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June 27, 2009



OK I'm not real familiar with UCF folklore, but I got a couple questions about that statue.

1. The knight in proportion to the horse.

Is the knight:

A. a little person/midget
B. a 7 year old
C. less than four feet tall

2. The funky saddle the midget is sitting on

Is the saddle:

A. made out of lettuce
B. made from an incredibly large Quail's wings
C. going to snare on something sticking out of the ground and toss the midget headfirst into the goalpost



any of those herbs harmful to pregnant women?

just found out the wife is pregnant again (wouldn't be a true puerto rican if i only had one kid).


nice este,

When you could be sleeping your busy making kids so you can't sleep when your not making kids.



Congrats Este... you're not stopping at 2 are you?


Here is why Jacory is the real deal.

Nobody is calmer under pressure than this kid

Here's that complete long drive against Virginia where the offenseive line goes off side every couple plays and Jacory still brings them right down the field.

I'm saying with Nix's plays he still looked fabulous.

Check out how he rolls out and looks down field... WTF was Kyle Wright doing during that same amount of seconds?

Jacory is the guy that wants the ball in his hands in crunch time




roachcane, i'm hoping its twins. 3 would be ideal. we don't know yet on all the details since its still early.


i sure hope randy knows what he is doing. scheduling 4 top 25 teams the first 4 weeks is risky to say the least. how we come out of that stretch will show us how much he has progressed as a head coach and how much our young team has as well. i expect us to beat fsu but it will be close as always. ga tech is a payback game so im not as worried. va tech and oklahoma are the big ones. we could catch tech at a bad time because they have to play both nebraska and alabama before they play us. i expect us to lose to oklahoma but i want to see how we test them. the new york giants showed us all how to shut down a high powered offense; make the qb uncomfortable. how well does everyone else see us going?


I agree, Daytona. This will be a better and more competitive team, but, conceivably, start 0-4.

I don't expect that, of course. 2-2 will be acceptable in my mind. This offense will be unpredictable, more explosive, and put many points on the board. Defense is really my concern.

I see a 1984 type season, lots of points but less defense.


im going to go ahead and say it, we WILL beat oklahoma. bob stoops' teams are known to flop in big games and we will come flying under the radar just like west virginia did 2 years ago.

if the dline plays consistent all year, we will have a top 15 defense.


the key this year, for me, is the health of our starting front five. If we can be as lucky as last year about that...


If we encounter problems there, I see struggles. Simple as that

Cat 5 Cane


Damn... Sports and all this too... This tea stuff sounds good and I'm on it too.

I have two bad habits... smoking and uncontorlable drinking at Canes functions, well,... any function that requires me to pass the refrigerator... Love that beer... LOL

Not looking to stop either habit but looking for support to continue doing what I do best... Doctor what do you recommend?

Have been a smoker for years and colds kill me when my lungs fill up with mucous/phlegm.

Pharmacist recommend (over the counter)Mucinex DM, but this "FENUGREEK Seed" sounds interesting... Any side effects if taken straight... and can I take it year round ???

FENUGREEK seed is an herb for lung support that helps expel mucous and phlegm from the bronchial tubes. This herb is commonly used to help rid the lungs of infection and it is also believed to expel toxic wastes through the lymphatic system.


Hell, since I'm on the subject... Just tried and finished a 30 day supply of "Nature Cleanse" for the Colon and was wondering is there a better and less expensive way to flush the system on a regular basis

Cat 5 Cane

Give it to me dry...

We all know that I'm 12/0 sorta guy and want the ring, like all of us, but is 8/4 (I hate to say it acceptable/realistic for this year?

Last year we busted our assoff, only to lose our last 2 games and a ACC playoff chance. Was it youth and or assistant coaching, was it the line, was it playing two QB's, was it the DB's and LB's, Nix's play, Young's inept mentoring especially at GT, Randy's lack of game-day experience ???... I want to say it was all of it but the bottom line is, we ended up at 7/6 and dirt in our mouth from being smacked around from teams like NC, NC State, Cal and FSU... Which we should have won had we just found a way to improve on defense with a few INT's and Forced Fumbles or a few more completions at the right time...

God I hate to think if we stumble like last year, cause 8/4 is about the lowest I can accept, as a cane without throwing rocks at glass houses.




So my girl checks into her hotel yesterday and then heads out last night to the club there and guess whats going on there.

They are having the premier party for Transformers!! Red carpet and all.

It's fate I guess.

Goin this afternoon to see it.



OMG a fight and I wasn't even on the blog to cause it, Yay, I am not in trouble!!!!

Posted by: canechic | June 27, 2009 at 07:22 PM

There is a FIRST time for everything!


From www.hurricanesports.com:

Former University of Miami Hurricane Lauryn Williams advanced to the semifinal of the 200-meter dash, Saturday at the USA Track and Field Championships at the University of Oregon's Hayward Field.

Former Hurricane, Lauryn Williams grabbed the bronze medal Friday evening in the 100-meter final, qualifying for the World Championships later this summer in Berlin. Saturday evening she qualified for the 200-meter semifinal with a time of 22.95 seconds. The semifinal is scheduled for 3:24 p.m. EST on Saturday, the top-eight women by time will advance to the finals which will start at 5:52 p.m.

Another former Hurricane, Dominque Darden, placed seventh in the 400-meter dash final with a time of 52.19 seconds. While at Miami, Darden collected the most All-America honors of any other Hurricane with a total of 15.

Miami junior, Mikese Morse leapt 7.87m (25-10.00) in the long jump, finishing in 13th-place. Morse's mark on Saturday was the longest of the outdoor season by 10 inches. During the indoor season, the Tampa native broke UM's long standing long jump record with a mark of 7.90m (25-11.00).

Freshman Janet Price, Miami's top 800-meter runner on the year, participated in US Junior National Championships in the event this evening where she placed 11th with a time of 2:13.18.

For results and live streaming video visit www.usatf.org, for daily recaps of all the Hurricane participants visit www.hurricanesports.com. Sunday's events will be televised live beginning at 4 p.m. on NBC.


solar, that video gets me fired up every time, and you could tell the commentator, i think is doc walker or something, wanted us to win. I like how once it was 3rd and 13 from our own goal line he was questioning if marve was hurt or not. Than jacory takes us down field, and at the end of the drive doc was like, "the thing i learned 1st hand watching jacory is, the kid just finds a way to win". He earned his respect that quick, i always go back to the virginia game, because that game showed alot about what this team is going to be about. Their were several signs in that game on that last drive that told the future story of this of the players on this team.

Like you said solar, irregardless of the penalties jacory still brought it. Also what that means is, by him elevating his game, he helped to elevate the play of the players around him, he believed in certain players more than some players believed in themselves. Case in point, when chris zellner jumped off-sides, if you looked at the reaction of sam sheilds on that play, you could tell he was basically responding of course from frustration, but also, like here we go again, about to lose, because after playing with kyle for so long you can understand how that mentality would be developed.

Now the fact that jacory went to shields on that 3rd and 13, it gave shields the opportunity do do something good. Another thing to notice on that drive is, when virginia was blitzing and jacory got the ball out to patrick hill, jacory made it look real simple, but put kyle or kirby in that same situation, and a sack is coming from kyle and kirby will either take off and try to out run the blitzer or just throw something up for grabs. jacory calmly set his feet got the ball out, and more importantly, here's something we haven't heard a UM qb do in a while, HE BEAT THE BLITZ!

Now for those who kind of keep questioning jacory's arm strength, i hear it, but on that throw to davon johnson out that out route, it was on the money with velocity as well. That was an nfl throw, and it was also one that you rarely seen dorsey ever throw the deep out routes. Next thing, notice on that play after davon johnson caught it and got up, he was fired up mentally, but you can see the difference in mentality of the younger players, that they know they can get the job done as oppossed to somebody like shields mentality before that drive.

Next, jacory threw a pass deep down field to aldarius johnson, it was incomplete, but the thing i took notice of was, 1st off, as soon as he released the ball, before it even got to johnson, both commentators said it right away, good throw. Although incomplete it was put where the receiver had a chance to make a play, he tried, but the defenders did a good job to, but it was just a great football play all around on both sides, no interception, but the oppossing secondary knows they have to defend the whole field.

Of course the touchdown to byrd, again, it comes from the fact that jacory understands what it means to put the ball in a place where the receiver has a chance to make a play, some of you will remember the throw he made against nc st. at the end of the game where byrd caught it for a touchdown, again, great ball placement, and since byrd is a go getter, he went and got it.

Their was another play on that drive where jacory hit aldarius johnson in the middle of the field for a 1st down, when you look at jacory in the pocket, he has that qb clock in his that feel of when to get rid of the ball, as solar pointed out, he surveys the field. As i've said several times, although kyle was somewhere around 6'4, everytime he dropped back, he was always to low, so by the time he stood up, and saw the open man, he was late because he would just began to see the receiver coming open, and i always said somebody needs to correct that, it never got corrected. kyle was more intent on getting back as quick as he could to set up instead of using the drop back as time to read as well. He didn't began reading the field until he dropped all the way back, by than, you're going to be a tad bit late, but since he had a gun, he was going to try and gun it in their, that did make up for it often.

That was the main reason brock berlin and marve threw interception att he rate they did, at their height, it's hard for them to drop back and pick up the linebackers or zone defenders alot of times, but put them in the shot-gun, or marve outside of the pocket can sling it with the best of them. jacory, no problem, he drops back, surveying the field, and by the time he comes up, he already has an idea of where he's gong with the ball.

Also, on that aldarius drop, the only way that play is not completed is because the defenders had to make a great defensive play in order to stop that pass from being completed. Which means 1st the pass was on time and on target. 2nd, aldarius forced the defense to have to make a great play against him in order to stop it, which is a credit to both him and jacory, otherwise, the chains would've been moving.

I'll stop with those keys from that drive alone from their, well, 1 last thing, after that drive though, it made the other players realize and know even more that jacory can get the job done if need, guys like aldarius and streeter already knew, but that drive made them all know, so when we talking about confidence, the players already knew, than of course the duke game.

Now as far as the o-line goes, i hear you roach, but as someone already said, basically, don't get to caught up in their weight room numbers, although it would be nice to have them improve, it's more important that they rely on technique as oppossed to strength. You won't see jason fox weight room numbers out-doing to many people, but he gets the job done. franklin and figs, they'll probably improve they're numbers, harland gunn with all his strength has yet to take somebodies position.

This is the year where we'll see the stoutland effect for sure, because these guys have basically been groomed under him going into their 3rd year now, i'm talking fox, franklin, figs and pipho. As long as trumps not in the strating line-up, we'll be ok at o-line if healthy. trump is almost always getting handled.


Also, on a side not, talk about small world, a lil while back, i met this lady who wanted to go out and what not, anyway, she gave me her business card, etc. etc. I never used it, because of particular reasons, but anyway, turned out, she was condelzza rices neice, no big deal, i found that out before she gave me the card, and when she said that, i was like, aw hell, i can't talk to you than. Mind you, this has been over 5 years, so i come across the card today, and i'm looking her up, turn out, at some point she was working for corrine brown (yep, that corrine brown)
at some point, maybe she still is.


Nice analysis Calvin




Solar-I have absolutely no idea about UCF's mascot and I go to school there. I will try to get you some answers. I am going to ask some of the students but I bet they have no idea either!


And here's a challenge to all the guys out their, and this is really how the corrine brown/condaleeza rice thing came up. I was reading a while back that sometime in the 1990's condaleeza rice bench pressed 135 pounds 45 times, i took that to mean she benched it 45 times straight, so i had the guys fired up and pumped, so far only 1 guy has done it, the other guys get to around 40 and 41, so right now, yall already know what they saying, hell naw, ain't no way she did it 45 times straight, and the one guy who got to 45, i told him, now that means you're only tied with her, for prides sake you got to do at least 5 more,

So this is really why i went looking for the card, to see if i can get her to ask her aunt was it 45 times straight or was it 3 sets of 15. Either way, that's still real good for a lady!


In-laws were in town and I got dragged into going to Bingo, which I never played before
I thought we were as die-hard of one thing as anybody ever could be
Boy was I ever wrong
The people that play bingo take that game serious
I got shushed over 10 times for hitting my #s to loud, and this was for the maximum of $50
WHEW!!!! 1st and last time
Any way I cant wait for practice to start and the goosebumps of season to appear on me
I just got thru watching the state-semi game with Seminole, and Dyron Dye is quick off the ball
Ive seen him play a few times and he is bigger then the 215-220 he`s been listed at
This kid is an athlete playing D-End


I think that was the game where Spence was tackling a guy out-of -bounds and let go before he got called for a late-hit... You knew we didn't recruit knuckleheads after that...


I'd have a tough time benching the bar 45 times... But I could get 55 catches playing in the Big East...


SebastianDaIbis-those Seniors are serious about Bingo, my grandma used to play!


Hurriphin.....the U.



Brilliant observation on that Jacory/UVA thing.

Another thing that MUST be mentioned as well, is that Jacory had to overcome the bumblings and penalties of his O-Line in order to pull all that off.

During Kirby's ONE brilliant series, I don't remember him dealing with that, and Kyle would've probaly thrown into octuple coverage on the first play from scrimmage.

Old Skool

Sorry Bingo didn't work out for you.
There's always Mah Jong


Old Skool
After getting dragged into Bingo(My mother in law won a game and yelled Bingo and I about skidded the shorts) i`m pretty sure thats it for me for any type of game
If it involves Sr. citizens then you can be sure I wont try it
Heck at a family get together many years ago with mine and the wifes family they got worked up on who was closer to the ring at the game..I think it was called lawn-darts
I should of known after that, to stay away from anything our grandparents and now parents want to go play


good points. you hit al of them.

Every once in awhile I watch that Virginia game drive, just to give me confidence we are gonna be real good pretty quick.
I posted it here mostly because of how Jacory seemed so calm.

When Jacory takes the snap it's almost like hes playing in 3/4 time when he starts to roll out, the game isn't too fast for him even as a freshman.
I think the speed of the defenses always scared Kyle into darting back and flinging it, or scrambling till the inevitable head plant.

Like you said the young kids looked like they knew they were gonna score and didn't look panicky at all.



In 2 years we all will be sippin on the Kool Aid. Just watch...


Here is a testament to what Six was saying about photoshop, airbrush,distort,clone photos vs candid unreached photos.

Exactly great point true beauty is waking up next to a women after a night of drinking and she still is fine. That is beauty when U can wake up with no makeup and have that natural beautiful glow. Not all women have it but if U find one that does you better keep her.


Billy Mays is dead


Holy crap... weird...



Nice observations, (as usual)... but don't get me wrong, I'm not hung up on just the weight room numbers... it's how our OL looks when they come out onto the field, FAT bellies, and especially small lower bodies, (hips asses and thighs.)

Then they go on to get manhandled by defenders and shuffle, or walk, off the field after another 3 downs and out.

Weight room numbers or not, they have been a MAJOR weak link in our progress as a team.


roachcane, i think what bothers me most with the OL (mainly with Franklin and Figs) is consistency. One play they are dominating a guy and the next they look tired. I'm sure that's due to the shape they are in. I know someone pointed out Franklin has lost weight. I'm hoping Figs lost a little too. Both those guys got big time ability, just need to put it all together. Fox is Fox. He gets the job done. Trump is Trump too. He's limited, but solid. Going straight up against the bigger DTs he can struggle. But he's in shape, mobile and knows what he's doing. He's someone if he hadn't gotten injured so much probably would be a stud. But injuries wore him down some. Still can be solid at Center. RT is the biggest question along with depth. Will Pipho actually start and will he actually play good enough for us to have him starting and not being a big problem. In spot action he did better than expected. So at least that gives me some hope. But even if he does struggle we can just give him help from the TE or Back.


USA 2 Brazil 0 (six do not look) lol

Old Skool

27 minutes in the game
2-0 US over Brazil. This could be HUGE


Halftime 2-0


im personally not worried about the left side of the line, the right side needs improvement. i think figs will improve, but im not sure about pipho. when i watch the spring game highlights on youtube he doesn't look all that great. to me he is a career back-up. i hope he improves for the sake of jacory. we face some pretty good defenses this year so the o-line needs to be in sync. someone mentioned the o-line beign out of shape having to do with our struggles. i can't understand how you go through swasey's program and still be out of shape. his conditioning is based on a track program (which explains why the linemen are smaller in the lower body region) and if you have ever ran track before you know you shouldn't be out of shape.

we should be dominating teams like virginia and nc state. instead the games are close and we barely get outta there with a win.

hopefully randy and whipple can weed out all of the losers from this program.

orange 'n green in the vein

USA over Brazil is US over Russia in the Miracle on Ice in terms of how much it shouldn't be happening. Billy Maize was a Semenhole, and his beard sucked.

Jacory Harris = The Black Joe Montana. I hope his voice has finally dropped this year and he traded up to a car instead of a bike. Or Maybe he didn't trade up because Fortson is still holding out and he wants to stress teamwork and leadership and sacrifice for his teammates?

Old Skool

Halftime US 2 Brazil 0

Old Skool

2-2 15 minutes left Brazil scores equalizer


The latin phrase for "don't let the bastards get you down" is "Illegitimus non carborundum." It was first used by British soldiers (it's pseudo-latin) during WWI. It's one of my favorite lines.

I appreciate that you have such confidence. I love the Canes, and I'm a huge fans of individual Canes, but I don't see us being more than an average team unless we get some good OL play... our DL improves this year for sure, which I think is worth an extra W (FSU). I just hope our DL plays FSU better than it did last year. Ponder looked like Frazier out there against us.



The latin phrase for "don't let the bastards get you down" is "Illegitimus non carborundum." It was first used by British soldiers (it's pseudo-latin) during WWI. It's one of my favorite lines.

Posted by: CVS | June 28, 2009 at 04:10 PM

Thank U! I had heard that saying somewhere at some time but couldn't recall it.


Bad Guys 3, Good Guys 2

Game over...


Rays take 2 of 3 from Marlins in Tampa.


Jeff Gordon leads in Loudon, NH at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.


86 - Rays swept the 3 game series with the Marlins, combined score of 15-7

Rays became the only team in MLB history to have 100 stolen bases and 100 home runs hit before the All-Star Break

Tropicana Field is also the only ballpark in all of MLB that has had at least 1 home run hit in it, in every single game played there this year


Billy Mays was a good guy and a friend

Real hard worker, he started off selling product at state fairs, then with his personality at selling the product - the owner of Orange Glo/OxiClean noticed him and asked him if he'd like to push his product

I worked with him for years at Home Shopping, partied with him, he knew his schtick and he would actually try and see how far he could push it

Anyone thinks he's a joke, you go do what he did and see if you can be as successful at it

I'll tell you this, at least he didn't get beat up by a hooker after trying to kiss her (the Sham-Wow guy) - or - was a charter member of the "Late Night Sneeky Uncle Club" while messing with little kids and dangling his baby from over the balcony of a hotel (Mikey Jackson).

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