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May 24, 2009





another good article


DZ8, If three and four are anything like one and two, I'll be outside doin' gassers.
Good stuff!
Go Canes!

Oh I almost forgot-
Go Calvin!


Huzzah to you DZ8... well written pieces, though I really don't need to get any more pumped up for this season... lol... keep 'em comin!


All we need now is for jeff luc to committ today or sometime this week to keep the momentum going. shannon is setting out to have oppossing offenses scared to hike the ball again.

dz8, the funny thing is, although our secondary only had 2 interceptions, being ranked #7 against the pass nationally supposedly will balance that out. although i'm still not sure how that happened!

cav, this team is setting out to outwork other teams, and no doubt, with the schedule i keep hearing about that we have, this team is setting out to began their own Cane legacy!



That's right.


From the "Bleacher Report" - written obviously by one of the most myopic and legally retarded Nole fans alive:

Sep. 7, Labor Day - Miami

"We should win this game mostly because Miami will have never played a game with their new coaches, but also because we should be the better team and have home field advantage.

Miami will be still settling in and last year’s first quarter before the rain showed a lot for Noles. FSU rolls in this game! 80 percent."


I guess this guy doesn't realize that:

- They will be anorexic at the WR spot who have major playing time, considering they won't have Preston Parker, Greg Carr, Corey Surrency, and also losing Willie Downs

- They won't have Myron Rolle, Derek Nicholson, Everette Brown, Tony Carter, Neefy Moffett, Toddrick Verdell, etc. in their Defense

- The fact that the Canes DO HAVE NEW COACHES actually helps them, not hurts them

- The baby Canes that cut their teeth last year by playing, have one year under their belt mentally & physically


I wrote a quick article on why I think we beat FSU( obviously 86Cane shytcanned it)

One of the things I noted was Ponder gets behind he throws picks, not a pick but lots of picks per game.

With the FSU defense never facing a Cane's offense that attacks every down, I see us confusing them.

Also I'm pretty sure they have gone to a freshman kicker and long snapper, which can make for some entertaining special teams action.

We win this one easier than we thought, or Bosher wins it in dramatic style, either way we win



Anyone know when

My Fat A$$ Loves To Eat, So What!! airs this summer?

I'm bored



Solar it is pretty boring around here!

We have been dieting in the canechic household, so pretty much chicken and salad. Angry said tonight, "Chicken again?" and I replied, "Well there is always Romen noodles." He complained no more!!!


I had a steak sandwich using extra large tostones instead of bread. Tasted real good.


Sixth...That's right.

Posted by: Six | May 24, 2009 at 09:16 PM

How DOES he do it? Uncanny!

Loco...I'd offer U Canespace gear but U got some. How about a ST#26 shirt?


DZ8...bringing it to The Space! Good stuff.

Parts III and IV coming to a blog near U soon. Don't touch that dial!

Too bad Solar can't write like this huh? LOL


solar - I think it all will come down to the Canes OLine vs the Nole DLine.

Their DLine was good last year, that's the main reason their Total Defense was ranked #15 in the nation last year .... "last year" being the key words.

They were #4 in the nation in sacks per game (3) and #1 in tackles for loss (8.6) per game. Their scoring defense was #26 (20.15) per game.

Like I said, they lose DE's Everette Brown and Neefy Moffett. They lose LB's Derek Nicholson and Toddrick Verdell.

They still have DT's Kendrick Stewart and Budd Thacker to eat up the middle.

But I think they lost a little more than they can handle to get back to that #15 Total Defense ranking.

If the Miami OLine can handle that Nole DLine and blitzing LBs - they'll be fine. We all know that Trickett will have the Nole OLine working together, but like you said, Ponder throws picks - he only threw one more TD than INT (14 TD, 13 INT).

Look at how close the game was last year after the Canes pulled their head out of their ass. Does Ponder really run for 152 yards again this year? Antone Smith isn't there to do his best "Timmy Smith Superbowl XXII" impersonation again.

The rushing yards of those two basically killed the Canes that game.

That is not going to happen again this year.


College Station, Texas - University of Miami women's tennis junior Laura Vallverdu took a three-set triumph (6-4, 5-7, 6-4) over Georgia's Chelsey Gullickson on Sunday evening in the semifinal round of the NCAA Women's Tennis Singles Championships at the George P. Mitchell Tennis Center in College Station, Texas. Vallverdu will now play for a chance at the NCAA Singles National Championship on Monday, May 25 at 11 a.m. (CT).

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) will be toting the 2009 NCAA Women's Tennis Singles National Championship away from the "Lone Star" state, but where it goes is to be determined Monday afternoon. The championship match will consist of Duke's Mallory Cecil and Miami's Vallverdu. The title will either head back to Coral Gables for the second time in three years, or travel to Durham, N.C. for the first time since 1998.

In the day's other semifinal women's match, Cecil earned her trip to the finals against Miami's No. 1 singles player, Julia Cohen. All-ACC performer and No. 2 seeded Cohen's championship run ended in the semifinals with a loss at the hands of fifth-seeded Cecil. Cecil opened up the match with an early break, then cruising to a 6-1, 6-0 victor--the third consecutive for Cecil over Cohen.

"Lau is playing the best tennis I've ever seen her play," exclaimed UM eighth-year head coach Paige Yaroshuk-Tews. "She's going to have match on her hands tomorrow with [Mallory] Cecil. But I think if Laura keeps up this level of performance, then she's got very good shot at winning a national title."

The NCAA Division I men's and women's tennis doubles finals will now be played on Monday, May 25 at 10:00 a.m. (CT) on the grandstand courts (located behind the tennis press box) and the men's and women's singles finals will be played at 11:00 a.m. (CT) on the stadium courts, weather permitting. Showers and possible storms are expected in and around the College Station area in the early afternoon hours.


John Lovett was named the new defensive coordinator at the University of Miami on Feb. 12, 2009. A veteran coach with 18 years of experience as a defensive coordinator with stops at Clemson, Auburn and Mississippi, Lovett inherits a unit that returns 15 players with starting experience, including three Freshman All-Americans.

"John brings a wealth of experience and success, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the ACC," Miami head coach Randy Shannon said. "He has consistently elevated the play of defenses at every school he has coached. Our players will love his approach and mentality. John is a tremendous recruiter and will also be a great addition to the University of Miami community."

Lovett, 58, spent the last two seasons as the special teams coordinator and a defensive assistant at North Carolina, where the kickoff coverage unit ranked among the nation's top 15 and the Tar Heels blocked six kicks in 2008. He coached the NCAA all-time leader in combined kick return yards in Brandon Tate. Tate also established the ACC career mark for kickoff return yards. Kicker Connor Barth set the school career mark for field goals.


Mark Whipple was named the new offensive coordinator at the University of Miami on Jan 27, 2009. A veteran of 27 seasons as a coach on both the collegiate and professional levels, Whipple inherits a unit that returns nine starters, an experienced young quarterback, one of the top running back tandems in the Atlantic Coast Conference, a talented group of receivers and an offensive line that returns three starters.

"Mark has been successful in every phase of his career," Miami head coach Randy Shannon said. "Hedeveloped a Super Bowl quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger,won a national championship as the head coach at UMass and created an effective and potent offense most recently for the playoff bound Philadelphia Eagles. Aside from being innovative at his craft, Mark is a tremendous individual who will positively impact our student-athletes on and off the field."

Whipple, 51, spent the 2008 season as an offensive assistant coach with the Philadelphia Eagles helping the team to an appearance in the NFC championship game. Before joining the Eagles, he served as the quarterbacks coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2004-06 where he was instrumental in the development of Ben Roethlisberger, who became the youngest starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl. In 2004, Roethlisberger became the first NFL quarterback to finish a season undefeated with a 13-0 record in games he started.

"I am excited to work with Randy Shannon," Whipple said. "I feel like we're going to be a great team. Coach Shannon and I have been on the same page from day one. Our goal is to win a national championship. The one thing I haven't done is win one at the I-A level. It's been a goal of mine for a while now. I couldn't think of a better place to work toward that goal than the University of Miami."

Prior to his move to the NFL, Whipple coached 16 seasons as a head coach at the collegiate level compiling an overall record of 121-59 (.672) at stops at the University of Massachusetts, Brown and New Haven.


Oh yeah, BTW...OcalaCane got Married!!!

Congrats to Steve and his LOVELY bride and converted Cane fan Jerel.

They were married at a beautiful park in SW Ocala. A smalll reception was later held at their house.

Photos to foillow...


"He coached the NCAA all-time leader in combined kick return yards in Brandon Tate. Tate also established the ACC career mark for kickoff return yards."

Not knocking Lovett but

I doubt much of that was coaching.
Who coached Hester to return like he does?

I'm sold Whipple busts loose.

Lovett I'm not sure is a upgrade from Young.
Lovett has the players with the attitude it takes to carry him.
I think we score enough points that our D isn't dead by the middle of the 3ed qtr every game.



"I couldn't think of a better place to work toward that goal than the University of Miami."

It would have sounded so much more convincing had he said "achieve" instead of "toward", oh well he has to be light years better than what we been through.


Best wishes Ocala to you and your bride, you're a class guy



Too bad Solar can't write like this huh? LOL

Posted by: 86Cane | May 24, 2009 at 10:53 PM

yea but does anyone consistently bring stuff like that Joe Pannz picture comparison in the article?...
yea that's what I thought

Dz seriously, this is an excellent series of articles bra



aight I'm out

Calvin blogger of the Month for May hand's down!



I'm all about tostones, este. I eat croquetas & pancakes everyday...


This is the blog that has Mr. T? Right?


It's been a while since I left a comment on the blog, but I felt this needed to be said...

I am watching the latest episode of "4th & Long" featuring Michael Irvin. If you really want to see the attitude and leadership that a true 'Cane needs. Watch him talk to the contestants.

I know this has been mentioned so many times over. Hell, it's why he's a HOFer. But, even now the intensity, competativeness and motivation is STILL there.

That is one of the TRUEST 'Canes ever!


hawaii, hell, everything irvin is involved in is intense! You right about the Cane in em too, you can see why he was sick to his stomach when he was at 1 of the Cane games in shannon's 1st year. And at the 5:48 mark of this clip, that 1 guy was looking at irvin like he was crazy, lol, and on the football field, he was, just like all the Canes from the 80's on up to 2001.

CANEz1 told us about the time dan morgan came in the huddle with his face painted with camoflauge or something like that and ed reed asked him what hell you doing, morgan said it's to scare the other team, reed said, hell, you scaring us, lol. Before & after seeing this clip, just think about what jacory said the other day, they ran 32 110's, lol. And also for those who know, some of the greatest players were some of the greatest practicers. Like SEAN TAYLOR, who would tell his teammates who would start complaining in practice, "DON'T COUNT THE REPS, MAKE THE REPS COUNT!

irvin a leader of men, he's taking what was left at greentree and the OB and bringing it to non-Canes and making them better, this is just a taste of why bennie blades took up some of the field at the OB, the price alot of them paid to help win 58 straight, that's why when you see a guy like randy shannon smiling and feeling good, you gotta know it's because he's beginning to see some of the same things he saw from all the championship teams he's been apart of. Than when you think back to how randy was named the most inspirational on the team back in the 80's, just smile and be glad that the saying is true, a team takes on the characteristics of it's headcoach, that should give you a real good idea of where this team is headed, lol.


In other words just forward to the 1:32 mark of this clip, lol, i haven't even seen the rest yet myself, imagine this at greentree, somebody begging guys to give 1 more rep, you see why now that bryce brown is not here, marve's not here, patchan went to the azz kisser, shannon has that same mentality! He's been around to many great athlete's who worked harder than their talent!


Yeah Calvin... he's the "dirty one" and he enjoys the role! That's the winning Cane mentality right there! There better NOT be any need for "begging" from our coaches... RS recruited the kids who will respond to any challenge put in fron of them... CHAMPIONS! Don't pull any punches or pussyfoot around... tell it like it is, and that's why #47 (The Playmaker) was, and is a true champion, and lifelong Cane!

Nice job DZ8!


Calvin blogger of the Month for May hand's down!

Posted by: solarcane | May 24, 2009 at 11:38 PM

Yes, I agree 100%.

Remember the voting for CSROH 2009 will be held this week. Vote here, vote often!


Aqua...U have the right blog, but what ever happened to Mr. T? We haven't seen him around in quite some time???


New Manny:


I pitty the fool!

OK… Listen up fools!!

Mr. T. been on tha down low for a good while.
It don’t mean Mr. T waddin reading up on some Cranespace.

You fools odda be shamed !!

Calbin da only real Canst amongst use?

Wettin yo panny over playing a couple real football teams, man what kinda bull jive you been rolling in?

Mr T gots mo backbone in hiz foeskinz!

You give Mr. T. any mo jibba jabba bout “ but day ranked, day ranked Mr. T” and Mr T. gonna slap you so hard you gran kids will swell up.

Don’t make me mad hrmmmmmmmmmm!!

Randy Channon no hiz bidness, why you want to second guest him?
I pity tha fool that question Croch Channon!!

An anutha thang, when Da Truff tells you sumpin you Fools listen up, that cat know wadz .

Joekoree gonna take da Cranes right back to the top, so stop dat we got it so tuff jibba jabba!!

Mr. T. outta here.


Thanks for all the nice comments, my psyche remains undamaged.

86Cane I was worried when you took out the reference to Kyle during the LSU game but when you put his picture in there I think everyone knows who I was talking about. Sweet editing.

Parts 3 and 4 might not get everyone as pumped up, easy on the gassers NativeCane, but it'll be good to have a healthy debate on the talent on the team.


...and a safe Memorial Day to everyone out there.

Thanks to all who served.


solar, I think Lovetts an upgrade over Young simply cause of philosophy. Lovetts meshes with Randy's since it's based on our old defenses approach. Harmony of the minds. Can now just focus on fundamentals which are supposedly his strong point.


Thanks to all who served.

Posted by: DZ8 | May 25, 2009 at 10:30 AM

At 3 PM please recognize a moment of silence for all of those who have served and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Thank U!


Loco...I'd offer U Canespace gear but U got some. How about a ST#26 shirt?

Posted by: 86Cane | May 24, 2009 at 10:41 PM

Got that too, no biggie


I just hope that people realize what today is about, and not just see it as some "Cinco De Mayo" or "St.Patty's Day" crap where they just are happy to have it off so they can go out and get drunk/stupid/DUI'ed.

I see and hear too many people happy that it's a vacation day for them and put it on the back burner of their brain of why today happens, in order for them to go have their fun.

I'm grateful for the men, women, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. who have served and who are now serving. I'm extremely grateful for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in what they consider, just doing their job, and their families who have shared those heroes with us.

I'm grateful to my granddaddy who served in the Army Air Corps in WWII and was stationed in England, while being part of the 96th Bombardment Group (H) 8th U.S.A.A.F., 413th Squadron B-17 bombers.

I'm grateful also to my brother in law, who served over in Korea, as a member of the 101st Airborne/Special Forces unit.


After watching the show with The Playmaker, 4th and Long, and watching him make those guys run 19 110s - isn't that what Swasey asks the Canes to do in the offseason and during spring/fall ball?

Like Calvin said, hearing that Jacory was running 32 110s with other players - dedication of a Cane right there.

The Playmaker says some things in that recap of the first episode, I can see how motivation is not a problem for him at all. When you hear him speak, you want to do anything you can to not disappoint him.

When he talks about the true test of themselves, he doesn't care about what they run the 40 in 1st Quarter, when they're all fresh and rested ... he cares about how they do after they're beat up and barely walking - that's the 4th Quarter mentality test.

"I want to find out if your desire will override your fatigue"

"You tell your sickness with your mind, I'm not listening, I got something to do today"

"I'm playing against you and I see you with your hands on your knees, it gives me confidence that I'm going to beat your ass"

"Everyday you watch football, everyday you look at it, you'll think about the day you gave up .. let's go, get up"

Badass show.


six, that's why it's sickening to see people holding up 4 fingers as if they earned it, when we held up 4 fingers, we already knew we worked harder than the other team, so the 4th quarter almost always belonged to us, now when you see people doing it, it makes you sick, because what team out their has really earned it, well, 32 110's the other day, i think it's safe to say it's coming back when true meaning real soon. At the same time, these guys aren't trying to let any game come down to the 4th quarter.

"I wanna know what you're going to do for me in the 4th quarter", lol.

That's the same thing we use to say growing up, but most of the coaches would always say, let's see what you run in the 40 with your pads on. That's what separates devin hester from alot of players, i remember reading somewhere they said frank gore ran a 4.4/3 with his pads on.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Calvin's excited, Shannon's smiling, Truth predicts 10-2, aw hell, we might as well roll out the 12% Carpet for that magic ride. haha


And to think people think these guys are just "talented", that they don't have to and want to work and outwork anyone and everyone.

Imagine that.

As many physical tools as they had, they didn't mean much without that tool between the ears and between the shoulders.

Now we have a three deep rotation of ballers who have the Brainz, the Heart and the Ballz.

Gotta have all three for Hurricane Football.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer

Este, agreed about Lovett. I think he's actually an upgrade because he knows the ACC so well. He may or may not have the zone-schemes of Young but he's hungry and is on the same sheet of music as Shannon philosophically.

Plus, with talented but young players, a more basic defense might actually be better, because as someone maybe Shannon said, when the kids don't have to think as much they can play faster.


I'm grateful for the men, women, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. who have served and who are now serving. I'm extremely grateful for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in what they consider, just doing their job, and their families who have shared those heroes with us.

Posted by: Six | May 25, 2009 at 12:28 PM

Amen Six, Amen...


Any News on Baseball?

doc in pv


Baseball info////


In regards to progress, do U guys really think this is the leap year? Meaning we win between 9 and 10 games? I hate to be negative but I think 8 games is realistic but 9 or 10 would be great.


yea you could be right.

I'm thinking the players are acually going to make Lovett seem a lot better DC than he is right now.
Will he be a good DC? He seems a disiplined and dedicated coach so given time I think so.

Does Jacory score at will on his defense every day.. yea pretty much.

Maybe our offense with Whipple is just that good, or maybe we will find out how good our d really is after the first month of the season


Everybody every year is an upgrade in your book lol

That's why you are the offical Captain Obvious
But this year we really do have something to be excited about at every position from HC right down to scout team QB.



Lovett has been D coordinator at Maine, twice, Auburn, Clemson, Bowling Green. So we can see have the debate already on wether he is a good DC. If he is a good DC at Miami remains to be seen. It might take a year to get used to the players and the players used to his style. It won't be because he is learning what he is doing, ala Pat Nix.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Solar, lol, I gave Lovett a partial endorsement based on a few factors that don't have to do with his direct skill...ACC, more basic, Miami-like philosophy for young players. His in-game skills remain to be seen of course but if he can call a better game against GT than Young, he's a HR in my book. lol That was easily Young's worst game.

Overall, this should make him slightly better than Young. It's a double edged sword though b/c with Young he was largely unknown which is something you always like to have.

But I would say Shannon has improved and upgraded his coaching choices every time he's made one. Lovett might be a break even but every other one was clearly an upgrade.

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