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June 09, 2009





Great Post. Reminds me of my youth and of my friendships also. Congrats OcalaCane and best of luck!!!


Great post! One of the several things that have attracted me to this site is the personality and bonds that so many of you have...

NavyCANE (formerly MinnesotaCane4Life)

Congrats OcalaCane! LETS GO CANES!


I'm sitting here watching the Stanley Cup Final and man am I longing for some Canes Football. Anyone out there have a theory on how the Canes are going to defend Ponder on Labor Day Night? That guy freakin killed us last year. Someone wrote a great breakdown on GT the other day. I'd love to see some perspective on the FSU game.


Homerun ocala!

I'm happy for both of you!!



"in the middle of my first fist fight, on my fifth day of school in the seventh grade"

why does this not surprise me in the least? lol!


good work ocala! I would love to tell the stories i got to hear at the UM vs Wake game but we will save that for another time!! congrats!


again I ask,

What ever happened to the fat azz that loves to eat?



pictures of Ocala with his two biggest loves
Jerel, and Bosher both on the same site at the same time...

priceless soup



On the rudy thing

Este never, ever bashes, anyone, he has the most class and restraint of anyone on this place.

If he suggests Rudy sucketh then you can pretty much take it to the bank.




Canephin30 from Broward (I think) puts up the best UM shi* ever on youtube....
check this out


pictures of Ocala with his two biggest loves
Jerel, and Bosher both on the same site at the same time...priceless soup

Posted by: solarcane | June 09, 2009 at 08:56 PM

It's what I do. ;-)


drty cane yea Canephin30 is the best of the best.

Sean = Superman... RIP



Watch out for a sobbing OcalaCane posting a comment any minute now...my best friend, who done good!


Congrats and best wishes, Ocala.


Congratulations Ocala! Nice catch, too. She's
very pretty.


Sup SpaceCadets?

Thanks all for the props...

Blind Squirrel?
Not bad eh?
This new family is truly a gift from God.

I would be remiss if I didn't give thanks to the most classy and generous I know. 86 U are TOP SHELF!!!


Oh Yeah


and this happened while i was with coach hurtt on the way to ocala?

Posted by: SlingBlade | June 09, 2009 at 06:30 PM

U think I am making this up? I am telling U that OcalaCane told me it was TRUE!



Posted by: OCALACANE | June 09, 2009 at 09:35 PM



86 U are TOP SHELF!!!

Posted by: OCALACANE | June 09, 2009 at 09:30 PM

Nah, it's just what I do. I just try harder than the next guy. I'm not better, or smarter, I just work harder and care more. It ain't hard, it's easy to me.

Canespace rules:

1. U gotta show up.
2. U gotta stay until the end.
3. Good things are bound to happen!

Let's go Canes!!!


amen soup!!

Canespace rules:

1. U gotta show up.
( you can't win it if you ain't in it)

2. U gotta stay until the end.
(it ain't over til it's over)

3. Good things are bound to happen!
( If it takes all night, that-ll be all right
If I can get you to smile before I leave)



Ocala congrats bro!

Wish you guys all the best!

It's not easy to turn those Gaytors but I have faith in ya ;)



Congrats, Ocala!!! Great photos. Wish you the best


Anybody heard the entire Chickenfoot CD?

These egomaniacs are all good to great but bands like these (Damn Yankees for instance) don't stick together too long



Solar...if I told U the whole truth AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, U wouldn't believe it. But that is a story for another day and another blog.

Let's just leave at this: We both saved each others "lives" more than a couple of times. When you grow up in the 305, your life can be on the line often...


nice article. And congrats, Ocala!


"When you grow up in the 305, your life can be on the line often..."

Try being a smart assed white guy living in Lauderhill for twenty years or so

I know what your sayin



Chattanooga Times

Kiffin on Record Pace With NCAA Violations

In six months on the job with the University of Tennessee, football coach Lane Kiffin is headed for at least his fifth NCAA violation.

After talking with alleged recruits in front of ESPN’s cameras for a feature of “Outside the Lines” that was shown over the weekend, Kiffin almost has completed the news-media pentathlon. He’s encountered NCAA speed bumps on television, radio, Twitter and the Internet.

UT spokesperson Tiffany Carpenter said the university is looking into this weekend’s mis-Kiffin, but it appears to be the most obvious — and possibly most blatant — of the bunch. According to NCAA rules, “A member institution shall not permit a media entity to be present during any recruiting contact made by an institution’s coaching staff member.”

In answer to his critics, Kiffin more times than not shrugs his shoulders — his smirk and his indifference speaking volumes.

His boss, Volunteers athletic director Mike Hamilton, dismisses the growing file of secondary violations by saying it’s not an unusually high number for major college programs.

In fact, Kiffin routinely says a lot of his antics — primarily the feather-ruffling of rival coaches around the SEC that makes opposing fans cringe and Vols supporters grin — are done intentionally to raise UT’s profile around the country and in the eyes of prospective recruits.

One of his previous NCAA mistakes was mentioning then-five-star recruit and now Vols signee Bryce Brown by name, violating one of the most basic and most recognized NCAA rules. Even sportswriters know that one, never mind college coaches who claim to have scored a 39 out of 40 on the NCAA rules test, as Kiffin did. But if Brown turns into the next Adrian Peterson or Darren McFadden, it will viewed as a coup rather than culpa.

In truth, this weekend’s hiccup more than likely will be reviewed by UT and excused by the NCAA like almost always is done with secondary violations that are self-reported by college football’s power programs.

Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but few make them this quickly and this cavalierly.

Five self-reported violations in six months — including a few weeks of NCAA mandated dead-period time? Sure, if it leads to five five-star prospects like Brown picking the Vols, the Orange Army will say it was well worth a slap on the wrist to be able to punch people in the mouth.

But tread carefully, young Coach Kiffin. Whether from confidence or arrogance or even ignorance, spitting into the wind can be dodged only for a fixed amount of time.

How much longer will the NCAA allow minor violations to stack up — especially when Kiffin’s primary deflector shield has been to say it’s part of the master plan for getting people talking about the Vols again. Yes, Kiffin and Co. were on the front page of the USA Today sports section within the last month — not bad for a team coming off a five-win, bowlless season. But let the NCAA transgressions continue to mount — never mind the flaunting and posturing — and the NCAA penalties could get the Vols on the front page for the wrong reasons.

It has become a common debate whether Kiffin is simply immature or simply making a push to reshape the Vols.

It’s way too early to tell whether these are a series of minor mistakes or the sour steps of a major mistake-filled master plan. And in the end, five or six or a dozen secondary violations will not shape Kiffin’s place in Vols history.

No, regardless of the color of your car flag or whether you want the Lane Train to roll or crash, everyone agrees on one fact about the Vols new coach. His fate — like that of every other college football coach — will be determined on Saturdays in the fall.

If five secondary violations become five five-star recruits, then Vols fans will embrace Kiffin’s approach like no other.

If five five-star recruits become a few five-win seasons, well, the NCAA and Urban Meyer and the rest of the SEC won’t have to stomach Kiffin very long.


Alex D

Ocala, props to you and the wifey.


Coach Whipple in College

Year School W- L W/L Pct
1988-89 New Haven 7-3 .700
1989-90 New Haven 8-2 .800
1990-91 New Haven 7-3 .700
1991-92 New Haven 3-7 .300
1992-93 New Haven 12-1 .923
1993-94 New Haven 11-1 .917
1994-95 Brown 7-3 .700
1995-96 Brown 5-5 .500
1996-97 Brown 5-5 .500
1997-98 Brown 6-4 .600
1998-99 Massachusetts 12-3 .800 I-AA Playoffs; Champ
1999-00 Massachusetts 9-4 .692 I-AA Playoffs
2000-01 Massachusetts 7-4 .636
2001-02 Massachusetts 3-8 .273
2002-03 Massachusetts 8-4 .667
2003-04 Massachusetts 10-3 .769 I-AA Playoffs



Coach Beamer

Year School W- L -T W/L Pct
1981-82 Murray St. 8-3 .727
1982-83 Murray St. 4-7 .364
1983-84 Murray St. 7-4 .636
1984-85 Murray St. 9-2 .818
1985-86 Murray St. 7-3-1 .682
1986-87 Murray St. 7-4-1 .625 I-AA Playoffs
1987-88 Virginia Tech 2-9 .182
1988-89 Virginia Tech 3-8 .273
1989-90 Virginia Tech 6-4-1 .591
1990-91 Virginia Tech 6-5 .545
1991-92 Virginia Tech 5-6 .455
1992-93 Virginia Tech 2-8-1 .227
1993-94 Virginia Tech 9-3 .750 Independence Bowl
1994-95 Virginia Tech 8-4 .667 Gator Bowl
1995-96 Virginia Tech 10-2 .833 Sugar Bowl
1996-97 Virginia Tech 10-2 .833 Orange Bowl
1997-98 Virginia Tech 7-5 .583 Gator Bowl
1998-99 Virginia Tech 9-3 .750 Music City Bowl
1999-00 Virginia Tech 11-1 .917 Sugar Bowl
2000-01 Virginia Tech 11-1 .917 Gator Bowl
2001-02 Virginia Tech 8-4 .667 Gator Bowl
2002-03 Virginia Tech 10-4 .714
2003-04 Virginia Tech 8-5 .615
2004-05 Virginia Tech 10-3 .769 Sugar Bowl
2005-06 Virginia Tech 11-2 .846
2006-07 Virginia Tech 10-3 .769
2007-08 Virginia Tech 11-3 .786
2008-09 Virginia Tech 10-4 .714



Coach Meyer

Year School W- L W/L Pct
2001-02 Bowling Green 8-3 .727
2002-03 Bowling Green 9-3 .750
2003-04 Utah 10-2 .833
2004-05 Utah 12-0 1.000 Fiesta Bowl
2005-06 Florida 9-3 .750
2006-07 Florida 13-1 .929 National Champion
2007-08 Florida 9-4 .692
2008-09 Florida 13-1 .929



Coach Davis

Year School W- L W/L Pct
1995-96 Miami (FL) 8-3 .727
1996-97 Miami (FL) 9-3 .750
1997-98 Miami (FL) 5-6 .455
1998-99 Miami (FL) 9-3 .750
1999-00 Miami (FL) 9-4 .692 Gator Bowl
2000-01 Miami (FL) 11-1 .917
2007-08 North Carolina 4-8 .333
2008-09 North Carolina 8-5 .615



Solar...digging up the nuggets!

And your point is?


Coach Johnson

Year School W- L -T W/L Pct
1979-80 Oklahoma St. 7-4 .636
1980-81 Oklahoma St. 3-7-1 .273 Forfeit win: Kansas
1981-82 Oklahoma St. 7-5 .583 Independence Bowl
1982-83 Oklahoma St. 4-5-2 .364
1983-84 Oklahoma St. 8-4 .667 Bluebonnet Bowl
1984-85 Miami (FL) 8-5 .615 Fiesta Bowl
1985-86 Miami (FL) 10-2 .833 Sugar Bowl
1986-87 Miami (FL) 11-1 .917 Fiesta Bowl
1987-88 Miami (FL) 12-0 1.000 Orange Bowl, Champ
1988-89 Miami (FL) 11-1 .917 Orange Bowl



Coach Kichefski

Year School W- L W/L Pct
1970-71 Miami (FL) 2-7 .222



Coach Gustafson

Year School W- L -T W/L Pct
1926-27 Virginia Tech 5-3-1 .556
1927-28 Virginia Tech 5-4 .556
1928-29 Virginia Tech 7-2 .778
1929-30 Virginia Tech 5-4 .556
1948-49 Miami (FL) 4-6 .400
1949-50 Miami (FL) 6-3 .667
1950-51 Miami (FL) 9-1-1 .818 Orange Bowl
1951-52 Miami (FL) 8-3 .727 Gator Bowl
1952-53 Miami (FL) 4-7 .364
1953-54 Miami (FL) 4-5 .444
1954-55 Miami (FL) 8-1 .889
1955-56 Miami (FL) 6-3 .667
1956-57 Miami (FL) 8-1-1 .800
1957-58 Miami (FL) 5-4-1 .500
1958-59 Miami (FL) 2-8 .200
1959-60 Miami (FL) 6-4 .600
1960-61 Miami (FL) 6-4 .600
1961-62 Miami (FL) 7-4 .636 Liberty Bowl
1962-63 Miami (FL) 7-4 .636 Gotham Bowl
1963-64 Miami (FL) 3-7 .300



Solar, after Rudy got upset when I brought up Kevan (I forget if that's his name) Taylor's height as why we weren't recruiting with him responding saying he's the same height as Spence then getting pissed when I bring up Taylor being 5'9 and telling him I got from his own blog. Yea dude was talkin out his a$$ and expecting no one would care. Me n Truth were the ones singled out as who had him upset. I'd welcome him back tho. Just needs to be on point.


I know you are a stats guy, and I know you know what your talking about... except maybe predicting scores against ranked teams

And nobody on here is ever gonna accuse you of bashing people.
I told you, you remind me of Carlos Santana,classy, calm and under control.

bg would be more like say... Ted Nugent



Este...Rudy will never be "on point" with the Canes like U might like him to be.

I have met him in person and he is a good guy, but then again he is opinionated and his opinions aren't always popular.

Plus he is not fond of Shannon.

Cat 5 Cane

Ocala and Bride...
Congrates to you and yours... May you be happy and live well.

It's all good!


I don't know where they come from,
But they sure do come,
I hope they're coming for me,

I don't know how they do it,
But they sure do it good,,
I hope they do it for me,

They give me cat scratch fever,
Cat scratch fever,
Cat scratch fever,
Cat scraqtch fever...


Here is something us really old farts will remember

Coach Selmer

Year School W- L W/L Pct
1975-76 Miami (FL) 2-8 .200
1976-77 Miami (FL) 3-8 .273

Look at those years and realize Otis Anderson was out there making first team All American, and going on to be a Super Bowl MVP.

Kinda puts his talent into perspective.

Otis was on a couple split second Hurricane hi lites on the TV Sports.

A couple of us got free game tickets and we were hooked.

When you guys whine about how bad the last few years have been look at 75-77 with the best running back in the country toiling away with no fans or fanfare.



"Plus he is not fond of Shannon."

your shytin me!!

soup you know your music, where the hell were you when I was running BananaLand??
I would have paid you triple what you give me



Ok to prove that I do read the articles I cannot get a visual of ocho seis being blonde, skinny or in a fistfight ;-D


Pens 2 - Wings 1

Canesteeler pick yourself up off the floor now!!!!! WOW!


Here is a little fact for you

Of the 19 head coaches preceding Randy Shannon
13 stayed 5 or less years... amazing



Shout out to all those who voted for me, i'm just part of this great team of CANE minds who come on here to bring info and read it

shannon is a real azz person/coach. corey was more than likely right if he felt like that. shannon more than likel told hurtt, yo go ahead and lead the recruiting talk and if this guy sounds like he's not UM material, i'm not going to say a word to him, but i'll talk to his mom only. Also, shannon already knew he wanted vernon and dyron dye on the team this year, guys with real work ethics instilled in them already!

Who cares if luiget got away, we're going to get players who want to be here iregardless, but of course shannon being here is playing a big part in it as well for sure. shannon is only interested in a certain type mentality and if he doesn't see it when he comes to someones home, it's nothing personal to that player, it's the bigger picture that shannon is looking at. Just always go back and remember what he said at his 1st press conference when he got intro'ed in as the headcoach, he said "if you don't have a championship mentality, you won't be apart of the University of Miami".

shannon and company are putting the pieces together, and like cav said in reference to that whoever it was that said it'll take more than 19 seasons for us to win 5 more championships, "it's own now". Plus i like the fact that somebody is actually saying that as a negative, how many schools are just happy to get 1 every 10 to 15 years. This guy is trying to challenge us with our own high standards, that's like when they say tiger will win about 8 or 9 masters, which takes away from the 4 he's already got. Either way, we'll be champions again more than once.

If people got surprised last year at how we shut the gators down, wait until this year.

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