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June 21, 2009



fuk it i tried

The Truth


Never ate there...I will now! And, AGAIN - I'm BEGGING you - take the drive to Pensacola and go to the Fish House.

It's worth it. I promise. I'm so confident that I'd actually reveal myself if you HONESTLY said it wasn't at least in your top 5.


He's always had the accent. That cat is as realy as it gets. It may be a little thicker now, but he's always had the "yah Mon" in him.

The Truth

Panama City has some perfect beaches. Pensacola too. Beautiful places.

The Truth

Damn Skool, thanks. Good stuff there!!

Seoul Cane

Truth, if you say so. You're probably right, but I think he still must have gone back to his roots for a while to thicken it up quite a bit. At any rate, was good to see him on TV advertising and whatnot.

See if you can guess this: what's High Times number one song selection? Hint: has to do with weed.

The Truth

Don't know Seoul but I'm betting it's something by Snoop Dog LOL


I live about an hour and some north of Athens.
It's the college town of UGA so there is more going on during the school year but there are a lot of little clubs to see good bands

get a copy of Flag Pole its got what ever is happening in Athens at the current time.

This weekend Athens will be packed to the curb, they will be having their summer music festival over a hundred bands and thousands of pretty girls in as little as they can possible get by with.

one thing as you have already experienced.

Athens sits down in a bowl and it gets over a 100 by 1PM lots of days.

Drink LOTS of pure clean water.

40Watt Club is cool

Globe has over a 100 different beers on hand.

There are dozens of little watering hole bars all right around the UGA campus.

there is an extreme skate park there somewhere but I never been to it.

The State Botanical Gardens are there but to walk around in June and July you need asbestos underwear.

Within an decent drive of Athens there is whitewater rafting north, Lake Lanier Islands with big water park, and good food.
Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags Whitewater parks are about fifty or sixty miles from Athens.

I don't go to Athens to often, I like the huge music store on Atlanta Highway, that's the biggest reason I go down there.



UMike, i'll speak for me, when i heard kyle wright was the supposed #1 highschool qb recruit, back than i for one, had no idea somebody was even rating these guys with stars, than on top of that, when i saw him play his 1st game i already could se he held the ball too long, than the clemson game, he did decent, after that it was all down hill. ryan moore i wasn't excited because i was wondering why we went all the way up to j-ville to get a receiverm bryant, whatever, now willie williams i was happy until i started hearing reports about him in practice.

In games though he did his thing at times and u could see the potential, alot of guys in that recruiting class were not that impressive to me once i saw them play for the 1st time.

charlie jones a.k.a. sweet chuck told the truth when he aid shannon basically wanted to start over, he's correct, when you got a losing team, no need in letting the starters be starters, just put the guys you recruited in front of the other guys, if they're any type player, they'll prove their worth like darnell jenkins did.

cj proved what kind of mindset the players "thee incompetent one" recruited, a mentality of cry babies! cry now and you'll never see the field, if you got time to cry now, that's time wasted on working so the guy that's actually working hard while you're crying will take your spot!


Good evening spacers. . .

Seems like it has def. been a dreary mood here. Elliot I'm sorry for the loss of your job. I hope you get something quickly.

Umike your situation is completely wrong, but very uplifting. You do everything you can to keep that little girl and protect her from the cruel world out there. I pray to God she never finds out about what deceitful things her Mother did to you. Keep on my friend I pray that you continue to get the strength to take care of both of those children and believe you will.

Charlie Jones was one of "the guys" and he knew it. He rather run than compete and that was what Coker's guys were... Entitled, spoiled, brats...


Calvin, my son thought the same thing you did.

When my son saw Kyle Wright as a freshman at Canefest or one of those deals at Lockhart I remember him saying words to the effect,

"That real skinny albino kid is gonna get creamed if he thinks hes gonna dik around that long to get rid of the ball in college."

I wasn't aware of what a prophet he was gonna turn out to be


Just back from reading about the juvenile justice in the united states...not so pleasant reading. Last test in CJ this week, YAY!

Six your posts are the best, the ab's are terrific! Angry tried the 300 workout for about 2 days and that was that! But I still love him!

Sorry Elliot, I think things will get better, good luck. I have been unemployed since Sept. 2008 but I am in Real Estate.....

This Marlin game will never end, they blew it in the 9th but hopefully can get a win.

Six, Rays did not have a very good night!


When Brock Berlin and Kyle and the rest of those guys were must gets it was the Gatorade Player of The year hype that got all the attention.

Then Rivals became the Gospel of where to find the greatest living 16 year old football players.



Marlins WIN, WOHOO!

The Truth

When I saw Wright the first time I thought we had something.

Well, we had "something" all right. That's another QB with women issues.

I'll give him this, he took a pounding. I really thought after that FSU game when Miami lost on the field goal thingy we found a QB.



Who is going to write the weekly article on how easy it is to stop the option?

see you guys tomorrow


The Truth

#7 however...

Well, he was a great kid. That's about all I can say about that.


Night everybody..

Wasn't it nice that Memphis got all of our players and they turned into the BEASTS of the C-USA....?

I'm glad it was all Shannon's fault for making them work for their job.


Solar... Randy took the names off their backs to remind them that it's not about me,me and me, as a 5 star... it's about playing as a team.
Posted by: Cat5Cane | June 23, 2009 at 07:27 PM

yea thats what he told the media and me and you and maybe a couple dikweeds on the team...

I'm more and more convinced he
he took the names off the jerseys to smack Coker in the face, and make it a clean cut between cockerites and Shannonites.

Remember Cokers first Cane broadcast, he had to mention taking the names off the uniforms wasn't gonna make a difference in how they played...

and as far as the guys Coker recruited he was right they played just as bad with or without names on their uniform.

To this day I think Shannon should have made them play with no helmets instead of no names.

Kyle Wright's Jersey should have had the words DONT MOW sewn on upside down.


Posted by: solarcane | June 23, 2009 at 07:58 PM

LAMO... Oh geez ... i lost my dinner on this one... thanx

The Truth

Kendra is dumb

But like...Forest Gump dumb.

You see, this why people fly jets into our buildings...we are facinated by dumb ghetto little white girls with fantastic boobs as their life is chronicled on TV for us to "enjoy"

And then we wonder why people in other countries don't like us.

That said:

Count me in 1st in line for when Bruno comes out. Love Barron Cohen!!! Hilarious!!

I know...I know...next time anyone wants to fly a plane into us just direct them to my house. I'll take the hit.




US needs to send in Team America

Here's Kim Jong Il using EHarmony



solar, we need to get your son on the staff, he's already on point. Speaking of gatorade player of the year, i'm glad your brought that up about the gatorade player of the year thing too, i remember thinking to myself back than uh oh, they said the same thing about brock berlin, and now we have one in the wings waiting, uh oh. I knew we were going ot have to have a great o-line in order for kyle to be anything, he took to many dumb sacks, like that play jacory made against uva when he got the ball out to patrick hill, well in the old days(the kyle wright and kirby freeman era)that would have been a sack.

The thing about kyle and kirby that bothered me the most was, they took dumb sacks, like kirby when he ran right into the d-lineman that was blocked. I like how shannon came out and put it all on the players, 1st play, throw deep, from 1 shouldn't be a Cane player kirby to another shouldn't be a Cane player Mr. look-out leggett. At that time i actually was hyping our wide receiver crew up to be one of the best in the country, moss, leggett, moore and jenkins.

Don't worry though, gone are the days where we don't have guys who can take it the distance at anytime, we will always recruit a guy like that, so in came travis benjamin, in came davon johnson, collier, thompkins and streeter, aj will make you miss and gobble up big yards from time to time, now in comes truth break away speed miller, in comesmike james, jamal reid and brandon mcgee if need be.

This last class we loaded up on o-line, d-line and athletes. This next class we already got jeremy play makin davis coming in, who's next.



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