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April 07, 2009



OMG, maybe




SOUP..that wasnt my question lol

true cane

manny is the best in the business without a doubt


whats the score on miami /fau?baseball


Miami won 8 to 7 canezilla


Dyron Dye


Ray Ray Armstrong


Ray Ray getting some love for being a Cane



thanks 4 the info

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Nice work Soup and questionnaires.

The way I see this season is the OL can't possibly be WORSE than they've been since 2005. We were literally in every game except GT and perhaps FSU, with last years thin line. So the combination of Whipple and the offense, we should be able to score a bunch of points.

On defense, all I want to see is improvement in strength, explosiveness and consistency. We know we're not at 2000 levels yet, and most of these kids, like AB, BH, and even Forston, should have RS'd and been true understudies. But we didn't have that luxury.

The one thing we will have this year, though, is depth among the front seven. So the kids will be able to play ballz out every time they're in the game.

The next step rests with Hurtt, Lovett, Barrow and McGriff, Lovett especially. If Lovett can get guys in position to use their talent, and the position coaches can bring everyone a solid step better than last year, we'll be fine.

I don't know why Manny's so down on AB. He's been in the position all of three months. There's a lot to learn at the MIke, probably only center and QB have to know more.

We just need everyone to stay healthy. To me, that's the key as much as the OL.

Not-so-Sane cane

Nice interview, fellas.

Also, Welcome to the U, Johnathan Feliciano per Rivals.


The Canes pulled out the win tonight vs. FSU, but not in dominating fashion by any stretch. They scored 2 in the UM 8th to take an 8-5 lead, but had to hang on for dear life in the ninth with Bellamy on the mound. He helped get them out of the FAU 8th for the last out, but in the ninth the wheels nearly came off for him. He gave up a walk, a HR (to close the gap from 8-5 to 8-7), then hit a batter and walked a batter to give FAU runners on 1st and 2nd with one out before finding himself and striking out the last two batters. Interesting stats for Bellamy to come in for the last 1 and 1/3 innings, strike out three, yet still make things so exciting/sloppy (ie walks and HBP). Regardless, it's another W.


oops, just realized I said FSU in the first line. Make that FAU! :)


Anyone bored and a college baseball freak, here's the #22 Clemson vs South Carolina game ...



Next up we have a three game set on the road this weekend vs. Clemson. Another huge series for the overachievers.


Jamal Reid will definitely make an impact when he gets there.TRUST!!!

Dvd will be looking over his shoulders!


#9 Texas vs #24 TCU game - a lot better quality than the #22 Clemson/South Carolina game



OMG, maybe

Posted by: canechic | April 07, 2009 at 08:04 PM


T-shirt (wet? LOL) time for the Canechic family. I'll need your mailing addy again so email it to [email protected]

Tell Angry and Nick I also have them a ST#26 shirt on the way.


thanks for the answers Manny....definitely don't see Figs the same way, but he's got time to prove one of us right either way.


UMike...I thought that was your ???

Of course, I was doing my best Cat5 imitation at the time. ;-)


SOUP...i'm deeply hurt by ur actions, not sure i will ever be able to recover.


I think jamal reid will make a quick impact



UMike...first time I played golf I shot 103. I was in the 90's by my third round. But back then I cheated. A lot.

Tips: Relax, have fun and for now, forget distance and score. Determine if you are a natural slice or hook and play that shot, U can straighten it out later.

Hit it in the fairway, play good irons and work all the time on the short game (chipping and putting).

When I played on a weekly basis a few years ago, I was shooting in the mid-80s (no cheating). My best ever was a 78 on a legitimate course (no cheating).

I haven't played in months (to busy blogging) but I could go out and shoot a 90 without much difficulty tomorrow.

If you are ever in Orlando I will treat U to a round at one of the Disney courses. It is unbelievable!


I think jamal reid will make a quick impact

Posted by: UMike | April 07, 2009 at 09:38 PM

I agree!!!


Jamal Reid = Mike Rumph

But jamal will be alittle more athletic!


BTW, G. Ajagbe, the OLB from Ransom Everglades apparently decided to verbal to the 'turds today. Good luck to him. On to guys who want to become Canes. Apparently Feliciano, the OL who verbaled to UM today, has been a huge UM fan for years and his goal all along has been to become a Cane.


From www.hurricanesports.com:

Starter Jason Santana struck out a season-high six in six innings to improve his record to 5-0 as the fifth-ranked University of Miami baseball team defeated FAU, 8-7, Tuesday night at Alex Rodriguez Park.

The Hurricanes (24-8), trailing 2-1 heading into the bottom of the fifth, used a four-run inning to take the lead for good against the Owls (17-12). Santana, making his fourth start of the season and his second against FAU, allowed three earned runs while not walking a single batter.

Jason Hagerty led the Hurricanes offensively, reaching base three times and going 2-for 3 with an RBI and a run scored. Vickash Ramjit also contributed offensively by going to 2-for-3 with a run scored.

Down 2-1 after heading into the bottom of the fifth, the Hurricanes used a four-run frame to take a 5-2 advantage. The first run came across on a Hagerty sacrifice fly before a two-run double off the bat of Martinez scored Nathan Melendres and Scott Lawson to give UM its first lead, 4-2. A fifth run was added moments later when Ted Blackman singled to left to score Martinez from second.

With UM up 6-5 with two outs and a man on second in the eighth, Kyle Bellamy came on and induced a grounder to keep the UM lead intact. After a lead-off walk to begin the ninth, FAU's Nick Criaris hit a two-run homer to right-center field to cut the lead to 8-7. Bellamy proceeded to hit a batter and walked another, but struck out Travis Ozga and Tom Hatcher to end the game. Bellamy earned his sixth inning-plus save of the season and his ninth overall, tossing 1 1/3 innings and striking out the side in the ninth inning.

FAU starter Brent Adheen allowed three of which were earned runs in four innings of work, falling to 0-3 on the year. Five Owl relievers combined to allow three earned runs the final five innings.

After FAU scored a run in the first, Miami responded quickly with a run of their own in the bottom half of the inning. Hagerty blasted a double down the left-field line and later scored on a fielding error that could have ended the inning to tie it up at 1-1.

Anthony Mesa put FAU back up one when in the fifth when he singled, reached third on a failed pick-off attempt and eventually scored on a balk.

After UM's five-run fifth, FAU responded with two more runs in the sixth when a two-out single followed by a Colby Gratton homer to right cut UM's lead to 5-4. From there, FAU added a run in the eighth and UM came back with two more of its own before Bellamy hung on in the ninth to secure the win for Miami.

Gratton finished 2-for-3 and was one of three Owls along with William Block and Nick DelGuidice to record two hits.

The Hurricanes will hit the road the weekend when the team plays a three-game series at No. 20 Clemson, April 10-12.


The comeback win for Miami was its 17th in 24 wins this season.

- Miami improved to 2-0 against FAU this season and 43-8 all-time against the Owls.
- Jason Hagerty and Harold Martinez each extended their team-high hitting streaks to nine straight.
- After going 3-for-4 with three RBI and a runs scored at FAU (3/25) in the first game this year against the Owls, Ramjit finished 2-for-3 Tuesday night. Five of his 11 hits this season have come against FAU.
-The Hurricanes and Owls will play the final game of their three-game series a week from today on Tuesday, April 14 at 6 p.m. at Alex Rodriguez Park.
- Scott Lawson hit his team-leading 13th double in the sixth inning.
- Bellamy earned his sixth inning-plus save of the season and his ninth overall.
- Attendance at Tuesday's game was 1,862, the largest mid-week crowd of the season at Alex Rodriguez Park this season.
- Starter Jason Santana struck out a season-high six.



Date Opponent / Event Location Time

09/07/09 at Florida State * Tallahassee, FL TBA
09/17/09 vs. Georgia Tech * Miami Gardens, FL TBA
09/26/09 at Virginia Tech * Blacksburg, VA TBA
10/03/09 vs. Oklahoma Miami Gardens, FL TBA
10/10/09 vs. Florida A&M Miami Gardens, FL TBA
10/17/09 at UCF Orlando, FL 7:30 p.m. ET
10/24/09 vs. Clemson * Miami Gardens, FL TBA
10/31/09 at Wake Forest * Winston-Salem, NC TBA
11/07/09 vs. Virginia * Miami Gardens, FL TBA
11/14/09 at North Carolina * Chapel Hill, NC TBA
11/21/09 vs. Duke * Miami Gardens, FL TBA
11/28/09 at USF Tampa, FL TBA


Lane Kiffin on Pahokee:

"For those of you who haven't been to Pahokee, there ain't much going on. You take that hour drive up from South Florida, there ain't a gas station that works. Nobody's got enough money to even have shoes or a shirt on."

I can't wait until Sept. 19th when Kiffin goes into The Puddle up in Gainesville. What ever the point spread is on that game, I'm betting on the Crocs to crush it.


New Wolverine movie that was leaked on the internet ...

playing now:


Cat5 Cane

For best imatation of the cat... You must first prep yourself... Start out by drinking beer out of a straw, taking one healthy gulp every minute for one hour, then stand up and go straight to the tequila, walking sideways, like Johnny Depp in the Caribbean!!!... Yo HO, HO HO, a pirates life for me!


The Truth

Tough analysis of #11 there! IMO he's better than that. He did slip a bit as spring ended but he has more potential to be a player in the middle. I think he can be a good player Miami. Nothing great, but nothing along the lines of Rod Mack/Glen Cook either.

He just needs a little more time.

As always, Manny delivers the good word...hardest working man in the biz.

The Truth

Kiffen is going to get a*s raped Pulp Fiction style if he doesn't stop running his mouth. I guess he thinks if he says things enough times theyll come true.

But he's seriously going to take some lumps cuz he seems to content to piss everyone off.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Truth, yeah, he's definitely a loudmouth with little couth and timing. He's going to learn the hard way methinks.


Both GT and the U will be pleased that Patrick Nix is no longer involved in the game this year.

In the seven years that he was at GT and Miami, the team that had him was 1-6.


If you are ever in Orlando I will treat U to a round at one of the Disney courses. It is unbelievable!

Posted by: SOUP | April 07, 2009 at 09:47 PM

I want in on that. And I will supply 18 holes of Captn Morgan :-)

Sarasota 'cane

In the seven years that he was at GT and Miami, the team that had him was 1-6.

Posted by: texascane | April 08, 2009 at 12:47 AM

Nix, Coker, recruiting, firing lifelong assistants...

The "Perfect Storm" of mis-steps at UM since 2003-2004!

Things do seem to have stabilized. I think if UM gets out of the opening 4 games at 2-2, or 3-1, they should be able to win 8-9 games, and have a shot at making it to the conference Title game!

Go 'canes!

Cat 5 Cane

*Manny... Thanks for your honest answers... direct, on point opinions is what we want. As I was reading them, I didn't want it to end, leaving me hungry for more... even though I'm not sure I liked the answers.

I don't agree to all of your opinions but I respect them for what they are. Especially on Brown!... cough,cough, but it's early and he still has time to learn his new position.

Disagree with your point on TE's and believe Whip will develop one/two guys, with or without Epps. Adderly, to me, has that it factor and will emerge as one of them... But come hell or high water, I believe Whip we will have catching and blocking TE's to add to his scheme. Using the TE's effectively come down to the QB and TE's communicating... and that Whips job to develop.



UM football coaches asked senior basketball player Jimmy Graham to play football for the Canes next season -- they envision the 6-8, 256-pounder as a tight end. Graham, who is considering it, has good hands and played football in high school. Graham would have one season of football eligibility...Robert Marve will visit Purdue, Texas Tech and Nebraska this month, then decide where to transfer, his father said.





lol your going to see everybody Butch and NC offer Miami is also going to offer!

Cat 5 Cane

Thanks dat... Old age... forgot about Graham and he is not easy to forget. Hopefully is come in!


Manny calls it like he sees it, no doubt. That's why he's the best in da bidness.

Ferman talks a little about Graham practicing at TE on Thursday night at 8 PM.

Cat5...I was impressed with Sir Arthur also this Spring. Time will tell.


vote for the 2001 canes,



Manny continues to bring it. I may not agree with all he has to say but he has the ballz to answer questions directly. Mandingo much respect!


I thought AB did a nice job the 2 times I saw him. But I think Jordan Futch is doing better


Persistance has always paid off for this offensive lineman. And not just on the field. He hadn’t gotten any Hurricane interest at all before UM’s Spring Game. So he showed up with his highlight DVD to the game. Afterward he waited by the team bus, found coach Tommie Robinson and handed him the DVD. That tape impressed enough for an offer, and he has committed


321 LMAO!! I ate at Bahama Breeze last night. It is 2 seconds away from where we are staying and we met some friends there. Good eats and reasonably priced. Good pick.

Soup I am going to try and grab reservations tonight for those two places.

Thanks for the advice guys!



Canez 1 We live near a Bahama Breeze and it is one of our favorite places to dine.


Bahama Breeze is great. We go get appetizers as meals, sit outside and drink while dreaming of the beach. Closest thing to it in Orlando. We frequent the one in Altamonte Springs, though.

Go Canes!

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