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June 09, 2009



Now let's talk LSU, these guys should be in trouble but they are not



It will be interesting to see if the "suspended" wide receivers suddenly get reinstated for the "U". I'm sure Bobby hates the fact that he doesn't have a couple of warm up games to use for the suspensions before Miami.

Does the old man have the nerve to play them against the U and then suspend them for Jacksonville State the next week?


RS and company are doing it the right way on the recruiting trail, and they are following their plan based on the pre-Coker strategy of program-building.

The Canes coaches are looking past the stars and looking to recruit great athletes (mostly from Florida but also from other areas) who they get to know, who are great leaders in the locker room and who can potentially play a variety of positions because they are great athletes. Then, the coaches bring these athletes to the U and develop them into first round draft choices.

Go Canes!











Sup spacers..sorry I haven't been on...I'm hanging out in tenneessee and just might move here in a few months. Nice write up soup...great work. Congrats ocala, she is beautiful.


Anyone think this NCAA punishment
of "vacating wins" in bogus? I for one don't care if Alabama has to vacate 21 wins 2-3 years ago, does anyone remember the records from 2+ years ago anyway? It has no teeth unless a team is in jeopardy of giving up a championship, or in BB's case his all time win total.



conch salad


I totally agree. Going after old wins is ridiculous. What does it do? Also, do you think the teams who they beat are all of a sudden happy that they get the W? HELL NO!

Its a stupid way to approach this.

conch salad


I know Manny has been busy with Los Marlin', but do you know why he hasnt been keeping up with the blog? I hate to say it but I check the SS blog first these days cuz Shandel has kept it going. Mandingo hasnt put one out on the baseball guys and no one has put out any info on whether Ray Ray and co. are now on campus (I think they reported or are set to report soon).

Any idea whats up? Is he just too busy with Los Marlin?

lou of m

arrest and fraud... seems like some type of loss of institutional control. they wont go after the future but the past. funny!!


If the NCAA wants to put real teeth into this they should make the teams give back the bowl money, if any, they received in those seasons.

If they don't go to a bowl in those seasons, they forfeit future bowl money until it's paid off.

After all, the NCAA has determined they weren't eligible for the bowls they went to.


Total friggin joke unless you won a NC in that time.

That would blow!!!


The Truth


My fat a*s sat up at La Parilla in Cancun almost daily since Friday. Ms. Truth and I took off the ME by Melia there in Mexico. When the 'Space I'd no longer in service, and you 86 and I can sit down with that bottle of McCallan that he's going to owe me I'll give you the real story...

...but for the blob we had a splendid time sitting by the pool, drinking my perfect Caipirinhas and best - in - the - world Margaritas chatting with the lovely ladies we made friends with. After the sun went down Ms. Truth and I would entertain our friends in on our amazing balcony/deck into the wee hours.

The weather was perfectly sweltering and the hotel was amazing. There wasn't much going on at the clubs so we brought the party upstairs.

A great time was had by all.


Loved every minute of it.

The Truth

I will say that the margaritas at La Parilla were just about perfect. I'm going to have to re-do my sour mix cuz that was some good stuff right there.

Anyone going to Cancun should take a look at the ME. Not the grand melia..just ME. Fatastically hip and modern. Great service and if you spend a little it goes a looooooong way.

Truth don't do all inclusive cuz as much as I like to eat I really only eat one big meal a day.

The Truth


You did good...great even. She's way too hot for you LOL

Smart man!


so Glen Cook doesn't get drafted by an NFL team but instead by Chicago Cubs? Funny stuff. Good luck.


from Bruce Feldman's blog...

• Dan Morgan is one of the best college players I've ever covered. His performance when Miami beat FSU in the Orange Bowl in 2000 was the most amazing effort I've ever seen from a defensive player in a college game. Even though he was a Pro Bowl linebacker for the Panthers, his NFL career was cut short by injuries and concussions. Right after that FSU win, I did a feature on him for ESPN The Magazine about the relationship he had with his dad, who was one of those old-school tough guys that had played semi-pro ball and had worked as a bouncer and a bodyguard. They were just these tough, tough people. In his Miami days, Morgan was said to be a completely no-nonsense guy. Didn't go out. Didn't drink. Just went to school. Worked out. Loved football. He was a complete throwback. I always believed Morgan was the kind of guy who would have to be carried off the field. I am glad he walked away from football when he did.

Old Skool

What a heaping, stinking, maggot-infested load of crap...

ESPN college football analyst Jesse Palmer, who played quarterback at Florida from 1997 until 2000, defended Meyer in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel.

"[Urban] can't be out at the clubs at 1 a.m. monitoring these guys," Palmer told the Sentinel.

1:00 AM My God the horror....

You want to talk temptation: Gainesville night clubs versus South Beach =
Rosie O'Donnell versus Megan Fox.

Sorry Jesse, it's a character issue. The Miami temptations are vastly greater, but Cane players aren't showing up in the police blotters on a weekly basis.

The Truth

I see Rosie O out on South Beach a heck of a lot more than I see Megan Fox.

I'm just sayin'.


Here's the full article:



Palmer probably doesn't want to get on Meyer's bad side like Shane Matthews. After all, if you step out of line, Cryer will throw a tantrum and take his toys and go home.


Next time they induct guys into the ring of honor, Morgan (despite however he chooses to give back to the program), should be a lock. You just can't be all everything and not have your name up there.


Thinking about this more, I think the next class should only these 3: Morgan, Sapp and Irvin.

Old Skool

Okay maybe I shouldn't use Rosie as an example.

Then how about Chastity Bono versus Megan Fox


The Truth

I'm glad 44 quit too

The Truth

U should say Chinese Food (sum dum ho) in Canesville Vs Sophie Howard here

The Truth

Or Sum dum ho Vs Ms. Truth


No contest


I agree re: morgan. Wish he could have made afew more Super and Pro Bowls, but I don't want to see him with a terrible brai ninjury

Old Skool

Sophie Howard and Ms. Truth.
That would be the last we would hear from you for a very long while.

Old Skool

Just for grins I did a Google search for Sophie Howard images. Only 448,000 showed up.


Here's another example of what makes Miami different from any other school, when you look back on the performances of SEAN TAYLOR and dan morgan against Fsu, if we surveyed who had the biggest impact against Fsu, it doesn't matter in my book, but i do know for their positions nobody ever dominated Fsu like they did in those games, but we can continue to put one great next to another great time after time. Like who was the better tight end, shockey or winslow, runningbacks, forget it, linebackers(ok, dan morgan probably wins this one awards wise, but alot of people will rohan), defensive tackle, the lineage of greats that we've put out goes on and on.

Anyway, this team is loaded with talent now, and in a couple of weeks, will be loaded up again, and next year, the same thing. The talent is already back where it belongs, the development phase is the only thing left before we start running rough shod over college football once again.

I don't know it all, but i know this much, this team will be able to do 2 things in the future, run the ball and stop the run, with all the defensive lineman we're bringing, and once that UM hunger is really instilled in them, just sit back and enjoy the show, HAPPY DAYS are almost here again!

The Truth


You forgot the one player in the history of that amazing series between FSU and Miami that is most responsible for Miami winning during the time he played:

Chris Rix

The greatest player in Miami Hurricane history :-)

The Truth

Old Skool

There are probably only 448,000 images available of her online because her "eyes" probably consume waaaay to much Internet space in each JPEG.






86; Great wedding pics of Ocalacane & Mrs. & fantastic article! Go Canespacers! Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Ocalacane!

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