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June 23, 2009


The Truth




The Truth

Claro que si!!

The Truth

Buenas Noches Caballeros.




solar, we need to get your son on the staff, he's already on point. Speaking of gatorade player of the year, i'm glad your brought that up about the gatorade player of the year thing too, i remember thinking to myself back than uh oh, they said the same thing about brock berlin, and now we have one in the wings waiting, uh oh. I knew we were going ot have to have a great o-line in order for kyle to be anything, he took to many dumb sacks, like that play jacory made against uva when he got the ball out to patrick hill, well in the old days(the kyle wright and kirby freeman era)that would have been a sack.

The thing about kyle and kirby that bothered me the most was, they took dumb sacks, like kirby when he ran right into the d-lineman that was blocked. I like how shannon came out and put it all on the players, 1st play, throw deep, from 1 shouldn't be a Cane player kirby to another shouldn't be a Cane player Mr. look-out leggett. At that time i actually was hyping our wide receiver crew up to be one of the best in the country, moss, leggett, moore and jenkins.

Don't worry though, gone are the days where we don't have guys who can take it the distance at anytime, we will always recruit a guy like that, so in came travis benjamin, in came davon johnson, collier, thompkins and streeter, aj will make you miss and gobble up big yards from time to time, now in comes truth break away speed miller, in comesmike james, jamal reid and brandon mcgee if need be.

This last class we loaded up on o-line, d-line and athletes. This next class we already got jeremy play makin davis coming in, who's next.
Posted by: Calvin | June 23, 2009 at 11:08 PM


Never ate there...I will now! And, AGAIN - I'm BEGGING you - take the drive to Pensacola and go to the Fish House.

Posted by: The Truth | June 23, 2009 at 09:52 PM

No can do. No Pensacola on this trip. Back to Tally and then the 863 late tomorrow night.


Rohan mon:



Thank you Aqua!!

Finally someone else is questioning VT's lofty rankings. I've seen everything from fifth to eighth, and I say THEY AIN'T THAT GOOD!! In 08' We shoulda' beat them by two or three TD's. (Thanks Nix)
I've got a ton of respect for that program, and how Beamer consistently wins with recruiting classes that your average UM fan would curse, but this 09' team just isn't that impressive to me. If they beat Bama, I'll eat my words, but even then.......


Call me crazy, but I think we do the thing to VT this year.

UM....38-20 anyone?


Yeah DAT but remember, Dorsey was "coached up" and so were Portis and McGahee.

Sol got out there and showed them how to shake a defender and run over a 215 lb safety.

I guess he forgot how to coach when fatboy and sweet chuck arrived.

Posted by: The Truth | June 23, 2009 at 10:18 AM

Sol may not have showed them how to shake a defender, but Sol helped them develop into the best blockers and the best at blitz pick-up. That started in college and they took that with them to the NFL. That's how Edge and Portis were three-down backs their first year out. We all know about the conflict between Coker and Sol about how to coach Moss. Sol couldn't coach Moss the way he coached Edge, Portis, Davenport, Nick Williams, etc... and his play showed the difference.

Even players that has 'it' have to be coached up occasionally. No one comes in as a finished product, and not one player can succeed without a coach "coaching them up".

Ironically, when you look at Wright, Moore, Leggette, Youngblood, James and even Cooper, their best seasons were their freshmen year, when they're basically going off of instinct. Each were good enough, and we all saw their potential. We all couldn't wait until they matured. After their freshmen year, were you saying they didn't have 'it'? After freshman year, we all thought they'd be drafted, maybe even first rounders. Coaching failed them as much as they fail the team.


For those of U who missed it TWO years ago, this was Aqua's definitive work, when he interviewed the one, the only, Hurricane legend Rohan Marley:




Oh yeah, part three:




At least it seemed like Kirb' was at TRYING to play to the best of his abilities.

I'm telling you.....Kyle almost refused to throw the ball to anyone in orange n' green.

Remember that almost great comeback vs. UNC? That final INT he tossed.....It was into sextuple coverage. SEXTUPLE!!!!!!

If Kyle was in that same situation that Kirby was @ FSU in 07', I say given five chances, same drive, he fails all five times. I know it sounds like I'm throwing flags on the kid, and I really wanted him to be successfull, but he didn't have a football brain in his head.

Toughest QB since Torretta though.


No doubt, Aqua has some MAD skillz...and he is an original Spacer from back in the day.

He has been with Canespace since the beginning like Calvin, Cav, OGV, Solar, CGNC, Esteban, Truth, Manny, Bg1906, and so many others.

This is the place, this is The Space!


New Manny:



From www.hurricanesports.com:

Mike Summey and Brett Burman have joined the University of Miami men’s basketball staff, announced head coach Frank Haith.

Summey has been hired as the director of men’s basketball operations, while Burman is joining the staff as a graduate manager.

A 1997 graduate of NC State, Summey has an extensive coaching background, including serving as the head coach at Bethany College (W. Va.) during the 2008-09 season and two years as the assistant head coach at North Florida from 2006-08, aiding in the Ospreys’ transition to NCAA Division I. As the head coach for Division III Bethany last season, the Bison went 17-11 and finished second in the Presidents Athletic Conference with a 9-3 mark en route to an ECAC South Region Tournament invitation. As a student at NC State, Summey served as the head manager and graduate manager.


June 24, 2009

New QB name emerging for UM

Matt Shodell

Who is this QB ???

Can we recruit a top notch QB in this class???


Good to see you writing stuff again aqua.

I'm thinking of making up some shirts that say

It's no sin, to have
Kool-Aid on your chin.


Cat 5 Cane

Solar... good one!

how about...

.........Kool Aid
...It's not against the law
.......to eat it raw!

Cat 5 Cane

.Hey Fran...
I mailed your Canes Logo today... should arrive Friday.













Cat 5 Cane

Talk'n bout how many other schools have anything like we have, waiting in the background to take it to the house.

travis benjamin, davon johnson, collier, thompkins, byrd, streeter and AJ

JJ, coop, MJ, berry, miller and hill


Kool Aid in full force!!

I'd like one person to start regularly housing TD's... before I go ahead and say a bunch of people can. I know they have the ability to. I just want to actually see it in games. So far none of them have done it consistently YET.............

Cat 5 Cane

DAT... Good article on the TE position... Winslow

"Kellen Winslow was arguably the most talented tight end ever to play at Miami.... His catch against West Virginia in 2003 at home on a 4th-and-14 play that Miami had to have is one of the greatest catches in the history of the school."

This was the game that I've talked about as being one of my favorite games ever to be played at the U... What a game and what a catch!!! Ending score was about 22/20 and we had like 5 FG's and 1 TD to their 2 FG's and 2 TD's, but it was "The Catch" that made it possible for the winning FG.

My bad, I thought about adding Epps to the list above but I'm not sure he going to be effective as a TE with lagging injury.

Cat 5 Cane

CSM... I'm with you... and want to see us do it before talking about it but It's all we got for now... But you know, it's only a matter of time before we do.. The real question is when.

Old Skool

The QB is Jared or Jake Medlock from Neptune Beach near Jax


DAT...good research as always. U and Cat5 and the KINGS of the AM crew. Thanks!


gotcha 86, ya Cat5 that was a great game and a better catch. Epps was on his way to being a nice player. Hope he can come back strong this year.

The Truth

So canesluvr

You're going to say that Curtis Johnson - who was good enough to coach in the NFL - who "coached up" Santana, Reggie, Andre....and so on..."failed" Ryan Moore and Lance Leggett and the others recruited at the same time?

Or was it that he forgot how to coach the WR position?


For me, there aren't too many RB coaches better than
Sol and I don't need to be reminded of the role someone like he and CJ have in a program. But they aren't the only coaches that can coach.

They aren't teaching a method that no other coach has heard of.

Their teachings looked significantly better when they had players that wanted to learn and could actually do it. When they had bozos their teachings didn't look so hot.

And where is Don working these days?

Por favor



CSM...got your email. Mailing on Friday when I get back to the CCC from the 850.


Epps is just as talented physically as Shockey or Winslow... That is the truth.

If he can put it all together is yet to be seen. It took time for him to mature into the physical freak he was, then Nix decided he didn't want to use him.

BUT the dude is a legit 6'5 255 lbs with 4.6 forty speed. I really am praying he is healthy for the year. He would be a monster in Whipple's offense.


how much do you really "coach" great natural running backs?

I love it when someone says so and so sent twenty backs to the NFL.
When in reality twenty excellent high school players stopped by a college to play running back while they waited to be eligible for the NFL.



The best coached team in college isn't going to beat the best athletic team in college.

Coker is proof of that.
We won a shyt load of games on pure talent and average coaching.

Think of all the really good coaches Coker got credit for beating

How are Beamer and all the others still at big schools while Larry is in San Antonio?



"The best coached team in college isn't going to beat the best athletic team in college."

David Klinger after his 60 point a game offense got crushed by 20 point underdog Miami

"You aren't gonna beat The Green Bay Packers with a group of Cub Scouts"



Dat good finds thanks

off to work



What's going on Cane-ians...... I just want to give my thoughts on the 12% piece, first off it was incredible and really hit alot of the spots that are in question with our football team...... It's obvious in my opinion that we can go 3-1 or even 4-0 but it's gonna happen starting with our coaches they are going to have to call it perfectly from the starting whistle to the last whistle, after that our o-line will have to give jacory the time to find our playmakers and our d-line will have to pressure the qb's in order to force throws and mistakes , luckily for us I truly believe we have the depth on our defense to do it......

On another note who thinks we need to sign at least 2 tightends in this class? And which two would really help us


86 - shout out! I saw the snow woman - I remember when I made her - 26 degrees, snowing and breezy - LOL

Cat 5 Cane

"The best coached team in college isn't going to beat the best athletic team in college."...

You know your right most of the time but a general statement like that is waiting to be destroyed... take NC and NC State in point... they were the better coached team and we have the better pure athletes... yet we lost.

Aside from game day decisions as a coach... My point to why a coach is important,... is where the new player is raw and needs direction, needs one on one coaching, needs how to learn and use body leverage as a tool, needs to know when to cut and when to zag, what to look for when a WR is going to make his move... What's the best place/ position to be to make a play on the ball and how to get there. I could go on forever but the point is, yes... you're right and yes, it also takes a good coach to coach him up to be the best at his game... and lets not forget about the backing that a coach gives when player goes into a slump and feels down on himself... allot of football is mental and the battle to overcome mountains is all part of the success.


VT gets love from the media - maybe its Beamer's goiter - dunno

Cat 5 Cane

work is calling me... Later

The Truth

How is a team that has gone 12-13 in the past 2 seasons going to go 4-0 against the toughest first 4 games of any major D1 school?


Me personally, I will - of course - be hopeful, but I'll believe it when I see it.


over/under 4-0 start 30%


Truth..what do you see our record being after 4 games?





Nice piece Aqua... lots of good insight there. I like our chances of going at least 3-1. (Despite being a 12-13 team Truthy... )

As always though, it's all about line play in my book. At least 10 of those 13 losses were directly attributable to our lackluster O & D-line play IMHO. (Yes, dropped passes, virtually no INTs, & poor playcalling ALL contributed... )

But, no pass protection, & run support on O, and no pass rush or run defense on D are at the CORE of our W/L record of late.

We need some BEASTS in the trenches, and plenty of them, because when push comes to shove... and after all, that's what it's all about, (pushing and shoving)... we've been getting pushed and shoved all over the field.

Supposedly, we're getting the recruits on the lines, but I'll believe it when I see it. Stoudland had better step up and show he can coach 'em up, because the last two years have not shown me much.

We CAN be 3-1 or 4-0... but NOT with the line play from the last few years.

True Cane

I am drinking the cool-aid, hope it doesn't get me sick

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