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May 13, 2009




Old Skool

Dang Great article


Skool...Thanks! I'm getting better with age, experience and the support of fans here at Canespace.




anyone heard of the new commitment cb out of cape coral??? heard he is the cousin of philip buchanon....


good article Soup, good research there.

You could add a Cane has scored a touchdown in the NFL every week for like 10 years straight.

When we came into the ACC I actually thought Duke, UNC, GT and maybe Boston College were all academically higher ranked than the U. We get so wrapped up in Football we forget what an honor it is for a kid graduate from the U.

A guy like Jon Vilma would be considered Einstein if he wasn't better known for drilling guys into the turf.


Old Skool

The surprises: Clemson with a higher APR than FSU. FSU tied with VaTech. And Tennessee with an APR in the triple digits.

Finally, Marve, academics. Now there's an oxymoron. He probably spells academics with two k's.



I fell on the floor when Brian Bosworth pointed at the Corn Huskers and said
"Those dumb fks think the N on their helmet stands for Knowledge"



Skool...LOL! Good to see U around again.

Still waiting on your FUNNY feature for the blob?

Old Skool

Speaking of Tennessee

When two men broke into her home to rob her, a 58 year-old fought back with a bowl of chili and a broom. ... And won


The perp photos look like typical Vols fans in search of the secret of fire.


From www.hurricanesports.com:

The 21st-ranked University of Miami baseball team will wrap up its 2009 regular season schedule this week when the Hurricanes travel to North Carolina to face Atlantic Coast Conference foe Wake Forest, May 14-16, at the Wake Forest Baseball Park.

Miami (32-18, 15-12 ACC) comes in having won its last two ACC weekends while Wake Forest (22-27, 6-21 ACC) has dropped its last four league series. Game one of the three-game set between the Hurricanes and the Demon Deacons is slated for 7 p.m. Thursday night with game two is set for 6 p.m. Friday. Both teams will then wrap up their regular season schedule Saturday at 1 p.m.

UM ace Chris Hernandez continues to improve as the season progresses. After holding his opponents to two runs or less just twice in his first eight starts, Hernandez has now held his last four opponents - North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Boston College and Bethune-Cookman - to two runs or less. Since his April 17 start at North Carolina, Hernandez has allowed just four earned runs in 27 innings (1.33 ERA).

Chris Herrmann has joined Scott Lawson and Jason Hagerty as one of the team's top offensive threats as of late. Over UM's last 20 games, Herrmann is hitting .364 with three homers, 15 RBI, 22 runs, 18 walks and a .512 on-base percentage. Lawson continues to lead the club in hitting, entering the weekend with a .348 average while Hagerty leads the team in extra-base hits (25) and RBI (46).

Yasmani Grandal leads the team with 15 homers, having hit five in UM's last 10 games. Grandal, who leads the team with a .605 batting average, has homered each of the last three Saturdays.

Led by All-American closer Kyle Bellamy, UM's bullpen has been one of the team's strong points this season. Bellamy (3-1, 1.15 ERA), who is among the national save leaders with an ACC-high 14 this year, is joined by Daniel Miranda (3-3, 4.50), Sam Robinson (0-0, 2.70), Rene Guerra (1-1, 2.87) and Michael Rudman (3-0, 1.47) out of the pen.


Individual ticket sales for the 2009 ACC Baseball Championship are now on sale. The five-day tournament opens Wednesday, May 20, at Durham Bulls Athletic Park and will conclude with Sunday afternoon's championship game on May 24.

Ticket prices are as follows:
• Wednesday (May 20) through Saturday (May 23) -- $10 for adults and $5 for children, seniors and college students. All seating sections are the same price.
• Sunday (May 24 Championship Game) -- $15 for adults and $7 for children, seniors and college students. All seating sections are the same price.
• "Team passes" went on sale Monday, April 20. These tickets are $25 apiece and entitle the holder to admission to all games played Wednesday through Saturday involving his or her designated team.

Full-tournament passes (all 13 games) are on sale for $120 apiece and may be purchased by calling (919) 956-BULL or by accessing the 2009 Baseball Championship link at www.theacc.com. Individual tickets may also be purchased by calling that number or accessing that web site.


Fabian looks like he might have played banjo while site seeing from bridges in his youth.



Truth = Gino Toretta


I finally got it!


any word when the next Canes fans get together is with cheerleaders and inflatables provided for guests enjoyment in the endzone?



Lynden Trail of BTW told ESPN that Florida is now on top of his list, fwiw.

Have a good night all. Good series of articles, 86.


Roach...if U are reading the blob, there is a delay in sending your shirt. It will be mailed on Saturday.

Six...did U ever catch up with K2?

Solar and CGNC...sorry, but I had to push your articles back one day for Part II of the APR to post while the getting was good. Pheonix is now Friday night and PP: GUNN on Sunday night.

DZ8...U have until next Tuesday to get it done. U better be researching, or writing or summarizing. Don't be like Cat5!


any word when the next Canes fans get together is with cheerleaders and inflatables provided for guests enjoyment in the endzone?

Posted by: solarcane | May 13, 2009 at 11:01 PM

No comment. LOL ;-)


Good series of articles, 86.

Posted by: JCane | May 13, 2009 at 11:03 PM

Thank U sir!

I guess my UM (977) education (class of 1986) is paying off after all?

More to follow...

CA Cane Fan

Drtycane: The new CB commit is Jeremy Davis and is Philip Buchanon's half brother. There is a lot about him with many links in the last blog - Academic Progress Report 2009.


thanks CA

Central Vacuum Planet - UMike



Great writing 86 & Go Canespacers!


Canechic, Canechic, need I say more? GO PENS! Angry I hope you didn't have to sleep in the guest room last night.


GOOD stuff to read 86/Soup. Message those that read & don't post; just get "on board" & post; Go Canes!


Kind of surprized at the Maryland score, for some reason I thought they would be higher (see...I read)


canesteeler - I didn't watch the game last night - got home too late I guess but the Kid was en fuego it seems!

Este - what say you???? the Caps are going to spank the Pens....wasn't that you? Oh well......;-D


Any fans here live in Greensboro, NC with Miami flags on there car? I was there yesterday and saw car flying past me with two Miami flags dangling from the window. Thats what I am talking about, repping the U in NC. Feels good to know that I am not alone.


Once we start winning these BTW kids and all the other ones will jump on the bandwagon.


Canesgirlnc I was out with the girlfriend and missed the game also. My son was texting me with updates.


Canechic, Canechic, need I say more? GO PENS! Angry I hope you didn't have to sleep in the guest room last night.

Posted by: canesteeler | May 14, 2009 at 08:44 AM

Yea I posted that the Pens won in the 2nd period, I mean it was 4 to 0 at that point. Look Caps did not show up but that 4 min. minor last night was given to Crosby only cuz he is Crosby. Nick was screaming in the front room saying I cannot believe the ref's just gave a 4 minute minor and there was not even blood, just because it is Crosby. Angry was just as angry as I, he just likes to raz me about the steelers because he knows how much I hate those yellow and black cheaters, lol!


The game was horrible so you really missed nothing. Even the caps 2 goals were very easy, pens goals were not spectacular either, maybe the first one but after that is was over. The caps stopped trying. Not a great game 7 at all!


I am doing some research for a piece on offensive linemen for the local paper. Need some info on Florida sports.

1. Do you have public Middle School football?

2. Are there PAL, Boys Club, Optimist Club tackle football teams without weight restrictions? Please don't include Pop Warner as they discriminate against big boys.

3. Are there required formal strength and conditioning Summer and off season programs (with the coaches) at the high schools?

At first glance on my research, compared to Texas and California, it seems that Florida ignores the big boys until high school. Am I wrong?

Keep in mind that all I know about the inner workings of Florida high school football I got from watching "Year of the Bulls".

Any help would be appreciated in understanding the options of a Florida 13-14 year old who weighs 210 and wants to play tackle football.



CC if you are a Pens fan, it was a great game 7 - any time your team is up by several goals it is exciting. They apparently had the mojo.


Elliott I live in Charlotte


Yes canesgirl true but it was not a good game, caps were flat. I mean I remember Angry and I staying up until 2 in the morning watching some triple overtime game 7's. Both teams playing to win and battling. Nothing like that last night kinda like the Cav's basketball games, zzzzzz!

Texas we have middle schools but no football programs in middle school, I think most of the kids play pop warner.

Miami has Optimist leagues. Not sure if they have them orlando, pop warner is very popular here.

Yes High School teams at least in Orlando require summer conditioning.

Hope that helps.

conch salad

New Manny:



Elliott I live in Charlotte

Cool I live in the small miserable town known as Salisbury. I love throwing up the U at all the Carolina fans here. If only we can whip them this year...


Texascane, I live in the fort lauderdale area and the optomist have an unlimited weight class which I believe the 13-14 year olds can play in.


Texascane, most of the offensive and defensive linemen that play D1 football never played youth football...


Bad news Canesteeler-


Native cane- ha, ha!



Are you speaking about just Florida?

The kids here start playing tackle football...unlimited weight at six years old.

Weight restrictions only on ball handlers, db's and lb's.

What I am trying to find out is:

Does the fact that there is no middle school football and Pop Warner is so popular in FL (with weight limits) account for the fact that so few FL high school offensive linemen

A. Play D-1 ball.
B. Move on to the NFL...

compared to the number of Db's, rb's and wide receivers to come out of FL schools.

The Truth

Excellent assessment Texas.

I actually think that is a very valid argument. But, then again, there are kids that go to schools outside of the state that do develop. But, what are the percentages there??

Overall kids from Florida do not develop into DL and OL NFL players.

For the most part fat boys aren't allowed to play football until HS and that is DUMB.

There are some public MS is Florida that offer football- off the top of my head I think Washington County has a few - but They are few and far between. Some private schools offer it too but, again, it's not a big thing here like it is in Cali or TX.

The Truth

Maybe you could even find that it's the OL that don't develop as much as the DL cuz with DL you can just stick em out there and let their ability take over to a point.


Here is what piqued my interest:

Since 1988, Florida high schools have produced 576 future NFL draft picks (regardless of where they went to college).

131 were DB's (safeties and corners); 104 were wide receivers; 63 were running backs and only 57 were offensive linemen (all positions). Since there are 5 O-linemen on every team, why the drop off?

In comparison, the other two big football states:

Texas high schools produced 97 offensive line draft picks and California had 118 in the same period.

Just trying to determine why that is.

Central Vacuum Planet - UMike

Maybe kids down here don't care to be linemen lol..everyone wants to be the one making the big play. Florida has A LOT of street ball with no lineman, idk if that is the same in other States.

The Truth

And those stats right there are why EVERY HS kid reading this needs to understand that their education comes first.

Imagine how many college football players there have been from Florida since 1988 - at all college levels - and ONLY 600 or so have been drafter.

Git yer edumacation cherin!!

The Truth

Drafter - DRAFTED!!!

I need to go back appearantly.


texas its cause so much of the youth in florida are thugs. and can't be a fat thug. makes for an easy target. plus hard to run from the police when you are too big. and if they aren't a thug they need to be fast to make sure they run from the thugs and the police (cause they might fit the description they gotta run from the police too).

i know my mom would always tell me when i put on a few pounds when i was younger that i need to lose some weight or i might not be fast enough anymore. she knew what was up. another reason i love my mother. she was always looking out for me.

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