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June 21, 2009



Posted by: The Truth | June 23, 2009 at 05:24 PM

Haha. You know the damn guidance counselors or whoever would be trying to work it out where we'd all be in separate classes on separate corners of the entire campus, at all times and periods of the day.

I remember in high school, we had a television production class and we'd do morning announcements live, broadcast into each classroom ... and guess who was the main anchor each morning.

That's right. This guy.

My mom taught at my high school, I just remember hearing stories from kids in her class that would tell me she would close her eyes and shake her head at some of the things I said during those announcements, while they all laughed. I was like a freaking rock star. I was sent to the vice principal office one time b/c of something I said about what they were serving for lunch that day, just remember having to sit outside and listen to a teacher screeching on about me to the vice principal about how I was "incorrigible".


This is what I want to know ..

Why did elliott get let go, but not the English or Speech teacher(s) of Corrine Brown?

That's the scary thing.

Go Gata.


Hey..I got a question, canechic or CGNC or anyone maybe can help. I just found out today that my 7yo daughter isn't mine. Their whore/loser/druggy "mother" informed me not to long ago so I took a test. Now, she has my last name, my name is on her birth certificate and she has lived with me her whole life. I also have her brother, who thankfully is mine. Now, my questions is, if she ever decided to fight me for her..which I doubt she will because she doesnt give a shty about them..do I have a leg to stand on? Her own family would vouch for me, but does that hold any weight legally? I do not know if she knows who the father is..and if she has an idea I doubt she has any contact with him. My plan is just to live my life the same way I have been because I know she will not challange..BUT if she does...


Appreciate the support guy the good thing is that I am in Special Education and EC teachers are federally funded. The problem is the school I was working for had too many EC teachers. Budget called for one less teacher per school so U know how it goes...Thanks for the support....


Elliott sorry to hear that. Word in Meck is that there may be rehirings for the same positions but some teachers might not get the same schools


Six you made me LOL with that last comment - your posts are second to none


UMike - email me mw32779@windstream.net


CGNC..just emailed u


UMike - brah, that sounds like a Dr.Phil episode in the making

If the "mother" is that bad and her family would vouch for you, I wouldn't think she would have much ground to stand on. That's just my opinion, I'm not a judge or jury. But, if it ever did come to court - I'd think that the "mother" wouldn't have much ammo to use, esp. if you and her family can prove that she's basically incapable and has been.

Also, don't think twice about the little girl "not being yours". By blood, she might not be ... but that doesn't mean sh*t and it shouldn't, b/c if the "mother" hadn't had ever said anything then you wouldn't know any different. It would be no different than if you had adopted her - your love for her is unconditional and her love for you is the same. You can't ever look at her any different or treat her any different, esp. after 7 years.

That might have felt like a punch in the gut when she told you that, but, you just shake it off and get instant amnesia about it.


CanesgirlNC - as long as I can make some people smile for a little bit of their day, that's how I judge if it was a good day or not ... that, and if the Canes/Rays/Bucs/Bolts win - that makes a good day too

Also, playing Dig Dug and blowing those little Pooka motherf'ers and Fygar dragon motherf'ers up ... I don't know how many times I've hosed myself at the laundromat b/c I've used quarters on Dig Dug and not had enough to dry my clothes for long


UMike- sent you an email

Six - NHL draft is soon :-D



Thanx for the kind words. It definitly was a punch in the gut. I will never look at her different,..not at all.


CGNC..check ur mail


Elliot, that sucks, I feel for you. Not that it will make you feel any better, but the teachers in this state (Cal.) are going to soon be facing the same thing.

Cat 5 Cane

Hey Fran...
I mailed your Canes Logo today... should arrive Friday.

Elliott... Sorry to hear it... Just do what ya gotta do... it will get better in time.

Solar... Randy took the names off their backs to remaind them that it's not about me,me and me, as a 5 star... it's about playing as a team.


Where the heck is 86?

Oh here I am...


We have a new feature here on Canespace.

As I travel across this great State of Florida trying to earn a living to pay for all of YOUR blogging habits and t-shirts and game tickets, I thought instead of TWITTERING which I refuse to do (who needs that?) we would just have the bloggers here play a little game called:

Guess my area code?

Your job is to try to guess what area code (in Florida) I am in today. First one to get it right wins some sort of prize (T-shirt, allCanes gift card, etc.).

Ready? GO!

I'll be back at 9:30 to check in and select the winner and post a new blog later tonight around 11 PM. See ya...


I'll try 305 (mostly because that's the only one that I know in FL>)


Solar... Randy took the names off their backs to remind them that it's not about me,me and me, as a 5 star... it's about playing as a team.
Posted by: Cat5Cane | June 23, 2009 at 07:27 PM

yea thats what he told the media and me and you and maybe a couple dikweeds on the team...

I'm more and more convinced he
he took the names off the jerseys to smack Coker in the face, and make it a clean cut between cockerites and Shannonites.

Remember Cokers first Cane broadcast, he had to mention taking the names off the uniforms wasn't gonna make a difference in how they played...

and as far as the guys Coker recruited he was right they played just as bad with or without names on their uniform.

To this day I think Shannon should have made them play with no helmets instead of no names.

Kyle Wright's Jersey should have had the words DONT MOW sewn on upside down.



hey solar didnt realize you were in Athens.. I am stuck here for the rest of the summer. What fun thing is there to do here??

Old Skool

Solar LOL

Alternatives to Don't Mow

This side up.
Please return to original upright position.

904 Area code


Apparently some of the 2005 recruits don't like what we all are saying...



86.....305, 954, 407, 561, 863, 352?




His argument is a JOKE when at the end of the article it says...

Jones rushed for 262 yards and six touchdowns last year at Memphis.

So you were so good that you only rushed for 262 in C-USA....RIGHT! HAHAHAHA! Now you see why these guys had to be outted???? I sure do!

The Truth

LOL Solar...I think you are correct on the jersey thing.

Especially the "don't mow!!"

On another note:

I think it's time North Korea got what they are eventually going to get anyway. I just read the full story on the two female US journalists jailed over there. I can not believe the US has let this happen.

I know that dude is a wack job but enough is enough.

Hillary needs to get it done.


I read an article by Shandel on SS... Charlie Jones takes a good dig at RS

CJ goes on to say Elmer Fudd created a family atmosphere

No reason for me to blab the whole thing but its an interesting article to read

I`m going say your doing your thing in the 727

The Truth

Sweet Chuck is the EPITOME of why Miami fell.

All you need to do is look at that quote about Coop...

So, let me get this straight...coach puts a frosh 1st on the depth chart BEFORE practice even starts and this bothers you because????

Go win your damn job chuck!!!

It does suck for those guts as far as all the change and to be fair he is also one of the main ones I think of when I say the Kehoes and Sollies of the staff failed these kids by doing what they did.

Sweet Chuck transfered and puts a whopping 260 yards to show why some do nothing frost took his spot at Miami LOL

I love it.

L O V E it!!

The Truth

Didn't I mention 34 earlier???

Shandel reading the blob, eh?

Koo beee

The Truth

Ok 86

850? 904? 727/813???

850 it is...


I wish there was more articles from some Canes in that class and see if most felt that way

Those claims he made seem to be a little Bobby Marve IMO

Why not bust your azz to get the position instead of going to Memphis to drop 262 yards

Another Elmer Fudd Prima-Donna maybe?

The Truth

Someone here has been to Austrailia and I can't remember who...

My question is, when you were there did you eat Wallaby or Kangaroo?

What did it taste like?

The Truth

I know I can't Anthony Bourdain but I sure wish I was...

That said Andrew Zimmern is just...gross.

Old Skool

Wallaby taste a lot like Wombat

The Truth

Wombat tastes like....????

Skool u play too much!! LOL

I really want to know.



The Truth

Now...I did chew up, swallow and chase a scorpion with a shot of tequila in Mexico. But NO ONE is going to convince me to snack on crunchy grasshoppers or a bowl of tripe!!!


The Truth

If that's what's on the menu in Thailand I ain't going!!!


I was just reading Athlon Sports magazine, and it had the top 40 recruits from 2004 and how they faired. Charle Jones was ranked above Lance Legget, Kirby Freeman, James Bryant and someone else. It also had Willie Williams on that list. Talk about recruiting right from the websites lol


I mean we had at least 5 of the "top" 40 recruits in the country..and they all were busts! lol But hey..at least Coker was a nice guy


Aldarius Johnson > Kendal Thompkins


Charle Jones needs to get himself a copy of Canemutiny and read it. He will then realize he wasn't a Cane.
I still believe every freshman, or even potential recruit should read that book.


They recently released the odds on the schools most likely to commit the next NCAA violation. It was a Top 25 the `Canes are probably thrilled to not be part of. And who says UM hasn't cleaned up its image.

Odds on which school will commit an NCAA violation next:

USC 8-1
Ohio State 9-1
Florida 10-1
Ole Miss 10-1
Florida State 12-1
Michigan State 12-1
Alabama 13-1
Michigan 13-1
Georgia 12-1
Iowa 14-1
Tennessee 14-1
Georgia Tech 14-1
Oklahoma 15-1
Virginia Tech 15-1
Mississippi 15-1
Cincinnati 15-1
Texas A & M 15-1
Boston College 16-1
Oklahoma State 17-1
Texas 18-1
Texas Tech 18-1
Missouri 18-1
TCU 20-1
UCLA 20-1
Cal 20-1

And here's the best part. There are even odds on if the next Florida Gators arrest will be a felony or misdemeanor:

Misdemeanor 5-9
Felony 7-5


850 it is...

Posted by: The Truth | June 23, 2009 at 08:40 PM

And U know this because??? It is 850, but not Tally, Panama City.

U ever been to Hunt's Oyster Bar? It is a DIVE but U slide right on up to the oyster bar (if you can find a seat) and get the best oysters you'll ever eat.

Unlce Ernie's on the water ain't too bad either. more upscale seafood/grill place.

Now, email me your name, address and SS# to...what a waste. LOL!


86..I think you need to update the "UM Greats" page. You still have Bobby Drama lol


Charle Jones needs to get himself a copy of Canemutiny and read it. He will then realize he wasn't a Cane.

Posted by: UMike | June 23, 2009 at 09:15 PM

I have a copy he can borrow?


86..I think you need to update the "UM Greats" page. You still have Bobby Drama lol

Posted by: UMike | June 23, 2009 at 09:22 PM

I hardly ever go to the web site. I haven't updated it in over a year. Need to get that done during the DEAD season.



Posted by: canezilla | June 23, 2009 at 08:58 PM

Uh, maybe I wasn't clear about how the game is played. U only get ONE guess at an area code, not 6!

Old Skool

OK Truth you got me curious. Did a little Googling

Worse name for a non Wallaby recipe.
Outback Steakhouse Wallaby darned.


The kangaroo meat available commercially differs from the East Coast States to the West. NSW and Southern Queensland hunters harvest eastern grey kangaroos which are smaller and are generally regarded as inferior in meat quality to the Western Red which has been the mainstay of the South Australian industry for over 35 years. A new comer to the scene has been the Tasmanian harvest of wallabies for their meat and a new cut, wallaby shanks, can give their equivalent from sheep a run for the money in flavor and texture.

The way kangaroo meat is aged can also have a huge impact on taste.

Young meat with 1 to 3 weeks from killing can have a subtle flavour making it indistinguishable from quality beef while a very intense gamey flavor will develop with well aged meat – up to 3 months when stored under oil. If you prefer the light gamey flavor, then I suggest you purchase frozen kangaroo as this stops the ageing process.

Here's an actual Wallaby recipe. Make sure you look up the wallaby and sheep yogurt recipe mmmmm

In winter the animal may be hung for some days, as a hare, which it resembles, but in summer it must, like all other flesh be cooked very soon after it is killed. Cut off the hind legs at the first joints and after skinning and paunching, let it lie in water for a little to draw out the blood. Make a good veal forcemeat and after well washing the inside of the wallaby, stuff it and sew it up. Truss as a hare and roast before a bright clear fire from 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 hours, according to size. It must be kept some distance from the fire when first put down, or the outside will be too dry before the inside is done. Baste well, first with milk and then with butter and when nearly done dredge with flour and baste again with butter until nicely frothed.

Seoul Cane

Dang. Truth beat me to the 850...good ol' Tally...my hometown! Must go to Barnaby's pizza on Appalachee Parkway! A cult classic.

Just watched an hour of Reggae, Weed, and Clothing...I'm not sure why. But, in it, there's a clip on Rohan Marley; who's now working Tuff Gong clothing for his dad. Had full set of dreds and a Jamaican accent...when I occasionally kicked the other footie ball around with him on the intramural field, I don't recall the accent...must have relearned it to get more authentic for the clothing line.

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