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March 30, 2009



Great Q&A with Leon Searcy. Talks about his days as a 'Cane, Jimmy Johnson and more.



I like Sam Shields dad - he supported the kid and the coach and what a difference. Eugene Marve - take note......


Competitive eating?? What???? Glad I have been too busy to watch that stuff


Sam shields is one of my favorite players... I really hope he has an amazing season.

conch salad

The crazy thing about some competitive eaters is that some of them are absolutely RIPPED. LIke Kobayashi... ridiculous. Apparently he had to take a break from competitive eating cuz he got arthritis of the jaw... hahahaha

Yeah whats the deal with the BB thing? I think it is hilariously awesome if that indeed happened.

conch salad


its definitely disgusting but entertaining at the same time... its one of those "I...Cant...Stop...Watching" things... you want to, but you cant.

Has anyone ever seen Man vs Food? That guy is GROSS


ESPN - Investigators suspect two African immigrants slain at a Long Island condo owned by an NFL player owned by Jonathan Vilma.The New Orleans Saints linebacker and former New York Jets player was not there at the time and not believed to be involved, said New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne. Last line of the story - Vilma played college football at Miami (Fla.). The hate for Miami football goes on.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Brewing, I don't think that will get very far because there's so much craziness going on everywhere.

I think Vilma has some questions to ask and some questions to answer though.


Did anyone see 20 e. reed as a judge last night in the high school slam dunk contest? Head to toe Cane!


Anybody know where I can get one of those Sean Taylor T shirts? I would love one.


MEAST #21 doing it - right in the middle of everyone, haha



Only in bucknut land......


Old Skool

Canesgirl if you look closely at the barstool it looks like there's a wheel at the back so he can do wheelies.


Just so you know...my next life I'm coming back as Anthony Bourdain...

Posted by: The Truth

If anyone has a perfect life it is that guy

what is deal on Orlando telling BB to get out? is that a fact or rumor!


Posted by: CanesgirlNC | March 31, 2009 at 01:38 PM


They sell a motorized cooler too. I want that thing.

Philly that is what eyewitnesses said. Big O told him to GTFO!



Stocks set to have their best month in 6 years led by tech and financial stocks.


Cane Since 1982

"I wanted Sam to play basketball but he wasn't really good at it. He would steal the ball and then miss the easy layup. He was so fast he'd run up on the basket too fast and the ball would bounce off the backboard."

Are you sure Mr. Shields was talking about his son Sam here and not Lance Hurdle because I would swear that he just described Lance Hurdle.


he shouldn't be allowed in the locker room! i know his brother plays for us but Lice Brown plays for Tenn.........he's the enemy now! i wanna know who let him in! somebody shudda stiff-armed his a@@ before he even got thru the door!


Just so you know...my next life I'm coming back as an Ibis and crap all over everyone, on game days, if you don't start think'n as a 12 percenter... ALRIGHT, WHO'S NAME DO I PUT ON THE LIST?... DO YA FEEL LUCKY?

LOL Canes


HEre's my take on the sport/non-sport issue: anything that you can drink beer and improve your ability to do is not a sport. So, billiards, darts, curling (never tried it but it looks like just an excuse to get drunk), ice or regular fishing (provided your not driving the boat), shuffleboard, poker, and competitive eating (yeah, I know they don't really drink during the contests but still) are not sports. Other activities, like weight lifting, are borderline because they can be turned into something like the strongest man contest.


LOF... Excluding QB
What is the criteria?
Offense... Total yards? catches? TD's?
Defense... Tackles?, solo's?, int's, caused fumbles?, got fumbles?, batted down balls?, deflected passes? causing bloody noses or is it breaking limbs?... cause if it is bloody noses, I'm taking Orlando.

and who's the judge?... Soup, if so, check the chads and I want a recount! cause AJ is gonna win!!!

LOL...Gotta go!


What happened wit bryce? Did he really go in the locker room ?


Been reading, watching and listening.

Come to the conclusion we will be much better than last year.

Our o-line will be suspect, but we have a coordinator that comes from an NFL division that required quick reads and the short passing game.

If he helped beat the Giants pass rush with basically two players this year (McNabb and Westbrook), I like our chances against most with 6-7 kids we have who can beat you physically (Byrd, James and Johnson) and with speed (Benjamin, Collier, Coop).

Go Canes.


after watchin the scrimmage about 50 times,lol.......it feels so good to see running back screens out of the backfield instead of bubble screens.....brings back memories of Willis against FSU.


Anybody know where I can get one of those Sean Taylor T shirts? I would love one.

Posted by: elliott | March 31, 2009 at 11:54 AM

Elliot...U must not have been around here very long? Did U just straggle over from the SS? If so welcome to The Space. Post here, post often!

The ST#26 shirts are $15 in person at UM events, $20 via mail. $5 goes to a special ST#26 Hurricane Club fund we have started to make a $500 donation in his name.

Email me at host@canespace.com if U are interested.


Stocks set to have their best month in 6 years led by tech and financial stocks.

Posted by: Canez1 | March 31, 2009 at 02:04 PM

Can I VAULT that?

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Soup, Elliot's been here before. He's just not very frequent.

Canez1, if the dodo-birds in DC had just given the banks loans to get out of the red ink way back in October, a lot of this shyt would not have happened. MOST of that BS that is going down as a "stimulus package" is just the largest political payout, handout, kickback, in history. 80% of that money should have gone to the backs as a LOAN. $500M went to the National Institutes of Health???? GTFOH.

Instead we have this half-scheme from Geithner, that, while better than nothing, makes the situation so much more complicated than it needs to be. If banks had the money they would have found a way to sell those assets themselves, without all this friggin' bureaucracy.

This is a MONEY issue. It is not a POLITICAL issue. That's why JP Morgan, I believe, will pay back their loan by Q2 of this year. Funny how simple that was.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Been reading, watching and listening.

Come to the conclusion we will be much better than last year.

Our o-line will be suspect, but we have a coordinator that comes from an NFL division that required quick reads and the short passing game.

If he helped beat the Giants pass rush with basically two players this year (McNabb and Westbrook), I like our chances against most with 6-7 kids we have who can beat you physically (Byrd, James and Johnson) and with speed (Benjamin, Collier, Coop).

Go Canes.

Posted by: pb(CSROH09) | March 31, 2009 at 03:55 PM


Peebs, that's a very good point. Philly has always been absurdly undermanned, although that kid from Cal helped them, Desean Jackson I believe. But they still found ways to make it to the NFC championship game many years.

Whip now has about 8+ guys who can either house it or do serious damage every time they touch the ball.

Big physical...Byrd, Hankerson, AJ, Streeter, Epps, Gordon, JJ,

Fast...Benjamin, Cooper, KT, Collier, Davon, and probably Lamar Miller.

Some players will be in between or both but still dangerous, like Berry and Chambers. Mike James as well. Maybe even Adderly.

You have to figure he feels like a kid in a candy store. If he doesn't now, he will.

Lovett's not far behind in that feeling.


I was a huge fan of the NFLU collage. So I made one for my desktop. I would like everyone to check it out (link below). A college tribute to "The U"...


I wanted to share it with the rest of "U"!


Before you get too convinced we are going to breeze right along, here's a reality check.

Remember how our running backs ran right through our D at the spring game?

Remember how Dwyer 9 GT) ran through our defense last year?

what you don't don't remember is that he ran through UNC even easier than he did us.

GT is loaded they look great every time I see clips of them from practice.

Make no heady kool aid influenced predictions, Dwyer is better by far than anyone you saw at the spring game.

Lovett will earn his pay against GT

I think we have enough offense to out score them for a change but I think Dwyer has a field day against us.

Jonathan Dwyer Gt

2008 Regular Season Game
DATE OPP RESULT ATT YDS AVG 8/28 Jacksonville State W 41-14 11 112 10.2

9/6 @Boston College W 19-16 18 108 6.0

9/13 @Virginia Tech L 20-17 10 28 2.8

9/20 Mississippi State W 38-7 9 141 15.7

10/4 Duke W 27-0 23 159 6.9

10/11 Gardner-Webb W 10-7 16 27 1.7

10/18 @Clemson W 21-17 21 109 5.2

10/25 Virginia L 24-17 17 70 4.1

11/1 Florida State W 31-28 13 145 11.2

11/8 @North Carolina L 28-7 22 157 7.1

11/20 Miami (FL) W 41-23 10 128 12.8

11/29 @Georgia W 45-42 20 144 7.2 2008



Hawaii that is awesome it is my new background. thanks


I guess we just need to figure out what VTech and Gardner Webb did to slow him down.

Not arguing, he is a very good running back, but if we can't be drunk on the Kool Aid in the spring when can we?


hawaii sweet.
nice stuff!



Garner Webb is a small school.
I'll be in NC this weekend I'm gonna find out what the scoop was in that game.

My son in law (die hard HEEL) confirmed Dwyer was running wild on UNC and the only thing that slowed him down was his own offense getting in his way.


You are correct it's Kool Aid season, let the sweet nectar and lofty predictions began!!!


From The Mandingo:

Q: In your opinion please name in order the top 5 players the canes have? Jacory is probably the most important player

Answered 03/31/09 14:52:44 by Manny Navarro

A: Good question. I'm going to answer this on NFL potential... 1. Laron Byrd; 2. Sean Spence; 3. Allen Bailey; 4. Aldarius Johnson; 5. Vaughn Telemaque


Solar...check email today and snail mail in 2-3 days for "le package".

CGNC...U too.

Este...U too.

Mrs. 86 sent out the goods today.


SuperCooper, Bryce got kicked out of the locker room by Orlando Franklin????

When did this happend???? lol


much appreciated soupster!


emailed you a couple thoughts on the subject you asked about


Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Solar, I don't think we're going to breeze through anything. lol I think we'll have tons of tight, close, hard-fought games but unlike last year we'll have an OC who wants to and knows how to go for the jugular, and one who has some real tools with which to execute the opponent.

On defense, I think we have more ???s than of offense in some ways, especially in the middle with Shaprton and AB and the DTs, and with the CBs.

And yeah, Dwyer and that option ran for a whole lot of yards against UNC but couldn't score.

To me, the team with the blueprint was LSU. LSU did some things strategically and physically that I think we'll be able to duplicate with our DL.

Now if Team LB can hold up their end of the bargain we should be fine.

I watched some highlights of the Garnder-Webb game but I was paying close attention to GW.

I'm going to watch some right now, matta fact. haha


Thanks Canechic and Solarcane! Everyone make sure you check it out. I have to admit, it's pretty cool if I do say so myself...



Great story. Saturday's scrimmage was a great event. I took my (6 yr. old) daughter to the event and she had a ball. She has definitely become a Cane fan without any prodding from me (Yeah right...the kid never had a choice) It was real cool to meet you. I promise I will rock the Canespace tee at the UCF game.


I'm right there with you on Whipple unleashing the woop azz and keeping us from getting behind if the D is having a rough time.

I think Lovett will be fine and has plenty of talent. He has seen the option now and probably has talked with every DC that plays against it.

The only reason I point out GT is, living in Georgia; it's weird seeing Tech getting all the love instead of the beloved and often over rated Dawgs.

I've seen a few clips of Tech running the option at speed in practice and they look very polished compared to last year.

do I think we can beat them?

yea I think Jacory and the O will be
able to score points on anyone.



Dwyer got more than half his yards on one play after the team was down 21-0 in the 4th quarter against UNC.

LaRon Byrds #1 Fan

Bailey should get in the weight room, just kidding



my son in law was at that game, he is FROM UNC he said if Dwyer's own linemen stayed out of his way it would have been a lot worse.

Maybe in the forth quarter he went in the huddle and told them to stay the fk out of his way.

Do you think we will hold Dwyer under a 100 this year?




remember this?




then this one




weren't we looking for TEs? Seems Mario got himself a good one coming into FIU.

Dudley LaPorte, the top JUCO tight end in the nation according to Scout.com, has signed with FIU and will join the Panthers in August for fall practice and suit up for FIU on Sept. 12 against Alabama.

LaPorte, who arrives to FIU as a junior and will have 2 years of eligibility unless the NFL snaps him up after his junior season, played last season at Santa Barbara CC and is the second 4-star recruit to become a Panther this season joining Pooh Bear Mars. At Santa Barbara, LaPorte led all tight ends in the nation with 30 receptions, 500 yards and 4 TDs.

At 6-5, 250 pounds and running a 4.4 40-yard dash, LaPorte should make an immediate impact for the Panthers whether its down the seam, underneath or in run blocking along with 6-4, 265-pound TE Eric Kirchenberg.


and solar, with Dwyer its not about holding him under 100. It's about not letting him get the long TD runs (like he got last year as you showed in the youtube videos). If he gets 100 yards on 20+ carries then that's fine. He gets it after 10 or so carries and you are in trouble.

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