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August 20, 2009





Two years and I finally can sport a Canespace shirt in Illinois?


d-line needs to man the f**k up


chitown blasts it


Fortson gonna reach his goal. Lead all DTs in the nation in sacks

Alex D

The D Line will be fine. Those boys will be ready come Labor Weekend.


It is nice to see the former players excited about our current players. We've come a long way since the 48-0 drubbing to close the OB.




Lamar Thomas and Steve Walsh are true Hurricanes!


Ojomo will be out the whole season. And he will lose it. That is huge! That being said, I would like to know who hit him. Whoever it is, is a punk.


323 - it's all over the palm beach post. you can find it. That kid is gone from the team now


3e23...welcome to The Space.

Post here, post often!


Just finished watching the replay of the "Flutie" game on CBS College Sports!!

Man it was fun to watch a good offense! I am praying Whipple brings that back. It's been waaaaaaaay to long!

JJ looked like a spring chicken and so did Butch. I had to laugh at the "coaching gear" Basically plain ol' green wind breakers with orange MIAMI silk screened on the back. The best were the polyester orange "coaching shorts". And the cheerleaders...fogitaboutit!

Now, I am going to "be sure to tune in" to watch The Dukes of Hazard, Dallas and wrapping up the night w/ Falcon Crest! (Brent Musberger's on air mention).

BTW, I swear I saw Truth on the sidelines!

Oh, and my favorite footage from my favorite Cane - The Canes call their final timeout and Bernie heads to the sideline to discuss play options as it is third down from the 2 of BC w/ 30 seconds left. Stevens must have mentioned some pass play, but you can clearly hear Kosar say, "No! Let's play FOOTBALL! Let's run it right the phuck at 'em!!! And Bratton did for six!

Ah, the beginning of swagger as only Canes fans know it!!

Stay tuned...you don't want to miss the new generation of Cane Swagger!

Go Canes!


From The Palm Beach Post...by Jorge Milian

Adewale Ojomo’s jaw isn’t the only thing that took a hit this week. The truth didn’t fare very well, either.

Apparently hoping to spare his team the public embarrassment of admitting losing a potential starter to a homegrown fracas, coach Randy Shannon insisted to reporters on Monday that Ojomo had broken his jaw while “horsing around.”

After message boards devoted to UM football filled up with reports that Ojomo had been decked in a one-punch scrap with an unnamed walk-on, I specifically asked Shannon on Tuesday if a fight had taken place. Shannon looked me right in the eyes and said, ‘No.’ He then went back to his explanation of “horsing around” and how “rasslin’” had led to Ojomo’s injury, which required surgery.

Why did Randy Shannon point reporters in the wrong direction? (AP)

Turns out there was more to it than just some playfulness gone bad. Canesport reported on Wednesday night that walk-on Tyrone Ballard was the player that hit Ojomo and that Ballard was dismissed from the team following the incident. Nigel Dunn, Ballard’s high school coach, told Canesport that Ballard was “provoked.”

The truth was also missing in action in regards to another defensive end, Eric Moncur. When Moncur was a no-show for Wednesday morning’s practice, Shannon was asked about the senior’s whereabouts.

“Just resting him,” Shannon said.

But the Miami Herald reported later in the day that Moncur was on his way to Philadelphia to be checked out for an injury possible related to the sports hernia surgery he underwent in 2008.

Now, I don’t expect Shannon to divulge every aspect of a player’s injury. If Shannon wants to keep mum on the subject, that’s his right.

But when there is a deliberate attempt to mislead, that’s just plain wrong.

Too bad we will still hear a lot more on this story...


By the way Ojomo was suspended last for the first game and had other issues in 2008...He said the he was much more mature this year...

I was expecting Adewale to have a great season this year...Tough lost...Bad break for the Canes...


Morning Spacers


Sounds like that reporter is pissed he didnt get the juicy news like he wanted. Too bad, like someone said before, be glad RS didnt just breath into the mike on yo azz w/o a response.

I dont want to make a big deal about the injuries on the d-line, but dam it is a big deal. Doesnt matter how they got injured its a matter of being injured and how long will they be out. D-line is the heart of the defense, if they're getting their azz whooped up front then the D is more than likely getting whooped too. I know we have all our tackles, but those guys on the edge keep ISH from spilling to the outside. We have some big guns to go down recently, those young cubs have been taught some what on how to go out on a prowl, its just a matter of getting it done the way you've been trained to get it done. Just like that guy on the GT pregame speech said, "Go out and do what you've been trained to do."

Eventually it'll all come full circle and we'll see whats up on game day, because "the eye in the sky, dont lie". For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, its the cameras that film the game.


Lamar Thomas and Steve Walsh are true Hurricanes!

Posted by: 86Cane | August 21, 2009 at 12:35 AM

Amen to that... 86! Catchin' up on part II. I got to hand it to U!





86 I sent you an email around 4:00 pm yesterday for the shirt...... thanks again mang!!


The reason I say to the young guns to do what they've been trained to do, is because practicing with no one watching is one thing. Doing it while in battle is another. Its like the military, yeah they showed you how to aim, shoot, march, and what have you. But its a whole different ball game when bullets are flying past your head and what I love to say in football, the bombs start going off. Question is, are you gonna do what you've been trained to do, or piss down your leg. Dont know until the battle starts.

To the young guns who may have to step up, when those bombs start going off what are you gonna do? We'll all find out soon enough.


DAT...roger that! I leave the 954 today at 1 PM to head back to the CCC in the 863. Your shirt will mail Monday.

Tortuga...you should post more often? As I said yesterday both Steve and Lamar are really generous with their time. It was a great event and a chance to hear The Truth from two Hurricane heroes. Good stuff!


After reading the Milian article I got concerned about our colleague here for a minute:

Hope you're okay, man! :)




killa makes the point always agree with.
A guy can be the shyt at practice against his own guys.

It's a whole lot different on the road playing against a talented team that hates your guts.



lol I think he was making a reference for Millan's usage of "The Truth" being gone or missing.. in the article from the Palm Beach Post above.



Slow morning on the 'Space!


Its all about the U!!!!!



I copied the first paragraph from the Milian article, but apparently your system wouldn't let it stay and removed it. It was something along the line about Ojomo's jaw not being the only problem for the Canes last week, but the truth (ie Truth) didn't fare well either......No longer seems all that amusing to me though after typing it in... :)

The pressing Marlins forgot how to hit last night, while continuing to waste opportunities, leaving the bases loaded in the 9th.




U da man!!

Listening now!




Reppin Canespace and Canez1 with Bill King.

I love it!!



Yes sir! Always thinking about yall Catz. Glad you heard it!


What is he saying Canez1???



I was watching that Seminole vs MNW game again last night some other observatiions.

Did I say, Debose is one fast mutha! Also...

Wayne Times broke the ANKLES of one Ray Ray Armstrong on MNW's third TD. He's got some really good moves. Should do well with TY at FIU.

Ray Ray's run for Seminole's first score was awesome. He just pulled away from MNW's team then DIVED head first into the endzone.

I hope we land Torrian Wilson. He did a very good job blocking Dyron Dye, even though he did HOLD Dyron on more than several plays. HAHAHA!

Lastly, Andre Debose is ONE FAST MUTHA!




BG called into the show. He is a regular with Bill.

Bill was asking for a Canez fan to send him a U hat and threw BG's name out there yesterday.

BG called in this am and gave a shout out to Canespace.

It was the end of the show so no real Cane talk.



Hurricane's Shockey and Buck Ortega brawling with the Texans!


Palm Beach 'Canes Club

Okay, 86, I am assuming my comment yesterday was right - I am, in fact, old news - where did the picture of us go? I mean Don and Lamar are great and all, but they didn't start a blog for the fans, by the fans! ;-)


Canez 1.

I finally heard Bill King it from yesterday.



Now thats what I am talking about.

Good ol fashion Summer ball brawling.

If you ain't brawlin you ain't ballin.

Git R done!!






article sent



"Okay, 86, I am assuming my comment yesterday was right - I am, in fact, old news - where did the picture of us go?"

hell ya where are more pictures of Mary for crizzake??

Is it me or does Baily look a lot like hes imitating the singer from Sawyer Brown in that pic? jus sayin



solar I agree..the whole blog article should be pics of Mary..just sayin


you know what I like...that every magazine I have read where it shows teams schedule..it bolds or highlights the tough games..and none of our opponents had MIami highlighted...i like that.


theres just something about mary


solar, who is all going to the UNC game that you know of?


Say what you will about Shockey, but that guy always had that ol' skool 'Canes attitude that just bleeds winner. Love that guy!


aces ( i think but not positive)

and two more but I can't think of who they were right at the second

u gonna make the game?


Mr Troutman



well,..i'm going to try my hardest. It doesnt look like I will make the OU game, unless some things change and I think the UNC game is close enough to go and it is later in the year when I more settled in here in Tenn and done with expanding my business/site. So yeah, I think me and my fiance or son will go

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