browns. The Atlanta Falcons took right guard Martin Bibla in the fourth. "They had outstanding players," says Nebraska defensive coordinator Craig Bohl, "but the unit as a whole was even better. Being a great pass blocker—standing straight up, sticking your hands out, retreating—isn't conducive to knocking the crap out of people in the running game. But those guys could do both."

"A lot of the kids Art's gotten haven't necessarily been the kids everyone else is after," says Hurricanes offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski. Plenty of schools had passed on McKinnie by the time Kehoe dropped by Lackawanna Junior College in Scranton, Pa., and popped his highlight tape into a VCR. Kehoe's trembling response to seeing that video: "Bring this freak to me." The freak will now be playing on Sundays, leaving Romberg as the unquestioned leader of this year's unit. In late July, Romberg's hair was shoulder-length. "I'm a senior," he explained. "It's rock-star time." Don't let his flippancy fool you. "Brett is so smart and such a leader," says Kehoe, "he's a coach in the making."

In that case Romberg will be instructing fellow Canadians Sherko Haji-Rasouli and Joe McGrath. McGrath, who came out of spring ball as the starting left guard, is a 6'5", 292-pound junior afflicted with what Romberg calls "24-hour bedhead. He's not doing anything to dispel stereotypes about offensive linemen." McGrath hails from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Haji-Rasouli, the highly intelligent—and hirsute—fifth-year left guard, is of Iranian descent but grew up in Toronto. Though he's assured of ample playing time this fall, Haji-Rasouli missed spring drills while recovering from right knee surgery. Kehoe, naturally, was a font of understanding. "Sherks, pull up your shirt," he would command Haji-Rasouli in meetings. The fifth-year senior weighed 325; his coach wanted him at 305. "That's O.K.," Kehoe would say while taking in the sight of Haji-Rasouli's gut, "because McGrath's having a hell of a spring."

Tact, diplomacy, compassion—these qualities have no place in the meeting room of Miami's mules. "Sometimes if I'm bored," says Chudzinski, "I'll go sit in there." Says Rodriguez, the backup center, "If your mother's fat, if your dad drinks too much, if your girlfriend's cheating on you—it's all coming out in the meeting." In the emotionally stunted universe of football, this is how large men express affection for one another. Here, and in practice, is where they forge the bonds that make them accountable to each other; the bonds Kehoe spoke of at the Down and Dirty camp after the first day of practices.

"The games are cool," he told the mules gathered in the camp's chapel. "But the bonds you make in football are the best bonds in the world."

So the Guys at the Down and Dirty were not so much ragging on Joe Toth as they were bonding with him by nicknaming him Tooth, a sobriquet that packed a tiny sting. Toth, a 6'4", 280-pound senior at Port Charlotte ( Fla.) High, was one of the brightest stars in the camp. One of the first things you notice about him, aside from the fact that he's built like The Rock, is that he is not exactly a candidate to appear in an Ultrabrite ad. Surely if he were to end up at Miami, none of Toth's teammates would be so insensitive as to mention his smile. Yeah, right. Just like none of them would be so unkind as to touch on Kehoe's lack of hair. This is a tough crowd. Say this much for the Hurricanes' linemen: They're all equals in a democracy of abuse. No one is spared. Listen to Kehoe, walking among his Miami players during a prepractice stretch:

" Romberg, if I didn't bring you here, you're playing at the University of Windsor, and no one cares about you.

"Sherko, without me, you're playing on the Canadian national rugby team. After games, they're over by the keg, shaving your back.

"McGrath, right now your parents are in the attic of your house in Moose Jaw, looking out the window at a 30-foot snowdrift. If you were still there, you'd probably be married to an eight-point buck. But I brought you to Miami, Florida. You owe me everything!"

"Truth be told," says Kehoe, when he is sure they can't hear him, "it's the other way around."


Abort Retry Ignore


digging for the good stuff

Lamar Thomas at the 2001 Craig James Broadcast School

Rookies Again
At the Craig James Broadcast School, players tackle the basics of a whole new ball game

A headset on his bald head and a sheepish grin on his face, Broncos defensive back Terrell Buckley is proving too reserved for Spencer Tillman's Game Broadcast class. "T-Buck, when you're on the field, you don't lack confidence," says Fox Sports Net's Tillman, an instructor at the Craig James Broadcast School for pro athletes, the 14th edition of which was held recently in Dallas. "You have to transfer that in here." So prodded, Buckley watches a tape of Ravens cornerback Duane Starks's interception return for a touchdown in Super Bowl XXXV and then crisply breaks the play down, showing that it was triggered by Starks's tapping his right leg—a signal for the safety to cover deep while Starks broke for the ball.

Buckley was one of the nine matriculants (all current or former football players) at the $4,000 two-day course that gives instruction in game announcing, studio work, field reporting and writing. The session's star pupil proved to be Dolphins wideout Lamar Thomas, who showed a flamboyant style and a natural ease on camera. After his playing career, Thomas says, "I want to do sideline."

CBS NFL analyst James, a former Patriots running back, established the school in 1993. Among his instructors are Tillman and ESPN's Chris Fowler. Fifteen James graduates hold national broadcasting jobs, including ESPN's Merril Hoge and CBS's Charles Mann. "These guys have experience that Al Michaels and Dick Enberg will never have," says James of his charges. "It's our job to get that across."



"We found him hiding in the closet in his dorm room," recalls cofounder Kelly Scott. "It's too hard," blubbered the lad. He did not get a T-shirt."

That should be a Canespace solgan: "He didn't get a T-shirt."

As in: "Gatorbait tried to start a fight on the blog again by claiming that Urban Meyer is God. He didn't get a T-shirt."

Or maybe: "LSU guy claims that Patrick Johnson, uh Peterson, is the second coming of Dieon Sanders. He didn't get a T-shirt!"

Or this: "Corrine Brown is an elected offical but she can barely speak English. She didn't get a T-shirt."


If you come on Canespace with a know it all, I don't need anyone else's opinion.....

you didn't get a T-shirt

If you read Canespace for two years, requesting the latest Rivals, ITU, Scout article and never contributed anything....

you didn't get a T-shirt


The Truth

No no...I live in Kendall - or whatever you want to call my neighborhood.

Sometimes I've been know to frequent homestead as well, but only when my Kendall neighbors party too much.

And as I've said in the past : wearing a Canespace T would be overkill. I'm
Constantly bringing this place up and direct as much traffic here as I can.

This is my home when I'm away from where I'm livin at any given point.


Solar...I can see U got the hang of this!

The Truth

What if you come on half hammered in scotch talkin about Tera Patrick, D cups and hot lesbo action?

Do you get a tshirt?

The Truth

ON not in...jeez and my last drink was 2 hours ago...


Alcohol fueled flights of fantasy into the dark-side will garner not only snappy athletic gear, but the respect and admiration of the entire blog community



Patchan The Elder? He's got drawer full of Canespace T-shirts.

Patchan The Younger? He signed with the Gators. He didn't get a T-shirt.



#1 UNC lost to Duke
#3 GT lost to VTech

Good news for Canes



School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Georgia Tech 6-1 .857 16-2 .889
Miami 7-2 .778 18-4 .818
Virginia 5-2 .714 19-2 .905
North Carolina 5-3 .625 17-4 .810
Duke 5-4 .556 14-6 .700
Virginia Tech 2-6 .250 13-8 .619



Ryan Braun just whiffed with runners on 1st and 2nd, against Japan.

Come on kid .. need to take advantage when you can.


Davey Johnson is a jackhole ... he should've brought up Grady Sizemore as a reserve to play OF instead of having Adam Dunn out there - also, so he could have more than just one player on the bench. Evan Longoria was just brought in b/c of David Wright's injury - why the hell not bring in Grady Sizemore as well.

They brought Brian Roberts in from being a reserve, to being on the team - and he's been tearing it up.

What .. the .. hell.


Luc is feeling The U...

Canes fans have definitely done a good job of making him feel at home and he’s enjoyed checking the ‘Canes out in person.

Luc attended the ‘Canes scrimmage at Traz Powell last week and said that ‘Canes fans knew who he was and were very receptive to him.

“I went to one of Miami’s practices and one of their scrimmages and I loved it. I’d love to go back,” Luc said. “The fans did says a few comments, this is home, come back home. The U is for you. I liked it.”

The Truth

That's your guy bg...

You called him from day 1. I hope Miami lands him.

The Truth

And Fantasy to answer the question of who I am...

I got one hint:

"Stay thirsty my friends"

LOL - oh I kill myself!! LOL

Although Dos Equis is a good beer. Ms. Truth prefers Tres Equis. She says it has a better finish.

Ha ha ha ha!!! LOL

I'm killin it here!!


Luc will be a big time player. I hope he stays home too.

The Truth

The Most Interesting Man on the Planet???

What Bozo thought up that ad campain? I'd have to wonder if it actually increased their sales. The idea is supposed to be XX will make you more interesting and that all kinds of women will line up to do it to you.

But the reality is you watch that and end up thinking "who the f@ck can do all that AND still have time to refill his Viagra prescription cuz you know his old a*s isn't keeping any of those hotties satisfied"

Am I wrong here? Has anyone run out and tried Dos Equis as a result of watching that far tell you to "stay thirsty?"


soup thanks,
I sent you the notes.



Truth - you remember that game as a kid where you'd sit in a circle, say something in the ear of the person next to you and then they'd do the same thing until it came all the way back around to you again?

Fast forward to about 2:00 minutes into this clip if you want to get to the good part of that game ..



3 minutes into the clip is when it gets .. umm .. interesting.

The Truth

Now, as a Mexican beer if they hired Salma and her girls to talk to the good people about the bold refreshing taste of her boobs I'd buy the beer in a heart beat!

Did I just write bold refreshing taste of her boobs? Whoops..I meant BEER!!



you kill me too my man!

I wish I still lived in South Florida.

I have the distinct feeling, somewhere at some Cane related function, you and I would cross paths and without saying a word or raising an eyebrow we would know who each other was and go about our business thinking to ourselves, that guys OK


The Truth

Damn Six..I'm on the iPhone and some of the YouTube stuff isn't supported by the phone.

I can't watch it. I'll check it out in the AM.

What is it?

The Truth

LOL I am 100% sure you are correct Solar..no words needed.

The Truth

Ok gents..have a good one. Six I'll check out the vid as soon as I can mañana.

I gotta get some zzzzzzzzzzz's. Big day tomorrow!!


Truth - I'll give u a quick hint

It's the video to an electronica song that chicks dance to

It show the game where you sit in a circle and whisper in the next persons ear

The people playing the game are all girls

They start whispering in each others ears

They start doing other things as the game/video progresses

It's not hardcore, I wouldn't post something like that on here .. but .. it's fun to watch

The Truth

Damn six...you're gonna make me walk to the other end of the house aren't you?

LOL thanks. I'll check it out. Sounds hot.

'night all.


Ok gents..have a good one. Six I'll check out the vid as soon as I can mañana.

I gotta get some zzzzzzzzzzz's. Big day tomorrow!!

Posted by: The Truth | March 22, 2009 at 10:53 PM

Canes getting good news? Or is it just a big day in the life of my man The Truth???



Funny thing about Luc is he reminds in a sense of Allen Bailey. He'll want to play MLB but he's already 245. I see DE in his future more than likely.


Truth just told us all who is...

"The Most Interesting Man in the World"

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

"Canefan3, Cooper just needs muscle. "

And authentic breakaway speed. And a little less tendency to hesitate before hitting the whole. Then he'll be the greatest.

Posted by: dj moonbat | March 22, 2009 at 07:08 PM

...tendency to hesitate before hitting the hole.

what hole?


Posted by: solarcane | March 22, 2009 at 07:26 PM


There it is!!!

DJ, point taken but with more muscle he'll be strong enough to stay inside or bounce outside.

I really want JJ to add some muscle as well. And hit the hole full speed every time.


Soupster... it was a flip of the coin and You were right!!!
And Fantasy to answer the question of who I am...
I got one hint:
"Stay thirsty my friends"


Gotcha... Oh captain, my Captain of masked identity!!!


Coop has authentic breakaway speed... And a little less tendency to hesitate before hitting the whole. Then he'll be the greatest. Posted by: dj moonbat
tendency to hesitate before hitting the hole.... What hole?

peace...Posted by: solarcane

Laughing,... if there was a hole, he woulda scored! but it all starts with..."Ya gotta have hole"

The Wizard

Did anybody attend the Nike combine on Mimai Beach this weekend ? If so, anything interesting to report ? Are the UM coaches allowed to attend ? Who was impressive ? Who disappointed ? Any interesting tidbits, etc.......? Would love to know.


soup get shirts yet?
wanted to rep it at canesfest!!!
did xavier nixon get a shirt....that fat f-k disrespected The U


Soup... thinking something special for Canes fest...

whatcha think?... couple of coolers, Get some chicken/sandwiches/snacks... everyone pitches in $10 and meet after the fest thang,... I vote your hotel. LOL

Advance Weather forcast for Friday/Saturday... clear, sunny, 70L/80H degree...

Perfect weather!


..."Ya gotta have hole"

Posted by: Cat5Cane | March 23, 2009 at 12:38 AM

Ain't that the truth!!! LOL



Has anyone heard former Cane Dan Sileo on 620AM in Tampa this morning? This jack azz is saying on his show that he hopes Randy Shannon fails this year.

WTF? A former Cane wishing for the program to lose and for a former teammate to fail? He is just a total dumbazz and he should have his Cane card pulled. He always says stupid shat like this and often kisses up to the Gators. Like when he used to say he would not send his own kid to UM to play right now.

People need to call in and tell him what a dumbazz he is.


The idiot also said that "Canes wrapped up spring camp last week..." The guy is a sports radio talk show host and does not even know that his former team has not had its Spring game yet.

What a great fan and supporter of the team. What a total idiot.


and throw in, inviting some legends... like Lamar and Manny. The guys would get a kick out of it!


ST Pete I just do not even listen to him anymore but I will send him an email. I do not like anything he says anymore. I hate wishy/washy people, first he loves Randy and pushes for him and now he wants him to fail. Mr. Italiano only parties with the flavor of the month. Hence the reason his wife left him. Something about cheaters.....can't really trust them!

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