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August 18, 2009



I just hope that 3 game sweep a few weeks ago against the Nats dont become their undoing and prevent them from making the playoffs

The way the Marlins are playing now I cant believe they dropped those games to the Nats


Cav - This is for you...

Being a Minnesotan my entire life, I witnessed first hand what he did. The only reason he and Mason are not here anymore is because Mason couldn't figure out how to hire a competent DC in 10 yrs!

Does anyone know who the Canes GA is?

BTW, 86/Solar - this article was a freebee as I am not a subscriber to Rivals.

August 18, 2009

Tom Dienhart
Rivals.com College Football Senior Writer

Meet Tennessee's Mitch Browning, the best graduate assistant coach in the nation. He also happens to be the oldest graduate assistant in the nation.

Browning, 52, has more than 30 years of coaching experience, but he isn't one of the Volunteers' nine full-time assistants.

Mitch Browning is still being paid by Syracuse while coaching and taking grad school classes at Tennessee.
"This is a 'have' program," says Browning, who has been an offensive coordinator at Minnesota and Syracuse and helped develop myriad NFL players during his tenure. "It is an opportunity to come in with a new staff and a new system to put in a pro-style attack with a bunch of guys who have been coaching a long time.

"I also think it's great to have the chance to work with Lane Kiffin. He is a fine coach who has good ideas and a bright future."

It was a coup for Kiffin to get Browning on his staff. Much of the credit for landing Browning must go to Kiffin's father, Monte, who is the Vols' defensive coordinator. Browning has had a long relationship with Monte, including serving as an assistant to Kiffin at N.C. State from 1980-81.

Historically, the graduate assistant position is reserved for 20-something coaches who are looking to break into the business. No more. Now, several schools have hired veteran assistants in what could become a trend.

Other prominent veteran graduate assistants hired this offseason include Oregon State's Robin Ross (former Western Washington head coach), USF's Steve Bird (Bowling Green assistant and West Virginia offensive coordinator) and Alabama's Mike Groh (Virginia offensive coordinator).

"He didn't have a job," Alabama coach Nick Saban says of Groh. "He should have an opportunity to work. We're not violating any rules. His dad [Virginia coach Al Groh] is a good friend of mine. We coached together before. I'm sure he would do the same for my son.

"[Mike] is going to graduate school, and he's not making any more money than a graduate assistant."

Some former players who have been out of college for a decade have been hired. Notre Dame has hired former NFL star Bryant Young, an Irish alum who is 37 and has a wife and four children. Former Florida State star cornerback Terrell Buckley, 38, is a G.A. at his alma mater.

Texas Tech has two former players as grad assistants. The defensive G.A. is Duane Price, who played at Tech from 1994-97; former Red Raiders quarterback Sonny Cumbie (2001-04) is the offensive grad assistant.

Former USC defensive back Kris Richard is a G.A. for the Trojans, and former NFL cornerback Ashley Ambrose is a defensive intern with Colorado, which is grooming him to be receivers coach next season.

"I'm ecstatic, just ecstatic," says Richard, a Trojans cornerback from 1998-2001 who played for six years in the NFL. "I always envisioned myself coaching here when I was done with my playing days, so this is truly a blessing."

There are detractors who feel this trend is breaking the spirit and intent of what the G.A. posts are for - developing young coaches. Regardless, hiring seasoned coaches for grad assistant spots is a good way to augment a staff that is limited by NCAA rules to nine full-time assistants.

"If you can afford it, it gives you a way to stay in coaching and hopefully broaden your contacts and experiences," Browning says. "That's what it is about."

'Hey, I know of you!'
Most grad assistants toil in anonymity. But there are a few this season who should be well-known to even casual fans.
Alabama: Mike Groh

Colorado: Ashley Ambrose

Florida State: Terrell Buckley

Notre Dame: Bryant Young

Tennessee: Mitch Browning
Under NCAA rules, graduate assistants are paid an amount equal to a school's full grant-in-aid. Texas Tech, for instance, will pay its grad assistants $17,300. And the G.A.s must be full-time students in grad school.

As for coaching duties, grad assistants can be like full-time coaches, but they aren't permitted to contact or evaluate recruits off campus. G.A.s can phone prospects, though.

"I think it's a humbling experience," says Browning, who financially is able to do this because he also will receive the last year of his salary from Syracuse, worth reportedly more than $300,000. "All of a sudden, you go from calling the shots and being one of the nine full-time coaches. ? Even though you still are coaching and recruiting, you still don't get looked at the same. But at the end of the day, you still are what you are."

Browning worked for 19 seasons with Glen Mason, beginning in 1986 at Kent State and stretching to the end of Mason's run as Minnesota coach after the 2006 season. Browning is considered an excellent offensive line coach, which will be his area of focus for the Vols. At Syracuse, he coached guards and centers in addition to being offensive coordinator.

Browning helped craft some prolific offenses during his run as offensive coordinator at Minnesota, which ranked among the country's top 35 attacks in each of the seven seasons Browning was coordinator.

From 2003-05, Minnesota became the first school in NCAA history to produce two 1,000-yard rushers in three consecutive seasons. In 2003, Browning helped Minnesota rack up a Big Ten-record 6,430 yards with a dynamite 1-2 running back punch of Laurence Maroney and Marion Barber III. Browning was a finalist that season for the Frank Broyles Award, which annually is given to the nation's top assistant.

"This is going to be a great learning experience," Browning said. "I explored my opportunities [after last season], and I liked the potential here to help make this a great program."

Tom Dienhart is a national senior writer for Rivals.com. He can be reached at dienhart@yahoo-inc.com.


i found this quite illuminating and something i would not see anywhere else.

Thank you.
Scott Martineau

PS i cant get your email from the front page (i think because OUTLOOK ia disabled on my computer, it happens a lot). Can u please send me a way to email CANESPACE at my email address - SCOTT.MARTINEAU@COMCAST.NET

Mr Troutman


The Truth

Boy Soup...you got all the writers coming out of the woodwork! LOL


So if Ojomo got his jaw broken and he had surgery did he get it wired shut (do they still do that?) I think his buggest concern would be losing the weight because he would be on a liquid diet.

i dunno if the OJOMO jaw-breaking is true, but Santana Moss broke his entire lower face incl. jaw during his final campaign at the U and was on a liquid diet for twelve weeks ... My friend was the maxillofacial resident on call when the 'accident' occured. The amazing thing is that NOT A SINGLE OPPOSING TEAM FOUND OUT ABOUT IT because this was before everything that happened io a players' life off the field was not leaked to the media AND the blogosphere was in its infancy. NOBODY EVER FOUND OUT that he played that whole year on a liquid diet and recovering from a rebuilt face, and unfortunately in this day in age people would immediately leak the story AND would be trying to further injure the face (be it Ojomo or Moss back in the day) by throwing potshots in the bottom of a pileup gamgtackle when there are always people taking cheap shots. I FIND IT FUNNY THAT TO THIS DAY very little reporting from the time can be found - not a police report, not a doctor who would go on record, he was never on the injury list despite the fact he was already slender and still lost 30 more pounds while drinking shakes thru straws BUT still had a season making him a first round pick ... The press never even got a legit answer as to why he was never made available until the last week of the season to the media after ballgames. DIFFERENT TINE, IN SOME WAY A BETTER TIME AND NOT JUST FOR THE HURRICANES, BUT FOR THE FACT THAT TOO MUCH INFO ABOUT EVERY PLAYER CAN GET INTO OPPONENTS' HANDS and thus is not usually a good thing.

Scott Martineau


I sent Mr. Martineau your alternate email address.

aight gang see ya

Mr Troutman

GOOD POINT SCOTT......I tried to say that about a person today who wanted to know all the details of people being hurt....unless it's severe i don't care about a few nicked up guys.

The Truth


Scott is speaking the truth right there!

Welcome to Canespace...

The Truth

I take it Manny Ramirez is a Milli Vanilli fan?

And you gotta love the Suzuki just blasted that shot after having the ball thrown behind him.

Mr Troutman



Truth, Chambers got a chance of seeing the field this year?


Rivals is saying the Ojomo could possibly miss entire season.


I went and googles how long they take to heal. Basically depended on how badly it was broken. Straight break 1-2 months. Broke in a few spits longer. But even the bad ones said they got wires off in just over a month. Just couldn't chew anything hard for a lot longer and had some numbness for a while too. Either way weight loss seems inevitable for Ojomo. Might as well try to build up speed if he's gonna be lighter.


Damn auto correct


Anyone get the feeling that we'll soon learn this injury was caused by something like a backyard wrestling match? :)


wouldn't be the 1st time RS said that he'd miss "a little while" and it ended up being the entire season. With injuries and UM you never know.

We're deep there gentlemen. He would be a big loss for the year tho....


4 DEs play for the most part. robinson, wesley on right side and moncur and vernon on the left side would be fine with me. andrew smith filling in wherever necessary. and hardin if he ever starts practicing. still not going to count out Ojomo for this year til its official.


Plus don't forget Bailey is versatile enough to play DE as well as DT. We will be fine depth wise as long as Moncur is all ready to go.


With ojomo out, who's going to join the other half of the wipe-out boyz in his place for now. andrew smith did good last year as a freshman, although we haven't heard much about him or marcus robinson in practice, those 2 are the type who do better in real games than in practice. Everybody is not a good practice player, although they may practice hard, some people just make more plays in games.

We'll have more hitters on the field this year besides spence, slowly but surely, like supercoop witnessed, when arthur brown touches someone, they go down and they go down fast. He's doing it the right way out their, and he's getting better everyday, he's humble, but he's a real competitor, and he's allowing himself to be brought up the right way, and guys are helping him as well, i'm quite sure he's smart enough to see why people end up being great after they come through here.

As far as his brother being invesitgated, that was probably the straw that broke the camels back once butler started trying to gain revenue, after that, he really closed the door for coming to UM, meanwhile his brother did committed quietly and humbly without all the hoopla. They can investigate authur brown all they want, but it would be bullshat caue he's already gotten thru the clearing house already!

shannon ad co. are not playing games, they know we got the most haters out their already, no need to give them ammunition. Plus in shannon's mind, if you got to cheat to get a recruit, that shows signs of desparation, and at UM, desparation is only for opponents, not us. No one player is worth the whole football program being on probation.

Switching gears, as of right now though, we only got 2 players committed from Miami, although i'm sure we'll have a few more soon. Just curious, does anyone know about/around how many spots we got for recruiting this year.

bg1906, they had an article on your boy "denzel perryman" yesterday in the herald.

Mr Troutman







You guys are correct about every incident and detail of a players life being available to the entire world now.

Things that only the team and the kid's doctor knew about 10 years ago are facts every blogger that can point a cursor over Google knows within hours.

The Internet IS big brother.

It's incredible how naive people are about putting their personal facts on their own Myspace, Face book, or any other social network websites.

I love the Jerkokks
I'm a Libra
Here's is where live, by the way I collect gold and have an autographed picture of Mickey Mantle in a jewelry box my mom gave me. I keep it under my bed so no one can steal it.







Bobby Bowden and the FSU boys ratted out Balogun at OU?



Sucker-punch....the U.


Here we go:

@FSU-win 31-20
vs.GT-win 24-20
@VT-win 34-17
vs.FAMU-win 55-10
@UCF-win 24-13
vs.Clem-loss 17-27
@WF-win 21-20
vs.UVA-win 44-14
@UNC-loss 26-31
vs.Duke-win 34-7
@USF- (This one is a real stomach-bubbler. I'll call it either a 17-14 win for us, or a 14-17 loss.) It's a sad day when you have to conceed a possible loss to USF around here.

A loss to UCF, and we go on to crush WVU 41-20 in the Gator Bowl. Prediction:9-4

A win there, and I think possibly take the Costal at 9-3, bump the Noles again at 24-21, and re-match (at our place) UCF.
Call it, UM-27 USF-20, and 11-3 on the year.

Now tell me why I'm wrong.

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