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June 27, 2009


The Truth

Area 51 again...

The Truth

Miami has always attempted to play the big boys better the big boys want things on their turf and terms...

But this AD seems creative in developing series matchups.

Unlike the one that thought giving an upcoming in state rival a home and home for 30 years was a good idea.

The Truth

...as if there wasn't enough competition for players within this state


BetFirms take on the 09 Canes

2009 Miami NCAA Football Predictions

Hurricane fans are wondering who made this schedule? Miami opens against four Top 25 teams in Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma. Head coach Mike Shannon says it’s a chance fo rhis players to show they’re a Top 10 team.

Posted by: solarcane | June 28, 2009 at 10:49 PM

Who the hell is "Mike Shannon" and when did he become "Head Coach" at Miami?

Good god, this jackhole completely discredits himself from being taken even the slightest bit seriously by not even knowing the name of the head coach.

As soon as I see a mistake like that, I don't even read the rest.


Bg - That's some unfortunate news right there. I like what Bunche was seeming to bring to the table. Great discipline and work ethic. He is the real loss in terms of losing a year with this team, as Kent would have been a non-contributor figuring out a position anyway. (and before you guys get on me I am not saying Bunche would have sniffed the field as a frosh I am just saying I want the big boys developing and working togheter)

Also with Kent was he the one that was thinking of maybe coming early but wanted to be close to mama? If so, I wonder if he ever ends up at Coral Gables period given the latest set back.

86' while they are the normal causualties (and hence something we have to accept) can someone clue me in on to what the problem is. I am not familiar with the NCAA clearinghouse but I would think if you are accepted into the school you could play, but this is obviously not the case.


Chris Perez (Cane) and the infamous "player to be named later" are going to the Indians. They were traded for Mark DeRosa.

Little breakdown of Perez by Indians fans/coaches ...



86' while they are the normal causualties (and hence something we have to accept) can someone clue me in on to what the problem is. I am not familiar with the NCAA clearinghouse but I would think if you are accepted into the school you could play, but this is obviously not the case.

Posted by: shwarma | June 29, 2009 at 01:57 AM

From what I understand, players that go to military academies and such go because of their SAT scores and/or grades in high school need to improve. I know that schools make special exceptions to people (mostly athletes) but they usually have a minimum that they will accept. So, perhaps they didn't score enough to meet a minimum that is required for special circumstance.

I don't know all the answers, and I would like to know more. If anyone else knows, I'd like to hear.

Here's an interesting article relating to the issue. Apparently the Gayturd football players can't score on their SATs either...

"The biggest gap between football players and students as a whole occurred at the University of Florida" Nice!



Oh, and for what it's worth, I think these are big losses, mainly because they are at the positions I think need the most help in OL and DB. I'm not sure Bunche would have been great, but I did really like Kent!


Well, it took a while, but i found the sliding scale for GPA and SAT scores for NCAA football players:


Division I Core GPA/Test Score Index

Core GPA SAT Score ACT Score*

3.550 & above 400 37
3.525 410 38
3.500 420 39
3.475 430 40
3.450 440 41
3.425 450 41
3.400 460 42
3.375 470 42
3.350 480 43
3.325 490 44
3.300 500 44
3.275 510 45
3.250 520 46
3.225 530 46
3.200 540 47
3.175 550 47
3.150 560 48
3.125 570 49
3.100 580 49
3.075 590 50
3.050 600 50
3.025 610 51
3.000 620 52
2.975 630 52
2.950 640 53
2.925 650 53
2.900 660 54
2.875 670 55
2.850 680 56
2.825 690 56
2.800 700 57
2.775 710 58
2.750 720 59
2.725 730 59
2.700 730 60
2.675 740 61
2.650 760 62
2.625 770 63
2.600 780 64
2.575 790 65
2.550 800 66
2.525 810 67
2.500 820 68
2.475 830 69
2.450 840 70
2.425 860 70
2.400 860 71
2.375 870 72
2.350 880 73
2.325 890 74
2.300 900 75
2.275 910 76
2.250 920 77
2.225 930 78
2.200 940 79
2.175 950 80
2.150 960 80
2.125 960 81
2.100 970 82
2.075 980 83
2.050 990 84
2.025 1000 85
2.000 1010 86

*ACT Score is a sum of English, Math, Reading and Science scores.


Looks like Alec Ogletree committed to Georgia. I though he was our best chance at a 5-star recruit this year.


I hope Bunche stays with us after his stint at Milford. He has a great chance of developing into an OT, whereas most of our OL recruits last year look like guard prospects. After watching Prince Kent in the Army All-American game, I'm not as broken up about him not qualifying. But hopefully they both get it squared away and are on campus for spring ball.



How funny is that?

I don't know if the bride was wearing a vail. I'll ask. The rest of them were definitley dressed normal.

My girl has blonde hair and blue eyes.

They wouldn't be the wild ones, I know that.

That vail shyte is pretty gay. The bride is kinda trashy tho so it wouldn't shock me.

The bride is a short dark hair girl with big eyes!

So friggin funny!



BG soundwave made an attempt at the old voice but not quite as robotic.

I was looking for the same thing!!

Good movie for the lovers out there.



I'm not diggin Bunche and Kent headed to prep school.

Those are two areas of concern and we need all the help we can get.

This type of thing disrupts depth and development of these kids in two areas that we cannot afford to be thin in.


True Cane

How do they rank these guys, I saw footage of Alec, I was not impressed.

The Truth


Was she at LIV? Ask her if she was at the Fountainblue

If so... CRAZY sma world!!!!!

The Truth

Ms. Truth swears I imagined the second group - the nice group - with the bride wearing a vail...so maybe she wasn't LOL I was pretty lit at that point.





Mike Shannon is Nate Bosher's head coach



True cane I said the exact same thing a year straight when we were recruiting Arthur Brown and everyone was gushing about him.
I said the players around him looked like they were running in molasses and he looked just Ok to me.

You saw what happened when he got competing with players of his same ability at the U.

AO gets a lot of press up here in Georgia, and he is a good player. I dunno about 5 stars.


The Truth

And I wouldn't be able to describe ANY of them Canez...I wasn't really paying attention until the first group passed us on the way out with the life savers and crap on their boobs...

Then I realized that could have been your girls group. And if it was...oh boy!! Cuz that group was looking for trouble!!!

But that bride to be didn't seem to have any eyes so I'm pretty sure you're good there LOL


GPA 2.000 SAT 1010 ACT 86

Posted by: Canes.Fan.In.California | June 29, 2009 at 03:28 AM

By contrast back in 1981, when I got into UM I had a 3.2 GPA at Miami Killian and a 1120 SAT score.

Today that is not even close to getting in. Average GPA is around 4.0 and SAT scores are around 1400 for non-athletes.





Ya she was there. They are staying at that hotel. The manager let them into the party.


No veil tho on the bride. I asked. And they are all dressed normal. They don't play that dumb bachelorette shyte.

They were at the pool today and they were filming a scene from Burn Notice.

Too funny! I told her she better watch out. I have my boy on the scene!!!



The 5th star is based on potential given his measurables.

They like to project.





From www.miami.edu:

"Approximately 21,750 applicants competed for 2,000 openings in the fall 2008 freshman class. It is the most selective class in University history, with the highest class rankings, grade point averages, and SAT scores. Nearly half of the new freshmen graduated in the top 5 percent of their high school class, and two-thirds graduated in the top 10 percent. The mean SAT score was 1282."


I'm not cheap. I'll spend money. But spending nearly $30 for a drink is just plain stupid. I don't care rich you are, if you willingly spend $30 for a drink you're either a movie star or really really stuffy - and dumb. Truth

I totally agree-I bet you Donald Trump would not pay $30 a drink but I bet Donald Trump never ever pays for anything when he goes to a club. Isn't it funny that celb's who have plenty of money, never pay when they go to the club. The club just wants them there so the pee-ons will pay $30 a drink, crazy!

Megan Fox-Nicole even says she is very easy on the eyes but the movie not so great. I am sure it will ease off in popularity but i do hear Star Trek is great!

To Bad about the prep school guys but you have to have something upstairs. So guys start studying, it does not hurt you to be smart and athletic! (jonathan vilma)

The Truth

Don't tell her but I couldn't have picked your girl out if she wearing a neon flashing nameplate across her face LOL that place was bangin Saturday.

But she doesn't need to know that LOL

Tell her crew to head north to 71st and Harding (more or less) to a great place called Prima Pasta. They won't regret it. Great food. Great spot to drink wine and hang out. Not a club...just a great restaurant.

Not too far from where she is off Collins.

The Truth


The celebs ALL pay on the beach as I'm sure they do when they're just hanging out on Hollywood. They get comped quite a bit but I've seen Ushers group pay a $10,000 bar tab with my own two eyes.

And it probably should have been $12,000 - but you see where I'm going.

If they're making an appearance that's different. But here it's nothing to walk into a club and see a celeb...it's actually very common if you sit in the VIP. They're here to party and clubs are happy to have them so they do take care of quite a bit...but it ain't free.


Got ya truth-not saying the are cheap just it is funny when you have money, how much you get comp'd.


Anyone trying to email me at host@canespace.com U will have to wait until Wednesday.

Register.com is "upgrading" their system and they are FAILING miserably just like the FAILED Typepad "Upgrade" went down.

It was supposed to be done in 12 hours on Saturday. Then they sent out a notice that it would be Monday (today). Now due to "technical diffculties" it will be Wednesday.

These IT people at MAJOR Internet corporations are so incompetent it isn't even funny.


I don't see how the clearinghouse flagged Bunche. He was taking AP courses in his senior year and supposedly had very good grades. Such BS.


answer me this, why don't we have any of these names on our roster?

Rivals Tight End power rankings

1 Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma 6-6/261 Ardmore, OK -
Gresham caught 14 TD passes to lead all tight ends last season.

2 Dennis Pitta TE BYU 6-5/250 Fresno, CA -

3 Rob Gronkowski TE Arizona 6-6/260 Williamsville, NY -

4 Aaron Hernandez TE Florida 6-3/255 Bristol, CT -

5 D.J. Williams TE Arkansas 6-2/250 Little Rock, AR -

6 Garrett Graham TE Wisconsin 6-4/248 Brick, NJ -

7 Ed Dickson TE Oregon 6-5/240 Bellflower, CA -

8 Mike McNeill TE Nebraska 6-4/240 Kirkwood, MO -

9 Cody Slate TE Marshall 6-4/220 Chatham, FL -

10 Richard Dickson TE LSU 6-3/246 Moss Point, MS -

11 Tony Moeaki TE Iowa 6-4/250 Wheaton, IL -

12 Jamie McCoy TE Texas A&M 6-3/224 Midland, TX -

13 Brandon Barden TE Vanderbilt 6-5/245 Lincolnton, GA -

14 Greg Boone TE Virginia Tech 6-3/280 Norfolk, VA -

15 Anthony McCoy TE USC 6-5/255 Fresno, CA -

16 Jeron Mastrud TE Kansas State 6-6/253 Beaverton, OR -

17 Charlie Gantt TE Michigan State 6-4/252 Farmington Hills, MI -

18 Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame 6-6/258 Cincinnati, OH -

19 Ben Wooster TE Wake Forest 6-5/235 Atlanta, GA -

20 Logan Paulsen TE UCLA 6-6/268 West Hills, CA -

21 Ryan Moya TE UCLA 6-3/247 El Dorado Hills, CA -

22 Weslye Saunders TE South Carolina 6-5/280 Durham, NC -

23 Josh Leduc TE Eastern Michigan 6-3/230 Canton, MI -

24 Michael Hoomanawanui TE Illinois 6-5/274 Bloomington, IL -

25 Tommy Trott TE Auburn 6-5/237 Montgomery, AL -

East Michigan
BYU and Az
can recruit better at tight end than we can.. amazing.



Rivals linebacker power rating

1 Brandon Spikes LB Florida 6-3/245 Shelby, NC -
Spikes anchors a Florida defense that should rank among the best in the nation.
2 Mark Herzlich LB Boston College 6-4/238 Wayne, PA -

3 Rolando McClain LB Alabama 6-4/255 Decatur, AL -

4 Navorro Bowman LB Penn State 6-1/230 Suitland, MD -

5 Travis Lewis LB Oklahoma 6-2/232 San Antonio, TX -

6 Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri 6-1/235 Jasper, TX -

7 Greg Jones LB Michigan State 6-1/222 Cincinnati, OH -

8 Rennie Curran LB Georgia 5-11/220 Snellville, GA -

9 Joe Pawelek LB Baylor 6-3/240 San Antonio, TX -

10 Sean Lee LB Penn State 6-2/236 Pittsburgh, PA -

11 Rico McCoy LB Tennessee 6-1/215 Washington, DC -

12 Eric Norwood LB South Carolina 6-1/252 Acworth, GA -

13 Keaton Kristick LB Oregon State 6-3/227 Phoenix, AZ -

14 Stevenson Sylvester LB Utah 6-2/224 Las Vegas, NV -

15 Nate Irving LB NC State 6-1/235 Teachey, NC -

16 Micah Johnson ILB Kentucky 6-2/250 Ft. Campbell, KY -

17 Reed Williams LB West Virginia 6-2/225 Moorefield, WV -

18 Scott Lutrus LB Connecticut 6-3/228 Brookfield, CT -

19 Cody Grimm LB Virginia Tech 5-11/207 Fairfax, VA -

20 Pat Angerer LB Iowa 6-1/235 Bettendorf, IA -

21 Alex Wujciak LB Maryland 6-3/255 West Caldwell, NJ -

22 Reggie Carter LB UCLA 6-1/240 Los Angeles, CA -

23 Jamar Chaney LB Miss. State 6-1/245 Fort Pierce, FL -

24 Quan Sturdivant LB North Carolina 6-2/235 Oakboro, NC -

25 Sean Spence LB Miami-FL 6-0/202 Miami, FL -



Rivals Special Teams Rankings

1 Javier Arenas DB Alabama 5-9/193 Tampa, FL -
Arenas scored on three punt returns last season.
2 Brandon James ATH Florida 5-7/186 St. Augustine, FL -

3 Mardy Gilyard WR Cincinnati 6-1/180 Daytona Beach, FL -

4 Alex Henery P Nebraska 6-2/175 Omaha, NE -

5 Kai Forbath K UCLA 6-0/198 Pacific Palisades, CA -

6 Zoltan Mesko P Michigan 6-5/238 Timisoara, OH -

7 C.J. Spiller RB Clemson 5-11/195 Lake Butler, FL -

8 Brett Swenson K Michigan State 5-8/169 Pompano Beach, FL -

9 Kyle Wilson CB Boise State 5-10/185 Piscataway, NJ -

10 Perrish Cox CB OK State 6-0/191 Waco, TX -

11 Antonio Brown WR Central Michigan 5-11/175 - -

12 A.J. Jefferson CB Fresno State 6-0/180 Bakersfield, CA -

13 Derek Epperson P Baylor 6-3/235 Keller, TX -

14 Matt Bosher K Miami-FL 6-0/202 Jupiter, FL -

15 Dez Bryant WR OK State 6-2/215 Lufkin, TX -

16 Trindon Holliday WR LSU 5-5/165 Baton Rouge, LA -

17 DeMarco Murray RB Oklahoma 6-1/205 Las Vegas, NV -

18 T.Y. Hilton WR Florida Int'l 5-10/175 Miaim, FL -

19 Chris Garrett RB Ohio 5-8/178 Bristow, VA -

20 Phillip Livas WR Louisiana Tech 5-8/175 Houma, LA -

21 Josh Shene K Ole Miss 5-8/170 Oklahoma City, OK -

22 Jake Rogers K Cincinnati 6-3/200 Warsaw, IN -

23 Philip Welch K Wisconsin 6-3/200 Fort Collins, CO -

24 Thomas Weber K Arizona State 6-1/205 Downey, CA -

25 Travis Benjamin WR Miami-FL 5-10/160 Belle Glade, FL -



Solar, that was $.

No legitimate excuse why we can't net a quality TE. And its a shame too, cause with the way Whipple plays offense, whom ever it was would shine.


Rivals Best O Linemen
note 6 are from Texas.

Florida has three and two are from Lakeland
None are from South Florida

1 Russell Okung OL OK State 6-5/305 Fort Bend, TX -
Okung could be the first lineman taken in the 2010 NFL Draft.

2 Ciron Black T LSU 6-5/327 Tyler, TX -

3 Trent Williams OL Oklahoma 6-5/308 Longview, TX -

4 Rodney Hudson OL Florida State 6-2/290 Mobile, AL -

5 Jeff Byers G USC 6-4/285 Fort Collins, CO -

6 Zane Beadles OL Utah 6-4/305 Casper, UT -

7 Chris Hall OL Texas 6-4/300 Irving, TX -

8 Kristofer O'Dowd C USC 6-5/300 Tucson, AZ -

9 Bryan Bulaga OL Iowa 6-6/312 Crystal Lake, IL -

10 Anthony Davis OL Rutgers 6-6/325 Piscataway, NJ -

11 John Jerry OL Ole Miss 6-5/350 Batesville, MS -

12 Mike Johnson OL Alabama 6-6/298 Pensacola, FL -

13 Thomas Austin C Clemson 6-3/305 Camden, SC -

14 Brandon Carter OL Texas Tech 6-7/354 Longview, TX -

15 Adam Ulatoski T Texas 6-8/310 Naperville, TX -

16 Sergio Render G Virginia Tech 6-4/308 LaGrange, GA -

17 Maurkice Pouncey C Florida 6-5/312 Lakeland, FL -

18 Matt Tennant C Boston College 6-4/294 Cincinnati, OH -

19 Mike Pouncey OG Florida 6-5/312 Lakeland, FL -

20 Josh McNeil C Tennessee 6-4/280 Collins, MS -

21 Gregg Peat OL Oregon State 6-3/299 Mission Viejo, CA -

22 Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin 6-8/313 Cottage Grove, WI -

23 Charles Brown T USC 6-6/295 Chino Hills, CA -

24 Jeff Linkenbach T Cincinnati 6-6/297 Sandusky, OH -

25 John Estes OL Hawaii 6-2/290 Stockton, CA -



Well maybe I shouldn't say quality TE, cause Epps has some tools.

Mabye I should say no excuse why we shouldn't have first looks at all the quality TE's. Especially over the BYU's & Vandy's of the world.


last one

the list you love to hate

1 Urban Meyer Florida Head Coach -
He will try to lead the Gators to their third national title in four years.

2 Pete Carroll USC Head Coach -

3 Nick Saban Alabama Head Coach -

4 Bob Stoops Oklahoma Head Coach -

5 Jim Tressel Ohio State Head Coach -

6 Mack Brown Texas Head Coach -

7 Frank Beamer Virginia Tech Head Coach -

8 Joe Paterno Penn State Head Coach -

9 Mark Richt Georgia Head Coach -

10 Jim Grobe Wake Forest Head Coach -

11 Brian Kelly Cincinnati Head Coach -

12 Mike Riley Oregon State Head Coach -

13 Paul Johnson Georgia Tech Head Coach -

14 Mike Leach Texas Tech Head Coach -

15 Gary Patterson TCU Head Coach -

16 Houston Nutt Ole Miss Head Coach -

17 Les Miles LSU Head Coach -

18 Greg Schiano Rutgers Head Coach -

19 Jeff Tedford California Head Coach -

20 Jim Leavitt USF Head Coach -

21 Kirk Ferentz Iowa Head Coach -

22 Butch Davis North Carolina Head Coach -

23 Bronco Mendenhall BYU Head Coach -

24 Randy Edsall Connecticut Head Coach -

25 Mark Dantonio Michigan State Head Coach



Rivals top 300 players coming into 09, season and Mighty Miami has 3, A kicker, a kick returner, and a sophomore linebacker.

297 players better than any of the other 82 Miami players, that's pathetic



True Cane.

Finally someone that agrees with me on Ogletree. Thanks. He didn't FLOOR me. I don't think its that big a deal we didn't get him.


Looks like Alec Ogletree committed to Georgia. I though he was our best chance at a 5-star recruit this year.

Posted by: CaneSniper | June 29, 2009 at 07:44 AM

Mixed reviews on this guy from scouting services. He's a 4 star on Rivals and 5 star on Scout.



Don't be crazy!! This is the U. Talent grows on trees down here.

It is the coaching that has been bringing us down not the lack of talent.



that list of best coaches is a little off. rivals needs to do their homework. brian kelly is a better coach than people give him credit for. he and jim grobe are better than richt in my opinion. mack brown is ranked too high as well. gary patterson is very underrated considering his teams are always good and he doesn't have LaDainian Tomlinson to run the ball for him. and where is chris peterson from boise? he could circles around half of the guys on that list.


new manny


looks like everybody else will be here tuesday. bunche is going to prep school and still likely will end up at miami. kent, on the other hand, looks like he wont be attending miami after all. hope they find him a school to play at he's too good of an athlete.


Check out our exclusive interview with former Ibis and the original Maniac, John Routh.


The Truth

Prince was going to decommit back I'm January knowing his grades and such weren't up to snuff. Not sure who convinced him not to but he tried to get it together and it just wasn't good enough.

Can't do anything but wish him luck.

I didn't hear Marshall though. But I'm not going against Manny on that one. Doesn't matter cuz it's probably not going to be here.


Mixed reviews on this AO from scouting services. He's a 4 star on Rivals and 5 star on Scout.

Posted by: bg1906 | June 29, 2009 at 11:21 AM

Canespace has him at 3 stars.



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