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August 19, 2009



Sounds like its going to be a great event Palm Beach Canes Club. I wish I could be there

Welcome Mary, Steve, and the original pimp
Lamar T.

Thank you all for joining the `Space for the Kickoff Party

I look forward to all your insight to everything Canes


MM01...U are in BIG trouble, that's all I'm gonna say.



Don't know if I'm first, but wish I could be there tonight....






5th daaaamn


much respect for 561....tell DBJ he needs not to jinx this team.
someone go a little north and pull some belle glade, central recruits...offer them a beer or 2.
go Canes!


For Steve Walsh, a few questions:

What does he think about the U's developing QBs at this point, Jacory and T. Cook in particular?

How is he enjoying his new life venture as a head coach? What are the areas that have surprised him the most regarding job expectations?




Good crowd, about 100 people here so far.

Waiting on the stars to show.

Harry from allCanes and David Siestma from UM stopped by top say hi.

Canezilla and his lovely wife are here at the Canespace table.

Mary and Ben are here to coordinate and sell stuff.

It's all good...


Leis and Clark

that sounds vaguely familiar from 9th grade American History.



Delaware....the U.

SOUP, you got this stuff on SMASH man!! Congrats.

Blame my absence on my stupid molar. It felt like someone had a lighter to my gums. But I got that tooth pulled a couple of days ago.

I'm back baby!!


I have just 1 question for Mr. Steve Walsh

Be honest now....Have you ever seen a more talented group of WRs here at the U?

I wont tell any of the crew you had ;)

Gin & Tonic

86, ask Mary if she has an affinity for married middle aged accountants that drink too much.


Someone ask Mar' if he wouldn't mind if McCartney rocks his #36 when he gets here.

Lamar was the original "Sticks."

Still one of my very favorite old school Canes. (How crazy is it, that to me, Thomas is an old school Cane.

dj moonbat

"86, ask Mary if she has an affinity for married middle aged accountants that drink too much.

Doesn't every woman?


Dyrty...DBJ just stopped by and took the photo with Canezilla and his wife Jennifer. He's a good sport.

JCane...I'll ask your question if I get a chance. I was gonna ask this one to Lamar:

Is AJ the BEST WR ever at Miami?



Ask Walsh if he's a little jealous that Jacory is gonna break his single-season TD pass record (29) in 09'


86, ask Mary if she has an affinity for married middle aged accountants that drink too much.

Posted by: Gin & Tonic | August 19, 2009 at 07:35 PM

G&T...Neagtive, but she stated that will do a Jello shot and take a photo with U if U make it to the FSU game!

Gin & Tonic

Doesn't every woman?

Posted by: dj moonbat | August 19, 2009 at 07:42 PM


Gin & Tonic

A man can dream.....Won't be in Tally this year but will be throwing down some shots pregame @ UCF.


Can you ask either of them if they are happy with where RS has this program today or record wise should we be better?
No matter what do they think RS deserves another shot next year(which I believe he does)
Last but not least. Have they seen Whips system and is it something they would have loved to play in?


Ask of the depletion of D LINE and how that is going to effect us?


`86 this ? is for you

Say the injuries at DE are serious is there any chance we could see AB get some time there at all?

He has decent size(maybe to undersized?) and does know how to get to the ball and will hit you hard

Am I reaching on this?


Walsh and LT#36 are here...first question:

Where is Jacory Harris at as a QB at UM?

"The number one thing is he's a leader. Shannon trusts him, his teammates trust him and he has a lot of stock in the locker room."

Second question:

LT, tell us a about the WR group at UM?

"Hankerson is gonna be a playmaker. There is a load of talent at WR now. Aubrey Hill says they all bring something diffrent. they are gonna be special as a group."

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Soup, first of all tell Steve Walsh that he's one of the main reasons I'm a Cane for Life. When I saw them comeback and whoop MEEEECHIGAN, I knew they were my my team and he's still my favorite Canes QB. If Stephens had been hired as HC he'd own all the records.

Now, does he think Jacory is ready to take full command of this offense and team the way he, Bernie, Vinny, Erickson, Gino and Dorsey did?

Also, what does he think of Whipple's approach and style??

Many thanks.


Third question: Steve what's going on with the offense at Miami?

"Well NIx sucked."

That was NOT Steve, that was me! LOL

Steve: "Well Nix was not the first choice and abviously it didn't work out. Shannon and Nix were always at odds with the type of offense they wanted to run. It all fell apart in the Emerald Bowl. Now the Canes are going to have an identity."

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Sebastian, that is the definition of a reach. AB ain't moving, and I'm nowhere near CG but I can see that from afar.

Elliot, what is this "depletion" talk?? Did we lose three or four DEs in the last 10 hours??

We have six DEs ready to roll, and while Wesley isn't Ojomo, and Vernon and Dye are green, I personally think we'll be quite alright. If anything this is the door Dye and Vernon were waiting on to open. Both of them are studs, they're just young.


86 is this party really happening or are you all alone in the house bored with your cut outs acting like you are talking to them. I mean I am here with Dan Marino..

whats that dan... oh yes he says that he hates Brett Farve and Vick kills dogs.


DBJ: What about #1 recruit Ray Ray Armstrong?

LT: "When U get to The U, college ball, it is a lot different than HS, It is an awakening. I'm sure he (Ray Ray) got an awakening too. I was a freshman and we were playing FSU first game and they were ranked #1. We were in warm ups I was a Freshman and trying to do my thing and Steve Walsh said who the heck is that skinny guy, get him out of here!"


just checkin in

so far canefantasy is the hi light by far. lmao

Soup drink a couple for us, tell LT to be LT and tell us how he really feels, give us something he sees we never read about

"There is a load of talent at WR now. Aubrey Hill says they all bring something diffrent. they are gonna be special as a group"

LT that sounds like something we read on Rivals.
be more specific please



That former player was defensive lineman Tyrone Ballard.

And Ballard had just been part of a locker room incident that left Cane end Adewale Ojomo with a broken jaw that could cost him the season.

"He's a young man - he said he was provoked," Dunn said. "Now it doesn't mean he was right, but I heard he was provoked."

Dunn denied rumors that it was a hazing incident.

"I think it was playing around in the locker room, guys challenged each other and it went too far," he said. "The young man (Ballard) probably didn't like what was going on."

He says Ballard has tremendous remorse about the incident, but said the UM freshman wasn't going to be talking about the incident publicly.
IT ALWAys comes out anyway, why draw it out.


Ask LT... "What would you do to George Teaue if you ran into him in a dark alley?"

just kidding

LT should kick my ass for typing that.

Question LT and SW - what do they think of Mark Whipple and what they've seen of the offensive schemes so far this year?



Legends of the Fall:

Steve Walsh: Cooper and Spence

LT: Hankerson and Phillips



How about asking LT who the best WR ever at UM was (as a college player, not including pro career).....and same for SW about both WR and QB? I can make it interesting and say they're allowed to include themselves..... :)


LT tells soup AJ wil be the greatest thing since sliced pizza.

Legends of the fall

LT Hankerson lol!!!



What, I can't have cake and eat it, too???



Did I mention that Steve Walsh and LT#36 now wear Canespace?

No? How could I have not mentioned that?

Tee Hee


86 - Why don't you ask Steve and LT for their LOF picks and impact freshman?


man...sorry....slow refresh


Ask them which game are they most excited to see this year?



Steve's favorite WR or TE and why?

Steve's favorite game memory and why?


LT is gonna say it was LT of course! He might be right.

Ask LT why he thinks Hank is gonna break out. Last year he found himself buried behind freshmen.


CF, seriously dude?

U can come up with something better than that...

PBCC... I like my jell-o shots strong, please... Oh, it's on...


fantasy ezzzz brah

don't get crazy



86 - Ask Steve how he feels about Jimmy Graham at TE, and if he wished he had a target like that when he played.


Fantasy...I got the pics to prove it. Wanna see?

Lots more interview, I recorded the whole thing. Check back in tonight at 11PM.


MM01...I was just kidding. U are in like Flynn! She is a doll and just GREAT!

We confirmed our FSU meeting time and spot. It's ALL good!


It's over. I got some questions in that U wanted asked and will post responses later.

Gotta get back to the hotel in FLL to put something together. Much more to follow...


Thanks 86 for the hard work and detication that you put into this website.

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