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April 28, 2009





crap MD you beat me..

Drew Z

For those of you who don't understand where the University of Miami football program is right now....

2002-2003 Overall record 12-1
lost NC vs. Ohio St.

8 people drafted in 2003
the entire team had 17 Jr/Sr that would go on to be drafted

2003-2004 Overall record 11-2
won peach bowl vs. Florida

9 people drafted in 2004
14 Jr/Sr that would go on to be drafted

2004-2005 overall record 9-3
won peach bowl

5 drafted in 2005
14 Jr/Sr that would go on to be drafted

2005-2006 overall record 9-3
9 drafted in 2006
14 Jr/Sr taht would go on to be drafted

2006-2007 overall record 7-6
5 drafted
8 Jr/Sr that would go on to be drafted

2007-2008 5-6 record
3 drafted
4 Jr/Sr that would be drafted

1 drafted

notice the trend in amount of talent?

Randy was given a empty team give him time to build this kind of depth


Drew...welcome to The Space.

Post here, post often!

doc in pv

anyone have the score of the baseball game?


MD...do U have a Canespace or ST#26 shirt yet?


CORAL GABLES, FLA. - Fans are invited to attend the 2009 University of Miami men's basketball team banquet to be held on the BankUnited Center arena floor on Wed., April 29.

The 2009 senior class - Jack McClinton, Jimmy Graham, Brian Asbury and Lance Hurdle - will be recognized and the team will hand out individual honors in various categories. Doors open at 6 p.m., with the dinner and program beginning at 6:45 p.m.

Individual tickets are on sale for $50 apiece, while fans can also purchase premier tables with seating for eight (in addition to two student-athletes) for $700. Student-athlete sponsorships are also available for $50.

Tickets may be purchased by calling the Hurricane Club at (305) 284-6699 or by filling out the online order form.


Coach Shannon to TEE up for Student Scholarships in Chicago
May 28 & 29

Join fellow alumni and friends for a great day of fun, food and golf at the Eleventh Annual Chicago Golf Classic, Friday, May 29, 2009, at Oak Brook Golf Club in Oak Brook, IL.

Proceeds from this event fund scholarships for University of Miami students from the Chicago area as well as help strengthen the Chicago Alumni Club.

We are pleased to announce that UM Head Football Coach Randy Shannon, B.G.S. ’89, UM Offensive Coordinator Mark Whipple, and former ’Canes, Russell Maryland, A.B. ’90, and Greg Olsen, A.B. ’07, will be joining us on the links. They will also be joining us for a special dinner on May 28, 2009. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to support local students, the Hurricane Club, the Chicago Alumni Club, and talk football with our coaches. Russell Maryland will be honored by the Chicago Alumni Club at both events.

For more information on both events, or to register, please contact Brian Kidder, B.S.E.E. ’03, at 847-456-2440, or via e-mail at [email protected]; or contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 1-866-UMALUMS (862-5867) or via e-mail at [email protected].

Join the UMAA and Greater Miami Alumni Club for A day of Golf at the Beach!
May 29

The UMAA and Greater Miami Alumni Club extend a special invitation for you to join us at the 2009 Miami Golf Classic on Friday, May 29, 2009, at the Miami Beach Golf Club. Registration begins at 12:00 p.m., with a shotgun start at 1:15 p.m. Once finished on the golf course, players and guests will enjoy dinner and an award reception, including a silent auction and raffle.

Now in its 11th year, the Miami Golf Classic is part of a nationwide tour, making stops in Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, and Washington, D.C. Proceeds from the Miami Golf Classic will be used to create scholarships for University of Miami students from South Florida.

For more information or to register please visit our Miami Golf Classic webpage, or contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 1-866-862-5867, or 305-284-2872, or by e-mail at [email protected].

True Cane

It is a crime what Cocker has done to this team


Soup, I do not have a Canespace or ST#26 shirt.


We should review the best and most honest Coker program demise posts from the last two years and email them to the UTSA AD with the message Thanks Larry




[email protected]

True Cane

Coker = Destroyer


Hurriphin....the U!!!!


Does anyone know of a rumor about Farq' getting a shot with the Saints?

I hope so, cause' that kid was an old school Cane! I'm gonna miss his swagger. He carried himself like he coulda' played on one of our 83-92 teams.


I looked...there is nothing on the Saints web site or the NFL site.


we lost 10-1 to north florida?wtf i hope we are saving the good shyt for b.c a key acc matchup.still 10-1 damn


Did not see Farq' signing with Saints, but Antonio Dixon signed with the Redskins.


WR Chris Dunkley transferred from Royal Palm Beach High School to Pahokee High School.


MD...check email!


in the spirit of being a great on campus reporter:

Ryan Hill's Facebook Statuses are always in CAPS, and his political views are listed as "moderate"

i kid you not, that is true. ask loco if you dont believe me.


At a meeting tonight and couldn't follow the "game." Apparently it was a good night to not listen to the action.

BTW, Cal, Chi, Truth, etc., I completely agree with the issues of that offense. I know it was Chud calling plays, but Coker was the coach, and both are ultimately responsible. They weren't innovative calls in any way, just picking a routine game plan regardless of what the opponent was giving you and then not budging. It made the UM's superior talent not have nearly as much of an advantage as it should have, even though they still had darn good records for those 2 years and won one championship. No way OSU should have stayed within 2 TDs of that UM team though.


No doubt JCane,

OSU had no business being in that game for so long in the first place...


I know we're proud of the fact that we don't run a spread offense, but does anyone else wonder, even if just for one game, what we'd look like if we ran a wide open offense like that? I say this because I know for a fact that a 30ppg. average is enough to sweep the entire ACC.
I couldn't imagine all those orange jerseys running up and down the feild for 60 minutes.


Pro-style doesn't mean there can't be a lot of innovative play-calling. Every style of O will have plays that will work depending on assessing other teams' weaknesses or what they're giving you and your strengths. Simply running the same base plays repeatedly only partially worked when we were overloaded with talent. We have no such surplus now, although the cream is starting to rise. With the right playcalling and occasionally trickiness, who needs the gimmicky offense?

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Drew Z, great illustration of the Coker Effect.

JCane, I take the word pro-style to mean attacking the opponent with all your weapons in a style that relies on precision as much as talent. That's the way the NFL teams do it because they HAVE to do it that way. Any amount of predictability will spell swift defeat because the defenses are so smart and fast.

I still say being HC of an NFL team is the most difficult non-war leadership position in the country. All the pressure, everything is displayed and picked apart every week and only one or two people are said to be truly successful.


JJ is at a comedy club. How's that for an on campus reporter?


Loco and Reggae...Nice try, but U can do better than that! LOL


Per Barry Jackson

Signings among undrafted Canes: Antonio Dixon (Redskins), Bruce Johnson (Giants), Dwayne Hendricks (Giants). Tryouts this weekend: Chris Rutledge (Dolphins), Chris Zellner (Bucs), Anthony Reddick (Bears), Kayne Farquharson (Saints).

The Truth

Well I am happy to report that global warming has not overtaken my hometown as it is 47 right now and not 70 like it was the other day. Maybe I'm getting old but I can't remember it ever being 70 at night at any point in my life growing up. The other day it was downright hot at about 80.

Anyway, maybe I just remember things different. It just seems a little early for the mercury to rise so high.

Jcane I am not arguing when I say all of what you wrote it fine and well...you too Calvin. But where I come from and at every level of football I've been associated with when you have an 1800 yard back like Miami did you run the damn ball.

More importantly, if you've run the ball that successfully all year it's no longer a surprise for the defense what plays you will run. Running the football is about dominating your guy and winning the point of attack.

I know you understand that. That's football theory 101.

So what's my point?

OSU's DL BUTT RAPED Miamis OL that night. Dominated them. Destroyed them. Made them their bi/ches.

It wasn't a 9 men in the box defence or even 8...the DL for OSU simply handed Miamis OL their asses in the first half. Then, they started bringing other guys to switch it up bit as the game went on.

It was both a great physical performance by the DL and a great coaching performance by the DC.

Couple that with the refs letting the DBs from each time hold and interfere and disrupt every receiver and it made for an extremely physical game.

Miamis D was up for it. The OL...not so much.

The rest is just excuses. At that point in the season you are who you and you win with what you do.

Yes, Miami got robbed on a rediculous call.

Yes, the offense could have been run through Roscoe and #81 all night.

But, yes Dorsey was harrassed and the OL manhandled by an extremely talented and physical front 7 that dominated that game.

All that and Miami still should have won.

The playcalling was OK. Nothing awful, nothing blazingly innovative. Just like the whole season when the O was butt raping other opponents.

I'm all for pinning that loss on Porter. I'm all for saying Chud could have called some better plays but please take off the orange and green glasses and place the heartiest of blame where it truly belongs:

The OL in that game was trashed ALL NIGHT. It was an awful showing and a pathetic display. Period.

I give full credit to Will Smith and Co because they ate miamis players alive. It was impressive.

Now of course, none of this matters and at this point who cares?


Exactly Truth our OL got handled that night, which has sadly become a trend with our lines lately. New players, new OL coach, same results.

I still cant sit down and watch that game, I get too pissed off.

The Truth


True..,but these new players have the proper mentality that the last coach forgot to instill.

Unfortunately those results won't come soon enough because OL need time to develop. But at least the light is at the end of the tunnel.

This years OL is a work in progress. I'm hoping it gets better. I know the mindset is right but the development may not be there just yet. The good news there's more coaching in front of them and time to get better before September


Agreed, Truth. It doesn't matter any more and it's kinda irrelevant except it buys more interesting football discussion while there isn't much going on!

I also agree with you about the great d plan called by OSU and the great job their front 7 did. I just think there was a certain amount of arrogance by UM to not see these issues and make a few appropriate adjustments in what was being run so the d of OSU would have to rethink some of what they were doing. As for bad calls, it's part of the game sometimes. Remember that amazing win vs. UCLA when UM was coming back from the dead and the Edge was @300 yards? There was one terrible call that went our way that allowed the win. Things even out, but it's a bit harder at the end of a game deciding the championship. Fortunately the sun comes up daily regardless of the outcome of any game, even though I know this type of thinking could get me banished from here! :)

The Truth

Two problems with those adjustments cuz I think they tried:

1. Turnovers...think: #1 fumbled ball after long post. Great call. There where a couple of others.

2. Again: OL performance. When your QB who can't run is running for his life and getting cracked almost everytime he steps back to throw you're in trouble.


That was the whole problem all year, irregardless that mcgahee had 1800 yards, at some point you can't just keep ramming it up in their, just like in the passing game, if you an oc other than nix or "thee incompetent one" and you see that the db's are sitting on the short routes, what's the next common sense thing to do, call the out and ups and give the db's something else to think about. So the same is with the running game, in the beginning, osu had the box stacked up because they wanted to take away the run early, but as you saw, when they did that and doss got caught 1 on 1 with roscoe, what happened, 6 points.

Also in that 1st quarter, they wanted to see if gamble could cover andre johnson 1 on 1, that wasn't going to happen, johnson caught shat early so osu adjusted quickly, the problem was, when we went up 7 to 3, we went back to that conservative shat, instead up exploiting our advantages, "thee incompetent one" was happy like he's always been being up by 4 points and putting all the pressure on the defense.

The problem is, osu's punter kept flippin the field position especially with us going 3 and out all game. Now while osu had the d-line advantage over most of our o-line, their are always plays you can call to negate that, and call those plays at the right time, to many draw plays. Anyway, those days are over, our road to DOMINATION is inevitable! I got good news, this team led by the mentality of shannon, barrow hurtt, corey bell, ice harriss, they are looking at this schedule with glee, why because thisi s a MAN's schedule and that's why you come to play at UM, and once they run thru these 1st 4 games, LOOK OUT!

Central Vacuum Planet - UMike

Guys..why are we reliving this game! lol


It was our last moment of greatness...

conch salad


God I hate the gaytors...

“I’m also going to talk about loyalty with our former athletes. Some are welcome, some aren’t. …We want former Gators to come back, but loyalty’s a two-way street. If you want to be critical of a player on our team or a coach on our team you can buy a ticket for seat 37F, you’re not welcome back in the football office.

"You’re either a Gator or you’re not a Gator. It’s real simple. For those who are not Gators keep buying tickets, critique, but if you’re a real Gator, get to know our players. Let’s enjoy the greatest era not just football of Gator athletics.”

At least we dont have that problem! Canes = Family


Loco and Reggae...Nice try, but U can do better than that! LOL

Posted by: SOUP | April 29, 2009 at 06:29 AM

I was trying to send the "smart" asian to ask cj holton or ramon buchanan some questions about dvd but she refused... for now. im working on it.


Bellamy is one of my favorite players, Wasn't he initially a walk-on? I went to a high school baseball conf championship game last night and saw some really really good baseball. The team that won (my daughter's school) looked like a college team masquerading as a highschool team.


I give full credit to Will Smith and Co because they ate miamis players alive. It was impressive.

Now of course, none of this matters and at this point who cares?

Posted by: The Truth | April 29, 2009 at 10:03 AM

I think the biggest let down in this game was not in fact the bogus call, but what lead to it. The 4th and I believe 13 that we LET THEM CONVERT!


conch - we also don't have lovebugs! LOL





Morning everyone. Another point on how far our football team has fallen: A long-time starter like Youngblood doesn't even have a free-agent contract yet! This senior class was worse than even we thought.


Love bugs? Another reason to hate UF.

conch salad

Damn bg, Regis has some friggin guns!

"I dont know if you heard me counting but I did over a thousand"


Any recruiting geniuses bored out there? Fill in the blanks.

After signing day Manny had an interview with Hurtt. Hurtt gave him a breakdown of the numbers and positions we'll be going for in 2010 (2009 predictions were pretty accurate in 2008 FWIW). The challenge is to fill in the question marks, not with who you want but who you think we'll get.

1 QB = ?
2 RB = ? ?
2 WR = ? ?
3 TE = ? ? ?
4 OL = Shane McDermott, C (Palm Beach Central); Jonathan Feliciano, T (Western); Tavadis Glenn, T(per ESPN) (T Parker HS); ?
3 DL = Louis Nix, DT (Raines); Todd Chandler, DT(Northwestern); ?
3 LB = ? ? ?
3/4 DB = ? ? ? (?)
(1) K = (?)

I know we are a far way out but I'm sure some of you guys have really knowledge of who is a "sure thing". Just bored here...


DZ - I like it. I have no idea how to answer it, but I like it.


Canechic here is a 13 and under travel baseball masquerading as a power house high school team! browardreddogs.com


Canesteeler - it is me, CGNC not Canechic that went to the baseball game. LOL don't make me come over there ;-D BTW how are the Pens doing?

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