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April 05, 2009





2nd too!!


Sorry I neglected yuz guyz, but I had some family issues to attend to yesterday. Drove four hours from St. Pete to the 305 but never made it to the game.

Let's hope the Canes can win today and take the series from the Noles!



BTW...I have Manny's and Gary's responses to your FIVE questions for Tuesday night (Manny) and Thursday night (Gary) this coming week on Canes Spring football.

I'm working out of a Panera Bread location in Aventura. More to follow...


Oh well, tomorrow night:

"I got this"

Posted by: SOUP | April 03, 2009 at 09:48 PM

Tee hee

I kill myself!


Doc, JCanes and Cat5 nice work on the blog yesterday during the baseball game.

Appreciate ALL of your contributions!


SOUP is out until later tonight.



Accepted student open house today... time to make my presence known...

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Loco, that's the mentality. Rock on...

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

From the previous....

"Spring football practice of 2 different worlds... There's Randy's and then there is everyone elses...

FSU football notes with Bubba B

Seminoles Take It Easy The Day Before The Garnet And Gold Game

Florida State practiced for 20 periods in shorts on the eve of the annual scrimmage.

April 3, 2009
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - With the annual spring game just 24 hours away, the Seminole coaches decided to have a light practice on Friday. The team practiced for 20 periods in shorts and helmets as they worked mainly on situations. This year's Garnet and Gold Game will not signal the end of spring practice as the squad will have three more chances to work out next week.

Head Coach Bobby Bowden... Opening statement:

"Today we went 20 segments - that's shorter than we normally go and we went with jut the helmets and we tried to do a lot of polishing for tomorrow. We kind of walked through our kicking game and then just, again what we did was real good; we got a lot more out of it that I thought we would. That leaves us with tree days of practice next week - we'll go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Today was again just polishing for the scrimmage.

How many days will you be able to go in full pads next week?... "I'm not sure. I'm not even interested in going in full pads to be honest with you.
4-4-09 Spring Scrimmage

36,000 Watch The Seminole Defense Force Seven Turnovers In 39-27 Win
Jamie Robinson picks off two passes and the defense recovered five fumbles.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The talk all spring has been about the offense’s success against a young and banged up Seminole defense. All that talk seemed to have gotten the attention of Mickey Andrew’s group. Thanks to five fumble recoveries, two Jamie Robinson interceptions and a Nigel Bradham touchdown, the Gold squad downed the Garnet team 39-27 in the annual Garnet & Gold game Saturday in Doak Campbell Stadium.

“That was an interesting thing tonight,” said head coach Bobby Bowden. “Right off the bat you had two bad snaps, that’s not supposed to happen. We had eight fumbles. (Carlton Jones) had five that I counted. Eight fumbles you won’t beat anybody.

“Jamie Robinson I thought had a good game back there in secondary. Got an interception, he had two then. I guess the biggest surprise was our secondary. They’ve been getting ripped pretty good this spring. They were most active tonight I’ve seen them, that is a good sign. I thought the defense won the battle.”

Both of Robinson’s interceptions were highlight reel material and he was the star in the secondary but it was Bradham’s 45-yard return of a Christian Ponder fumble that turned out to be the biggest play of the night. The five fumbles lost by the offense were a surprise considering that had not been an issue for most of the spring leading up to Saturday.

“Why were all those dadgum fumbles,” said Bowden. “Now of course defense knocked some of those out of there, defense knocked. But I saw some of the kids doing things that they haven’t done all spring, which I would think probably a crowd in their pressing, that’s what you don’t want, but that’s why it’s good to have that game.”

Talk about two different worlds... Pads or no pads?... Just find someone and hit'em

Posted by: Cat5 Cane | April 05, 2009 at 08:11 AM

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Montreal, I hear you but you have to realize how your post sounded, talking about a HS QB from KS like he's going to be the next great one when we already have a proven rising star with Jacory.

And as I said, if anyone's committed to finding the best for us, it's Shannon. I expect them to sign a couple of QB studs this year.

Canefan3, I don't think AJ is going to be our next great QB but I think he'll contribute in every way he can and probably be a better scout team QB than Cannon because he's a little more athletic.

I definitely don't see him switching to DB because the talent level will be too high.


canefan, that was the point. we're after ballers not just guys highly rated. so low or highly rated they gotta be able to really play.

and brock improved more than most guys ever do from year one to year 2 but still wasn't someone i'd want if i got title aspirations (unless the other options are named kirby or kyle).


and yea we still gotta wait and see what type QB does best in whipple's offense. he seems like someone thats going to be able to adjust though to a guy's strengths. hopefully leaves us with lots of options when it comes to guys we can do well with at QB.


86 - hope everything is good with the family



Iden Nazario pitching for our boys today:

Top 1st
- Holt walks on a 3-2 count
- Cardullo walks on 4 straight

(Nazario gets a visit from Arteaga on the mound)

- Tapley grounds into a 6-4-3, Lawson sticks in there on the turn on a hard slide by Cardullo, Holt moves to 3rd ... Miami turns their 24th DP of the year

2 out

- Wild pitch by Nazario under Grandal's glove, Holt runs home

1-0 Noles

- Stidham K's on a 2-2 count

Canes coming up


I'm liveblogging over at blogs.themiamihurricane.com, and I'm on http://www.twitter.com/hurricanesports. Give me your feedback!



Some jabroni named Mike McGee on the mound for the Noles

Bottom 1st
- D'Vontrey Richardson hurt in right field for the Noles, chasing down a foul ball by Melendres on a 3-2 count ... don't know if he's still on the QB depth chart for the Noles ... stays in the game

- Melendres flies out to Richardson
- Lawson comes up to bat (his music is "Stanky Leg", ha) ... walks on a 3-1 count

Lawson steals 2nd, 1 out 1 on

- Hagerty gets HBP on a 3-2 count

Coach Martin going to talk with the 3rd base ump about something, probably telling the ump his hoo-haa is bleeding and he needs some Tampax ... the ump tells him to go to CVS b/c he can't help him and to stop whining

Lawson on 2nd, Hagerty on 1st, 1 out 2 on

- Herrmann walks on a 3-2 count

Bases filled with Canes, 1 out 3 on

- Grandal hits the ball to 2nd Baseman, tries to turn the 4-6-3, the SS drops the ball, Lawson scores .... Cardullo, the Nole SS is from St.Thomas Aquinas

1-1 Tied


5-1 Good Guys

- Blackman walks on a 3-1 count

1 on, 1 out


- DiNatale K's, Blackman thrown out trying to steal ... strike em out, throw em out

Inning over

5 runs, 1 hit, 1 left on base

5-1 Canes


Just in case look for the rohan marley interview, lol!


Top 2nd

- McGee (he's the DH as well as the P), flies out to CF on a 1-1 count
- Posey K's on a 2-2 count
- Richardson backward K's on a 1-2 count

0 runs, 0 hits

Canes coming up


scroll to the bottom left of the screen and than find the interview!


Bottom 2nd

- Jackson singles to right centerfield on a 1-1 count
- Melendres pops up a bunt on first pitch

1 on, 1 out

- Lawson gets HBP on a 1-0 count

2 on, 1 out

- Hagerty crushes a double on a 0-2 count, Jackson scores, Lawson hustles to 3rd

2 on, 1 out

6-1 Canes

Coach Martin walks out to the mound, pitching change for the Noles

Mike McGee 1 1/3 IP, 3 hits, 6 runs, 1 K, 12 batters faced ... na na hey hey bye bye


New jabroni on the mound for the Noles, Geoff Parker from Zephyrhills HS

Still bottom of the 2nd, 2 on 1 out

Noles playing the infield in to try and control the damage, McGee goes and plays LF and stays in the game

- Herrmann walks on a 3-0 count

Bases filled with Canes, 1 out


10-1 Canes

Still only 1 out


Still bottom of the 2nd, 1 out

- Martinez lines out to CF on a 1-1 count

2 out

- Blackman singles to left on a 2-2 count

1 on, 2 out

- DiNatale K's

Inning over

5 runs, 4 hits, 1 left on base

10-1 Canes


Top 3rd

- Parker flies out to CF on a 1-1 count
- Brunelle flies out to RF on first pitch
- Holt walks on a 3-2 count

1 on, 2 out

- Cardullo popped up to 1B on first pitch

0 runs, 0 hits, 1 left on base

Canes coming up


Bottom 3rd

- Jackson grounds out on a 0-1 count
- Melendres K's on a 1-2 count
- Lawson lines out on first pitch

0 runs, 0 hits, 0 left on base

10-1 Canes


Top 4th

- Tapley hits a double on a 0-1 count

1 on, 0 out

- Stidham flies out to LF on a 1-1 count, Tapley advances to 3rd

1 on, 1 out

- McGee hits it to 3rd on a 2-1 count, Martinez throws it home to get Tapley out on a fielders choice, McGee reaches 1st

1 on, 2 out

- Posey flies out to LF on a 1-1 count

0 runs, 1 hit, 1 left on base

10-1 Canes

Canes coming up


Bottom 4th

- Hagerty singles up the 5 hole on first pitch
- Herrmann flies out to LF on first pitch

1 on, 1 out

- Hagerty caught napping on 1st, picked off

2 outs

- Grandal K's on a 1-2 count

0 runs, 1 hit, 0 left on base

10-1 Canes


I love this team! 10-1 against your arch-rival!


Top 5th

- Richardson pops up to RF on a 0-1 count
- Oravetz PH for Parker, hits a triple on a 2-1 count

1 on, 1 out ... only 2 hit of the game for the Noles

- Brunelle triples on a 1-1 counts, Oravetz scores

1 on, 1 out

- Brunelle scores on a wild pitch

10-3 Canes

- Holt walks on a 3-1 count

1 on, 1 out

- Cardullo backward K on a 0-2 count

1 on, 2 outs

- Tapley hits a double on a 3-1 count, Holt hustles to 3rd

2 on, 2 outs

- Stidham flies out to CF on first pitch

2 runs, 3 hits, 2 left on base

10-3 Canes

Canes coming up

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Six, showing off his all-around sports journalist skills. Ooh-Rah.


14-7 Canes bottom of the 7th. no outs bases loaded


14-7 Canes 2 outs
man on second and third


top of the 8th.
14-7 Canes

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Blow those effers out of the park!!

Go Canes!


From the last blog:

Either there's a new blog or things are really slow around here! UM scores 5 in the first and 5 in the second to take a commanding lead. Currently they're up 14-7 in the top of the 9th with FSU having a runner at 1st and nobody out. Travis Miller is on the mound. Make that runners on 1st and 2nd, nobody out. C'mon Canes. End this.


Nice picking it up Ocala, I didn't realize the time so had to shower/hop in car and do my best Indy impersonation to work ... good thing the St.Pete Grand Prix is running, but don't think the po-po will buy that my little civic is an open wheel rocket ship in the race.


14-7 top of 9th Canes


typepad may not have posted yet, so i may be missing this... but CANES WIN CANES WIN CANES WIN! 14-8, take series from #23 FSWHO?


Did they shake hands atfer the game...lol...

I love our baseball team!


Very nice recovery after Friday night for the Diamond Dogs-6 of last 7 series wins v. FSU-Nice.

Hernandez looked sharp-I think he'll finish the season strong.

Bellamy is the best closer I've seen this year, but I don't know why Morris is using Wulf to set him up instead of Rudman. Rudman has a team leading, and nasty .125 opponents BA this year, and I think his stuff is stronger than Wulf. Oh well, what do I know.

Big series next week-they could really use a series win, or even a sweep heading into Chap Hill.


If someone can find out about the scores of the top 10 teams in college baseball over the weekend please post it...



#The USA TODAY/ESPN Top 25 Coaches Poll#
The USA TODAY/ESPN Top 25 Coaches' Poll
(Records through March 29, 2009)

1. GEORGIA (22-3)

2. CS FULLERTON (18-4)

3. ARIZONA ST (19-4)

4. GEORGIA TECH (18-4)

5. LSU (21-6)


7. MIAMI FL (20-7) Now (23-8)

8. ARKANSAS (19-5)

9. RICE (17-7)

10. OKLAHOMA (22-6)


I really hate fsu... some please name a school U hate more than FSU???




Ohio State


I hate Notre Dame more than FSU. ND feels like it's above it all.


No. 5 Tar Heels Take Series From No. 3 Tech, 13-10

Dustin Ackley homered twice and drove in four runs for the second time this week, and Kyle Seager equaled a school record with four doubles to lead No. 5 North Carolina past No. 3 Georgia Tech, 13-10, in the series finale Sunday at Russ Chandler Stadium. With the win, the Tar Heels (24-7, 9-5 ACC) secured their first series victory in Atlanta since 1998.


All finals from today

(#5) LSU 7 .. (#1) Georgia 5
(#12) UC Irvine 4 .. (#2) Cal St. Fullerton 1
(#6) UNC 13 .. (#3) GTech 10
(#4) Arizona State 6 .. Washington 2
(#7) Canes 14 .. (#19) Noles 8
(#8) Rice 7 .. Tulane 4
(#9) Texas 8 .. (#15) Oklahoma State 5
Missouri 5 .. (#10) Oklahoma 4

#1, #2, #3 all lose today


Thanks six!

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