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June 27, 2009



Did my last post get deleted??



The Truth


You got caught in what I call "area 51"

That 51st post always floats around a bit before appearing.

It's like it gets abducted...

Old Skool

If I remember correctly, you could get them sleeveless shirts with the foreskin necks at truck stops and Tractor Supply stores. If you were thrifty you could buy the value pack which included two shirts and a hanging car air freshener which also doubled as underarm deodorant.

The Truth

...because no one on the staff is named Jesus Crist or Nostradamus. Some kids don't work out.


Oh I was thinking it was a talent issue.. I was curious if there was an issue in the evaluation process.But still your point is made.


We dont need JC OR nostradamus.... we got WHIPPLE!





Can I get a Whip it from the congregation...... WHIP IT GOOD!



The Truth

Who goes to Disney on the 4th of friken July??!!

For those of you that don't have kids or just have younger kids, please know that even when they grow up they never grow up.

Besides the fact I could own a private jet for all the $$$ I've spent in plane tickets to send my girls to Disney - I always seem to get suckered into going at ALL the times I know you should NEVER go.

Like July 4th. Somehow I have to go there...get to Ft. Worth on Tuesday and then to Titusville by the 11th to take my seemingly never going home nephew to see the Shuttle take off. So I get Orlando two weekends in a roe in the middle of the summer when everyone and their mother is there.

Sweeeeeeeet. LOL

Whatever, Big River Grill and Brew Works and some Sweet Magnolia for me.

The Truth

Hey!!! Maybe I can snag a few of those sleeveless shirts with the foreskin necks to beat the heat!!!

Let me know if you come across any Solar



I'm with you. No matter how bad our OLine is, the Whipple factor should be good for at least two games this year.


Truth, Capt O,
thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate that.

I know I drive soup insane and wear on the patience of the football only bloggers and I apologize for 90% of the crap I cause.

I love all the folks on here and believe me I do "LMAOROTF" over a whole lot of stuff I read here.



Tractor Supply, BRILLIANT!

There is a very popular chain of stores strewn out across Appalachia with that exact name

Sometimes when when I'm cruisin the hot spots, Waffle House, Dairy Queen, Mack's Hardware parking lot, I'll hear folks say they are heading out to the Tractor Supply to pick up some chicks.

I'll check it out


Delaware.........the U.


It's Solar's fault


LOL Solar, all kinds of strange things can happen at the Waffle House


Caprain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Truth, here's my question to you:

Is this year's DL strong enough to prepare our OL, and vice versa, for almost anything they'll see this year?

And when I say prepare I don't mean dominate anything they'll see, I mean prepare.

GT, OU and FSU are easily the toughest OLs our DL will face all year but can this OL give them a decent prep??



The Truth


I don't know. I know what I saw this spring and to me it wasn't pretty at all on the OL. The times they did play well it actually left me mildly concerned with our DT's.

I think the DE's are the real deal. You all know how I feel about #56 and between Ojomo and the Freshman it's going to be fun to watch them get after it.

For me, it's the interior lines that are the big question marks. I don't know if the lines are able to push each other because neither side has done it well against anyone else...

To me it's an unanswerable question until after game 1. We'll see at FSU.

After game 2 we'll know for sure...


I remember that...!!

it's always cool to be a bad azz when you have two or three 250 pound guys watching your back.



If fox, franklin and figs stay healthy, and this is the year that franklin should play a whole lot better, i think last year it seemed like he played thinking since howie long's son said he was the toughest guy he went up agaisnt, that things were going to be easy for him from than on out and so it seemed like he didn't work as hard. This year, with the work ethic the young guns have brought in, it has ignited everybody to work that much harder, including him.

With that being said, whoever else gets plugged into the o-line, we won't be as bad as people think we'll be, the staff knows how vital it's going to be protecting jacory this year. Which is why nix had to go, because had nix been here, marve was going to transfer irregardless, so jacory would be the main qb here and nix would still b stupid enough to call qb draw plays, etc. etc.

The thing about this year coming up is simple in my mind we'll have an offense that's a threat every time it takes the field, our offense last year had the players to do better, but they were not put in the right situations to do it. defensive coordinators will have to coordinate this year. As someone said earlier, stoops, johnson, beamer and company know what kind of players we really got this time, and i'm sure stoops will be letting his team know soon-er, that's not the same gropu of players who came to norman 2 years ago.

coop played well for a true freshman that game as well. So just like tebow didn't get respected when we played them, bradford will be in the dirt as well, or throwing picks. As a db, you can't do what brandon harris did against cal and miss his jam on the receiver, because bradford will make you pay like that all game, but this is not your 2007 Hurricanes. Also, this year, gresham will have somebody on him, he's a hand full though, good luck vaughn t., randy will pop em though.

If the balls in the air, spence, phillips or b.harris will go get it, who else is going to get in that mix. jacory showed time and time again last year, when he's on our goal-line, no problem, he got the ball out to kayne farq against the gators on target and where he could make yards after the catch, he knows for the most part where to go with the ball, and more importantly, he normally gets better as the game goes on.

He makes a mistake and comes back mad trying to make the defense pay. It's going to be fun watching us have real qb's again, it started last year, and will continue this year. Would have been nice to have bunche here with the thinnest unit on the team as far as quality depth is concerned but things happen. Change the name from clearinghouse to blocking house, them mofo's always blocking our players. With all these schools down here on the F list and we still getting in at UM, how in the hell did bunche not make it, but ok.

After this year the competition at o-line goes up, just like every position on the team. Also, i'd love to see dyron dye play defensive end, but if he's moved to tight-end, he's going to be rugged their as well.

The Truth

I don't have the clip but Sapp was on dome show saying Miami doesn't have a DT right now.

Take that for what it's worth. He seemed serious and I know he doesn't mince words. He's not a "say something" to motivate you kinda guy.

So, to hear him, 99 and Co. need to stop doing the cha-cha out there and make a name for them selves to prove him wrong.

I don't think I totally agree with him but I know what he's getting at.

Who's the baddass? Where is that guy no one can block?

Miami has always had one but the last true guy like that was Big Vince. It's a little much to think a Frosh can be that guy so that's why I say these 1st couple of games will let us know all we need to know.

Too many times last you those guys were flat out abused up front. Hell, Duke in the 1st half looked like the Green Bay Packers with Paul Hornung running the ball.

So for me, I need to see then get at it against the enemy. Practice can tell you some...you can see potential in practice...but until they line up against the other side it doesn't mean anything.

Right now they all have potential LOL



I forgot to post this for you the other day, you and roach will appreciate it I think.

I was in the BP Station talking to the guy that runs it,Vernon, he's a true Georgia Boy and a good guy

Anyway we are shootin the shyt and this
Toyota Corolla rolls up to the pumps.

A Chinese guy his wife and kids are in the car.
The Chinese guy gets out and walks into the store, he is wearing one of those swine flu medical masks.

Vernon looks up over his bifocals and says

"hop-sing I hope to Crized you came in here to rob me. I sure as hell didn't call the para medics."

I just spewed my Yoo Hoo on the welcome mat and ambled outside.

I wish all you guys could spend a couple weeks hang out here



Solar Lol I will live vicariously through you. How far are you from that boomtown Ellijay?


Truth - #99 was saying that about the Canes not having a DT when he was here in Tampa at the first couple of days of OTA's for the Bucs

I have the article in the paper here and can post it later if needed


Truth - What was that hotel you recommended in Naples?


solar - thanks brah for the condolences

Good guy, real good down to earth cat

Just really weird the timing of it and how it happened, he gets hit on the head with some luggage after the hard US Airways landing here at TIA

He goes home, says he doesn't feel too good after it

He dies the next morning

Doctors say it's not from getting whacked in the head, but it's from "hypertensive heart disease" .. he was scheduled to get hip replacement surgery that next day

Crazy stuff


Joe Brennan highlights.
Mofo has an arm..



Yes I find it hard to believe he was going to have surgery with a heart condition? Don't they do tests a week or so prior to any surgery? I do not know but something just does not seem right but maybe it is all some strange coincidence. Sorry Six!


Since Transformers has been such a big deal,

Anyone else particularly disappointed with the portrayal of Devastator?

I'm pretty sure he was a robot super-soldier. Not a metallic-testecled, ape-bot.

So many inaccuracies. Entertaining, but inaccurate.

Wasn't the dopest part about Megatron, the fact that he transformed into a RUEGER? Not some kinda future jet.


We will get together at Tar Hell by then I should have witnessed even more crazy hillbillyism.

Ellijay isn't far, there are lots of apple orchards there.
The only downer for Ellijay it's the state headquarters of the KKK that's enough to deter me from hangin out there

downtown Ellijay



The Truth


J or Conch could probably help you out with all the options as far as hotels go, but the Inn on Fifth was fantastc.

It's right on 5th Ave which is a charming little area with shops and restaurants right outside the hotel.

The rooms were great. We had a room with a balcony right off the pool and loved everything about it. The service is great - it's immaculate and everything is really clean.

Plus it's less than a mile from some more great eateries and shops off 3rd street. And it's a short walk down 5th ave to the beach.

I hope that helps. Google it. Check it out.


"I'm pretty sure he was a robot super-soldier. Not a metallic-testecled, ape-bot. "

Hurri, you always seem pretty stable and everything,
I'm probably not the one to ask you this but

you realize Transformers is make believe right?? lol


The Truth

Plus Shwarma it's the only place I've stayed in Naples LOL so maybe I don't know better :-)

But you will NOT be dissapointed staying there.


That's what I thought Truth. I made a reservation there tonight. I'll shout out to J and Conch about restaurant reservations closer to giong but I have read Randy's on hear a bunch of times so i can remember that.

The Truth


I was going to ask you your take on that - if you know something more than the media does.

That's is just the saddest thing.

The Truth

Tommy Bahamas for something casual to eat - if you like beer they have a killer home brew on draft and the food is REALL fresh.

There were other spots but I do not remember their names...


Well for the price it can't be beat. I am sure places like La Playa and the Ritz are nicer but for 2 to 3 times the price this is probably better.

The Truth

Oh, and there's a mom n pop coffee place to the right as you walk out the hotel.

Yeah, don't go there.

Go to the Starbucks to the left on the other side of the street.

It's a toss up as to what coffee is better but the manager at the other spot was really rude to Ms. Truth as well as some other customers one morning and I promised him I would make sure to steer as many people from his establishment as I could.

So consider yourself steered.

The Truth

Like I said...you won't be dissapointed.

I'm sure that being right on the beach is a part of the reason it's more expensive at those other spots, but The Inn is a great little hotel.

One last thing:

If you're going before October be warned...

It's hotter than Africa. There are Zebra and Gazzelles in the streets.

It's that hot ;-)


Well thanks for the heads up Truth

The Truth

Glad I could help


Well Solar,

Rocky Balboa was make believe too, but how would you feel about the 7th one, if oh I don't know...................SOUP86 came down to the ring, bare-chested, in some american flag trunks?

The Truth

I would leave the theater.

The idea of 86 bare-chested wearing only some patriotic boxing trunks while he struggles to maintain his footing from the strain of that big head pulling him over is don't right frightening.

In a very gross way.

The Truth

Is down right...

I suck


I only saw the first Rocky.

Im confident 86Cane could out act Sly.

Soup barechested in American flag boxers is like some sort of nightmarish wake up screaming dream you have after a quart of Ben & Jerrys and a bottle of Jack



I think SOUP & Sly both actually attended The U at the same time.



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