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June 04, 2009



What am I invisible?

Is it cause I made fun of your Pat Benetar lyrics?

Just kidding 86.

Go Canes!!!


i vote for canezitis...who else is gonna keep tellin 86 #4 ain't the best wr on the team?well besides truth.lol


pb...No hard feelings for the Pat benatar comments. Just want you to notice that your intials are "pb" and "Pat Benatar", well U figure it out. U are a easy pick for 2010, or 2011, or maybe 2012? LOL

Canezitis...U are banned!


Pictures added above...


U mean I did not get a single vote lol....
Maybe next year and by the way for what it counts I voted for BG.....


The College Baseball Blog has put out previews of all eight Super Regional sites with action taking place from Friday-Monday. You can check out all eight previews by clicking on the link below.


Brian Foley
Editor of The College Baseball Blog


I could add Esteban to the list and re-do the poll but then we have to start the voting all over again? Is that what you want?

Posted by: 86Cane | June 05, 2009 at 10:19 AM

you keep changing the rules and amending the criteria you will just lose the entire integrity of what you originally conceived.

Calvin who was my first vote last year, gets in automatically this year, which already taints the fair vote status for the sixth place finisher. If everyone had to be voted for,would the sixth place guy really miss election if everyone voted for just Calvin and him?

just my 2cents



and another thing

Anybody with enough balzz to have his picture taken in a safety patrol crossing guard vest should be an auto lol



This guy sums up exactly my opinion on every pro sport player at any position on any team.

It's also why I only watch high school, College sports, and amateur motor racing events

"Come on, i realize that the dumbing down of America is expanding but any of these pro sports people actually earning the money they get!!!!! Thats the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Capitalism or not, we have gone off the deep end if we think these players earn this money and if your life is so pathetic that you can watch a pro game and not feel appalled at how ridiculous it is.... I dont know, its crazy. How much do YOU make....many of these guys will make that in a GAME!!!! is that right do they work THAT HARD are they that much BETTER THAN YOU at what you do jeezz . "



could not agree with you more never do I watch pro sports anymore unless it is the Atlanta Braves or Atlanta Falcons...


86 what up u show no love to the original Legion, Pre canespace. Calvin u got my vote. Some of us bloggers are fighting wars in Iraq and can not blogeveryday, have some consideration, for those that do not live in florida with nothing else to do lol. BG isa a great blogger but it hard to put a rookie in the ring of honor.

Posted by: Hassan | June 05, 2009 at 08:47 AM

Hassan, far from Rookie my friend. I was around in the Omar days, I just didn't post. When I found out Esteban was posting (Esteban was co-worker) then I started posting. This was because alot of time we spent at the SS blog was during work hours so I didn't post, just read. So I'm not the rookie you think me to be. I remember when Canespace first started after Shandel closed the blog over at the SS to take the Dolphins beat. I even was there when I remember Shandel interviewing Shannon as a DC and when he interview Phelon Jones when he was a commit. I know you are doing a great service to our country, but please don't confuse me with rookies.


even then it is very seldom...


Randy Shannon at Jimmy Johnson's new restaurant "The Big Chill"




Here are some webshots from JJ's Big Chill grand opening.

I'll leave it up to you guys to spot Truth


I'm out for awhile



Solar...I agree, I'm not going to re-do the poll but Esteban is a popular write-in choice by the fans so that has to be given consideration IMHO. He has been around from the beginning and makes many wise comments. To me it's just not often enough and he hasn't written anything lately for the Space. He does have a young child to take care of and all so that has to be considered as well.

the criteria basically are:
1. Length of Service
2. Frequent and consistent blogging
3. Contribute articles. photos and content to the blog.
4. Promote the blog and make critical contacts to support our growth (ie bg1906 and allCanes blog).
4. Attend Canespace events (if possible) like UMike, Cat5, Aqua, 1982, Keoki, etc.

Shoot MaryLou came from Michigan to go to a game. TimCanes came from New Jersey. Rhonny came from Canada! CGNC came from NC to attend a game at the OB back in year one. Carlos, Canechic, Angry and OcalaCane went into the Swamp with Canespace on. No excuses not to show up.

Aqua is eligible based on that criteria and Canesince1982 (baseball play by play and he's now in Army Officers training school) was also considered among many others.


solar - like I said before, I felt almost as if I was supposed to go stand next to a classroom at school and report to the teacher if anyone was running in the halls.

When the lady at the media entrance was handing them out to everyone, I asked her if we were all going to go pick up trash on the highway during the game or something.

I don't know if you've ever seen Wedding Crashers, but the part where Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have to wear clothes to play football in .. and the Cleary family gives them something that 80 year old retired New Jersey men on a golf course would wear ... and Vince is pissed b/c he has to wear the clown looking golf clothes ...

Just go to :35 seconds into this clip and you'll basically see me as Vince Vaughn's character


Vince: "I'm not even going to say it but .. you know I'm upset"

Owen: "I know you are. I think you look good"

Vince: "You know I don't look good"

If you really wanted to see something funny, you should've been in the press conference when there were a bunch of guys in ACC Championship crossing guard vests. We all looked like a bunch of safety patrol clowns.


got ya soup,

and I agree about este, he brings a lot of good insight and hes a great live, but he really lags behind bg when it comes to putting out the hard copy.

OGV put out a tremendous amount of work for all of us last season. SuperCooper is fantastic with what he brings. but i think they would have to be on the blob a bit more to be candidates.



That opening at Jimmy Johnson's Big Chill looked like "Cougar" central.

My favorite Cougar of all time .. Diane Lane.



Six, ya I laugh every time I watch that flick!

Hey btw last evening I was dining at the very upscale Quincy's Buffet in Toccoa.
They almost always insist you are wearing shoes.

We go there once in awhile because the local farmers bring all their fresh vegetables there.

I was thinking how you would have enjoyed the meal.

I had:
fresh ( today picked fresh) garden salad with home made ranch dressing.
grilled sausage
bbq ribs with a great rub
fried chicken
fried catfish fillets
sample of pot roast
fried okra
steamed turnip greens
pinto beans
baby Lima beans
mac and cheese

iced sweet tea

homemade banana pudding
home made pecan pie
fresh strawberries with cool whip
pineapple slices

I skipped all the cantaloupe, honey dew, watermelon, grapes, raisins stuff cause I didn't wanna look like a pig.



Love the picture of Leach, Shannon and JJ.

Maybe RS got some tips from Leach about beating OU.

Mike has beaten OU the last three times he has played them at home



For all the Trick fans


Solar...yeah OGV is another nominee with his season long BCS football series the last two years:

Short List to the Superdome (2007)

Short List to South Beach (2008)

MAJOR contributions!


solar - Vaughn has so many classic moments in that movie, esp. the motorboating part and also when they're playing football ..

"You want the noise brought on you?"

Vaughn: "What????

"The noise brought on you because here it comes"

Vaughn: "Just hike the ball nutjob"

I think all the Quincys, Western Sizzler, Ponderosa, etc. around here closed down, they have something called Whistle Stop Cafe Buffet or whatever.

I would've killed the okra, greens, pinto beans, lima beans, mac/cheese. I stay away from fried (I would've made an exception for the okra, damn I love okra) food and pork.


texascane - didn't Tech lose to Oklahoma in 2003 at home?

Think they won the past two in Lubbock against Stoops.

They get Oklahoma in Lubbock this year, the week after playing Oklahoma State. That's a rough two games back-to-back.

Tech's first game is against North Dakota.

North ... Dakota.

Wonder if Tech will score 60 before halftime or by their 2nd possession of the 3rd Quarter.


anybody seen the movie ENVY?


CGNC attends at least one game in Miami every year. And all the away games up here in the vicinity :-D


Solar!!! You ate ALL that?


Tell 'em CGNC! And U take pictures at UNC and Duke and NCST and send them for the blog too.


I will take pics at the UNC and Wake Forest game this year and I will send them if need be. I am going to both games this year......


Don't forget about me fellas I too live in NC........Me and my girl will be at both games reppin the U....


I will take pics at the UNC and Wake Forest game this year and I will send them if need be. I am going to both games this year......

Posted by: elliott | June 05, 2009 at 01:46 PM

Yes! Cover the games, write up a brief game summary and send the pics and I will post it here. That's how U get considered for the CSROH10!


Elliott I will be at those games as well. Solar too I think


Six I like fried okra too - don't eat it much though. BBQ here in the Carolinas is outstanding - I NEVER ate it in Florida and I don't eat pork, but up here it is really good



yea I skipped the Spaghetti and meat balls,pork chops,pot roast,hot dogs,baked fish,( it looked a lot like drywall with one side of the paper peeled back) tuna salad, potato salad, fifty or so different vegetable salad stewed tomatoes, and some stuff I didn't recognize from the standard food chain.

this particular Quincey's is a little better than most of the franchise buffets in that they have the local mom pop farmers bring in all their veggies.

I don't get to eat fried food but once a week so I really scarf it down, and always pay for it later.



Six lmao!!

the look on Vaughan's face when the nut job is gettin ready to "bring the noise"




fried okra dipped in spicy ranch dressing is fantastic.

Fried green tomatoes on a bed of cheese grits from Fatz restaurant is killer too.

yea CG lot of good BBQ in Carolina, I eat a lot up around Hickory.



elliot I will be at the UNC game


mcginns ale

solar-cat5- checkout youtube andes610 some music from mcginns.the guy on the fiddle is hunter berry-5time bluegrass fiddle player of the year and grammy nominee.he plays for rhonda vincent. the other guy is scottie melton singer-songwriter he has written songs for the likes of john prine-steve earle to name a few.his best personal release is"longsleeves in the summerblues" a song about elizabethton,tn


Solar...I have "Ramblin, Gamblin" locked and loaded for a Sunday AM release.

We will have voting for the 2009 CSROH through Saturday night.

Timmy...I will run your "Irrelevant" feature next week on Tuesday AM.


Canespace has made a special group rate agreement with The Hampton Inn in Plantation, Florida (Southern Broward County).

Starting today just mention "Canespace" or "Hurricane Rate" when making your reservations to get the special discount rate. The hotel is located on University Drive 10 miles north of the stadium which allows you to avoid the Turnpike tolls and traffic if you choose to drive there yourself.

The contact information for making your reservations at the #1 ranked Hampton Inn in Florida is:

Susan Stern
Director of Sales
Hampton Inn Plantation
7801 SW 6th Street
Plantation, Florida 33324
954-382-4500 ex. 160
954-382-4510 fax


In case U missed it last June, our three part series of interviews with former UM WR #36 Lamar Thomas:





Solar that's near Maiden right? - I have my horse in training in Maiden


nice...do i get shirt for the feature or whattt lol??


Yes Timmy, U do. Email me your mailing addy and size to: host@canespace.com.

Fran and Ibis your shorts are mailing on Monday along with Tim's.

dj moonbat

I know my career stats are weak, but I feel like I oughta get a little consideration for dropping what's gotta be the most quoted line on the board.


I humbly present my resume for the CSROH:



p.s. I didnt know CC was THAT hot...


If every1 was voted in, it would be erroneous to have such a hall of fame. Quit complaining and just work harder to make it in next year!! (I am not directing at any one person)


Hello all...sorry I havent been on in 2 days..was in Tampa for a vacuum convention/show. I appreciate the votes..and although in last place at least someone voted for me lol Just to be a canidate is an honor itself. Thanks again


Dwayne Collins News!


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