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March 21, 2009





BIG GUY! Nice work buddy.

New Canespace T-shirts arrive on Monday.

I got U down for a CS original and a ST#26.

Email me a shipping address to:

[email protected]


Aren't the reporters allowed at practice? Why no more stories/reports about how things are looking?

Posted by: Esteban | March 21, 2009 at 07:18 PM

Este...They are on Spring Break.


Thanx Soup. Email sent.

Old Skool

New Blog uup


Keep baiting Canechic Soup, when she's had enough and spanks your ass don't call me for help....wait a sec, YES do call me!!!

Posted by: solarcane | March 21, 2009 at 08:16 PM

I'm working it, give me some time! LOL


I'm hacking out a little piece you requested I titled:

"Pimp My Stride"

I think you will enjoy it.
'bout half way through



The UM web site has 2007 info on ALL the RBs.

No 2008.

No 2009.

How sad is that???


Nice article,
I hope Coop shows the young bloods he isn't ready to sit just yet

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

CGNC, nice work darlin'. ;-)


Coop and JJ in 2009!

MJ and Lamar Miller in 2010-12.

Clemente and Gore in 2013-15.

It's all good, especially when CGNC rocks the blob, again, and again, and again...


soup, i'm loving the runningback tandem looks that a definite and possible, but man, drop the dates, it's scaring me, 2013-15, is the earth still suppose to be here until than or what's in it.


New photos ADDED...




Every acc team is out of the dance except Duke and Unc and Texas is tied with duke with a minute plus to go


LOL, 4sho cause we all the way live, becareful when you come down 95!




Solar...so what U are saying is the ACC is weak and the Canes got dominated by ALL of these teams? Hmmmmmmm...


And every SEC team is out as well. But your point is well taken, both the ACC and the SEC had down years. And Duke and NC are both very beatable. At this point I will take Louisville, Memphis, Duke and as a long shot, Syracuse. Of course, I am never right on this, lol.


"Larry Coker leads the applause"




soups on?
Wasup SpaceCadets?
Sittin with my sweety in Lizard Land...


is everyone passed out??????


I miss read the blog a couple of days ago when I sent you that email. I thought you were saying if you have never won a tshirt to email you. I didn't want to trade for a tshirt...sorry for the misunderstanding. I am however going to be able to make any kind of label you can imagine. So if you think of anything let me know. I am glad I won the other day and look forward to getting a Tshirt. Go Canes!! GO CANESPACE!!!

The Truth

Fantasy and Va

You guys obviously think I am just typing my hatred for some poor sap that got shitcanned by an awful leader. That's because I'm sure you think in the perspective that I would write such things without knowing what I was talking about.

I've refered to it several times on this blog and on Okelly's. I've gotten into some pretty personal info about ALL involved during the time pd when Mark, Hargraves, Sol and others where let go. Just because YOU didn't read about it Kehoe and Sol undermining Coker and flat out stopped coaching doesn't mean it didn't happen.

I'm not going back into history once more for those of you that want to put that tub of lard on a pedastal. If you or anyone wants to go digging here or at the sentinel be my guest. It's all there and 100% FACT.

LOTS of UM people read this and notice only you two guys have come to his defense. He's a loser. A loud mouth loser that gave up on HIS beloved team. His beloved "U" and it got him fired.

I'll end this by using Shannon as a comparison:

He's just as much a fixture at Miami as Kehoe being a player, grad assist, assist coach and now HC. He was there at the time of Kehoes firing correct?

Why do think he wasn't let go?

And FYI: coaches don't soley recruit their position. Kehoe didn't only recruit OL and Youngblood was NOT his recruit. Beside that, WTF has RY done in his time here to warrant using him as proof of anyones "success"

Anyway, think what you like gents. I promise you that glorifying Kehoe as some diehard true U guy is misguided at best.

You want to feel bad for someone, feel bad for Greg Mark although you can't blame Larry for having to let him go either.


Ocala...It's all good. We are here to support U! Go Canes!!!

The Truth

I need to put in a note that my memory isn't perfect and I'm not 100% sure about Kehoe and Youngblood. Either way, RY is a poor example as to how successful any recruiter has been.

The Truth

Hey bg,

You are on ITU and Rivals, no?

See if you can get some of the "insiders" over there to rehash some old dirt on Miamis beloved former OL coach.

See if anyone can refute anything I've written.

Notice I've been equally as harsh on Sol in the past but at this pint not so much...why? Cuz Sol knows how to man up and admit to things that were wrong.

Kehote, not so much.

'Night all



You were asked a specific question, what specifically did Kehoe do, WHILE he was OL coach and Assistant Head Coach, to undermine the performance of the University of Miami football team. You were also asked, specifically, what he did, in the run up before the game against LSU, to undermine the team. I don't care if you got a previous pass in saying crap, tell me specifically what you know. Or, in fairness to him, say you don't know, but they played like crap.

Those are two very different things. I am every bit the attorney you are, and I don't like your insinuations without specifics. So lay it out or drop it please. Don't slander someone.


And let me just add this Truth, yep, it was all 4 guys and not the head coach. Yep, we believe that. And the head coach was canned two years later. But yep, all those 4 guys were culpable cause you forced them out. Good job. And as much as I like Randy, he didn't deserve any criticism for giving up over 200 yards in the bowl game. I won't accept that you forced good men out because you thought you were doing right to keep Coker on board.


It is so easy on blogs to insinuate, to say anything but facts, to damage a man's character, but never offer specifics. I met Kehoe once, a long time ago, 20 years or so, to be accurate, and this wasn't a guy who undermined the head coach or wanted his team to lose a bowl game. The idea that a big booster to Miami could come on here and suggest otherwise is not true. So I really need to know FACTS. Or really, admit that in his final year, Kehoe had his first child, and may have been preoccupied with being a first time Daddy, and did not handle it well. I would agree with that. But undermining the University of Miami? You have to be kidding me.


And as I said on the previous post, Kehoe recruited 9 guys in the top 100 before he left (2003 - 2005), and Miami recruited only 3 in the 2 years after he left. And exactly what issue did this team have in 2007 and 2008? Lack of talent of OL? But yeah, Kehoe couldn't recuit?


Truth summed it up well, while Kehoe was once a nice story he over-stayed his welcome and then some..

The fact he worked with a bunch of future NFL coaches and none of them took him with, says enough.


You are a typical booster Truth. you pay your money, and you get privileges. As a blog, we appreciate them. But to say you know it all because you have unusual access is just not true. You neither understand Miami's past, nor do you have any understanding of Miami's future just because you have some dough. Believe me, I used to have someone who had the closeness you enjoy based upon the money. It was great, we predicted great years every year. But your money isn't truth, no matter how you capilalize the T.

Ok I am done.


That is all I was asking for as well. THE TRUTH!!! I dont see what is so bad about the guy. No matter what inside information truth has I do not think it is necessary to bash a man that had dedicated 27 years to the program we all love. In fact I believe that he should be rewarded like he is being with an award ceremony. CONGRATS KOHOE and thanks for all your years of service.


Reggie Youngblood?


Damn Harsh words

Ok on a friendly note How bout those WR's this year? Also guys let's be real in college football more then scheme's or any type of coaching Talent Win's games, I mean you can talk about the Great Coaches and great schools but lets be real what is the main reason they even go to coach at those schools TALENT, because they know great Talent makes it easy to coach. I mean guys we can all name how many games where we are watching the Boob Tube and screaming at the tv over bad Game plans and play calls and then Bamn Winslow makes in incredible one handed catch and we go on to win the game. I mean it is Talent more then anything that seperates This "U". We have have some good coaches but lets be real Talent is what brought them here and Talent is what made them Shine.


thanks for the article, CG. Now I'll let you guys get back to arguing about Kehoe. :)


Anyone know what kind of car Ryan Hill drives. I hope it's not an orange Dodge Magnum.


That was a low blow, even for you!!! "Looked like Cat5 before his first beer". I resent that (Hickup) remark! Will somebody help me find my bullets, I can never find them, when I need them... I want to shoot me some (hickup) Soupster! Look for 357's or was that B52 or 747's... Ohhh helll, just find the damn things! and I'll either shoot-it or swallow it.

The Canes way!!!


"I love the smell of Napalm in the morning... it smells like Victory!"

Yes, there's blood in the air, can you smell it?

Game three... 12 noon
Florida Sports Buzz:
UM football is spurned by UF; UM rejects FIU

The last game, won by UF 26-3, will not be played again until 2013 when the teams will renew their rivalry at Dolphins Stadium.

Future games...
[email protected]

The Gators rejected another UM pitch for more frequent football games. Meanwhile, UM said it is dropping the FIU men's basketball series and has decided not to play FIU in any revenue sport anytime soon -- a result of the 2006 football brawl.

UM proposed playing UF in football twice every four years so every player can experience one home game against the Gators. ''Currently, there are no plans to play Miami past the 2013 game,'' UF athletic director Jeremy Foley wrote in an e-mail. ''This may change, but if it did, it would not be on a schedule of twice every four years.'' Foley denied broadcast speculation that UF wants to escape the 2013 game at Dolphin Stadium. (UM played at UF in 2008.)

On the FIU decision, UM's Kirby Hocutt said, ''There's history there,'' referring to the 2006 brawl in UM's 35-0 victory. (Miami won 23-9, without incident, in 2007.) ''This particular time, it's not in Miami's best interests'' to play FIU, said Hocutt, who will allow FIU matchups in nonrevenue sports. ''Will it change in five years? Ten years? I don't want to speculate.'' FIU AD Pete Garcia declined to comment.

The teams played in men's basketball this season, and four of the past five. The baseball series ended after 2008, doomed largely by friction between UM's Jim Morris and FIU's Turtle Thomas.
In today's Herald
WEB VOTE... Do you think UM should play UF in every football season?

Yes, there is nothing better than a match between instate rivals. 82%

Yes, UF would be a measuring stick for UM's progress as a team. 4%

No, UF is a much better program and would regularly beat up on UM. 13%

Total Votes: 157
Your vote has been counted, thank you for voting.

• With Mark Whipple taking over the offense, look for UM to throw to the tight end a lot more, Jacory Harris said. Starter Dedrick Epps -- hoping to return from a knee injury in August -- said no plays were even called for him in September in Patrick Nix's offense. Richard Gordon has looked good -- ''he's running though people,'' Harris said.

Unbelievable... Not one word in the Herald of the huge win yesterday.... Must be from the cutbacks!!! Pretty soon, we can call it part-time news.

That's all folks...


Good morning SpaceCadets...
Cat? See ya at the Light or speing game next weekend?

Soup, Bosher write almost complete...
email U soon.
Spider bite is recovering well...

Go Canes!!!


spring :)


Do you think UM should play UF in every football season?

Yes, there is nothing better than watching the Canes whoop the Gatah!

Yes, UM would be a measuring stick for UF's decline as a team.

No, UF is a much better program and we should gradulate the gatah.

No, we should all keep in mind that UF is a bunch of backyard babies that could'nt handle that loss every year.

2013- War Canoe comes home for another 25 years!


Now that is one handsome little boy in that picture with Coop

The Truth


Those were some big boy attorney words Va. Wow!!

Extremely impressive.

But as an attorney, don't you get paid to do your OWN research? Well, in that case you could easily go back into the "vault" here and dig up all the answers to those SPECIFIC questions you asked.

I THOUGHT I addressed that already my post last night but your attorney skills must not included reading comprehension.

I even infomed you of another 2 sources of what I was talking about by refering you to the Sun Sentinel blog AND Meat Market. If you are SO interested in THE TRUTH then go be a good attorney and do you own damn digging.

And please...it's only slander if it isn't true.

You actually slandered my: how DARE you call me an attorney!!! LOL I'm neither an attorney nor a booster so jump off that bandwagon real quick!!

And most importantly you need to go no further than the owner of this fine place to back up the contention that PLENTY of UM people read this and SOME even post under assumed names...not ONE of them has ever defended that man the way are trying to do.

Why? Because they know...you do not.

Aqua works with the players themselves I believe...why don't you attack him? Actually don't, he's a great guy. But he knows too. That's why he didn't tear me to shreds either.

So guys..relax. If you want to know it's already been written. All you gotta do is dig it up in here.

Have fun!

The Truth


That's a good lookin boy!!! He looks like he's swimming at the "good" end of the cat5 gene pool LOL

Just kidding!!! Isn't it the coolest thing to see the looks on their faces at these events?

The Truth

And who said any of this had anything to do with the way Miami played in the Peach Bowl?

Although the players sure did mimic the actions of their "leaders" in that game.

Shannon was the only person in that locker room after the that mess keeping the players focussed and in control while the other baffoons went at it.

Yes, LSU won a title a couple of years after that win but didn't Miami win one and play for another just a couple of years before?

I'm just sayin....

Alex D

“Do you think UM should play UF in every football season?” I’m not a Gator fan nor do I care for them, however here is one reason why I believe the Gators do not want anything to do with the U annually or often. Florida is the only football school in the SEC that would have to play two major power house teams (Miami and Florida State) as non-conference games. Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn, ect. would cringe if they knew each and every year that their path to winning a national championship would be contingent on beating Miami and FSU annually on top of also winning the SEC. Just my take, I'm off to church, I’ll pray for anyone who needs a prayer.


The Truth will set U FREE... :)

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