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June 07, 2009



I've been gone for a few days, so if this was posted by someone in the past few days, my bad!

An UF alum and CBSSports.com National Columnist calls out the UF football arrest record. I still am in amazement they haven't had more bad press:



No CWS for the Turds....


Can someone write an article on Walt K? He took over at the end of the season he and the U beat the Gator. . Walt all said ":" get the GATOR" and he got it.

Posted by: KSF68 | June 08, 2009 at 12:19 AM

KSF...OK, I'll work on it and try to get something out next week.


California...we have been throwing around the 24 Gator arrests over the last three years under Urban but I don't think anybody posted that link before.

24 arrests = 8/year or one every 45 days?

Can U imagine any business, your business, with that type of record?

Shut 'em down!

Old Skool

If I'm here, I will be there for UNC, but I need to wait a few weeks to commit.
I'm in the final stages of a deal that will either be a buyout or an investment. If it's a buyout, I'm a free man. If it's an investment, I could wind up back in S. Florida or Southern Cal.
When we finally meet I'll fill you in.


Just wanted to pop in and thank everyone for the votes.

This place is like home and I just wanted to again thank 86 and all who make this place what it is. All the other boards out there are pretty much unreadable at this point.

Keep up the great work!!

Again thanks for the support.



that writer from CBS Sports must've had Corrine Brown as his English prof...


Ogletree still has us on top.

Nice looking kid and would be a huge pull from GA.



Bottom line, the way to beat GT is for our dl to dominate the line of scrimmage and to punish the QB every time he carries the ball!


you deserve it Canez1,

now pull my finger... and your journey towards the Dark Side will be complete.



back tonight






Good pic




We've always been one of the best teams in the country at stopping the option, because we've had so much speed on defense. In fact, our 2001 pounding of Nebraska put an end to their option forever. Once we get back to where we have LBs that run like safeties and DEs that move like LBs, we'll make GT's option look like a high school team.

Excellent point and I could not agree with you more..Speed compensates for poor technique trust me.. If we have that Miami speed again then stoppin the option will be real easy.... We just need bigger, more physical db's


Guys do you realize that since Randy has taken over in 2007 we have had back to back to back Top 10 recruiting classes. Seriously according to ESPN we had the #9 class in 2007, in 2008 we had the # 1 class and in 2009 we had the # 7 class. Simply amazing I can not wait until the season begins.. In Randy WE TRUST................


Let's talk about Oklahoma, not GT, since we will be 3-0 and in the Top 10 when we play the #3 Sooners.

Here is a write up from the OU blog:

October 3rd at Miami

Miami will be returning 15 starters total from last year, and the young team should have a quality extra year of experience from what they had last year. This game is concerning because it will be Oklahoma's first true road test (playing BYU a few hundred miles from home doesn't count). It's also concerning because Miami will be, as usual, extremely athletic, especially on the defensive end of the ball. The inexperienced Canes went into the Swamp last year and were in the game when the 4th quarter started (only down 9-3 to the national champs). I was impressed at the time by the intensity and quickness of their defense. Our offense will definitely need to be on top of their game, especially the offensive line. The offensive line and backs will need to be ready for frequent blitz pickups as well.

On offense, the Canes will be returning the talented duo of Graig Cooper and Javarris James. Sophomore Jacory Harris will have a year of experience under his belt, and he will have an arsenal of 4 extremely talented receivers who are also sophomores to throw to. Add in some more experienced receivers, and the Canes should have plenty of weapons on offense. I'm marking this game down on my calendar as one to be concerned about. I'm glad we'll have 3 games and 4 weeks on the schedule before this game.


TC should be a much better game this time around.

I think this is the game I am going to try and make it down to MIA for.

I still haven't seen a game in the new building.

Hopefully it's a night game.



Speed is not the only reason we were successful in stopping the option in the past. Deep penetration by the DL shut the option down more so than speed. Plus remember most teams running the option are speed teams.


When in doubt just penetrate and you cant go wrong ;)



Vince U goin to any games this year??



here is OU's depth chart
I'm on the road so I can't post much
yea it sounds like at least some sonners are worried.

QB 14 Sam Bradford Jr. 6-4 218
15 Drew Allen or Fr. 6-6 210
12 Landry Jones RFr. 6-4 211
FB 34 Matt Clapp Sr. 6-3 234
83 Brody Eldridge Sr. 6-5 265
RB 29 Chris Brown or Sr. 5-11 210
7 DeMarco Murray Jr. 6-1 205
23 Jermie Calhoun or RFr. 6-0 210
25 Justin Johnson So. 6-1 201
X 18 Jermaine Gresham Sr. 6-6 261
82 James Hanna So. 6-4 215
Z 83 Brody Eldridge Sr. 6-5 265
88 Eric Mensik or Jr. 6-6 260
47 Trent Ratterree So. 6-4 232
WR 85 Ryan Broyles So. 5-11 175
17 Mossis Madu Jr. 6-0 196
4 Jameel Owens So. 6-3 200
WR 80 Adron Tennell Sr. 6-4 191
8 Brandon Caleb Jr. 6-2 196
24 Dejuan Miller So. 6-5 200
LT 71 Trent Williams Sr. 6-5 308
59 Donald Stephenson So. 6-6 275
Jeff Vinson Jr. 6-8 350
LG 74 Brian Simmons Sr. 6-5 304
Tavaris Jeffries Jr. 6-5 320
C 61 Ben Habern Fr. 6-4 275
51 Brian Lepak Jr. 6-4 285
RG 77 Stephen Good So. 6-5 305
Tyler Evans Fr. 6-5 280
RT 70 Cory Brandon Jr. 6-7 308
76 Jarvis Jones So. 6-7 294



DE 33 Auston English Sr. 6-3 253
84 Frank Alexander So. 6-4 249
NG 86 Adrian Taylor Jr. 6-4 295
96 DeMarcus Granger Sr. 6-2 302
DT 93 Gerald McCoy Jr. 6-4 295
89 Cordero Moore Sr. 6-2 295
DE 44 Jeremy Beal Jr. 6-3 253
90 David King RFr. 6-4 240
SLB 22 Keenan Clayton Sr. 6-2 220
21 J.R. Bryant Sr. 6-3 230
MLB 10 Mike Balogun Sr. 6-2 250
42 Tom Wort Fr. 6-1 210
WLB 28 Travis Lewis So. 6-2 232
55 Jaydan Bird Fr. 6-3 230
FC 15 Dominique Franks Jr. 6-0 189
3 Jonathan Nelson Jr. 5-11 177
SS 27 Sam Proctor So. 6-0 208
30 Javon Harris Fr. 6-0 180
FS 20 Quinton Carter Jr. 6-1 190
25 Emmanuel Jones Sr. 5-11 190
BC 2 Brian Jackson Sr. 6-1 202
32 Jamell Fleming So. 5-11 185



CROF logo( upper right) is cool it looks a lot better life size when the pixels aren't crumpled



AJC picks the best and worst ACC games this coming season

Ranking all of the ACC games
9:33 pm June 7, 2009, by Doug Roberson

Summertime, and the choosin’s easy.

Actually, it wasn’t.

Last week, Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman ranked the games in the Big 12 this season, from 1 on down.

So, since there’s nothing new under the sun, I thought it’d be fun to rank this year’s ACC games, from one on down.

The criteria was fairly simple: which games would be the most exciting, and have something important riding on them, for the division, the conference, the school’s psyche, the conference’s rep, etc.

You’ll notice the top 10, heck the top 20, are a bit top heavy with games featuring the ACC’s big five: Florida State, Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina and Virginia Tech.

It’s also no coincidence that three of those teams: Both Techs and the Heels, are expected to compete for the ACC championship this season.

Don’t give up reading after the first 20. The bottom 10 are also ranked. Couple of Duke games in there.

So, without further adieu, my pick for the game of the year in the ACC is:

Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech Saturday, October 17. It may be heresy to not put Georgia Tech vs. Georgia here, but this game will likely decide the Coastal Division rep in the championship game. I guess the question for Tech fans, beat the Tar Heels and have a chance to play for a conference title and a spot in a BCS game, or beat your rival? And, for this exercise, there aren’t any co-No. 1s.

The rest of the top 10:

Georgia at Georgia Tech Saturday, November 28. No explanation needed.

Alabama vs. Virginia Tech (Ga. Dome) Saturday, September 5. Is it fair to have the Hokies or Jackets dominate the top six? Who cares? These games are going to rock.

Nebraska at Virginia Tech Saturday, September 19. Huskers vs. Hokies. Always about alliteration.

Georgia Tech at Florida State Saturday, October 10. Division implications a plenty.

Florida State at Florida Saturday, November 28. The nation’s last hope for UF to get tripped up before the SEC title game.

North Carolina at Virginia Tech, ESPN Thursday, October 29. Coastal ramifications. Blacksburg will be rocking.

Georgia Tech at Miami, ESPN Thursday, September 17. See next comment.

North Carolina at Georgia Tech Saturday, September 26. Another in a brutal start for the Jackets.

Maryland at California Saturday, September 5. A barometer game for the ACC. If the Terps win, and the Hokies beat ‘Bama, the ACC suddenly looks really good.

The top 10 honorable mentions, or 11-20, however you prefer:

Florida State at BYU Saturday, September 19. Lots o’ points. Lots of em.

Miami at Virginia Tech Saturday, September 26

Florida State at North Carolina, ESPN Thursday, October 22

Miami at Florida State, ESPN Monday, September 7. Kind of sad this game is all the way down here, but…

Clemson at Georgia Tech, ESPN Thursday, September 10

Pittsburgh at NC State Saturday, September 26. Benchmark game for the ‘Pack.

Oklahoma at Miami Saturday, October 3. Why is this one so low? Cuz it’ll likely be a blowout.

Boston College at Notre Dame Saturday, October 24

TCU at Virginia Saturday, September 12. TCU is Top-25 worthy this year. Another benchmark game for the ACC. Let’s hope the Cavs do a bit better than last year’s butt-whipping by USC.

Clemson at South Carolina Saturday, November 28.

The rest, well the rest except for the 10 worst, which are at the bottom. I tried to put the top and the bottom of the list in order. The middle, well, I did my best:

TCU at Clemson Saturday, September 26

Miami at North Carolina Saturday, November 14

Florida State at Wake Forest Saturday, November 14. It’s no secret the Noles have lots of troubles with Wake.

South Carolina at NC State, ESPN Thursday, September 3

Baylor at Wake Forest Saturday, September 5

South Florida at Florida State Saturday, September 26

Clemson at Miami Saturday, October 24

East Carolina at North Carolina Saturday, September 19. Watch out Tar Heels. Trap game.

Florida State at Clemson Saturday, November 7

North Carolina at Connecticut Saturday, September 12

Miami at South Florida Saturday, November 28

Coastal Carolina at Clemson Saturday, October 31

North Carolina at NC State Saturday, November 28

Virginia Tech at East Carolina, ESPN Thursday, November 5

Stanford at Wake Forest Saturday, September 12

Boston College at Clemson Saturday, September 19

Wake Forest at Navy Saturday, October 24

Duke at Kansas Saturday, September 19

Wake Forest at Boston College Saturday, September 26

NC State at Boston College Saturday, October 17

Wake Forest at Georgia Tech Saturday, November 7

Wake Forest at Clemson Saturday, October 17

Rutgers at Maryland Saturday, September 26

Florida State at Boston College Saturday, October 3

Georgia Tech at Vanderbilt Saturday, October 31

NC State at Virginia Tech Saturday, November 21

Clemson at Maryland Saturday, October 3

Miami at Wake Forest Saturday, October 31

Georgia Tech at Mississippi State Saturday, October 3. If this were most any other SEC team, this game would have been in the top 20. Same goes for Vanderbilt matchup.

Virginia at North Carolina Saturday, October 3

Virginia Tech at Virginia Saturday, November 28

NC State at Wake Forest Saturday, October 3

Boston College at Virginia Tech Saturday, October 10

Maryland at Wake Forest Saturday, October 10

Virginia at Maryland Saturday, October 17

North Carolina at Boston College Saturday, November 21

Miami at Central Florida Saturday, October 17

Maryland at Duke Saturday, October 24

Georgia Tech at Virginia Saturday, October 24

Central Michigan at Boston College Saturday, October 31

NC State at Florida State Saturday, October 31

Virginia at Clemson Saturday, November 21

Maryland at Florida State Saturday, November 21

Duke at North Carolina Saturday, November 7

Maryland at NC State Saturday, November 7

Virginia at Miami Saturday, November 7

Boston College at Virginia Saturday, November 14

Clemson at NC State Saturday, November 14

Virginia Tech at Maryland Saturday, November 14

Duke at NC State Saturday, October 10

Boston College at Maryland Saturday, November 28

Wake Forest at Duke Saturday, November 28

Virginia Tech at Duke Saturday, October 3

Georgia Southern at North Carolina Saturday, October 10

James Madison at Maryland Saturday, September 12

Gardner-Webb at NC State Saturday, September 19

Georgia Tech at Duke Saturday, November 14

Virginia at Southern Miss Saturday, September 19

Elon at Wake Forest Saturday, September 19

Duke at Virginia Saturday, October 31

Richmond at Duke Saturday, September 5. This could be embarrassing for the Dookies.

Jacksonville State at Georgia Tech Saturday, September 5

Duke at Miami Saturday, November 21

The Citadel at North Carolina Saturday, September 5

William & Mary at Virginia Saturday, September 5

Jacksonville State at Florida State Saturday, September 12

The worst of the worst:

Duke at Army Saturday, September 12

Murray State at NC State Saturday, September 12

Middle Tennessee at Maryland Saturday, September 19

Northeastern at Boston College Saturday, September 5

Marshall at Virginia Tech Saturday, September 12

Florida A&M at Miami Saturday, October 10

Kent State at Boston College Saturday, September 12

Indiana at Virginia Saturday, October 10

Middle Tennessee at Clemson Saturday, September 5

And, the worst game in the ACC this year will be:

North Carolina Central at Duke Saturday, September 26. Central is an independent that is returning a whole bunch of starters. But really, scheduling North Carolina Central? Why?



canez1 you know deep penetration will always cause concern! I got my ususal 3 season tickets and I am jonseing for football to start. Angry and Canechic, I am damn proud of my Penquins and I expect them to make Detroit have to win game 7 back in Detroit because my fellow "Burghers" will be rooting like hell for the Pens in game 6. Remember I said the Red Wings would win because they are the better team. Canesgirlnc miracles can happen!


Final rant: When you give up 518 total yards you don’t need to spend the off season telling yourself GT was a fluke.

When we put 50 on them the only fluke we'll be talking about is how we lost to them for 4 years..

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Texas, Canesluvr, Este, and Solar, great points all.

I think we'll do all of what Texas and Canesluvr said on defense, and most of what Solar said on offense.

And as Texas so clearly pointed out, tricky Nix actually outscored GT last year.

However, as Solar I'm sure points out, that GT offense improved as the year continued. So we should expect the same thing we saw last year with sharper decisions and blocking.

In our defense, Young called a horrible game in that one because we never attacked. Granted, he may have thought it would be better to read then react with our personnel last year but either way, the game-plan and execution stunk from the first down.

In Young's defense, he probably hadn't faced an option since the 1990s or so. And he probably was out the door by that point anyway, at least in his mind.

I think we can stop them. I don't think we can shut them down, primarily because of the difficulty of preparation. LSU had a month to prepare for them and it showed. Ten days isn't a month but with a year under their belt, Lovett's experience and some preparation over the summer, and hopefully film study RIGHT NOW, I think we whoop 'em.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

California...we have been throwing around the 24 Gator arrests over the last three years under Urban but I don't think anybody posted that link before.

24 arrests = 8/year or one every 45 days?

Can U imagine any business, your business, with that type of record?

Shut 'em down!

Posted by: 86Cane | June 08, 2009 at 06:50 AM


There it is!

conch salad

24 arrests = 8/year or one every 45 days?

Can U imagine any business, your business, with that type of record?

Shut 'em down!

Posted by: 86Cane | June 08, 2009 at 06:50 AM

You mean ACORN?????


canez1 - the Raleigh Durham airport would be closer


Remember I said the Red Wings would win because they are the better team. Canesgirlnc miracles can happen!

Posted by: canesteeler | June 08, 2009 at 12:51 PM

LOL that Game 5 was hard to watch - it was a clinic in what not to do - someone asked me if Romeo and Cook were playing D for the pens! LMAO! Well they are only one game back and I will be watching tomorrow night!


Thanks CG

I am going to fly into Raliegh and stay their too. Looks like a pretty close drive to Chapel hill.



Canesteeler: Zetterberg in the offseason :-)



Once again I will say we have had a Top 10 recruiting class for the past three years, turning the corner is here people and this is our COME OUT YEAR.......2010 we will be right back in the top 10 MARK MY WORDS.......
Georgia Tech? HA I want USC for the NC.......




Hate to switch the subject but anybody on here a BIG Horror movie junkie?

Check this movie out if you haven't already U will not be dissapointed:

Midnight Meat Train........The movie is a masterpiece for any Horror fanatic....



Didn't that George Michael pretty boy used sing that?



This place is like home and I just wanted to again thank 86 and all who make this place what it is. All the other boards out there are pretty much unreadable at this point. Keep up the great work!!

Posted by: Canez1 | June 08, 2009 at 08:48 AM

Canez1...U are VERY welcome!

And that's because we do NOT allow the Gator trailor trash and personal attacks (unless of course it is Solar, Truth or pb attacking ME which is OK) that RUIN the other sites.

Solar, CGNC and I always have our finger on the BIG red button to delete inappropriate comments or ban nuisance bloggers simply looking to pick a fight. They don't call me SOUP for nothing!

Sure at first most of U hated the restrictions on what could be posted here and complained about it. Now U would ever think about living without it. Go look at the SS and MH blogs and see what U get without the proper protections in place.

To all REAL Canes fans: Thanks for blogging here!



Posted by: elliott | June 08, 2009 at 02:40 PM

Uh-oh...Looks like somebody got into Captain Optimist's KoolAid supply stash and is snorting it dry right from da box!

No shirt, no shoes, no water...no problem!


elliott...recruiting is only half the battle. Coaching them up, game management, strategy/scheme and game day execution is the next step and other 50%.

Gotta get 'er done. I think we will!


Hurriphin.....the U.

Saw the earlier post about how well the "Space Crusaders" do at policing this thing, and I would like to co-sign on that. Seriously, you guys do an excellent job on keeping The Space free of aliens, who shape-shift from Gator fans, to LSU fans, and FIU fans. If I haven't already mentioned this, my cousin frequents the SS under this address. He has a handicap and a lot of the times I even post for him. That place is a Dane Cook joke. Even their regular frequenters admit that this is the only safe haven for good Cane info/talk, minus the idiocracy that those other places are known for.

In 09'-10', I propose a big raise for SOUP, CGNC, & Solar!!!!!


And to answer elliot,

I am a big-time horror movie fan. Particularly of the older stuff. I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, including a movie called Dark Harvest where there was a scarecrow chasing these cats through the fields, and when he went to raise his sickle, honest to goodness you could see his wrist watch. There was also an outake on the DVD where one of the props caught fire, and the actual CAST MEMBERS had to stop and put it out. Can anyone imagine Denzel or Jen Aniston having to clean up broken glass on the set?

MIA Chi 'Cane '98

Elliot, big horror movie fan as well. Watched Midnight Meat Train on Halloween and did not like it at first. The more I thought about the movie and especially the ending, I did not mind the movie. I still think about the ending and it was very clever and interesting take.

Recommend any other good horror flicks? I still think the horror movies made in the 70's and thru the mid 80's are still the best, the grainy, exploitation, grindhouse B-movies. Though still love the movie Scream. Classic


you made an excellent observation on how everyone, ESPECIALLY me fought you about deleting or banning anyone or any content when Canespace first took off.

I look around a lot of blogs now and it's sad to see how people just abused the format, then the host, then each other until it is just a festering garbage pile.

There are some people on this blog that have the sarcastic wit, timing, and chutzpah to obliterate anyone at anytime, but they don't.
You can be damn clever and make your point without hurting people's feelings



Best horror flicks I've seen the last four years are recent Miami Hurricane football highlights



Dam right bradda!!

We score 50 points a couple times this year a whole lot of healing is gonna take place, I'm wit ya!!



Midnight meat train plays at my house damn near every night!!!




MIA Chi 'Cane '98

Funny Solar, but I agree with ya. Miami's O has been pretty scary bad the last few years and special teams.


hurripin thanks man!

and on your movie fiasco stuff.

Napoleon Dynamite is one of my favorite time wasters I love watching it I laugh all the way through it,
one of the best things about that movie is all the crap you notice .

You can see the camera crew and sound guys reflections in the front door, on windows all over the place.

There was a site somewhere that had all the real obvious ones but i lost it

thanks again, you dunno how many hours I've spent making sure most folks don't see the really hardcore sick stuff that half lifes try and put on the Space.



Do your chickens have large talons??


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