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June 01, 2009







Search The Vault and you'll find this, " Our secondary WILL have two or more picks after Labor Day. We will match our season pick total (from the secondary) in one game.


FSU should actually be improved at RB though. I liked how their back ups ran last year. And now they'll have a full off season of working out and working on their speed. FSU stays dangerous since they still have plenty of speed on defense. Offensively they have a lot of question marks but questions marks with talent is better than question marks and no talent. at least you got a chance of something good turning out. will be a fun game to watch.


Good job solar.

At FSU on a hot Monday night, for some reason I'm not too worried. I see us winning fairly easily. Linebackers and safeties must make tackles. Thier O line will be the strength of their team.


Search The Vault and you'll find this, " Our secondary WILL have two or more picks after Labor Day. We will match our season pick total (from the secondary) in one game.

Posted by: DZ8 | June 01, 2009 at 08:03 PM

I remember reading that somewhere? LOL

Ibis...U are a winner! Email me at host@canespace.com to collect your prize.


Their O-Line was a weak point of their team last year. Just because they are bringing back starters doesn't make them a threat. Our problem will be in finding a pair of lock down corners that we've been missing since Marcus Maxey and Jennings left. We have lots of recruiting stars back there but no game day stars yet.


I disagree CaneSniper, I think their O line is a strength, somewhat last year but especially this year. They finished 30th in the NCAA rushing last year. We make the tackles we'll be fine, not too worried about being able to apply pressure. This is where our D Tackles have to earn their scholys'.

Increased pressure and playing with a lead will make our secondary better. (fingers crossed as I say this)


Good job solar..nice work


The funny thing about last year is, we seemed to be playing against ponder as if he was a hell of a passer and he kept dropping back just so he could take off and run, this year he might just end up being a better passer, but we need to make sure we find out and than blitz the hell out of him.

I do think Fsu's defense will be tough though, patrick robinson is a legit corner, they have to replace myron rolle, but they've been doing some good recruiting quiet as kept and with mickey andrews and chuck amato on the same team, you better come to play offensively!


Solar...should we go with the "Blind Squirrel"?


Thanks for the welcome back.

Who could stay away from this kind of entertainment?

Didn't you used to date an indian girl named Long Snapper?

jus sayin


Posted by: solarcane | June 01, 2009 at 06:12 PM


pb...this is hard for me to say, really hard, but I missed U.

Only sort of, and only just a little, but I missed U.

Welcome back!


another Gator arrested, so how many is that now?



thanks gang,
I'm really thinking we whip FSU pretty good.
Calvin is right they aren't sleeping on defence, but I think Ponder is gonna blow this game... blow as in suck, and blow as lose it by himself.



yea Blind Squirrel Productions rock!!

upper right corner

man skool and Six have been working overtime to carry your slack, we need a few of those ole time peebster's classics.

btw I'm putting together the world's most dangerous rock and roll lyrics triva test,
shoot me some of your favorite lines from songs.


Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Sniper, FSU's OL was definitely their second biggest strength last year after their defensive speed. They had all freshmen and sophomores and made our DL and LBs look like the keystone cops for most of the game.

I think we'll be stronger on DL this year but I don't how much stronger.

Looking back at that game it seems like it was a different season compared to VT, Wake, VA and even the NCST and Cal games, where we played well despite our weaknesses and could have won each game.

The shift for Bailey, the growth of Forston, the addition of Holmes, the improvement of Joseph (he has to improve doesn't he??), and the single season maturation of Forston, Robinson, Ojomo, Regis and maybe even Vernon, will be the difference between last year's game and this years. We'll be a lot closer to their DL this year, which was clearly the difference in the trench play. FSU's OL was accustomed to going against that fast, ferocious DL in practice and when they caught us, it was like a walk in the park. Not so this year.

The other difference is how much our offensive players improved EVEN WITH NIX.

That game last year was an absolute catastrophe on offense. Nix was clueless.The QBs were clueless. The WRs were clueless. Had it not been for Benjamin's speed, some trick plays and a few defensive stops, it would have been very ugly.

This year on maturation alone, our offense is light years beyond last year's game at every position except maybe OL.

Add some Cool Whip to the batter and it could be serious.

We stop the run and force Ponder to beat us, either with blitzes or straight up 4-3, and this could be another embarrassment for Bobby. lol

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

PB, I second that request from Solar. It's been a long time since the King of the One Liners sat on his throne. haha


Jacory Harris could well be the last Miami Hurricane quarterback to beat a Bobby Bowden Seminole team.



Calvin, FSU's pass defense might be better with Rolle gone. Dude didn't have good range or good cover skills. He was a pretty good tackler against the run though so they will miss that part. But against the pass they might be improved with him gone - unless the guy behind him was even worse against the pass.

And Solar, I don't think we whip FSU good. I do think we beat them though. But hopefully you are more right on that one.



As the sportswriters love to say you can never tell about a UM FSU game.

I just think our guys have a real chip on their shoulder and will be out to prove right off the bat they are for real.

On a less positive note, Shannon Whipple and Lovett know the schedule is brutal, and beating FSU early could determine a lot about where we are when the polls start really counting.

We drop two ACC games early it will take a 55 gallon drum of Kool Aid to convince me we are gonna end up ACC Champs.
I think we beat the noles by 10 or more points and it isn't that close on the field.


Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Este, I caught where you watched the LSU-GT game. You said you didn't see anything special but what did you see?? How did their DL-LBs play?? I know UNC bent but didn't break at the key times but otherwise GT and Dwyer had their way with them.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Solar, yes Jacory could be that man. Wouldn't that be sweet if Bowden's entire career was haunted and defined by Miami. haha

Columbus Cane

Ponder KILLED us with his feet last year. To me it's simple: Keep Ponder in the pocket even when the play breaks down for them and make him throw. If you rush, it has to be under control and you have to hit him. They have no proven RB's or WR's so Ponder's running will definately be part of their gameplan, especially since he was the best runner in our game last year. Make sure we hit him hard every time he runs. We can rattle him, in Doak or not. Like Solar said, get ahead early and they will feel the pressure, try to force things, and trn the ball over. They are ripe for the picking. Let's do this.


And Solar, I don't think we whip FSU good. I do think we beat them though. But hopefully you are more right on that one.

Posted by: Esteban | June 01, 2009 at 10:14 PM

This coming from the guy that once said: "We'll roll 60 on Oklahoma."


This coming from the guy that once said: "We'll roll 60 on Oklahoma."

Posted by: 86Cane | June 01, 2009 at 10:45 PM

lol I didn't say it but man I WAS thinking that very thought soupster!
Here I am practically bathing in the Kool Aid and este of all people tells me to be cautious the opening game. he may be right tho..


86, this is the year we roll 60 on OU. FSU game is part of the tune up process.

Cav, LSU played one of their DTs a little further off the line of scrimmage but I think the main reason they did well against the option was just the defense played assignment ball and flew to the ball and actually made the tackle. that included their CBs supporting the run strongly and their safeties supporting hard as well. GT still bust a few decent gains on them though. Just wasn't consistent gains. Plus LSU's offense was about the best defense you could dial up since they put 21 quick points up. Ultimately came down to playing disciplined and making the tackle once they got to the ball carrier.


Columbus...first welcome to The Space. Post here, post often

Second the way you attack a mobile QB is for the DL to maintain their lanes while rushing, blitz a DB or speedy OLB off the edge that matches up well to force him to (and limit him to) the short side of the field.


solar, its FSU and its a labor day game. so things tend to get weird in those games.


We drop two ACC games early it will take a 55 gallon drum of Kool Aid to convince me we are gonna end up ACC Champs.

Posted by: solarcane | June 01, 2009 at 10:26 PM

Call Captain Optimist. He's got two full ones out back.

You can even choose: cherry or grape.


amen este,

Bosher could win the Lou Groza Award
the very first game of the season if it comes down to overtime or 6 seconds and 47 yds



i hate the cowboys but michael irvin is the mannnnnnnnn


"Included their CBs supporting the run strongly and their safeties supporting hard as well."

Uh-oh, our CBs are about as physical at the point of attack as Kristi Yamaguchi.


Uh-oh, our CBs are about as physical at the point of attack as Kristi Yamaguchi.

Posted by: 86Cane | June 01, 2009 at 11:01 PM

Tanya Harding coulda been a Cane




Super Sophomores
Here is a listing of the top sophomore NFL Draft Prospects in college football:

WR Julio Jones, Alabama

QB Terrelle Prior, Ohio State

LB Arthur Brown, Miami (FL)

OT Trinton Sturdivant, Georgia

OT Josh Oglesby, Wisconsin

RB Mark Ingram, Alabama

QB Robert Griffin, Baylor

DB Patrick Peterson, LSU

RB Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon State

RB John Clay, Wisconsin

WR A.J. Green, Georgia

DE Da' Quan Bowers, Clemson

DT Marcus Forston, Miami (FL)

OL Matt Kalil, USC

LB Travis Lewis, Oklahoma

LB Dont'a Hightower, Alabama

DB Will Hill, Florida

QB Aaron Corp, USC

WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame

DT Tydreke Powell, North Carolina

OL Mike Brewster, Ohio State

LB Chris Galippo, USC

RB Jermie Calhoun, Oklahoma

OL Mike Adams, Ohio State

DB T. J. Bryan,t USC

DB Neiko Thorpe, Auburn

D' Angelo McCray, Eastern Illinois

yea right

The Truth

Look at 86 and how you attack a mobile QB....

Wow!!! Nice job.

Now let's get out there and coach up those DL to stay home, not get ridden and actually make a play!!!

What did Hurtt tell you? "I got this"?

Well, he needs to get that.


86 is the next Dan morgan



Posted by: solarcane | June 01, 2009 at 11:06 PM

Arthur Brown there, but not Spence haha


Bad ass rock and roll lyrics huh?

Start with 1982 Morrissey:

Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking when I said I'd like to mash every tooth in your head...


loco, I hear ya, they just read Rivals and go along with the rest of the sheep




That list doesn't even have the two best pro prospects on our team, not to mention the country.


peeb your in,

I've copied and pasted around 300 song/lines from songs into a folder I'm gonna start weeding out the marginal stuff.



anybody else sends me any:

"wake me up before you go-go" shyt

and I'm sending Angry, Calvin, and Canez1 over to break your face off




"If it takes all night, thatll be all right
If I can get you to smile before I leave"

I'm out



Seems as though Jack wants my job, but trust me he won't do it like me. He didn't even have the info on the players he couldn't figure out. HAHAHA! Hey man, good for you that you posted the roster, but watch how a PRO does it my friend. Soup says it will post on Wednesday, Soup my friend, can I get it posted to my page on tomorrow? Then maybe to the entire blog on Wednesday? I just ask so we don't have any more failed attempts at breaking the news I told the Legion I had for them, trust me, Jack didn't spoil it, what I have WILL KILL! No offense Jack, but you DID STEAL my thunder bro! HAHAHA!

The Truth

How about

"...nothings changed. I still love you, oh I still love you. Only slightly, only slightly less than I used to, My love."

LOL Thats about as brutally honest man can get while trying to lie!

Morrisey is one weird dude...



#12 Jacory Harris- 87 Ovr, 82 speed, 87 Throwing Power
#17 Taylor Cook- 81 Ovr, 85 Throwing Power 85 thrw. accuracy
#16 Cannon Smith- 80 Ovr, 89 Throwing Power 84 thrw. accuracy

#2 Craig Cooper- 90 Ovr, 93 speed
#5 Javarris James- 88 Ovr, 90 speed
#32 Lee Chambers- 84 Ovr, 92 speed, 93 Acceleration
#7 Lamar Miller- 84 Ovr, 93 speed, 95 Acceleration
#20 Damien Berry- 83 Ovr, 92 speed, 88 Acceleration

#30 Pat Hill 80 Ovr, 77 speed, 81 Run block

#3 Travis Benjamin- 90 Ovr, 95 Speed 82 Catching
#4 Aldarius Johnson- 91 Ovr, 92 speed 85 Catching
#28 Thearon Collier- 89 Ovr, 91 speed, 83 Catching
#47 LaRon Byrd- 86 Ovr, 92 speed, 81 Catching
#86 Tommy Streeter- 86 Ovr, 90 speed, 81 Catching
#85 Leonard Hankerson- 85 Ovr, 90 speed, 79 Catching
#81 Davon Johnson- 81 Ovr, 90 speed, 78 Catching
#83 Kendall Thompkins - 79 Ovr, 91 speed, 76 Catching

#18 Dedrick Epps- 86 Ovr, 86 speed, 79 Catching
#84 Richard Gordon- 84 Ovr, 85 speed, 68 Catching
#88 Billy Sanders- 75 Ovr, 80 speed, 71 Catching

#94 Eric Moncur- 85 Ovr, 86 Finesse move, 87 Tackle
#56 Marcus Robinson- 87 Ovr, 84 Finesse move, 86 Tackle
#97 Adewale Ojomo- 87 Ovr, 79 Finesse move, 85 Tackle
#90 Steven Wesley- 83 Ovr, 83 Finesse move, 85 Tackle
#62 Andrew Smith- 77 Ovr, 78 Finesse move, 79 Tackle
#95 Gavin Hardin- 74 Ovr, 76 Finesse move, 76 Tackle

#91 Joe Joseph- 90 Ovr, 90 Strength, Power Moves 88
#99 Marcus Fortson- 89 Ovr, 90 Strength, Power Moves 89
#57 Allen Bailey- 87 Ovr, 91 Strength, Power Moves 80
#92 Josh Holmes- 82 Ovr, 89 Strength, Power Moves 70
#96 Curtis Porter- 79 Ovr, 93 Strength, Power Moves 79
#54 Minacor Regis- 76 Ovr, 90 Strength, Power Moves 82

#31 Sean Spence- 89 Ovr, 89 Speed, 88 Tackle
#50 Darryl Sharpton- 89 Ovr, 84 Speed, 87 Tackle
#11 Arthur Brown- 88 Ovr, 86 Speed, 86 Tackle
#44 Colin McCarthy- 84 Ovr, 86 Speed, 85 Tackle
#58 Jordan Futch- 89 Ovr, 89 Speed, 88 Tackle
#45 Ramon Buchanon- 72 Ovr, 89 Speed, 64 Tackle

#1 Brandon Harris- 87 Ovr, 93 Speed, 88 Man Coverage
#8 Demarcus Van Dyke- 88 Ovr, 94 Speed, 87 Man Coverage
#24 Chavez Grant- 88 Ovr, 91 Speed, 87 Man Coverage
#27 Brandon McGee- 83 Ovr, 93 Speed, 82 Man Coverage
#22 Prince Kent- 77 Ovr, 91 Speed, 78 Man Coverage

#6 Randy Phillips- 90 Ovr, 92 Speed, 84 Tackle
#13 Ryan Hill- 87 Ovr, 92 Speed, 83 Tackle
#26 Ray Ray Armstrong- 82 Ovr, 92 speed, 79 Tackle
#7 Vaughn Telemaque- 83 Ovr, 90 Speed, 79 Tackle
#39 Cj Holton - 78 Ovr, 87 Speed, 80 Tackle

#25 Matt Bosher- 87 Ovr, 91 Pow, 86 Acc
#40 Jake Wieclaw- 80 Ovr, 86 Pow, 82 Acc

OL: LT#64 ov:93, LT#77 ov:87 fresh, LG#74 ov:88, C#63 ov:83, C#66 ov:86, RG#61 ov:90, RG#70 ov:84, RT#55 ov:83

Posted by: Jack | June 01, 2009 at 06:00 PM

First off Jack my friend, you have to realize, I eat and breath the NCAA series. I have since it was called Bill Walsh College Football on the Sega Genesis ('91 Canes were HELL ON THERE!). Anyways, EA ALWAYS makes mistakes with their rosters and you passed along some of those mistakes because you didn't really pay attention to things like Class, Ht, Wt, etc.

#20 IS NOT Damien Berry. Damien isn't in the game this year. It is a mistake by EA but #20 is Mike James. Damien Berry IS NOT a FRESHMAN! #39 is NOT CJ Holton. Another EA mistake. That is Jared Campbell and his number SHOULD be #37. There are other number mistakes that I will have corrected in my blog posting and also the guys you didn't know like Jason Fox, Brandon Washington, Harland Gunn, Ben Jones, etc, etc, will all be reflected in my blog entry with proper numbers and recommened position and depth chart change. Again...leave it to the pros buddy! ;-)


What did Hurtt tell you? "I got this"?

Well, he needs to get that.

Posted by: The Truth | June 01, 2009 at 11:10 PM

Hurtt told me plenty, but nothing I can tell you. Says U can't be trusted, U blob too much. ;-)


bg...I never post anything new at the website. If it's a RUSH job then I'll post it here tomorrow night at 8 PM.

Sorry Solar, but the BIG guy is jammin' me up in here!


Jim Croce wrote some good lyrics.

John Mellencamp too.

Don't forget Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Or Bruce Springsteen either.

Tom Petty has gotta be in there somewhere.

Here's one for you: "She came in through the bathroom window."

The Truth


I bet he did...


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