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June 08, 2009


Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

"it will take more than 19 seasons for the Hurricanes to win their next five national titles."

- David Fox, Rivals

Posted by: Six | June 09, 2009 at 03:07 AM


It's on now.


86 the problem is you and I put ten pounds on, our forty time is 24hrs, these yougins put on 10 pounds and are running 4.5's! LOL


Here is anrticle on DLines in the ACC.

ACC Defensive Line Rankings

1. Virginia Tech - Junior defensive end Jason Worilds is the premier pass rusher in the ACC. He had 18.5 tackles for loss last season. Worilds is an athletic freak of nature who gets a great jump off the line of scrimmage. Veteran Cordarrow Thompson is a steady interior performer who routinely makes big plays in the offensive backfield. Junior John Graves returns opposite Worilds.

2. Miami - This defensive line has the feel of some of the dominant Hurricane front lines of old. This unit could be truly dominant if guys can stay healthy. End Eric Moncour is back from injury after 5.5 sacks in 2007. Allen Bailey has NFL measurables at 6'4'' 295 at defensive tackle. Bailey may be the most athletic tackle in the nation. His interior teammate, Marcus Forston, was an elite prep recruit two seasons ago.

3. Clemson - There is so much speed and athleticism here. Though just a sophomore, end Da'Quan Bowers is a first round pick waiting to happen. Ricky Sapp and Kevin Alexander are also talented edge rushers. Tackles Jarvis Jenkins and Brandon Thompson are big and physical.

4. NC State - The Wolfpack boast four senior starters, most notably end Willie Young. An athletic edge rusher, he has 12 sacks the past two seasons. Young is an emotional player and the front line catalyst for NC State. Alan-Michael Cash is a very active interior defender at tackle as his 63 tackles indicate. He added 7.5 tackles for loss.

5. North Carolina - All four starters return for the Tar Heels and this unit has the potential to be quite good. Sophomore Robert Quinn is an active defensive end who showed a lot of promise in his freshman season. Marvin Austin and Cam Thomas are big, strong interior players. Austin is ready to put up big numbers. Freshman end Donte Moss was a prep All-American and is ready to play now.

Watch Out For - Florida State - Senior defensive ends Kevin McNeil and Markus White have the athleticism you traditionally see in FSU edge rushers. Though first-year starters, they have plenty of game experience. Tackle Justin Mincey, a former end, is super quick and super strong on the interior. He is poised for a big season. Watch for freshman Jacobbi McDaniel.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Yeah, congrats to the inductees. Y'all have been troopers.


DZ8 - I think we are on the same page as you summed up exactly what I was thinking but saying in a different way.

With Hall, Robinson and Cornelius making decisions soon possibly, this looks like it could be an exciting time.

Plus with what was posted by Ogletree, has anyone watched/found video of is brother Zander as it seems like they are saying some good things about him (if he is as good a tackler as they saying)


Audubon (NJ) High School three-star QB Brandon Hill

Of the possibility of landing a UM offer, Hill said, "I hope I do. That's my goal. If I get an offer from there, that's huge."

Rutgers is Hill's only current Division I-A offer.

Where would a UM offer put the Canes?

"I probably would, most likely would, be committing to go to Miami," Hill said. "My family wants to move down there anyway. They were thinking about it. So that's a plus. And I've always liked Miami."

Last season 170 of 240 passes for 16 touchdowns and 1,600 yards six interceptions.



Torrents of all 2008 UM Football Games.



Hurriphin.....the U!!

before I forget (like I always do) shout to CANEZ1 for constantly dropping that Canesport info on me!! I always mean to thank you, but sometimes I ain't the brightest marker in the box ya know....


If I told you that UM Recruting Coordinator Clint Hurtt was recently in Ocala meeting with several HS players up there, would U believe me? ;-)


When it comes to recruiting, I love how Coach & co. will pick a certain city/region/area, and attack it. Shannon & staff leave more recruiting technique in the business end of a wad of toilet paper than Coker. Love these GA kids. They are the second fastest group of kids, right behind the Floridians, and the second coolest, right behind the Delawarians.

I also hope Coach cleans up that whole Jacksonville area. Anyone care to do some spulunking, and try to narrow down just who the last noteworthy Jack-City area kid we had down in the Gables was?


I like these coaches making inroads regionally.


I didn't see my picks for legends of the fall on the final list

They are: Benjamin / Spence.


Congrats to all the HOF inductees! So, how many of us went out and bought Phil Steele's preview magazine today? I went out at lunch, picked up a copy and read through the ACC stuff. As always it's a great mag. and, while I hope he's wrong as hell about Rutgers (#16) I trust his predictions more than anyone else out there.



The Jersey QB & TE, the ATL corner, and the Naples RB, are all gonna be checking us out this weekend? Am I missing any prospects or what? Methinks this is gonna be a busy weekend in Space!!

I also read that mag' that Six spoke of, and they feel that the Whipple hire was a SWISH!! I just can't get over how many kisses VT is getting. I just don't see it. This should still essentially be the same VT team that we SHOULD'VE (thanks Nix) beaten by three TD's last time. Beamer does a great job with getting the most out of recruiting classes that us Cane fans would scream about if they were "all" we landed. Bud Foster is a demon, and my favorite D Coord. lately. And props for being the most consistent team in the conf. as of late, but when you're talking about 09'-10' Hokies being a darkhorse top 5 team. That's nearly a reach as Kirk Herbie' picking our 05' or 06' squad to win the National.

Be honest guys.

As great as it sounded, is there anyone out there who believed it to the heart?


On the Luigett knews - I'm glad Shannon was like that. has Luigett's been so great at Illinois? Nope. We got the better Hialeah linemen than they did.


also who really wants a player who openly talks about where he might transfer to if he doesn't like his first choice?


and why is Rudy putting that info out there?


This is how you stop the option COLD!



Dan Morgan retires, :(


Brandon is very happy to be at the U and he has put on 10 solid pounds since his arrival.

Posted by: canesteeler | June 09, 2009 at 02:15 PM

That's no big deal, I have put on 10 lbs just sitting here blogging everyday.

Posted by: 86Cane | June 09, 2009 at 02:37 PM

like i said earlier...george foreman has nothing on 86 and his easy bake oven

btw big day coming up thurs. i will be getting my season tickets and i wont miss a game...


Rudy has ZERO credibility in my book, and Esteban asks the critical question. I would like to hear the answer (I think I know it).

RS probably went to Corey Liguet's house, and after considering the athletes he already had on the roster (Fortson, Robinson, Bailey, etc.) RS saw a smaller, indecisive weird kid with an inflated head, and RS didn't want to encourage him to take up a valuable scholly. Nix and Chandler will use those schollies next year.

Bg, I like that ranking on ACC DLs, except I would naturally put the Canes at the top.

The Canes have the best DL and the best WR in the ACC, and I believe they will prove it this year on the field. As numerous bloggers have said, it all starts up front and for the defense, the Canes will bring it this year.

I also think the Canes have some of the best RBs and LBs in the ACC if they can stay healthy. I think the DBs and OL will be much improved, and with a good year, Fox will get drafted on the first day of the NFL draft.

The Canes have the athletes. With RS, Whipple and Lovett, these Canes can win the ACC THIS YEAR.


would you believe me if i told you i was pulled over by FHP on the turnpike today for suspision of driving under the influence..and i told the trooper that i dont drink, but that i was listening to the dan lebatard show...and he said "oh so you were falling asleep." and let me go... and this happened while i was with coach hurtt on the way to ocala?


BREAKING NEWS: Allen Bailey has not been at optional team practices the past 2 days...it is rumored that the U.N. has enlisted Bailey's help to eliminate the threat of the somali pirates...it is also said that pres obama has sent game film of Bailey to north korea in hopes of putting the fear of god into Kim Jong-il...
more to come.........


Don't jump on Rudy. That was from ITU message board as he was having a discussion about another kid and mentioned that. I thought you guys might just like to know what was SAID to have a happened. Please don't bash him, he's not even aware this is here.


Alright, not bashing Rudy personally,just his reporting. This is is just another example of him coming from right field with allegations of recruting mistakes by Shannon. No other reporter even suggests that Liuget was seriously considering UM and I can't keep track of how many times we heard Mama Liguet wanted him to leave the sate because of the past, because of the Pata tragedy, etc. Why talk about Liguet now? Why not state this after the last signing day and refute what everyone else is saying? Maybe Rudy is right and everyone else is wrong, but I've got a hard time believing that.


bg, too late....let the bashing continue.


BG just let chopper take his whoopins. He's cool with it.

I can't believe he still is allowed to participate over there or anywhere for that matter LOL.



O and speaking about tix. I am planning on heading down for the OU game and I am in need of two tix. I want to get everything settled asap.

Flights and hotels are very cheap right now :)!!

If anyone has a couple they want to sell let me know. I don't even know if tix are out yet but holla if you have two extras floating around.



hey 86, Dig deep on your research on the afore mentioned coach Walt K. and you will find out why he may be the very first and orrigional Gator Hater. " gotta get the Gator"


I wuz robbed.

Well, maybe not.

Go Canes!


UPDATE ON BREAKING NEWS:Allen Bailey has been spotted working out with Chuck Norris..it was said that Norris is interested in finding out the true meaning of the term bad a55....



oh what a tangled web we weave when first we set out to deceive...


What ever happened to that fat azz that loves to eat?



Carlos: ???


vault it!


Legends of the Fall

Thearon Collier (PIMP!!!!!)

Darryl Sharpton (MLB BEAST)

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