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June 20, 2009





New Manny:



CL...nice work there! See U round the blob.


Absolutely. I read everyday, but speak whenever the spirit move me.


Wats going on fellas hey 86 I had a question or u man...... How much is it for these cane shirts I read about especially the st26 one? And legends of the fall what's that all about fill me in bro I'm the new guy lol... Other then that man congrats on this website helluva a job man



That's right.


He is one impressive dude!

Posted by: 86Cane | June 20, 2009 at 05:19 PM

I'll tell you what's impressive, is the fact that 86 gave birth to this site, had the labor pains at first but then has seen it grow into what it has become - through thick and thin, good times and bad.

Really think about how many people come here to talk Canes anything, read about Canes anything, give their opinion on Canes anything, and look forward to reading Canes anything on here. You know how many people have this site bookmarked at the top of their list? Not only Cane material here, but happenings in every day life - past, present & future - and Cane fans helping other Cane fans out.

That's what is impressive brah, damn impressive. I'm must glad there is an outlet like Canespace to help enable with the addiction to anything "U".

Cat 5 Cane

I'm sure it has already been post by someone,But How about that... Gino T...

*** College Football Hall of Fame adds 18 new members

by the National Football Foundation staff

NEW YORK, April 30, 2009 - From the national ballot of 76 candidates and a pool of hundreds of eligible nominees, Archie Manning, chairman of The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame, announced the 2009 College Football Hall of Fame Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division I-A) Class, which includes the names of 16 First Team All-America players and two legendary coaches.


•PERVIS ATKINS - HB, New Mexico State (1958-60)
•TIM BROWN - WR, Notre Dame (1984-87)
•CHUCK CECIL - DB, Arizona (1984-87)
•ED DYAS - FB, Auburn (1958-60)
•MAJOR HARRIS - QB, West Virginia (1987-89)
•GORDON HUDSON - TE, Brigham Young (1980- 83)
•WILLIAM LEWIS* - C, Harvard (1892-93)
•WOODROW LOWE - LB, Alabama (1972-75)
•KEN MARGERUM - WR, Stanford (1977-80)
•STEVE McMICHAEL - DT, Texas (1976-79)
•CHRIS SPIELMAN - LB, Ohio State (1984-87)
•LARRY STATION - LB, Iowa (1982-85)
•PAT SWILLING - DE, Georgia Tech (1982-85)

•GINO TORRETTA - QB, Miami (Fla.) (1989-92)

•CURT WARNER - RB, Penn State (1979-82)
•GRANT WISTROM - DE, Nebraska (1994-97)
* Selection from the FBS Veterans Committee, deceased


•DICK MacPHERSON - 111-73-5 (.601) - Massachusetts (1971-77), Syracuse (1981-90)
•JOHN ROBINSON - 132-77-4 (.629) - Southern California (1976-82, 1993-97), Nevada-Las Vegas (1999-2004)

"The NFF Honors Court and its Chairman Gene Corrigan did an exceptional job in selecting the 2009 College Football Hall of Fame Class," said Manning, a 1989 College Football Hall of Famer from Ole Miss. "This year's class represents two centuries of outstanding football players who have reached the pinnacle of success in the collegiate ranks, and we are happy to preserve their legacies in the Hall of Fame."

The 2009 College Football Hall of Fame Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) Class will be inducted at the NFF Annual Awards Dinner on December 8, 2009, at the Waldorf=Astoria in New York City. They will be officially enshrined at the Hall in South Bend, Ind., during ceremonies in the summer of 2010.


•Two Heisman Trophy winners (Brown, Torretta)
•Seven unanimous First Team All-Americans (Brown, Hudson, McMichael, Spielman, Station, Torretta, Wistrom)
•Five consensus First Team All-Americans (Cecil, Lowe, Margerum, Spielman, Station)
•Seven multiple-year First Team All-America honorees (Brown - 2, Hudson - 2, Lowe - 3, Margerum - 2, Spielman - 2, Station - 2, Wistrom - 2)
•One Maxwell Award winner (Torretta)
•Two Walter Camp Players of the Year (Brown, Torretta)
•One Davey O'Brien Award winner (Torretta)
•Two Lombardi Award winners (Spielman, Wistrom)
•Two NFF National Scholar-Athletes (Dyas, Wistrom)
•Five Academic All-Americans (Cecil, Dyas, Margerum, Station, Wistrom)
•Four members of National Championship teams (Lowe, Torretta, Warner, Wistrom)
Eight members of conference championship teams (Atkins, Hudson, Lowe, McMichael, Spielman, Station, Torretta, Wistrom)
•Six decades and two centuries represented: 1890s (1) - Lewis; 1950s (2) - Atkins, Dyas; 1960s (2) - Atkins, Dyas; 1970s (4) - Lowe, Margerum, McMichael, Warner; 1980s (10) - Brown, Cecil, Harris, Hudson, Margerum, Spielman, Station, Swilling, Torretta, Warner; 1990s (2) - Torretta, Wistrom


•Nine Conference Championships (MacPherson - 4, Robinson - 5)
•15 Bowl berths (MacPherson - 6, Robinson - 9)
•32 First Team All-Americas coached (MacPherson - 14, Robinson - 18)
•Seven NFF National Scholar-Athletes Coached (MacPherson - 2, Robinson - 5)

Did You Know?
• Only 846 players and 182 coaches have been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame from the more than 4.65 million who have played the game over the past 140 years.

• Founded in 1947, The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame inducted its first class of inductees in 1951. The first class included 32 players and 19 coaches, including Illinois' Red Grange, Notre Dame's Knute Rockne, Amos Alonzo Stagg and Carlisle's Jim Thorpe.

• 276 schools are represented with at least one College Football Hall of Famer.
• In South Bend, Ind., the current building was built in 1995 as a $17 million state-of-the-art interactive facility for fans of all ages. It attracts over 60,000 people each year to more than 200 events.

• Induction for this class of Hall of Famers will take place December 8, 2009 in New York City.


Old Skool - I remember reading Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, wondering afterward just how many times I could do curls those two cinder block sized literary works.

Cat 5 Cane

*** Final 2008 NCAA FBS Interceptions Statistics ***

From The Sports Network


Rank Player................ G Int Yds TD Int/Gm
1. Eric Berry, Tennessee 12 7 265 2 .58
1. Kevin Sanders, UAB 12 7 55 0 .58
3. Trimane Goddard, North Carolina 13 7 156 1 .54
3. Darcel McBath, Texas Tech 13 7 97 2 .54
3. Morgan Burnett, Georgia Tech 13 7 95 1 .54
3. Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest 13 7 33 0 .54
7. Ahmad Black, Florida 14 7 191 2 .50
7. Joe Pawelek, Baylor 12 6 56 0 .50
7. Brian Lainhart, Kent St. 12 6 42 0 .50
7. Woodny Turenne, Louisville 10 5 3 0 .50
11. Victor Harris, Virginia Tech 13 6 142 2 .46
11. Michael Hamlin, Clemson 13 6 111 0 .46
11. Terence Moore, Troy 13 6 59 1 .46
11. D.J. Moore, Vanderbilt 13 6 56 0 .46
15. Paul Anderson, Boston College 14 6 149 1 .43
15. Mark Herzlich, Boston College 14 6 121 2 .43
15. Stephan Virgil, Virginia Tech 14 6 94 0 .43
15. Sean Baker, Ball St. 14 6 46 1 .43
19. Anthony Gaitor, Florida Int'l 12 5 175 2 .42
19. Tyler Sash, Iowa 12 5 147 0 .42
19. Glover Quin, New Mexico 12 5 95 0 .42
19. Duke Ihenacho, San Jose St. 12 5 92 2 .42
19. Sha'reff Rashad, UCF 12 5 87 0 .42
19. Mike Nixon, Arizona St. 12 5 82 1 .42
19. Walter Thurmond III, Oregon 12 5 67 1 .42
19. Daniel Charbonnet, Texas Tech 12 5 47 1 .42
27. Nate Irving, North Carolina St. 10 4 83 1 .40

NC's Goddard and GT's Burnett had the most INT's with 7 each in the ACC

7 out of 12 teams in the ACC were listed with at least one player in the top 27 nationally.

VT and BC led the way in team effort with 2 players snagging 6 each... That's 12 MF*** Interceptions each team...

Lovett...I hope your a spacer, cuase this shiit has to change.

Cat 5 Cane

Taking off my glasses for a minute. Those who think FSU is going to be a cake walk... keep reading.

Offense / Defense


We gave up 314 MF points last year to their 262 points allowed. Then take a peek at their offensive points. This year FSU, I think, is ranked #18.

We're going to have to climb allot of hill, this year, just to keep up with them offensively and defense has got to turn this negative number to around 200.

Cat 5 Cane

Ohhhh, I forgot to say we were dead last, Ranked 119th... with 4 INT's for the year.

Cat 5 Cane

That's 4 INT's for the team, not one person...
Being last, means even Ohio (Miami) beat us with 6 INT's.

OK... I'm going back and putting my glasses back on,... the shine is killing my eye's



Paul Dee is the current Chairman of the NCAA Committee on Infractions?

How did he get that gig?


Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's!


Paul Dee ate the guy in front of him...



That's right.

Posted by: Six | June 21, 2009 at 01:10 AM

How does he do it? LOL

Cat5...great research and material on the blog this AM. That is how U do it!


Paul Dee ate the guy in front of him...

Posted by: Aqua | June 21, 2009 at 09:50 AM

LMAO! U kill Aqua, U kill...


How much is it for these cane shirts I read about especially the st26 one? And legends of the fall what's that all about fill me in bro I'm the new guy lol... Other then that man congrats on this website helluva a job man

Posted by: UpNorthCane06 | June 20, 2009 at 11:30 PM

The ST#26 shirts at $15 which includes shipping. We don't make any money off the shirts after production and shipping costs and $5 goes to a special fund we are trying raising to make a $500 donation to the U in Sean's name. So far we have raised around $150 of the target amount.

U can win one outright by being FIRST on the blog or by winning one of the MANY trivia contests we hacve on here on a random unannounced basis.

For example this one:

Name a UM running back and a UM linebacker that have both worn the #49?


Happy Father's Day to all the Canespace dads.


I'm drawing a blank after Darrel McClover...
Anybody else got a RB???

By the way he was on the 2001 championship team.


ahhh... Donn Scott? RB on the 1995 team?


Am I a winner 86????


And actually if anybody looks at our championship teams and rosters, the majority of our kids were from central and north florida with a mixture of Miami and out of town kids sprinkled in.... Not all Miami or Sofla kids..Which was news to me.

Also bought the vault yesterday for UM, for my Dad to give to him on Father's Day. He loved it.


UpNorth...the Legends of the Fall is something we started last year thanks to CGNC. She wrote a couple of features about past UM players like Ken Dorsey and Jeremy Shockey who by their on-field exploits became "Legends of the Fall".

So we took that lead and began an annual contest to see who could pick or predict which UM players,one on offense/one on defense, would have MAJOR breakout seasons.

It can be a freshman like Mike James or a senior like Javaris James, a popular player like Jacory or Spence or a surprise player like Sam Shields or . It doesn't matter.

Last year I picked AJ and Spence.

This year Mike James and Sam Shields.

Manny, Shandel, Gary, Don Bailey Jr. and Canes305 all have their picks in for this year. The challenge gets better and better every year!


CaneSaw...nope! Keep trying. The two I am thinking about played before 1990.


I'm watching the Gator take jive from Ole Miss.

I feel bad for you guys that like Tebow or even respect his game. It's a joke, the kid can barely look past his first read..


HINTS: The LB played on the 1989 National Championship team and the RB played in 1982 with Jim Kelly and was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings.


CSS is showing the Miami-Clemson 05 OT game at 12:30


Oh Aqua just stop it. U are just JEALOUS of Tim Tebow and his success. It is so obvious. LOL



Hey I thought you just said name a rb/lb with the number 49 lol... I guess I messed that one up. I don't know the other ones you are looking for, maybe I'll look at the vault book I just gave my father when we go over there for dinner.


Guess which ACC team these stats are from?

Yards gained rushing 3847 1951
Yards lost rushing 295 387
Rushing Attempts 640 432
Average Per Rush 5.6 3.6
Average Per Game 273.2 120.3
TDs Rushing 32 13


Man...that Athlon Sports magazine sure doen't like the Canes lol

Cat 5 Cane


If you're outside the circle, looking in... and just at results and what you've seen on TV ( We may have lost every televised game)... We look like a has-beens from a lost era.


I hope you're team drafts him 86




86 the R/B is Chuck Foreman not sure of the other


To everybody who got lucky/unlucky happy father's day. I have yet to produce offspring call my Panda Bear.


this may be old to some..but its pretty raw
check it out
All About The U...


I hope you're team drafts him 86

Posted by: Aqua | June 21, 2009 at 12:23 PM

Aqua...I hope you know I was just kidding? I was imitating Solar who beleives that if you say anything TRUE but negative about Tebow, then he assumes that you are just being "jealous".

I have no love for Tebow, or his game, but that's just because apparently I am "jealous". Whatever...


It's going to be some real serious competition in the secondary from here on out. When you got players like brandon harris, brandon mcgee, jamal reid and jeremy davis in your secondary, and price kent can actually play db as well, although his size will have him looking more at being a safety though, than throw in telemaque and possibly ray ray who i feel may outgrow that secondary position but we'll see.

This defense will be more athletic than pretty much every offense they face, and if our offense can score on the defenses we'll be fielding after thsi year, that's when it's going to happen quick.


Roughly 5 and a 1/2 years ago, my former girlfriend and current wife, gave birth to a set of twins who I named Xavier & Miami. Although they have cost me a few centimeters off my hairline, I love them more than anything in this world.


Proud Father......the U!!


Something tells me that Coach has about fifty-something sons, that are drooling at the bit to make him proud this year.......



No way it's Chuck Foreman. He was #44, and he played way before Jim Kelly's days on the team.

I was thinking Mark Rush from the Kelly days at RB, but I can't remember if it was the Vikes that drafted him. I remember he and Kelly were good friends and wanted to play together (hence, the Houston Gamblers entered the picture).


I am sure of it. It was Mark Rush who wore 49 in those days and went in the '83 draft.


Okay, now I know it was either Bernard Clark or Maurice Crum, but I'm going to bet on Maurice Crum (Sr, that is, not his son who played with the Irish...ugh).


Maurice Crum would be the lb, btw. :)


Happy dad's day to all. Gotta run and spend time with the screaming kids.


BTW, if I'm supposed to get some gear from past stuff already after your supplies are reloaded, 86, feel free to send my contribution to CaneSaw if my answers are correct (as long as CaneSaw can confirm he's a dad today!!!!) :)

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