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April 01, 2009


Hurricane Mitch

Top 5.

Hurricane Mitch

I mean 1st. 1st and last time I'll ever do that.


2nd maybe?


Nice interview!


Mitch with the Maniac...TOP RIGHT photo.

Cane Since 1982

Still top 7 (0 out, 0 runners)

2nd batter: Line drive single to left
3rd batter: STRIKE OUT #1 (Canes #5)
4th batter: Single up the middle, runner to 2nd
5th batter: Home Run


Cane Since 1982

Still top 7 (1 out, 0 runners)
(Canes pitching change to Daniel Miranda)

6th batter: STRIKE OUT #1 (Canes #6)
7th batter: Ground out

10-10 going to bottom 7th

Cat 5 Cane

LoL... Cheerleaders and pom poms!!!... Ohhh to be young again... That day took 2 days off my life, but it was worth it.


Cat man do!


Cane Since 1982

Bottom 7th
(Barry makes it 6th pitching change)

HAROLD MARTINEZ: Line drive single
JONATHAN WEISLOW: Bunt out to pitcher
RYAN JACKSON: Ball drops in short right on an Error by the right fileder, runners to 2nd & 3rd
NATHAN MELENDRES: Walk, Bases Loaded
DAVE DiNATALE: 2 run Ground Rule Double as the ball bounces over the right field wall

12-10 Canes

Cane Since 1982

Still Bottom 7th (0 out, Runners on 2nd & 3rd) (Barry makes its 7th pitching change)

SCOTT LAWSON: Walk, Bases Loaded
JASON HAGERTY: Line drive bases clearing double

15-10 Canes


whats the over on this game?



Cat-5, you old dog!lol

Cane Since 1982

Still Bottom 7th (1 out, Runner on 2nd)
(Barry's 8th pitching change)

VICKASH RAMJIT (Pinch hitting for Chris Herrmann): Walk
YASMANI GRANDAL: Sac Fly to right,
Hagerty to 3rd
HAROLD MARTINEZ: FLy out to center

15-10 Canes going to top 8th

Charlie Brown

New pics are up!

Cat5...can U think of anything else that I left out that Bailey said?

Charlie Brown

1982...sorry I forgot to tell you about the NEW blog! 15-10? Sounds like a football score?

Cane Since 1982

Top 8
(Canes pitching change to Taylor Wulf)

1st batter: Pop out short
2nd batter: STRIKE OUT #1 (Canes #7)
3rd batter: Line drive single down the 3rd base line
4th batter: STRIKE OUT #2 (Canes #8)

15-10 Canes going to Bottom 8th


Wow what a baseball game, 1982 U are the Best!! :)


Here is a Georgia Boy 2010
Lots of good press on this kid up here
Alec Ogletree another sure tackling machine

number 2 safety in the country ***** Scout

offers from


likes Miami



Cane Since 1982

Bottom 8th

JONATHAN WEISLOW: Fly out to right
IDEN NAZARIO (pinch hitting for Ryan Jackson): Out

15-10 Canes going to top 9

Cane Since 1982

Top 9
(Canes pitching change to Kyle Bellamy)

1st batter: Ground out
2nd batter: 4 pitch walk
3rd batter: STRIKE OUT #1 (Canes #10)
4th batter: STRIKE OUT #2 (Canes #11)


Final Score 15-10 Canes (21-7, 8-4)

Next up FSU this Friday at 7:00 Saturday at 7:00 and Sunday at 1:00


talked to sleepy spence through FB tonight plugged canespace.com
ya ya ya know it!






Drty...rock on, dude, rock on!


1982...whatchU doing Saturday night?

Canechic...I am going to talk to David Sietsma tomorrow about FSU tix for U and Nicole.

I plan on going Saturday night. We can meet at The Titanic at 6 PM. U will probably meet Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Bellamy.

Game time is at 7 PM.


Ok thanks 86 but do not go to the trouble, I am not sure we will make it in time, so do not call in favors, save that for football, lol! My 86 year old aunt had surgery and she is in Palm beach. It would make her day if Nicole and I went to visit her on Sat.on our way to Mia. So since I may not have her around much longer I decided it was more important for her to see Nicole and I. Thanks so much 86!

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Solar, that young man could play SS or LB easily. Maybe Supercooper can tell us about his visit this past weekend??


chi he can hit thats for sure.


Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Chi-Pun,don't apologize for that double,it needed to be told twice.
That Kaa gives me chill bumps!

Posted by: NativeCane | April 01, 2009 at 08:20 PM


Native, that interview said it all, esp. the part about his visit to FSU listening to their main men, Deion and Sammy, talking about Miami.

What more needs to be said. You should read the entire interview. It's definitely worth the visit. www.procanes.com

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Solar, he seems to cover ground and read QBs well also. Him and Jeff Luc in the same class...it's over. lol

Cat 5 Cane

How bout them Ball'n Boys... 15/10. Hot rocks tonight!

Soup... You're asking me?... Remember I was the one who was tipp'n a 12 pac, but yeah, You did good!... Hell, for just a scrimmage game... it was an excellent day!

and got my Brown picture autographed too!...
Thanks Soup!

dj moonbat

"Solar, he seems to cover ground and read QBs well also. Him and Jeff Luc in the same class...it's over. lol"

Couldn't we try to recruit some CBs before we declare it over?


your man Richt is trying hard to land Ogletree but I'm thinking South Beach and the Cane mystique lands him.

Rusty Mansell from scout made this list

8 of the top kids in the papers here

Check out Juwuan James I think he's got around 70 offers, we could use him big time.

1)Alec Ogletree- A hard hitting safety from Newnan that will grow into a linebacker on the next level. He already as a NFL type body.

2)Mack Brown- Very Fast running back from MLK high school with offers already from the big boys. Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia and few others.

3)Markeith Ambles- WR from Henry County that is "electric" with the ball in his hands. I was told by one coach that he reminds him of Champ Bailey. Not a bad name to be compared to.

4) JuWuan James-6'6" Left tackle from North Gwinnett that is coveted by all colleges these days to protect the blind side of the quarterback.

5)Jeff Whitaker- Big time run stopper(DT) from Warner Robins that schools love to have in that nose guard position.

6)Da'Rick Rogers- WR from Calhoun that is already ready for college body wise. Running a 4.3 forty at 205lbs helps him make this list.

7)Garry Peters- Cover corner from Conyers that will have his choice of schools among the SEC and BCS teams.

8)Brian Vogler- Mammoth 6'8" TE from Columbus that must be driving college coaches crazy to recruit him. Big time red zone weapon

Jeff Whitaker is coached by Patrick nix's dad I think. senior nix is considered a top high School coach.


Cat 5 Cane

Oh... talk'n about good write up's... Gary Ferman's "War room" did an excellent piece. Definetly worth reading... Maybe one of his better/best, as he nails it!

Ya gotta give it, if it's due!!!


Couldn't we try to recruit some CBs before we declare it over?

Posted by: dj moonbat | April 01, 2009 at 09:57 PM

Damn...the voice of REASON is always lurking in the dark shadows right behind the bright lights of hope and joy.


The 1999 National Champion University of Miami baseball team will be honored prior to Saturday night's game between UM and Florida State at Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field.

Ten years after the team won the school's third national title, members of the championship squad will be on hand and will be recognized in an on-field ceremony prior to the 7 p.m. game between the seventh-ranked Hurricanes and 23rd-ranked Seminoles.

Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt will be on hand, in addition to UM head coach Jim Morris. Morris led the 1999 team to an overall record of 50-13, including four-straight wins in Omaha over Rice, Alabama (twice) and FSU in the championship game to claim the first of his two national titles as the head coach at Miami.

UM's three other national championships in baseball came in 1982, 1985 and 2001.

Cat 5 Cane

Native... More like a wolf howling at the moon... Check the top of my hat in zoom!


Date Opponent / Event Location Time

09/07/09 at Florida State * Tallahassee, FL TBA
09/17/09 vs. Georgia Tech * Miami Gardens, FL TBA
09/26/09 at Virginia Tech * Blacksburg, VA TBA
10/03/09 vs. Oklahoma Miami Gardens, FL TBA
10/10/09 vs. Florida A&M Miami Gardens, FL TBA
10/17/09 at UCF Orlando, FL TBA
10/24/09 vs. Clemson * Miami Gardens, FL TBA
10/31/09 at Wake Forest * Winston-Salem, NC TBA
11/07/09 vs. Virginia * Miami Gardens, FL TBA
11/14/09 at North Carolina * Chapel Hill, NC TBA
11/21/09 vs. Duke * Miami Gardens, FL TBA
11/28/09 at USF Tampa, FL TBA


Canes win! Canes Win! Now we're ready for FSU.


Prediction? Let it be...


Cat 5 Cane



Please for the love of God, can we put a moratorium on recruting safeties, please? For just one year. No safeties? We need a blitzkrieg type recruiting for the CB position, like RS did with the WR's last year. Two or three a year just ain't cutting it.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

DJ, haha, don't be so serious, bro'!
Of course we need CBs, more than we need SS right now.

To me, this year is the coming out party for the offense. 2010 will be the coming out party for the defense. Futch, BH, VT, JoJo, Forston, Buchanon, Holton, C-Mac, McGee, Regis, Bailey, Ojomo, M-Rob, et al all need another year under their belt before the word dominant will be used to describe them.

Just reading Searcy's interview tells us the defense isn't there yet because of how well our offense has moved the ball against them.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

But I'll say this, a prolific offense can do a world of good for a young defense. Just think UK two years ago and I dare say we have more talent that that UK defense. This year will be the first year since 2002 that our defense won't be behind the 8-ball MENTALLY in every game, even before the game starts.

Hopefully, our offense will prepare them for just about anything they'll see. I'd say Sam Bradford's arm-strength and accuracy will be the most difficult to duplicate, followed by GT's option.

Now I know OU's WRs can run good routes but I don't think they have any real burners. Someone correct me on this.

So maybe we'll have a slight reverse of Leon's days when the defense was so strong that it made every other defense they faced easy.

Maybe this year's offense will prepare our defense for just about anyone.

I'm sure Shannon knows this.



Come sign up

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Canes109, you should stay and visit for a minute or two and tell us a little about yourself, don't you think?? Introduce yourself.....

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Canesluvr, that's contrary to Shannon philosophy or recruiting someone to take everyone's position every year. Besides, you can't pass on an Alec Ogletree. We have a nice GA pipeline growing. He would be a King Bass catch from yonder pond.

Richt's soft anyway. Great guy, a Cane, but soft.


Canes0109 has no manners or social skills.


Cav...who U gonna pick to do a "Player Profile" on? We need U!


There are approximately 12 safeties on the roster but 4 CB's. There's something wrong with that equation. CB's are much more important to the success of a defense than safeties. Safeties can be made, corners can not. It seems the philosophy lately is to recruit safeties and convert them into corners. Its backwards.

I understand the philosophy, but there's absolutely no reason to have such a dearth of talent at one of the most important spots on the defense. Even if you pass on the next Sean Taylor, RS has to get the numbers up at the corner spot, and LB's while we're at it. When it comes to recruiting by unit, safeties would be the last place I look to fill over the next year or two.

2-3 Dt's a year
2-3 DE's a year
3-4 LB's a year
3-4 CB's a year
1-2 safeties a year
4-5 OL's a year
2-3 WR's a year
2-3 RB's a year
1-2 QB's a year

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