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June 13, 2009



wylie just because you look like marley doesnt mean u play like him.get out and put in some work,go ahead and play for some hole in wall program i guess u dont have what it takes


Ronnie Lott had the tip of his finger cut off, not the whole thing according to legend, but everyone knows how crazy hockey players are ....

"Lidstrom missed the final two games of the Western Conference finals because he was speared in the testicle by the Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Sharp(notes) in Game 3 and had to undergo surgery. But he returned for the opening game of the Stanley Cup final."

One of his grapes was squashed, he got some fixin' done on it, and came back to play. Insane testicular fortitude right there.



New blog at Midnight...


Well this darius robinson kids film doesn't impress me, he does have great straight line speed, and defense would have to be where he plays, he has no real moves in the open field/hips are not that fluid, ut he'll add more speed to the team/secondary if he comes in, plays kind of physical, hell look for yourself. I like how his clips have him running track 1st though, hmmmm, maybe that's where he belongs, and just remember this after watching his clips, lamar the truth miller is faster.




86 if it's not to late for picks i got trav benj and spence

Posted by: canezilla | June 15, 2009 at 10:37 PM

Zilla...I gotchu.


Legends of the Fall, FINAL list, updates at bottom of list:

Six: Thompkins / Ojomo
Bham: Byrd / Brandon Harris
Texas: Fox / Moncur
Cold: Jacory / Brandon Harris
Navy: Jacory / Forston
Daytona: Cooper / Forston
OMFG: Jacory / Spence
Tortuga: Bosher / McCarthy
Esteban: Cooper / Vernon
djmoonbat: Byrd / MRob
Notsosane: Streeter / Telemaque
8thMan: Byrd / Spence
MD: Benjamin / Phillips
TLuv: JJ / CMac
Alex: Jacory / DVD
DFW: AJ / Telemaque
Seoul: AJ / Brandon Harris
Canezitis: Byrd / Ojomo
PhillyScott: Byrd / RayRay
CGNC: Bosher / Shields
DZ8: JJ / CMac
JC: Streeter / Telemaque
Warrior: Jacory / Forston
Century: Thompkins / DVD
Sebastian: Benjamin / Bailey
Solar: Collier / Spence
Hassan: Byrd / Jacory
Latin: AJ / Forston
DAT: Byrd / Telemaque
Sniper: Benjamin / Ojomo
Ocala: Benjamin / Forston
Super: Miller / Ojomo
Iraqi: Streeter / Spence
Chicago: Jacory / MRob
IN: Jacory / Spence
Ocean: Graham Cracker TE / RayRay
Truth: #12 / #26
True: MJames / Streeter
Loco: Benjamin / Moncur
MacJones: Jacory / Telemaque
Conch: Jacory / Bailey
OGV: Jacory / Bailey
UMike: Byrd / Spence
305: JJ / Sharpton
Dan Durkee: JJ / McCarthy
bg1906: JJ / Telemaque
Luver: Franklin / Forston
tjl: RayRay / JoJo
Cavaleer: Byrd / Vernon
KL: Byrd / MRob
Shwarma: JJ / Bailey
Sarasota: Jacory / Shileds
Canechic: Jacory / RayRay
MWD: Byrd / MRob
Hurriphin: AJ / McCarthy
Cat5: MJames / Brown
LB#1Fan: Byrd / Spence
Houston: Byrd / McCarthy
Brian: Streeter / Buchanon
JCane: Byrd / RayRay
Roach: Byrd / Spence
Windy1: MJames / DVD
Native: JJ / Shields
jw: Byrd / Bailey
Reggae: JJ / DVD
Elliot: Byrd / Spence
pb(CSROH09): Jacory / MRob
SFCane: Byrd / Spence
Canesagent: Cooper / Moncur
86: Mike James / Shields
Pre83: Jacory / Moncur
Teflon: Bailey / Hankerson
Aqua: Cooper / Spence
Lyquid: Benjamin / Telemaque
Sleazavitch: Baby J / Sharpton
Calvin: Hankerson / Brown
ChiCane: Jacory / RayRay
KillerBeez: Ojomo / J.Fox
Fran: McGee/ Robinson
Sling: Byrd / McCarthy
DisU: Jacory / Spence
Busy: Jacory / Spence
California: Benjamin / Telemaque
Tim: Benjamin / McCarthy
Dude: Franklin / Forston
Canestruck: Byrd / Telemaque
Brownsub: Mike James / McGee
CVS: Collier / Forston
Money: JJ / Phillips
Monty: Benjamin / Spence
Zilla: Benjamin / Spence
Sunshyyne: Benjamin / Ray Ray
Carlos: Jacory / Spence

Guest Bloggers:
AllCanes: Jacory / Moncur
Don Bailey Jr.: Byrd / McCarthy
Manny Navarro: Thompkins / Telemaque
Gary Ferman: TBA


here is the guy from Georgia you want in a Canes uniform.
this kid can throw deep, find the open guy and also outrun most everybody on the field for the first twentyfive yards.
he ends up at Virginia Tech you will get to see plenty of him.

He comes here he will be pushing hard to start when jacory leaves

He remiinds me of Steve Walsh with his delivery.

james harris woodstock georgia




Spence is on that list quite a few times is he the lead vote getter projected legend?



Solar IMO it would be crazy not to make him the preseason pick for MVP of this team.

That being said I picked Robinson.



thats why I jot down all of the advice you have given me over the years... the absolute genius of your reckoning is awesome



Kenny is working out for the UFL
I wish Whipple would hire him as an ast qb coach, 6 years from now he could be a great OC




Thanks buddy. Stuff like that is why I feel I'm a front runner for the CSROH in 2010...

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer




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