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June 09, 2009



Solar...unfortunately 3 x 0 still equals 0.

We all in da po po house...but we are still having FUN!


congrats Ocola.


The way we were

Year Coach W- L -T W/L Pct
2008-09 Randy Shannon 7-6 .538
2007-08 Randy Shannon 5-7 .417
2006-07 Larry Coker 7-6 .538
2005-06 Larry Coker 9-3 .750
2004-05 Larry Coker 9-3 .750 Peach Bowl
2003-04 Larry Coker 11-2 .846
2002-03 Larry Coker 12-1 .923
2001-02 Larry Coker 12-0 1.000 Rose Bowl, Champ
2000-01 Butch Davis 11-1 .917
1999-00 Butch Davis 9-4 .692 Gator Bowl
1998-99 Butch Davis 9-3 .750
1997-98 Butch Davis 5-6 .455
1996-97 Butch Davis 9-3 .750
1995-96 Butch Davis 8-3 .727
1994-95 Dennis Erickson 10-2 .833 Orange Bowl
1993-94 Dennis Erickson 9-3 .750 Fiesta Bowl
1992-93 Dennis Erickson 11-1 .917 Sugar Bowl
1991-92 Dennis Erickson 12-0 1.000 Orange Bowl, AP Champ
1990-91 Dennis Erickson 10-2 .833 Cotton Bowl
1989-90 Dennis Erickson 11-1 .917 Sugar Bowl, Champ
1988-89 Jimmy Johnson 11-1 .917 Orange Bowl
1987-88 Jimmy Johnson 12-0 1.000 Orange Bowl, Champ
1986-87 Jimmy Johnson 11-1 .917 Fiesta Bowl
1985-86 Jimmy Johnson 10-2 .833 Sugar Bowl
1984-85 Jimmy Johnson 8-5 .615 Fiesta Bowl
1983-84 Howard Schnellenberger 11-1 .917 Orange Bowl
1982-83 Howard Schnellenberger 7-4 .636
1981-82 Howard Schnellenberger 9-2 .818
1980-81 Howard Schnellenberger 9-3 .750 Peach Bowl
1979-80 Howard Schnellenberger 5-6 .455
1978-79 Lou Saban 6-5 .545
1977-78 Lou Saban 3-8 .273
1976-77 Carl Selmer 3-8 .273
1975-76 Carl Selmer 2-8 .200
1974-75 Peter "Pete" Elliott 6-5 .545
1973-74 Peter "Pete" Elliott 5-6 .455
1972-73 Fran Curci 5-6 .455
1971-72 Fran Curci 4-7 .364
1970-71 Charlie Tate(1-1) - Walter Kichefski(2-7) 3-8 .273
1969-70 Charlie Tate 4-6 .400
1968-69 Charlie Tate 5-5 .500
1967-68 Charlie Tate 7-4 .636 Bluebonnet Bowl
1966-67 Charlie Tate 8-2-1 .773 Liberty Bowl
1965-66 Charlie Tate 5-4-1 .550
1964-65 Charlie Tate 4-5-1 .450
1963-64 Andy Gustafson 3-7 .300
1962-63 Andy Gustafson 7-4 .636 Gotham Bowl
1961-62 Andy Gustafson 7-4 .636 Liberty Bowl
1960-61 Andy Gustafson 6-4 .600
1959-60 Andy Gustafson 6-4 .600
1958-59 Andy Gustafson 2-8 .200
1957-58 Andy Gustafson 5-4-1 .550
1956-57 Andy Gustafson 8-1-1 .850
1955-56 Andy Gustafson 6-3 .667
1954-55 Andy Gustafson 8-1 .889
1953-54 Andy Gustafson 4-5 .444
1952-53 Andy Gustafson 4-7 .364
1951-52 Andy Gustafson 8-3 .727 Gator Bowl
1950-51 Andy Gustafson 9-1-1 .864 Orange Bowl
1949-50 Andy Gustafson 6-3 .667
1948-49 Andy Gustafson 4-6 .400
1947-48 Jack Harding 2-7-1 .250
1946-47 Jack Harding 8-2 .800 Joined Div. I
1945-46 Jack Harding 9-1-1 .864
1944-45 Eddie Dunn 1-7-1 .167
1943-44 Eddie Dunn 5-1 .833
1942-43 Jack Harding 7-2 .778
1941-42 Jack Harding 8-2 .800
1940-41 Jack Harding 3-7 .300
1939-40 Jack Harding 5-5 .500
1938-39 Jack Harding 8-2 .800
1937-38 Jack Harding 4-4-1 .500
1936-37 Irl Tubbs 6-2-2 .700
1935-36 Irl Tubbs 5-3 .625
1934-35 Tom McCann 5-3-1 .611
1933-34 Tom McCann 5-1-2 .750
1932-33 Tom McCann 4-3-1 .562
1931-32 Tom McCann 4-8 .333
1930-31 Ernest Brett 3-4-1 .438
1929-30 J. Burton Rix 3-2 .600
1928-29 Howard Buck 4-4-1 .500
1927-28 Howard Buck 3-6-1 .350
1926-27 Howard Buck 8-0 1.000

I'm out


Great personal interest article. Congratulations Steve!



Thanks for all of the compliments on the blog. This is what makes this place GREAT!

He's just a friend; and a Canes fan; and a friend who is a Canes fan; but when it all comes down to it LIFE is pretty important too.

And maybe even more important than sports.

Go Canes, Go Canespace!


Magic Wins! Series is now 2-1 LA.

Watch out...

Canes swallow Panthers whole!

here's a lil something from the herald about young recruits wanting to go to camps . .

Also, weeklong local camps such as Randy Shannon's UM camp ($390) and the Offense-Defense instructional week at FIU ($395, down from $450) have seen enrollment swell with locals as parents eschew out-of-state destinations.

how the hell is it that Mr. Cristobal charges more than Coach Shannon did for his camp??? if i was a recruit, the last place i would set my foot into is that school!


Many props to you for accepting the responsibility for the family you have married. Congratulations and best wishes for you & your bride and the little canes,from Debary


I cannot get a visual of ocho seis being blonde, skinny or in a fistfight ;-D

Posted by: CanesgirlNC | June 09, 2009 at 11:17 PM

All of that is TRUE!





solar I work in Lauderhill!


Canesgirlnc, the beer was flowing last night! Anything can happen in game 7! Angry and Canechic where are you guys? I hope yall did not break any TV's in your home last night! Got some pens over here, woosh, woosh


Congrats, Ocala! Very nice tribute to your friendship, 86. Thanks for sharing. :)


Canesteeler - glad there is one more game to be played - I am a MESS watching these games! Oz played out of his mind because it should have been 4-1 easily. You know Mario Lemieux went and diagramed some stuff for the team after game 5. Over at Pensburgh there are alot of Avalanche fans pulling for the Pens, forgot about that rivalry ;-D


86 - if you say it is true then it is true - LOL


For canesteeler: http://www.pensburgh.com/


We are here Det just wants to win at home. The red wings were not even trying last night and almost won, so I think they bring it on Friday!!!!!!! I kinda thought the Pens would win last night as well as the Magic.

Gin & Tonic

• Lions/ex-Dolphins quarterback Daunte Culpepper -- whom UM's Jacory Harris said has become ''a mentor'' -- tells us he's ''really excited about Jacory and looking forward to working out with him this summer. He has all the tools to be a great college quarterback and beyond.'' Harris, studying NFL tape thanks to offensive coordinator Mark Whipple, also is studying tapes of Tom Brady's and Kurt Warner's workout programs.


I love that story about Jacory and Daunte! Daunte truly is a great person and can help Jacory with a mature vision!

Go Canes!!!!!



we should be ahead of FSU props to VT


Wuz up, "U" bichez...

I see yall have rehabilitated.


Time is up. Da "Relapse"...

I'M IN DA BUILDIN'!!! Stay tuned...


Good Morning SpaceCadets

Again, thanks for all the props.
I truly am the most grateful man alive...
These baby Canes now flash the U at any cane fan they see. I have an 8x10 of Jeryl and Jordan Futch on the wall of my office.
our 11 year old son said the coolest thing he got for his birthday was a team autographed UM ball from the spring game.

Angry and Canechic's daughter is at UM. I think that is very cool!!!
My oldest daughter went to USF.

If there is Karma? I must have done something really great. "Ya think"



Sparking green & orange bloodlines huh. I'm feelin' that. You're holdin' it down bro. Do ya thang...



You think '86 ever learned how to return the azz whippin'? LOL!


Does any soul have a clue why Shannon & them ain't offered DE Delvin Jones or TE Charles Fashaw???


WAKE UP "U" BICHEZ. '86, Help me out...


Ocala I wish you guys nothing but happiness!


canesgirlnc thanks for the hook up


Canesteeler - no prob - I am posting under CGNC over there.



You think '86 ever learned how to return the azz whippin'? LOL!

Posted by: Anonymous (Blast from the past) | June 10, 2009 at 10:16 AM

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm LOL


First, Congrats OcalaCane - and what a great story!

Now can someone bring me up to speed on the Canes DL. Yes, we have a good pass rush with Robinson, Ojomo, and Moncur's return. I was so impressed with Marcus Forston's pass rushing ability too - I never thought he'd be able to do as well as he did as a freshman; if he stays healthy he could be an all-timer.

Now I'm curious about our interior line. Our D-Line up front hasn't been dominating since Wilfork. I mean our 2005 D-Line was solid but mostly because of hard working depth, and we got run on by LSU in the bowl game when they used Addai. We snuffed out everyone else.

We have Forston, and now Bailey (who is raw as heck still) but I want to know about heralded people such as Regis and Lewis. What's the story on these kids (and others like them) and how do they work into the rotation?

In short, we need some serious strength up front this year and cannot afford for teams to run on us, especially as we toughen our identity. Our LBs are small (as are our DEs) and we need to leave them free to "make plays".



Speaking of Ocala, didn't Culpepper play for Ocala Vanguard High?


Yes Duante played for Ocala Vanguard.

Full Circle...
My new wife Jeryl was a flautist in the Vanguard band at the time he played there.



All I know about Micanor Regis is what Blumstein wrote about him when he was a recruit. That he was at a camp and was either working out before the camp started or after it ended and all the other players were resting under a shady tree. He has good size and I think floriduh made a last minute run at him so other top notch school were knocking on his door. If we missed out on Forston that year he would've been our headliner DT prospect.

Jermey Lewis I know even less on. He only started playing as a junior in high school so I imagine he is still raw but must have tremendous upside.

I know Regis played as a true freshman and I think Lewis did as well.
Reports I've read about the two since they've arrived are that they flash potential and then get blown out on the next play. Consistent play will come with experience. The future is bright... keep your shades handy:)

conch salad

"1. Virginia Tech: You won't find a "Sisters of the Poor" on this list. It's the only school in the conference that doesn't have an FCS team on its schedule."

What FCS school is on our schedule??

conch salad



canesgirl and canesteeler, Nick said I must retract my previous statement as to not jinx the red wings.

The Pens played fantastic and so did the red wings and I have no idea who will win!

I still cannot believe I am rooting for the red wings!


solar I work in Lauderhill!
Posted by: canesteeler | June 10, 2009 at 08:07 AM

I lived right off 42 ave

ahh memories of Saturday nights in the Deepside...

The reggae and riddim beats, accompanied by the ratta-tat-tat rhythm of automatic

the BSO helicopter light shows reflecting off the windows...

watching the DEA crouching in your flowerbed staking out the house next door ...

shooting the shyt with the COPS Show mobile unit in the Tire Kingdom parking lot..
dem were da daze.



Jason Haggerty drafted by San Diego


Jason Haggerty drafted by San Diego Padres in 5th round


UM shortstop Ryan Jackson drafted in 5th round by St louis and Kyle Bellamy drafted by White Sox also 5th round


Chris Hermann listed as Catcher drafted by Minnesota Twins 6 th round


conch salad- you are correct, sir! FAMU returned to 1AA (am I the only one who refuses to say FBC/FCS) after maybe one year in 1A.


Ocala, LOL were they in the same graduating class? Would make for a cool yearbook...


CC - LOl admit it, you have a crush on the muppet ;-D


Great article on the Canes after beating Ohio State in Kickoff Classic back in 1999. Here's something to bonder - the offensive linemen working together, studying film together during the summer (without coaches) and pushing a 4000 lb truck like a sled. Gives me chills as to how that O-Line worked together. Do you remember that crushing block Mercier had on that PSU lineman to spring Jackson's run in that game? I'd like to see our big boys do that.





42nd ave is in Shallowside...



already talked about


DAT I'm listening to MLB.Com I am Pirate fan basically. Just shut down after 10 round pick.


MLB Draft 2009, players in the state of Florida so far

1st Round

16th Diamondbacks - Bobby Borchering, 3B, Bishop Verot HS

27th Mariners - Nick Franklin, SS, Lake Brantley HS

30th Rays - LeVon Washington, OF/INF, Buchholz HS

33rd Mariners - Steve Baron, C, Ferguson HS

2nd Round

54th Orioles - Mychal Givens, P/INF, Tampa Plant HS

70th Twins - Billy Bullock, P, UiF

71st White Sox - David Holmberg, P, Port Charlotte HS

76th Yankees - J.R. Murphy, C, Pendleton School

80th Angels - Pat Corbin, P, Chipola JC

3rd Round

84th Pirates - Evan Chambers, OF, Hillsborough CC

85th Orioles - Tyler Townsend, 1B, FIU

4th Round

114th Padres - Keyvius Sampson, P, Ocala Forest HS

118th Braves - Mycal Jones, SS, Miami Dade CC South

5th Round

144th Padres - Jason Hagerty, C, The U

159th Cardinals - Ryan Jackson, SS, The U

163rd White Sox - Kyle Bellamy, P, The U

166th Brewers - D'Vontrey Richardson, RF, FSU

6th Round

172nd Nationals - Michael Taylor, SS, Westminster Academy

192nd Twins - Chris Herrmann, C, The U

194th Mets - David Buchanon, P, Chipola JC

196th Brewers - Hiram Burgos, P, Bethune Cookman

7th Round

204th Padres - Miles Mikolas, P, Nova Southeastern University

9th Round

262nd Nationals - Taylor Jordan, P, Brevard CC

274th Rangers - Jabari Blash, RF, Miami Dade CC

282nd Twins - Nick Lockwood, SS, Jesuit HS

284th Mets - Jeffrey Glenn, C, Winter Haven HS

Nothing but high schoolers taken in the 1st Round from the state. Like fran noted, no Cane went before the 5th - including all everything guy, Kyle Bellamy.

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