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June 08, 2009



Legends of the Fall

Thearon Collier (PIMP!!!!!)

Darryl Sharpton (MLB BEAST)


Carlos: ???


vault it!


What ever happened to that fat azz that loves to eat?




oh what a tangled web we weave when first we set out to deceive...


UPDATE ON BREAKING NEWS:Allen Bailey has been spotted working out with Chuck Norris..it was said that Norris is interested in finding out the true meaning of the term bad a55....


I wuz robbed.

Well, maybe not.

Go Canes!


hey 86, Dig deep on your research on the afore mentioned coach Walt K. and you will find out why he may be the very first and orrigional Gator Hater. " gotta get the Gator"


O and speaking about tix. I am planning on heading down for the OU game and I am in need of two tix. I want to get everything settled asap.

Flights and hotels are very cheap right now :)!!

If anyone has a couple they want to sell let me know. I don't even know if tix are out yet but holla if you have two extras floating around.



BG just let chopper take his whoopins. He's cool with it.

I can't believe he still is allowed to participate over there or anywhere for that matter LOL.



bg, too late....let the bashing continue.


Alright, not bashing Rudy personally,just his reporting. This is is just another example of him coming from right field with allegations of recruting mistakes by Shannon. No other reporter even suggests that Liuget was seriously considering UM and I can't keep track of how many times we heard Mama Liguet wanted him to leave the sate because of the past, because of the Pata tragedy, etc. Why talk about Liguet now? Why not state this after the last signing day and refute what everyone else is saying? Maybe Rudy is right and everyone else is wrong, but I've got a hard time believing that.


Don't jump on Rudy. That was from ITU message board as he was having a discussion about another kid and mentioned that. I thought you guys might just like to know what was SAID to have a happened. Please don't bash him, he's not even aware this is here.


BREAKING NEWS: Allen Bailey has not been at optional team practices the past 2 days...it is rumored that the U.N. has enlisted Bailey's help to eliminate the threat of the somali pirates...it is also said that pres obama has sent game film of Bailey to north korea in hopes of putting the fear of god into Kim Jong-il...
more to come.........


would you believe me if i told you i was pulled over by FHP on the turnpike today for suspision of driving under the influence..and i told the trooper that i dont drink, but that i was listening to the dan lebatard show...and he said "oh so you were falling asleep." and let me go... and this happened while i was with coach hurtt on the way to ocala?


Rudy has ZERO credibility in my book, and Esteban asks the critical question. I would like to hear the answer (I think I know it).

RS probably went to Corey Liguet's house, and after considering the athletes he already had on the roster (Fortson, Robinson, Bailey, etc.) RS saw a smaller, indecisive weird kid with an inflated head, and RS didn't want to encourage him to take up a valuable scholly. Nix and Chandler will use those schollies next year.

Bg, I like that ranking on ACC DLs, except I would naturally put the Canes at the top.

The Canes have the best DL and the best WR in the ACC, and I believe they will prove it this year on the field. As numerous bloggers have said, it all starts up front and for the defense, the Canes will bring it this year.

I also think the Canes have some of the best RBs and LBs in the ACC if they can stay healthy. I think the DBs and OL will be much improved, and with a good year, Fox will get drafted on the first day of the NFL draft.

The Canes have the athletes. With RS, Whipple and Lovett, these Canes can win the ACC THIS YEAR.


Brandon is very happy to be at the U and he has put on 10 solid pounds since his arrival.

Posted by: canesteeler | June 09, 2009 at 02:15 PM

That's no big deal, I have put on 10 lbs just sitting here blogging everyday.

Posted by: 86Cane | June 09, 2009 at 02:37 PM

like i said earlier...george foreman has nothing on 86 and his easy bake oven

btw big day coming up thurs. i will be getting my season tickets and i wont miss a game...


Dan Morgan retires, :(


This is how you stop the option COLD!



and why is Rudy putting that info out there?


also who really wants a player who openly talks about where he might transfer to if he doesn't like his first choice?


On the Luigett knews - I'm glad Shannon was like that. has Luigett's been so great at Illinois? Nope. We got the better Hialeah linemen than they did.



The Jersey QB & TE, the ATL corner, and the Naples RB, are all gonna be checking us out this weekend? Am I missing any prospects or what? Methinks this is gonna be a busy weekend in Space!!

I also read that mag' that Six spoke of, and they feel that the Whipple hire was a SWISH!! I just can't get over how many kisses VT is getting. I just don't see it. This should still essentially be the same VT team that we SHOULD'VE (thanks Nix) beaten by three TD's last time. Beamer does a great job with getting the most out of recruiting classes that us Cane fans would scream about if they were "all" we landed. Bud Foster is a demon, and my favorite D Coord. lately. And props for being the most consistent team in the conf. as of late, but when you're talking about 09'-10' Hokies being a darkhorse top 5 team. That's nearly a reach as Kirk Herbie' picking our 05' or 06' squad to win the National.

Be honest guys.

As great as it sounded, is there anyone out there who believed it to the heart?


Congrats to all the HOF inductees! So, how many of us went out and bought Phil Steele's preview magazine today? I went out at lunch, picked up a copy and read through the ACC stuff. As always it's a great mag. and, while I hope he's wrong as hell about Rutgers (#16) I trust his predictions more than anyone else out there.


I didn't see my picks for legends of the fall on the final list

They are: Benjamin / Spence.


I like these coaches making inroads regionally.


When it comes to recruiting, I love how Coach & co. will pick a certain city/region/area, and attack it. Shannon & staff leave more recruiting technique in the business end of a wad of toilet paper than Coker. Love these GA kids. They are the second fastest group of kids, right behind the Floridians, and the second coolest, right behind the Delawarians.

I also hope Coach cleans up that whole Jacksonville area. Anyone care to do some spulunking, and try to narrow down just who the last noteworthy Jack-City area kid we had down in the Gables was?


If I told you that UM Recruting Coordinator Clint Hurtt was recently in Ocala meeting with several HS players up there, would U believe me? ;-)


Hurriphin.....the U!!

before I forget (like I always do) shout to CANEZ1 for constantly dropping that Canesport info on me!! I always mean to thank you, but sometimes I ain't the brightest marker in the box ya know....


Torrents of all 2008 UM Football Games.



Audubon (NJ) High School three-star QB Brandon Hill

Of the possibility of landing a UM offer, Hill said, "I hope I do. That's my goal. If I get an offer from there, that's huge."

Rutgers is Hill's only current Division I-A offer.

Where would a UM offer put the Canes?

"I probably would, most likely would, be committing to go to Miami," Hill said. "My family wants to move down there anyway. They were thinking about it. So that's a plus. And I've always liked Miami."

Last season 170 of 240 passes for 16 touchdowns and 1,600 yards six interceptions.



DZ8 - I think we are on the same page as you summed up exactly what I was thinking but saying in a different way.

With Hall, Robinson and Cornelius making decisions soon possibly, this looks like it could be an exciting time.

Plus with what was posted by Ogletree, has anyone watched/found video of is brother Zander as it seems like they are saying some good things about him (if he is as good a tackler as they saying)

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Yeah, congrats to the inductees. Y'all have been troopers.


Here is anrticle on DLines in the ACC.

ACC Defensive Line Rankings

1. Virginia Tech - Junior defensive end Jason Worilds is the premier pass rusher in the ACC. He had 18.5 tackles for loss last season. Worilds is an athletic freak of nature who gets a great jump off the line of scrimmage. Veteran Cordarrow Thompson is a steady interior performer who routinely makes big plays in the offensive backfield. Junior John Graves returns opposite Worilds.

2. Miami - This defensive line has the feel of some of the dominant Hurricane front lines of old. This unit could be truly dominant if guys can stay healthy. End Eric Moncour is back from injury after 5.5 sacks in 2007. Allen Bailey has NFL measurables at 6'4'' 295 at defensive tackle. Bailey may be the most athletic tackle in the nation. His interior teammate, Marcus Forston, was an elite prep recruit two seasons ago.

3. Clemson - There is so much speed and athleticism here. Though just a sophomore, end Da'Quan Bowers is a first round pick waiting to happen. Ricky Sapp and Kevin Alexander are also talented edge rushers. Tackles Jarvis Jenkins and Brandon Thompson are big and physical.

4. NC State - The Wolfpack boast four senior starters, most notably end Willie Young. An athletic edge rusher, he has 12 sacks the past two seasons. Young is an emotional player and the front line catalyst for NC State. Alan-Michael Cash is a very active interior defender at tackle as his 63 tackles indicate. He added 7.5 tackles for loss.

5. North Carolina - All four starters return for the Tar Heels and this unit has the potential to be quite good. Sophomore Robert Quinn is an active defensive end who showed a lot of promise in his freshman season. Marvin Austin and Cam Thomas are big, strong interior players. Austin is ready to put up big numbers. Freshman end Donte Moss was a prep All-American and is ready to play now.

Watch Out For - Florida State - Senior defensive ends Kevin McNeil and Markus White have the athleticism you traditionally see in FSU edge rushers. Though first-year starters, they have plenty of game experience. Tackle Justin Mincey, a former end, is super quick and super strong on the interior. He is poised for a big season. Watch for freshman Jacobbi McDaniel.


86 the problem is you and I put ten pounds on, our forty time is 24hrs, these yougins put on 10 pounds and are running 4.5's! LOL

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

"it will take more than 19 seasons for the Hurricanes to win their next five national titles."

- David Fox, Rivals

Posted by: Six | June 09, 2009 at 03:07 AM


It's on now.


Chop is just mad they cancelled his show!!!



Six i was at Qdoba's yesterday...It is banginggggggg!! One of these days we will have to meet up (no homo)


By the way Rudy has a ton of credability on this site! NOT


After the BB situation RS is not going to play grab ass with some ego laden teenager. Corey go to Ill. and good luck. I remember Don Shula being asked one time why he would not be a college football head coach and he said because there is no way in hell I am going to kiss the ass of a 17 year old kid who people have thinking he is God!


I agree with 86.

By the time RS got to Coreys home for the visit he had just about had it with the nonsense and it showed.

U r either a cane at heart or not.

Corey was not.




bg...I believe all of that is certainly possible. Two things to remember:

1. I am fairly certain that if Randy feels he is being played or even disrespected by a HS recruit he may come across or act scorned, angry, bitter either consciously or subconsciously.

2. Rudy is not fond of Randy Shannon.


CVS and Money...I now have your LOF picks.

Thanks for playing!


Here is what Rudy from ITU said about why we lost Corey Liuget. He said this directly from Liuget's mouth.

Corey Liguet, completely different situation. I talked to Corey Liguet after he signed with Illinois. From his mouth and I trust him because I talked to him numerous times, he told me he didn't get the feeling that RS wanted him which may have been the case. He said that when RS and Hurtt visited his house, RS didn't say a word. He said Hurtt did all the talking. He told me that his mother wasn't going to stop him from going to UM and that she had relented. He told me it was HE who was turned off after that in-home visit that made the decision for him to stick with Illinois because he felt unwanted by RS. That's from him. Believe it if you want, but it wasn't mom who stopped him from going to Illinois. In fact, he told me if he didn't like Illinois and decided he wanted to transfer, he would transfer to USF because of the way RS made him feel.


86/SOUP I didn't see my Legends of the Fall picks

Baby J/Randy Phillips


Brandon is very happy to be at the U and he has put on 10 solid pounds since his arrival.

Posted by: canesteeler | June 09, 2009 at 02:15 PM

That's no big deal, I have put on 10 lbs just sitting here blogging everyday.


I work with Brandon McGees uncle and he claims Brandon is very happy to be at the U and he has put on 10 solid pounds since his arrival.


Congratulations to the new Ring of Honor inductees. Well deserved.

I agree with Aqua that Jaime Newberg comparing Jose Jose (at 355 lbs) to Cane greats like Warren Sapp, Russell Maryland & Cortez Kennedy is way off base. If I recall, NFL HOF DT Sapp (#76 as a Cane) was a pretty good TE prospect out of Apopka HS? I doubt if JJ can play TE at Booker T.

I like the film posted on this Hall kid from Naples. It seems the UM coaches have identified some gems. If both Hall and Alec Ogletree commit, that will be a great weekend.


NFL players you shouldn't pick a fight with




The legends of The fall title is a misnomer

Jacory and Spence will be the biggest Legends of the fall and most likely the only All Americans on some list

The list would be more what you were after if it was titled Unsung Heroes Of The Fall.

I picked Thearon Collier last year as an unsung hero, he ended up a legend of the fall

Harris and Spence will be the biggest actual Legends of The Fall
unless you count Mark Whipple eligible



What they meant by "going for a long time like in 2000" is, the team will reach what it was in 2000 and keep going from there without a drop off like in the previous years the coach before Boss Man Shannon had it.


DZ8 - I did read that brief mention that the Rivals guy said about The "U" doing better in the off-field issues than UiF or FSU. It still doesn't matter to others though - it'll take decades and a serious plague of amnesia for people who aren't Canes fans to give any sort of credit about that, without bringing up Thug "U" or the FIU brawl.

There is a microscopic minority out there of opposing fans that actually see what Boss Man Shannon is doing, is slowly starting to work. Fans are usually the last to get it ... if they ever do. Opposing Head Coaches and Athletic Directors get it - they may spout some garbage out for media soundbites, but, in the privacy of their team meetings or conversations with other coaches, they see what's going on at The "U".

The only tidbits I actually pay attention to in all those college pre-season magazines, are the unnamed scouts perspective on teams that the publication asks them to break down. On The "U", it's basically a unanimous statement among them all that basically says "when Randy gets the team going in the direction he wants, it will get going and really going for a long time like in 2000".


the U's new identity...


Posted by: Loco | June 09, 2009 at 01:12 PM

That's not very impressive?


Major League Baseball Draft is today ..

A) Six is the only one that cares
B) Why is Six talking in 3rd person
C) Crickets are chirping louder than the excitement level on Canespace about it
E) All the above

I'll take "E"

"I see you're drinking 1%. Is that 'cause you think you're fat? 'Cause you're not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to."

- Napoleon Dynamite


the U's new identity...



Minn - good to see you - but I will not be the ticket chic this year. The school holds on to the tickets for too long and make it too hard for me to get them out in time. My suggestion would be to join the Huricane Club - I think entry level is $50 or $100 and then you can buy the tickets directly AND support the student athletes


I'm very pleased to hear that. Oh, I'd like to give my Legends of the Fall.
1) D = Forston
2) O = Collier






Do your chickens have large talons??


Posted by: Canez1 | June 08, 2009 at 05:52 PM

Do yours? ;-D


July 1st RS ends the media lockdown for players and coaches.

Hopefully it will give us something to talk about for the next few months!!



Also try:

Satans Playground
The Opera


CVS...I will tell U this: I have met in person and talked to on several occasions recently JJ and Coop and freshmen Mike James and Lamar Miller.

BOTH MJ and Miller as freshmen are bigger, stronger and/or faster that JJ and Coop are right NOW as seniors/juniors.

Does that answer your question?


Canestruck, Brownsub...I have your picks and added them o the list. Thanks for participating and being creative and taking some risks on your picks.

To all those who picked the OBVIOUS picks of Jacory and Spence: phooey on U!


One more bit of information... in the Spring Game, did anyone notice how many wideouts and sprint right options (where the QB takes a few steps, bolts right and hits a TE or WR running a wideout) and screen passes? Our OL needs to do a much better job at pass protection on those, and downfield blocking. It was sloppy to see so many screen passes (Cal game last year also showed pitiful screen pass performance) to RBs go for lost yardarge.


Thank you sir, it's good to be back. Grad school at Notre Dame is killer, and right now I'm in Hokie country at my internship. Long story short, I miss the Space but my time is so limited. Greatest thing about South Bend (aside from CJ's pub...those burgers are intense) is that the guy who cuts my hair is a huge Canes fan. And it's at a landmark haircut establishment in South Bend (coaches, players, formers, etc get haircuts there).

I think regardless of our RBs, and they are skilled, that we need to have more power running. When we lost Tyrone Moss, I knew we were done for in 2005. We had no strength to carry piles and cause pain on people (see GT, UVA, and LSU games). I hope that Miller and James aren't CJs. Remember he came in with all-world status and was impressive his freshman year until the LSU game.

The last 3 national champions had power running to balance intense speed. Yes, Tebow is twice in that category, but LSU had Hester for tough yards and better RBs to compliment him. USC had Lendale White. And I hate to mention OSU, but Krenzel was solid and Clarett was tough to bring down.

When we had our opening decade and ridiculous amounts of talent, those guys had great blockers ahead of them, and they were also power/speed combo guys.


Recommend any other good horror flicks? I still think the horror movies made in the 70's and thru the mid 80's are still the best, the grainy, exploitation, grindhouse B-movies. Though still love the movie Scream. Classic

This was posted on the last blog and I thought I would follow up...

Here goes Horror fanatics.......This is a list of some of the best Horror movies I have ever seen..Keep in mind I do not get scared easily and have been watching Horror movies since I was 10.

Here is the list: Each one of these movies is either dark, graphic, creepy or all of the above

Texas Chainsaw Massacre The original
Session 9
Martyrs (French film)
Them (French Film)
The strangers
Frontiers (French Film)
Inside (Very sick and twisted)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning
Lost Highway
The Machinist
Halloween 2 and Halloween 6
Devil's rejects
Calvaire The Ordeal (Another French Film)


Great morning links by everyone. It's rare to come on the 'Space and get bombarded with info this early.


Did you see right before the quote you pulled out, 19 years... five championships...blahblahblah, the guy said that Miami is ahead of floriduh and fla st in off field issues. Even the anti-Miami biased media can't ignore the facts for much longer. I'm seeing green shoots of progress as far as our image. Not like I really care, thats what "THEY" think. Who cares what "THEY" think.


legends of the fall....


Obvious choice is jacory but that's no fun thats too easy. Ditto on spence. Gotta go out on a limb

Posted by: timcanes

I feel the same way therefore my picks:
Offense: Mike James
Defense: Brandon McGee



The best thing we got with Shannon is the numbers he is bringing back to recruiting. We are "planning" on bringing in two RBs this year but if we have to make a choice between a "stud" CB or an "OK" RB we can now go with the better overall football player. In years past we HAD to get a WR or a QB because we literaly had no depth at those positions.

The other thing to remember is we are trying to get leaders, winners, and football players. That means they can play more than one position. So even though they come in projected at safety doesn't mean they don't end up at RB.

The numbers breakdown I'll refer to because last year it worked out almost 100% right. U are 100% right when you say that if Miller and James show flashes this year we might go a little light on RB this year, especially if we can't get the players at the position we really want.



Alot of these Sofla RB's are shying away from the comp here.

They see the depth chart and don't want anything to do with it.

These are the kids we DO NOT want here.

Darion Hall on the other hand welcomes the comp and is dying to be a Cane. Those are the kids we want.

We are in good shape!



Some recruiting updates from ESPN on Canes recruits...looks like we could get a CB commitment this weekend!



Does this latest round of scholarship offers at RB and CB indicate that the coaches are fairly certain we won't be landing some of our local starts we were hoping for?

Posted by: CaneSniper | June 09, 2009 at 08:50 AM

Yes and no. Some we will not land that we do want, some don't want us and and some we don't want.

Remember, under Shannon's rules to attend UM U have to:

1. Go to class and be on schedule to graduate in four years.
2. Live on campus first two years.
3. Can't own/possess a gun.

I know this doesn't sound like much but it almost automatically rules out 25% of all players, 4 and 5 star studs included. I could use examples and names but I'll leave that out for now.


CVS...welcome back to the Space. On your rushing game worries I have some answers for you:

1. The OL has to be improved over last year. Simply put they can't be any worse. They are bigger, stronger,more experienced and have some new blood mixed in. Even if they aren't all world they will be improved.

2. JJ, Cooper, Chambers, Berry, Miller and Mike James. If you can't find a running back among that group U better just quit playing the game. That is a solid and potentially spectacular group. JJ and Coop will be counted on to get it done in 2009 with contributions from the others.

Whipple will find a way to get Coop open in space instead of running between the tackles like Nix did. JJ has to stay healthy and if not Chambers and Berry will
be counted on to fill in. Miller will return kicks and Mike James will see spot time late in games. The future is bright!



Byrd, Telemaque


Legends of the Fall, FINAL list, updates at bottom of list:

Six: Thompkins / Ojomo
Bham: Byrd / Brandon Harris
Texas: Fox / Moncur
Cold: Jacory / Brandon Harris
Navy: Jacory / Forston
Daytona: Cooper / Forston
OMFG: Jacory / Spence
Tortuga: Bosher / McCarthy
Esteban: Cooper / Vernon
djmoonbat: Byrd / MRob
Notsosane: Streeter / Telemaque
8thMan: Byrd / Spence
MD: Benjamin / Phillips
TLuv: JJ / CMac
Alex: Jacory / DVD
DFW: AJ / Telemaque
Seoul: AJ / Brandon Harris
Canezitis: Byrd / Ojomo
PhillyScott: Byrd / RayRay
CGNC: Bosher / Shields
DZ8: JJ / CMac
JC: Streeter / Telemaque
Warrior: Jacory / Forston
Century: Thompkins / DVD
Sebastian: Benjamin / Bailey
Solar: Collier / Spence
Hassan: Byrd / Jacory
Latin: AJ / Forston
DAT: Byrd / Telemaque
Sniper: Benjamin / Ojomo
Ocala: Benjamin / Forston
Super: Miller / Ojomo
Iraqi: Streeter / Spence
Chicago: Jacory / MRob
IN: Jacory / Spence
Ocean: Graham Cracker TE / RayRay
Truth: #12 / #26
True: MJames / Streeter
Loco: Benjamin / Moncur
MacJones: Jacory / Telemaque
Conch: Jacory / Bailey
OGV: Jacory / Bailey
UMike: Byrd / Spence
305: JJ / Sharpton
Dan Durkee: JJ / McCarthy
bg1906: JJ / Telemaque
Luver: Franklin / Forston
tjl: RayRay / JoJo
Cavaleer: Byrd / Vernon
KL: Byrd / MRob
Shwarma: JJ / Bailey
Sarasota: Jacory / Shileds
Canechic: Jacory / RayRay
MWD: Byrd / MRob
Hurriphin: AJ / McCarthy
Cat5: MJames / Brown
LB#1Fan: Byrd / Spence
Houston: Byrd / McCarthy
Brian: Streeter / Buchanon
JCane: Byrd / RayRay
Roach: Byrd / Spence
Windy1: MJames / DVD
Native: JJ / Shields
jw: Byrd / Bailey
Reggae: JJ / DVD
Elliot: Byrd / Spence
pb(CSROH09): Jacory / MRob
SFCane: Byrd / Spence
Canesagent: Cooper / Moncur
86: Mike James / Shields
Pre83: Jacory / Moncur
Teflon: Bailey / Hankerson
Aqua: Cooper / Spence
Lyquid: Benjamin / Telemaque
Sleazavitch: Baby J / Sharpton
Calvin: Hankerson / Brown
ChiCane: Jacory / RayRay
KillerBeez: Ojomo / J.Fox
Fran: McGee/ Robinson
Sling: Byrd / McCarthy
DisU: Jacory / Spence
Busy: Jacory / Spence
California: Benjamin / Telemaque
Tim: Benjamin / McCarthy
Dude: Franklin / Forston
Carlos: ???

Guest Bloggers:

AllCanes: Jacory / Moncur
Don Bailey Jr.: Byrd / McCarthy
Manny Navarro: Thompkins / Telemaque
Gary Ferman: TBA


Does this latest round of scholarship offers at RB and CB indicate that the coaches are fairly certain we won't be landing some of our local starts we were hoping for?


out til tonight


All About Sports Blog

Rating The ACC Running Backs

This will begin an eight part series in which I will rank the different units of each ACC Teams over the next several weeks. This is just in time for the college football season.

These are the units I will cover:

Running Backs
Wide Receivers
Offensive Line
Defensive Line
Defensive Backs
Special Teams

1) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Starting with returning ACC Offensive player of the year Jonathan Dwyer, who gained 1,395 on the ground, The Yellow Jackets are flat out loaded at this position. Next is Roddy Jones, who rushed for 690 yards last season including more than 200 in a season ending victory over the Georgia Bulldogs. The Jackets obtain the services of Louisville transfer Anthony Allen. He only holds the Louisville single game rushing yards record. After that you have running backs Lucas Cox and his 7.7 yards per rush, Marcus Wright who rushed for over 3,000 yards his senior season in high school, and Embry Peebles, who runs a mid 4.3 40.

2) Clemson Tigers
Even with the loss of senior James Davis, the Tigers have plenty of returning talent at running back. One the country's most explosive players CJ Spiller's now becomes the feature back. Spiller ran 690 yards last year and is the current active ACC leader in career rushing yards. Top 25 2008 running back recruits Jamie Harper and Andre Ellington should be, major contributors this season. Spring game breakout star Rendrick Taylor gives the Tigers a tough inside runner.

3) Virginia Tech Hokies

The Hokies 1,265 yard runner Darren Evans is back. Only a sophomore, Evans should be even better this year. He finished the year as the MVP of the Orange Bowl running for 153 yards in the game. The Hokies have their own talented recruit, who looks ready to contribute in 2009. Ryan Williams the 4 star High School All American from 2008, had 86 yards running in spring game, to go along with 66 yards receiving. Former starter Kenny Lewis Jr, who ruptured his achilles tendon last season, won't unseat Evans and likely will not play ahead of Williams, but should still have a big impact.

4) Maryland Terrapins

The Terrapins have their own 1000 runner coming back in underrated Da'Rel Scott. Scott last year gained 1,133 running yards and was named first team All-ACC. Along with Scott, Davin Meggett and Morgan Green form a formidable backfield. Davin Megget is son of former NFL player Dave Megget, was one of the top freshman running backs in the ACC last year. He gained 457 yards for a, 5.13 yards per carry average. Green who should also see some playing time ran for 72 yards in the Humanitarian bowl.

5) Miami Hurricanes
Returning Hurricane leading rusher Graig Cooper gained 841 yards in 2008. The often injured, but talent running back Javaris James looks to comeback healthy for his senior season. If James is 100% and returns to the form that made him a Freshman All-American the Hurricanes will posses one of the best one of the best 1 - 2 punches in the ACC.

6) North Carolina Tar Heels
The Tar Heels have a nice 1-2 running back combination of their own. Shaun Draughn rushed for 866 yards on 198 carries. Ryan Houston, 245 lb will be the in between the tackles runner. Last year he gained 299 yards, and scored 8 touchdowns. Another top ACC running back from the recruiting class of 2008, Jamal Womble could also vie for playing time.

7) Boston College Eagles

The Eagles have one of the youngest backfields in the ACC, but they have plenty of talent. True freshman Josh Haden and Montel Harris combined for 1,379 yards last year and 6 touchdowns. Harris had 900 yards and Haden had 479. Senior Jeff Smith provides running back experience. He had 192 yards rushing last year on 37 carries.

8) Florida State Seminoles

The Seminoles will have new starter at running back who, will have to replace Antone Smith's team leading 792 yards and 15 touchdowns. The most likely candidates are sophomores Jermanine Thomas, who rushed for 482 yards last year, and Ty Jones. Thomas in particular is a very good receiver.

9) North Carolina State Wolfpack

The Wolfpack have the potential to have a very solid backfield this season. Senior Tony Baker has missed nearly two full seasons with a knee injury. In 2006 Baker was the Wolfpack's leading rusher with 688 yards. He joins the teams second leading rusher from 2008 Jamelle Eugene who had 442 yards. If Baker can return to his 2006 form, the Pack will have nice running back tandem.

10) Wake Forest Demon Deacons

The Deacs played musical chairs with their running backs last season. Coach Jim Grobe started the season with Josh Adams, switched to Brandon Pendergrass, and finished the year with Kevin Harris. Harris had 136 yards in the EagleBank Bowl, and is the likely starter for 2009. Josh Adams has the most potential though, as he looks to regain the form that made him the ACC Rookie of the year in 2007.

11) Duke Blue Devils

How good the Blue Devils are at running back will depend one thing, the return of Re'quan Boyette. Boyette was Duke's leading rusher in 2006 and 2007, but missed all of 2008 with a knee injury. The returning leading rusher Jay Hollingsworth led the Blue Devils in 2008 with 399 rushing yards. Tony Jackson also saw significant time last year while gaining 259 yards, and showed good speed in his limited opportunities.

12) Virginia Cavaliers

The Cavs 2008 leading rusher Cedric Peerman is gone, and now the Cavaliers are left searching for who will start at running this season. The top candidate appears to be Mikell Simpson who ran for 570 yards in 2007, but only 262 in an injury filled 2008. The Cavs will be running a new spread attack under recently hired offensive coordinator Gregg Brandon, so it's a little tricky to say how the running backs of Virignia will adjust. Redshirt freshman Torry Mack and sophomore Max Milien could vie for time.




bring him in


Our friend Dan Stein on Miami 2010 D line recruiting

visit Dan's site he's a good guy


by Dan Stein

6 June 2009

Hello All,

It has been a while since I have updated this blog.

You could say that I have been busy; if you did, you would be absolutely correct.

That is not to say that the readers here do not deserve my attention, but rather that the combination of drinking, “studying for finals”, drinking, smoking a graduation cigar, graduating, drinking, getting rejected from jobs (which lead to more drinking), saying goodbye to friends (again, more drinking), watching the Hurricane baseball season go down in flames (you can imagine my response) and watching Lost seasons 1-4 has kind of taken over my life.

However, now I am unemployed, homeless and bored. So I have returned to finish up the recruiting preview I started, with the topic this time being the defensive line.

The first two guys on this list are currently committed to Miami.

Todd Chandler, Miami Northwestern

Chandler is Miami’s top ranked current commitment and is considered one of the lynchpins of this South Florida recruiting class. He is listed at 6’, 290 lbs. on Rivals and is a 4 Star prospect. Chandler is a disruptive inside presence and many see him pairing with Marcus Forston again as a ‘Cane to form a dominant inside pair. Regardless of that vision, Chandler is a nice prospect in the middle and has to potential to amp up the inside pass rush that Miami has lacked in recent years.

Louis Nix, Jacksonville Raines

Nix is considered by many to be the most talented interior prospect in the state of Florida and possibly the nation. He is huge, at 6’2” and 320 lbs according to Rivals. He is also said to have off the charts agility and burst for a man his size. However, according to many close to the situation, Nix has a problem with his “motor”; AKA, Nix takes plays off. Nix has formed a close bond with Miami coach Clint Hurtt, which many see as a big reason why Nix will stick with his Miami commitment instead of going to the Gators or Georgia Bulldogs. This is perhaps the biggest Feast or Famine recruit on the board for the ‘Canes.

The rest of these guys are still on the board. Miami is supposedly in the hunt for perhaps two more players, at least one of which will be an end.

Corey Lemonier, Hialeah

Lemonier is ranked as the Miami Herald’s top overall prospect in the state. He is a force of nature at end and has been compared favorably to current ‘Cane Adewale Ojomo and former ‘Cane recruit Corey Liuget. He is listed at 6’4” and 240 lbs. and is listed as a 4 star recruit at Rivals. He is without a doubt a priority in this class and could be an instant impact player. Most consider Lemonier a strong Hurricane lean. A class of Lemonier, Chandler and Nix is about as much as someone can ask for without getting greedy.

Lynden Trail, Booker T. Washington

Trail is an enigma. He is 6’7” and somewhere between 190 and 220 lbs. He has only played football for roughly a year but has gotten the attention of most of the nation’s elite programs. IT is rumored that Florida and USC are the two leaders for Trail; many close to the Miami program consider him overrated and not as big a loss as the media will inevitably make him out to be. In a class in which Miami has very limited numbers, Trail probably is a reach at best, as he is a definite project that may take years to contribute. He is definitely a superior athlete who could play multiple positions, but has to gain at least 50 lbs. to maximize his potential at his height (think Mario Williams as a ceiling).

Calvin Smith, Hialeah

Smith is a projectable tackle prospect who would make a very nice fourth lineman in the class. He could be used as a jumbo end or pass rushing tackle. However, most consider Smith a strong lean to Illinois, where he would rejoin Liuget.

Mike Thornton, Stone Mountain, GA

Thornton is a teammate of Miami target Tyrone Cornelius and is most likely a Plan B target for the ‘Canes. He could come as part of a package deal, however.

William Gholston, Detroit

Gholston’s older brother went to Ohio State. That, coupled with the presence of Michigan State, Michigan and Ohio State in his recruitment, makes him a long shot at best for the ‘Canes.

That is it for the d-line.

While I am here, I would like to recommend a book for all to read: David Halberstram’s “The Breaks of the Game”. I am about halfway through at this point and literally hang on every word. Halberstram uses the language beautifully and anyone the loves sports will love the book.

Always guard the inbounds passer.




great read!





Fantasy Football ACC best QBs #3

3. Jacory Harris, Miami (SO)

Many Miami fans believe Harris should’ve started over Robert Marve last year, and it’s hard to argue when you pop in the game film. Harris provided a spark, as well as grasping the team from a leadership standpoint. The hire of Mark Whipple as offensive coordinator should be a welcomed addition for the ‘Canes, and he is expected to help Harris grow into one of the ACC’s best. The sophomore is a bit raw and has a lot of young talent around him, but there’s a lot of upside. The ‘Canes have a brutal schedule, but Harris will be an option in select matchups and a good keeper prospect.



From The National Football Post

summer coaching carousel

(makes a remark I brought up about Whipple keeping the team calm and focused when someone plugs in the fan, I think he's right)

Mark Whipple: offensive coordinator, University of Miami (former Philadelphia Eagles offensive assistant)

Whipple, 50, is a man who may have found the right place at the right time. Miami needs someone to right its offensive ship, and it has talent on that side of the ball. Whipple, a finalist for the Boston College and Syracuse jobs and the man who developed Ben Roethlisberger into a Super Bowl winner during his first NFL seasons Pittsburgh, plays an up-tempo style that throws the ball around the field and runs effectively out of the spread to produce points. He’s done it at UMass, Brown and New Haven, his prior head coaching stops.

Best of all for Miami, while Whipple may not be a lifer on the staff, he’s not just a coach – he’s a head coach. Miami’s Randy Shannon, in his third year, is a still relatively young (43) and inexperienced head coach. Having Whipple on the staff should be a calming influence on the program, which has endured so much turmoil and had so much staff turnover. He also has a long-standing relationship with new ‘Canes defensive coordinator John Lovett, which goes back to 1982 and Union College in New York.



There is a lot to be excited about, but I'm terrified of a few things...

#1 Line of Scrimmage
When comparing teams, I fear we are ahead of ourselves. Our O-Line is nothing to write home about (remember how dominating those guys were, few of them too, in 1999? First play against ohio state back in the kickoff classic was TD run by James Jackson, and we shut them down aside from one freakish Wiley run, and he never got squat after that. The D-Line isn't the force it will be in 2010 if everyone stays healthy.

We didn't run on anyone last year, save for a few big Coop runs. We didn't run on anyone the way GT ran on us. UF shut us down. Our D-Line didn't shut down people late in the year (individually had some great plays, but nothing as a unit post-VaTech).

Our D gave up 79 pts in the final 2 games last year.

A championship team easily has over 2000 yards rushing in a season. We also need something along the lines of 2800 yards passing in the regular season alone. It will have to occur in the trenches.

I think that VaTech game could be the hardest game of the first three - many of these guys haven't played in Blacksburg and we know our success since 1995 there has been our national champ team to win by 2, and our unmasking of a fake #3 VT team in 2005. We need to come to play that week probably more than the others. We're 2-5 there since 1995. Think about that before we tout greatness.



I am so honored and humbled, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

I am off to take a test, what an insane week ahead for me!

GO CANES and Canespace is the best!!!



Rivals comparing The "U" to GM - once an icon, now struggling and declaring bankruptcy.

"it will take more than 19 seasons for the Hurricanes to win their next five national titles."

- David Fox, Rivals


I didn't see my picks for legends of the fall on the final list

They are: Benjamin / Telemaque.


I'm flattered to be considered for the 2009 CSROH and humbled to be chosen as one of the five inductees.

It's like a family on here, dysfunctional at times (basically during Cane football games when frustration/angered typing comes out), but still a family. I always said I felt bad for any jackhole that happens to come onto the board, bumping their gums about their team or how the Canes are no good .... it's like wandering into a school of piranha .... then again, the clown deserves it.

I didn't vote for myself, but I appreciate anyone who did vote for me.

"How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains? ... Yeah ... Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would've been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind."

- Uncle Rico

Dude on a Pale Horse

I know I am late... but these are my players

Offense Orlando Franklin

Defense Marcus Forston

Football games are won in the trenches!


legends of the fall....


Obvious choice is jacory but that's no fun thats too easy. Ditto on spence. Gotta go out on a limb


I decided that I'm going to make my own ROH and you guys arent invited! So there! Except pb and esteban, you guys can come.. haha

just kidding. or am i? hmmm....



wow this guy is a monster


6. Witty sarcasm, and ability to pack the bloggers up like rabid dogs while soliciting demeaning remarks about 86Cane/soup/CarlieBrown



Alex...here U go:

1. Consistent (daily) blogging throughout the year.
2. Contributions to the blog by writing artciles.
3. Making strategic connections that lead to links with other Canes related sites.
4. Posting quality comments or content from other sites.
5. Length of service on the blog.


Congrats to all the winners....job well done.


My legends of the fall:

Jacory Harris / Sean Spence


Alex D

Hey congrats to the selectees. What is the requirement become a nominee for next year?


More on the Ogletree Twins

The people in Newnan, Ga., will tell you that mega-prospect Alec Ogletree is good, but Zander is really, really good. From my evaluation from Zander on film, he is a tackling machine. He just doesn’t miss in the open field. Count on it. The entire Newnan defense, including his brother, feeds off his energy and leadership. I predict a lot of colleges that are serious about Alec will get serious about Zander very quickly. I predict any college that really wants in on the sweepstakes for Alec will move swiftly. It’s one thing to “take” one average player to get one great one. The difference here is that Alec is not average, he’s really, really good, in my evaluation. Zander is easily one of the state’s top linebacker prospects



Mother of Georgia’s No. 1 prospect would love to see twins stay together in college

Alec Ogletree is ranked as the nation's No. 1 safety by Rivals with 35 scholarship offers, but he says his twin brother may be more talented than him (AJC)
Newnan High’s Alec Ogletree is considered the state’s No. 1 college prospect and holds 35 early scholarship offers. He says his twin brother, Zander Ogletree, may be better than he is, and Zander has been mostly ignored by college scouts.

“The only reason I can think that I have all these offers and [my twin brother] doesn’t is because of height … because he can play, I mean, he’s really, really good ,” said Alec, who was heavily courted by Georgia coach Mark Richt during UGA’s Junior Day. His five early favorites are Miami, FSU, Alabama, UGA and Florida.

The football stars were born two minutes apart on Sept. 25, 1991. Alec has grown to 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds, plays safety in high school, and has college coaches drooling with his presence. Zander (the older twin) stands 5-11 and 205 pounds, plays some mean linebacker, and is virtually unknown. Many college recruiting coordinators have yet to put it together that the state’s top prospect has a twin.

“Alec is more reserved, a little on the quiet side and is taller,” said Allyson Ogletree, mother of the twins. “Zander is more outgoing than Alec, he’s the class clown. He’s not as tall, but he’s [bulky] and faster. It has always been that way about both of my boys since birth.”

Zander Ogletree: Getting love from FSU and UGA, and that's about it. So far.
How do the brothers compare on the football field? “People say that Zander has a little better fundamentals, he is better at making tackles in the open field, and is more of a team leader,” the mom said. “Alec is pretty much known for his big hits that can turn a game around, and that’s what got him where he is today with colleges.”

While Alec has hogged the recruiting spotlight, his twin moves around quietly the background unnoticed. However, Zander has no complaints. “”I have no reason to get jealous. We play two different positions. Overall, we’re the same [in terms of talent]. We support each other. We don’t look at each other like ‘He’s the best or I’m the best.’”

“I can’t explain why he has all the offers, and I don’t. But it’s a good thing. I’m happy for my brother, and I know when my time comes, I’m going to get good looks from the colleges, too.”

All the attention from colleges for one son and very little for the other has put their mother in a tough position. But she is determined to have a positive outlook. “We don’t look at Alec’s [35 offers] being a downfall for Zander. We’ve told him whatever will be, will be. We feel that the offers are going to happen for him, too. His brother just put his name on the map first. We tell them to be patient. Zander’s time will come.”

At least one college has finally figured out that if Alec is ranked as the nation’s No. 1 safety prospect by Rivals and his brother is just as talented, then it might be a good idea to recruit the twins together. Florida State just offered Zander, after offering Alec a long, long time ago. The Seminoles were scholarship No. 1 for Zander, who said that UGA called on Wednesday with an invitation to prospect camp. “That’s really about it, as far as serious interest from colleges, FSU and Georgia,” Zander said.

Football is a family affair for the Ogletree family, which would love to see Zander (left) and Alec play ball together in college (Photo submitted by Ogletree family)
You see, that’s the big dream of the Ogletree family. There is nothing they’d like to see more than the boys playing together in college. Alec and Zander have been teammates since the diaper days.

“There is a pretty good chance that’s going to happen, I think so,” Alec said.

“I would love to see them together in college, that’s what we hoping for,” the mother said. “If they go to different schools, they’ll both do fine. But we’d love for them to be at the same school. That would make our entire family very happy.”

Alec’s truckload offers include UGA, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Florida, Miami, Tennessee, North Carolina, Auburn, Alabama, Oklahoma, LSU, Arkansas, South Carolina, Clemson, and Oregon.



NavyCane...WE salute U!

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