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June 02, 2009



lmao! It's video game night and Truth Gone Wild on the ole blog tonight!

The Truth


They left #35 out of the game ?

Well, they'll know who he is this time next year...

Old Skool

Let the speeches begin.
US Rep. Corinne Brown is considering running for the US Senate.
Naturally she'll need a campaign slogan.
How about
Brown: Tis times for changes
Brown: I'm gonna bring some expositoryness to DC
A CB for DC



any idea if they will have something that might possibly look like our real offense? i would guess not.

with all those wide receiver's i'm going to be tempted to put some spread formations in there.

Posted by: Ryan | June 02, 2009 at 11:10 PM

Not sure about playbooks yet. Our playbook last year STUNK! I used Tennessee's playbook and love it. We'll see. With a new OC, especially with it being Whipple, I'd expect it to be very similar to Pittsburgh, Arizona, or Philly's playbooks from Madden.


Bg, I didn't see any limits to how good you can make the players on ur roster. Not good.

Posted by: Esteban | June 02, 2009 at 11:16 PM

Yeah, I wouldn't play ANY of the created teams. We are doing a created team Black College Online Dynasty in my league and we are going to use either the Average Joes roster or cupcake.




They left #35 out of the game ?

Well, they'll know who he is this time next year...

Posted by: The Truth | June 03, 2009 at 07:07 AM

I found that weird too, they put Courtney Harris in and leave Olivier Vernon out. Funny thing is, after the EA Community day for NCAA 10, the guy that does the rosters and ratings was asking to the NCAA Community for help in making sure the rosters are accurate. My frat bro David (an EA Community Leader) asked me to do a write up of the Canes roster and suggest impact players and what players should/should not appear in the game. I did that and he submitted to EA and guess what...No Surprise, the didn't use it! Here is what I sent 'em...

NCAA 2010 - Miami Hurricanes Roster



#12 - Jacory Harris - Soph - Starter
#17 - Taylor Cook - RS-Frosh
#16 - Cannon Smith - RS-Frosh
??? - AJ Highsmith - Incoming Frosh


#30 - Patrick Hill - Sr - Starter
#43 - John Calhoun - RS-Frosh

Running Backs

#2 - Graig Cooper - Jr - Part-Time Starter - Impact Player
#5 - Javarris James - Sr - Part-Time Starter
#32 - Lee Chambers - RS-Soph
#20 - Damien Berry - Jr
#22 - Mike James - Frosh (Early Enrollee)
#27 - Lamar Miller - Incoming Frosh

Wide Receivers

#4 - Aldarius Johnson - Soph - Likely Starter
#47 - Laron Byrd - Soph - Likely Starter
#85 - Leonard Hankerson - Jr
#3 - Travis Benjamin - Soph
#28 - Theron Collier - Soph
#81 - Davon Johnson - Soph
#83 - Kendal Thompkins - RS-Frosh
#86 - Tommy Streeter - RS-Frosh

Tight Ends

#18 - Dedrick Epps - Sr - Starter - Possible Impact Player (suffered ACL injury before Emerald Bowl Game; projected to be ready for fall)
#84 - Richard Gordon - Sr
#19 - Daniel Adderley - RS-Soph
#23 - Tervaris Johnson - Sr
??? - Billy Sanders - Incoming Frosh
??? - Stephen Plein - Incoming Frosh

Left Tackle

#64 - Jason Fox - Senior - Starter - Captain
#55 - Ben Jones - RS-Frosh
??? - Cory White - Incoming Frosh

Left Guard

#74 - Orlando Franklin - Jr - Starter
#72 - Brandon Washington - Frosh (Early Enrollee)


#70 - AJ Trump - Sr - Starter
#63 - Tyler Horn - RS-Soph

Right Guard

#61 - Joel Figueroa - Jr - Starter
#66 - Harland Gunn - RS-Soph
#68 - Ian Symmonette - Jr
??? - Jared Wheeler - Incoming Frosh

Right Tackle

#65 - Matt Pipho - Sr - Starter
#78 - Jermaine Johnson - Frosh (Early Enrollee)
??? - Malcolm Bunche - Incoming Frosh


Defensive End

#94 - Eric Moncur - Sr - (coming off injury. probable starter if healthy)
#97 - Adewale Ojomo - RS-Soph - Potential Starter
#56 - Marcus Robinson - Soph - Potential Starter
#90 - Steven Wesley - Jr
#48 - Andrew Smith - Soph
#95 - Gavin Hardin - RS-Frosh
#35 - Olivier Vernon - Frosh (Early Enrollee)
#49 - Courtney Harris - Sr - (Undetermined; coming off severe knee injury)
??? - Dyron Dye - Incoming Frosh

Defensive Tackle

#57 - Allen Bailey - Jr - Probable Starter
#99 - Marcus Forston - Soph - Probable Starter
#91 - Joe Joseph - Sr
#92 - Josh Holmes - Jr
#54 - Micanor Regis - Soph
#98 - Jeremy Lewis - RS-Frosh
#96 - Curtis Porter - Frosh (Early Enrollee)
??? - Luther Robinson - Incoming Frosh

Left Oustide Linebacker (Strong Side/SAM)

#44 - Colin McCarthy - Sr - Starter
#58 - Jordan Futch - RS-Frosh
#36 - Kylan Robinson - Sr

Middle Linebacker (Middle/MIKE)

#50 - Darryl Sharpton - Sr - Starter
#11 - Arthur Brown - Soph
??? - Shayon Green - Incoming Frosh

Right Outside Linebacker (Weak Side/WILL)

#31 - Sean Spence - Soph - Starter - Impact Player
#45 - Ramon Buchanan - Soph
#34 - CJ Holton - RS-Frosh


#1 - Brandon Harris - Soph - Starter
#8 - Demarcus Van Dyke - Jr - Starter
#24 - Chavez Grant - Nickel
#13 - Ryan Hill - Sr
#9 - Sam Shields - Jr
#21 - Brandon McGee - Frosh (Early Enrollee)
??? - Jamal Reid - Incoming Frosh

Free Safety

#7 - Vaughn Telemaque - RS-Frosh - Starter
#29 - Joseph (JoJo) Nicolas - Jr
#41 - Joe Wylie - RS-Frosh

Strong Safety

#6 - Randy Phillips - Starter - Captain - Possible Impact Player
#37 - Jared Campbell - Jr
#26 - Aravious "Ray Ray" Armstrong - Incoming Frosh (Crown Jewel of our 2009 Recruiting Class)
??? - Prince Kent - Incoming Frosh

Special Teams


#25 - Matt Bosher - Jr - Impact Player
#40 - Jake Wieclaw - RS-Frosh


#25 - Matt Bosher - Jr - Impact Player
#17 - Taylor Cook - RS-Frosh (Back-up QB but also back-up Punter)

Kickoff Specialists

#40 - Jake Wieclaw - RS-Frosh (This is the initial plan, but if it doesn't work out, Bosher will handle all 3 kicking duties)
#25 - Matt Bosher - Jr - Impact Player

Kick Return

#3 - Travis Benjamin - Soph
???? - I don't know who the other guy will be. Lots of choices here. TOp ones that come to mind: Sam Shields, Lamar Miller, Brandon McGee, Ryan Hill, Jamal Reid

Punt Return

#3 - Travis Benjamin - Soph
#28 - Theron Collier - Soph
#2 - Graig Cooper - Jr

Uniform Information

Note - Names are back on the uniforms.

Color combinations worn in the 2008 Season

Home Uniforms: Orange Top/White Bottom, Green Tops/White Bottoms
Away Uniforms: White Tops/Green Bottoms, White Tops/Orange Bottoms, White Tops/White Bottoms


I select JJ and Eric Moncur. It's Do or Die for both of them and the team really needs some upper classmen to step up in a BIG way!

Posted by: Pre83 | June 02, 2009 at 11:45 PM

U are in 83.

Cat 5 Cane

Tell me they change the shirt design... Last years was the worst ever! The shirt highlighted the chest and not the shoulders, making the frame work look scrawny when wearing pads... They need to bring back the old 2001 design, highlighting the shoulders with pads.

To the U if reading... Change that damn shirt!


Truth...enough with the pictures of the half-dressed hotties. We are very familiar with what the female anatomy looks like. This is NOT the place for that stuff.

And Solar, Six and Canez1, please don't encourage him!

Thank U...

The Management


The canes better go hard after Teddy Bridgewater, kid is a stub that can play anywere


lol! I knew the clean-up crew would be on this am to rain on Truth's parade. Don't get sore on Truth, Management... you know he can't stop himself once he gets on a roll. :P


I missed naked pics!!!!


not a good day....


The Truth

You took them ALL down???!!!

Tsk tsk tsk

Canez1, Six and probably cc will be sad :-(


Thx. 86 or Soup; whichever; Great stuff for the 6/02 article. Go Canespacers...


bg-too funny, you know I am not a video game fan but great job!

Six do not forget that all those softball girls wear ribbons in the hair, just in case you might forget they are girls,lol!

Never ever would I have a wedding in the fall, just never know which game it may conflict with! Sorry but I am not so sure I would even go!

The Truth

Thanks KL!


I hear ya, I was gonna delete that post but when you weigh all the other good stuff Truth brings you let a lot slide, the guy is one in a million and I personaly think he's the ish on here!

soup is right 100% btw



I missed Pics?

The Truth

Super HOT cc...

Lucy Pinder...google her with safe search OFF. Angry will love you forever!!

The Truth

I know SOUP is right gosh darnit!!!!

The Truth

In my defense I did not post one naked picture.


But Lucy's eyes (and her sweet friends too) were covered.


I will look it up Truth, crazy busy this week, kids graduating friday morning. Family coming in tonight and a crazy Criminal Justice class and also a law class, both accelerated, ugh!!!!!


oh, there were pics canechic. not the kind of pics i would post, but amusing all the same. sometimes it pays to stick around for the late night crew... you never know what they're going to do. lmao! and i agree with you 100% solar, la verdad is priceless.

Cat 5 Cane

For the football minded player in all of us... see and enjoy CBS channel 4 (Top left web cam) One on One with Dolphin's CB's... Pro Will Alan and New recruit Vontae Davis talking smack and playing Corner Back... Notice the kids size and enthusiasm becoming a Dolphin... Good stuff!


Good read over on the herald by Blustein on recruiting. Is it true that Linder is considered a Cane lean? Any TRUTH to that?

The Truth

Someone brought this up yesterday and again to me last night...and it IS muy interesante:

How does Tim Tebow get courtside seats to an NBA CONFERENCE FINALS game?

That's BIG money. That's big money for high rollers like Soup, even.


suposidly mom bought tickets for him I want to know you let him have courtside seats maybe Magic management.

MIA Chi 'Cane '98


Your article was AWESOME! I am HUGE NCAA Football fan and started playing it when it was Bill Walsh Football as well. Thst is the only PS3 game I buy all year... When I do buy the game on July 14th, I will refer back to this article to make those changes. I try and make the game as realistic as possible when I play it. I look forward to your review. Last year I downloaded those songs from your site.


Tebow prayed hard

The Truth

I don't mommy makes that kind of scratch....but whatever.

Maybe she dipped into the charity funds...

The Truth

I don't think...

MIA Chi 'Cane '98

Thanks, bg for the info and I may contact you if I have any questions about the game.

Keep those articles coming...

The Truth

It's one thing for Dwade to stop by and play a little PU BBall with the college team. As he does.

It's another thing if Dwade gives them courtside seats to a game...you know what I mean?

I don't think players are allowed to accept gifts like that.

But, if "mommy" bought the ticket....


UF President is so outraged at the 25 arrests, he wants to give Cryer a raise...


MIA Chi 'Cane '98

One last question bg, will the 'Canes have all white uni's as an alternative uni?


MMMMM Pinder

I started it wioth her Soup. My bad.

I just could not believe my eyes and had to share.


The Truth

Good luck in Thatcher AZ buddy...keep your head right.

The Truth



And she he that super hot bri-ish accent.

I am in LOVE.


What!!! A british accent??????

That pumps up her score a ton. Love that shyt!!

I went on a few dates with an english chic and she was driving me crazy with it!!

My girl Kate Beckinsale does the same.


The 2nd Vanhelsing sukked azz without my girl.


The Truth

"UF President is so outraged at the 25 arrests, he wants to give Cryer a raise...


Just win, baby!


A few canes team records
Consecutive Wins: 34, 2000-02
Consecutive Regular Season Wins: 39, 2000-03
Consecutive Home Wins: 58, 1985-94 (NCAA record)
Consecutive Road Wins: 20, 1984-86
Consecutive Games without being shut out: 188, 1979-94
Consecutive Shutouts of Opponent: 4, 1926, 1936, 1941
Consecutive Games without a tie score: 345, 1966-95 (NCAA adopted tiebreaker in 1996)
NFL Draft Record, Most players drafted in the first round in a single year: 6, 2004


I don't have that much memory but thanks to wikipedia for the help.


Thanks, bg for the info and I may contact you if I have any questions about the game.

Keep those articles coming...

Posted by: MIA Chi 'Cane '98 | June 03, 2009 at 10:15 AM

Thanks for the love my friend. Sure you can contact me. You can hit me @ bgaylor@gmail.com. Also according to EA Developer Adam (known as OMT on the Operation Sports board, I don't know his last name) YES the all white alternate unis are IN.

Thanks for the shout outs all.



the boss speaks bottom of the page lower left!



Here you go man. 2010 version of a list of prospect videos, I'm sure this will continue to grow as recruiting goes on.




the boss speaks bottom of the page lower left!

Posted by: DATcane | June 03, 2009 at 11:35 AM

Thanks for this. Great interview. Very honest.


One last question bg, will the 'Canes have all white uni's as an alternative uni?

Posted by: MIA Chi 'Cane '98 | June 03, 2009 at 10:23 AM

Hey, I just confirmed this for sure via TeamBuilder. The All Whites are 100% IN!


No problem good interview

Old Skool

If you want the accent, the eyes and the rest of the package. You may also want to Google.
Australian Emily Scott

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

I wonder if his wife still owns his c*ck these days...what a fricken pus. That guy goes out and bones some garden tool, gets thrown under the bus dirty - cuz he's an idiot - and then goes out and spends MILLIONS to keep that b*tch around.

Finally, to piggy back on Six a sec...how the f@ck did John Kruck end up in the booth with those two bull dykes doing womens lesball?

Posted by: The Truth | June 02, 2009 at 11:28 PM


LOL. Classic. Truth, you're on par with Six with that rant.

However, at the D-1 level, the softball girls are definitely on the hot end of the scale and they love phalluses too. Of course you do have the big, dorky asexual ones but no one's watching.

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