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June 27, 2009



because no one on the staff is named Jesus Crist or Nostradamus.

Posted by: The Truth | June 29, 2009 at 07:41 PM

Funny, we have ONE blogger here who thinks he is BOTH. VERDAD? LOL


Now U guys know I am reading all of this stuff right?

Pay back is a bytche...


I don't think you were around when he and PB would go back and forth. It was classic.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | June 29, 2009 at 06:57 PM

It was LOL funny. To the point where your stomach hurt and U could not breathe. It is very possible that several bloggers died that way.


guys i noticed something looking back at the oklahoma game in 2007. althougth they blew us out, their linemen weren't really blowing us off the ball. the runners just found open lanes to run through. i would think that means that it's not about strength like some would assume. Swasey has come under fire by some canes fans because it seems like other teams are bigger and stronger than us.

Swasey runs a track based system and if any of you guys have ever run track before you know with the right diet you will shed lots of body fat. that is the reason that our linemen look smaller than the one's at bigger schools, they have more lean muscle mass instead of lots of fat. also we don't have the athletic budget that other schools do, meaning we cant give our guys steak dinners to pack some pounds on.

you would be hard pressed to find better all around athletes than the ones we have here. i am willing to bet that spencer adkins is more athletic than every linebacker that plays for oklahoma. take a look at the guys at USC. they aren't huge like the guys in the SEC, but they are still strong as bulls because their S&C coach is good at his job.

i don't think we have worry about kids not taking the weight room seriously anymore. i don't know if any of you guys remember Dajleon Farr, but that guy looked like he never touched a weight in his life, but he was very lean.


canechic & Truth - it's very very odd

Family has basically gone silent, asking basically for privacy

Only people really talking are Sully, a couple of people that worked with Mays at HSN, his wife releasing a statement giving thanks to everyone and his son who went on a "big time morning radio show" in the Tampa area whose host was friends with Billy Mays.

I don't listen to FM radio and I ESPECIALLY don't listen to any morning talk show garbage on FM radio - in particular, the "big time morning radio show" that is here in Tampa. I absolutely hate FM morning talk show radio, it's a waste of air time and it just basically dumbs you down. It's the exact same format for basically every station ... talk about "weird news", talk about who was on all the different late night TV talk shows the night before, talk about some stupid reality show on MTV or VH1, have the Digicart cued up with fart/toilet noises, get the intern to go do something stupid while filling everyone in on their cell phone.


It basically just gives people up at work something to talk about in the gossip "celebrity" world when they get there and slow down production from the very start of the day.

I've lived without listening to FM morning talk radio for the past, I dunno, 25 years and I don't think I've really missed anything.


Rays win SIXth straight tonight, beating up on who I think is arguably the most dominant pitcher this decade .. Roy Halladay .. and the Toronto Blue Jays.

They've won 8 of their last 9 and have gone 18-7 this month.

Kids are starting to finally come together


Que pasa?


Wonder what Jacory has been doing?
Who has been working with him?
Who's been in his ear?


Just spouting off...

Admin... Uniforms... Change that fukkking shirt

Looking at the early gautlet... 3/1 is possible, if Jacory and company are on the same page.

Would love to see defense play real defense with Sam leading the way in turnovers for 09.

We should know if by the VT game if we are contenders or pretenders.

I'm looking for Special Teams to be better under Lovetts direction and Pannz azz should be on fire... It's "Show Me" time.

Fran... Got it !... Thank you




Ivan McCartney says he is considering 25 schools, and he adds that all 25 have a 50% chance of landing him. Hopefully he doesn't use that type of math logic on the ACT or he won't be qualifying for UM.













Good morning Canespace!

Old Skool


Thanks for the good story.

I'm still in a big city of 28,000. In your neck the woods, I suppose people have time to sit a spell.

We're too time pressed rushing from work to the all you can eat buffets - My favorite is the Chinese one which has French fries prominently displayed - and then home to watch the big screen TV's.

We do have rush hour 6 days a week. 7 AM and 3 PM when the factories (including a chicken plucking factory) start and let out and then again on Sunday at 12:00 when churches let out.

Thanks to self serve, I hardly get to know the gas station attendants. Seeing as we're cosmopolitan and all, the East Indians at
Raceway aren't very talkative otherwise you tend to get girls just out of high school caged behind 3 inches of bullet proof glass.

Another sign of our cosmopolitan status, Cat caps aren't mandatory attire, neither is wearing camouflage during hunting season. Although a spit cup for tobacco chewers is considered a great Christmas gift. You can even get them with Vols logos emblazoned on them.

I keep waiting to see one with a Louis Vuitton logo for the upscale in town.

Old Skool

If Soup and Sly attended the U at the same time, I wonder... who appeared in porno first?





playmaker interview lower left of page


Ray Ray



The entire county I live in has 2,800
people. Broward County is at 1,750,000
there are 84 people per square mile in this county compared to Ft lauderdale's 5,840 people per square mile.

It's as country as country gets but there are a lot of people from South Florida living here too.

I love the peace and quiet, mountains, forests, wildlife, waterfalls, white water rivers and a lot of the folks I've met.

I could live without the deep embedded racism, small town gossip, greasy fried food, The Confederate flag decals, the NRA and the rest of the good ol boy rhetoric.




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