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August 15, 2009





2nd or somewhere in the top 5!


some contructive thinking! Wow, I think it is a natural tendency for any college football fan to look to the next great thing. so many fans live and die with their team and this is their lifeline, their way of keeping it going. I don't think true Canespacers have forgotten what our freshman accomplished last year. It was amazing! I hope we are celebrating the talent level being where it is and the growth of the storm to category 5 level.
Canespacers are excited and with good reason about the talent level all across the board. I think that is more of what is perceived and written about.


Every article that I read,
every quote I hear, I believe, I believe,
It seems more real.

Harris to Streeter, Harris to Byrd,
Touchdown!!! Miami!!!
Who's gonna cover Graham, who's gonna have the last word?

It's gonna rain TD's, Travis Benjamin, rain down, rain on LaRon for another score!!!

Remember all those Canes, who said what was what, here and now, U can't replace it.... it's never too late...

We can re-live those days, It's neva gonna change...

Harris to James...

This is not the first girl we kissed, only the the best we ever missed...

We haven't seen her since God knows when...

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Posted by: miamimike01 | August 15, 2009 at 03:38 AM


damn, poetry just flows thru my veins, just like SKYY...





Leaving the 305 later today to head back to the CCC in the 863.

Reports from the scrimmage later this evening.

Have a great weekend Canespace!


oh, hey, that shaz is mine!!! SKYY & all!!!


I believe this whole team is "TNGT". I try to tell people about our depth at the receiving corp and they just laugh because we don't have someone who has eye popping numbers. Think about a no huddle,shotgun offense with Byrd/AJ/Streeter/TB and Thompkins on the field. And we still have DavonJ and Collier waiting to get in. It's insane the depth we have and nobody knows it because they think we are the same Miami team from the years past. I read many different message boards and the blatant disrespect for our whole program is out of control. I can't wait for this team to shock the world, starting September 7th vs fsu.


Miami Walk-on Still Grappling With Father's Death
TIM REYNOLDS, AP Sports Writer
CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) ― At 5-foot-9 and 170 pounds, Chris Hayes does not look like someone who should be playing for the Miami Hurricanes.

Yet for one day last season, he was their biggest star.

Hayes is speaking out about the day that helped get him through the darkest chapter in his life. On Oct. 20, 2008, Hayes' father took his own life. Five days later, Hayes was carried off the field by his Miami teammates, after getting in for the final play of the Hurricanes' victory against Wake Forest.

Hayes says he always wondered why he was compelled to play for Miami. In that moment, he says the reason became perfectly clear.



Truth I posted this for you a while back but I think it got snuffed before ou were on.





What time they scrimmage today?


Wow! I see someone on feedjit from Cuba. Could Fidel be a Canes fan???


And 86, Reggie Wayne.


OR Ryan Moore



f@cking sad


Man that Soup has an enormous melon.

Go Canes!


19 days until the start of the college football season. I can't wait.


Randy Shannon I know you read Canespace.

I just wanted to alert U to the fact that we are going to be EXTREMELY thin at TE next year. With Jimmy Graham looking great so far and Dedrick Epps ahead of schedule we should be OK this year, but next year...?

Stephen Plein is looking more like an O linemen and Corey White will be a tackle as well. That leaves us with only Billy Sanders. Now he might be OK next year, but as a redshirt freshman how dominate can he be. Name another TE that will be on our roster next year? 2010 commits don't count.

Please move Dyron Dye to TE immediately so that he can begin to prepare to light up opponents as we pursue a consecutive National Championship in 2010. Also if I know that we will have more than one TE at the position next year it will allow me to get some sleep at night.

I know your a very busy man and thought this might've slipped by U. Don't worry, I'm on it. Thanks for all the good work U do Randy.


P.S. U are going to make bank after U win a NC this year! Smart move waiting on the extension!


This coming from a man that had to put a weight belt on his NECK just to get his head submerged enough to see the lobster...


Posted by: The Truth | August 15, 2009 at 01:26 AM

Yeah, but it was only a 10 lb weight which is up only five pounds since last year. Next year, I'm afraid it will be a 20 lb for sure!

I was laughing so hard that I pissed myself a little.. okay a lot.. haha


Whoever wrote this article....nice read


DZ8..I wonder if Streeter could play te with a little more weight...just a thought.


Why the U was so dominate and can they get back to that even in today's recuiting world of colege football? I will say YES! they can. Why? well the "U" has something that no other colleg football team has, and that is the 305, 954, and the 561. The "U" can recruit some of the best talent right out of their back yard.

This is better then the Texas's the USC's of the world where some of the best talent comes from almost at the same level as south florida. But the difference is, these kids in Dade and Broward county were playing each other since peewee football.
You have a condenced area that's not too spread out and full of talent that have come across each other for many years of playing against one another.
When they get into high school they know who has as much talent as them or more, so they manuver their addresses to play at the same school as that talented kid.

It makes sence to get with the highest volume of talent because when college coaches start coming around recruiting they are going to the schools that has the most talent and you will have a better chance to be noticed even if you are not as talented as the one they are coming to see.

When one of these talented kids leave Dade County to play football, they usually make big noise where ever they go. Most start their first or second year of college ball and go on to be the stars of that program if they don't get into trouble.

Just recently some have been making a big deal out of some the kids that has left Dade County to play else where, like up there in Gainesville. If one recuit leave and get away from the "U", it becomes a big deal, "the walls are falling down" "Ranndy Shanon can't keep the players here" All of that is a bunch of "non sence"

Corker got away from the local talent and started to chase the stars as in "5" star "4" star players around the country and got himself fired.
Ranndy is the one that had to mend the relationship with the local coaches again so that he could secure the bounderies around the talent in the inner city and local areas around Dade.

The coaches and the kids in south forida no longer feel alienated and now they are going back to Coral Gables.
Miami is on it's way back to where it was back in the days when they talked trash and then kicked a#@%s. Why? well let me expain.

When you get kids from around the country, they have to get use to the area, players, coaches. They are away from home, some become home sick and start missing their girl friends, and mom's cooking never looked so good too. The recruits that come in together still have to get use to one another, sometime it will take them a good 2 to 3 years before they are comfortable and mature enough to take that next step to showcase their talent and shine.

USC has to go out from the local area to secure great talent, Texas has to go out from the local area to secure great talent even though it can come the close to the Dade County area. So in that sence as in the volume of concentrated talent the "U" is unique in their recruiting. More kids get offered D-1 scharleships in the tri-county area then any where else in the US.
The level of competetion is so much better then anywhere else too because they play year round football. That's why colleges are frequent down here trying to get these kids because even the so called "3" and "2" stars are better then most "4" and "5" star kids from some where else.

Shannon has done a great job of keeping these kids in Coral gables, he can't possibly get them all, not enough schallies for them, etc.. Jakorie Gore, not enough room for him, Ranndy had to turn him down and he is a talented running back and kin to former "Cane" Frank Gore. But he will go some where else and be a star.

Ranndy's past 2 recruiting classes have been great, and the attitude of these players are different because they know each other. When the 2008 class walked by some of the senior and juinors on the team they said they where coming in to take their jobs and this was especially directed to the wide receiver on the team. That type of brash attitude does not happen if they were not together as a group who known each other and played with and against each other all through pop and peewee football.

Ranndy does'nt have just one or two that escape to go some where else and become stars on their team, he has 10 to 15 every year that he was the "MAN" recruiting for the "U"

So the question is, when do we expect these recuits to grow up and become stars?..taking it to the next level?

They started out last year when most of these kids were fresh pups, and now they are a year sronger, faster, and more experienced.
There could be a big explosion of progression that may shock you. This team could dominate every team that they play with the exception of Oklahoma due to their experience.

The wall is not falling down because Urban Liar came here and got one recuit, and no Randy is not slipping by not keeping watch. But he is sneaking up in South Georgia and pick the pocketing of Urban Liar. who has slipped and left the door unlocked in Gainsville because of being too worried about what's happening here in Coral Gables. Ranndy did not get just one, not just two, but three and maybe four of the top talent in Urban land and he hates it. He threw out a recruit that held up a "U" sign at one of their camps after he dominated one of his recruits. That recruit could have changed his mind later on in the recruiting process but now they will not have any chance of that happening.

I truely beleive that those in Gainesville are jealous of the "U", or Urban and his side kicks can really see the hand writing on the wall, that Randy has this team on it's way back and they can't stop it from happening. Urban can't get what he wants from down here as long as Randy is at the controlls, he get's what is left or boarder line qualifers that Randy just can't take a chance on.

My thoughts on the season is that it will be great if the injuries are minamized in certain areas of the team. The offensive line can't get the injury bug. The defensive backs have to make progress, if all of these things happen, you could see and hear a big explosion of talent finally coming together and giving us a great year!
Prediction: 10w 2L ACC champs
LET"S GO CANES!!!!!!!!!


Predicted Record: 8-4 Conf. Record: 5-3
Best Offensive Player: RB Graig Cooper, Jr.
Best Defensive Player: LB Sean Spence, Soph.
Offense: Three years, three different offensive coordinators. In an effort to ignite an offense that’s been inconsistent for much of the last six years, Randy Shannon has turned to Mark Whipple, a respected veteran of the college and NFL ranks. He plans to install a pro-style attack that seeks balance and more use of the backs and tight ends in the passing game. More important than the complexities of the new system, he’s being asked to coach up a precocious bunch of ‘Canes, who are a tweak here and a tinker there away from being so much better. The kids at running back and wide receiver, like Graig Cooper and Aldarius Johnson, are just waiting to explode, but they need sophomore QB Jacory Harris to light the fuse. If he can begin to reach his potential under Whipple, this group is capable of surprising the rest of the ACC.
Defense: Bill Young’s departure back to Big 12 country has Miami breaking in a new defensive coordinator for a second straight year. John Lovett, most recently the special teams coordinator at North Carolina, inherits a defense that has a nice mixture of veterans and young players. This is not, however, a vintage Hurricane defense. The ‘Canes had trouble stopping the run and creating takeaways in 2008, both of which Lovett hopes to address. His front seven has depth and talent, including budding stars in DT Marcus Forston, DE Marcus Robinson, and LB Sean Spence. The biggest concern rests with a mediocre secondary that was painfully short on big plays a year ago.



Team That'll Surprise

Miami – The ‘Canes are probably a year away from being really good again. Or maybe not, depending on how quickly sophomore Jacory Harris develops at quarterback. As you’d expect, there are gobs of talented young players everywhere, much of whom were forced into action in 2008. That experience should start to pay dividends for a Miami program that isn’t that far from contending in the ACC. There’s no shortage of skill position talent, like backs Graig Cooper and Javarris James, and receivers Aldarius Johnson, Travis Benjamin, and LaRon Byrd, for Harris to employ. If he and new coordinator Mark Whipple can get this offense moving, look out. Miami is liable to get hot and start channeling its former self.




I doubt Streeter moves to TE. That might be like putting a tow-hitch on a Corvette.

I was thinking about FB John Calhoun. He has decent size and showed hands in the spring game. With all the WRs we have WITH SIZE, maybe we can go to a one back formation with an H-Back/TE (Calhoun or Sanders) and using one of those big wideouts to chip a defender as they release. Leave it to Whipple, I'm sure it'll work out.


2000 Miami V FSU on right now

Cat 5 Cane

TE's for 2010... Besides White and Sanders...
Adderley 6-6, 225 and maybe throw in Ray Ray, currently listing at 6-5, 220, if he can play both ways.

Ray Ray... is so gifted... and so valuable at safety but maybe we could use him for certain pass play too.

Old stats on RR...
HIGH SCHOOL: Played safety and quarterback in high school ...
Ranked the nation's No. 13 overall player by Rivals.com and No. 21 rated player by ESPN.com ...
Helped lead Seminole High School to the 2008 FHSAA Class 6A state championship as a senior ... Threw for 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns, rushed for 1,144 yards and 22 touchdowns and caught three passes for 29 yards and one touchdown as a senior...Added 70 tackles (20 unassisted, 50 assisted), two interceptions, three forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries on defense as a senior ...
Threw the game-winning touchdown in the state title game against Miami Northwestern High School ... Four-year starter at Seminole ... Participated in the Under Armour All-America High School Football Game ... Named All-Central Florida Defensive Player of the Year, Orlando Sentinel's All-Southern team (FL) and The Press Register's Super Southeast 120 ... Had 639 yards passing, three touchdowns and eight interceptions as a junior and over 30 tackles and two picks at safety ... Coached by Mile Cullison.


This coming from a man that had to put a weight belt on his NECK just to get his head submerged enough to see the lobster...


Posted by: The Truth | August 15, 2009 at 01:26 AM

I heard 86 was the first man in history to have a halo brace voluntarily put on.


Watched the 2000 Miami vs FSU game last night.

Dan Morgan reminded me of a healthy Colin McCarthy... hahahah, just kidding comparison police.


on where? what channel Direct or dish?


what channel for the 2000 UM vs FSU game?



White will be an olineman, with Plein, IMO.

I thought Adderley had moved on, something about his # being given to a couple other guys.

Not sure if Tervaris Johnson is a sr this year or will be next year.

That leaves Sanders.

I don't see RayRay making the switch to TE and don't want to mention it for fear of upsetting Angry or canechic.

Now we could use White and Plein as blocking TEs and have some bulked up receivers as pass catchers but that gives away a lot to the defense.

Our one TE recruit so far in 2010 hasn't even played football in high school yet has he? When the top TE recruits see the production of this O and see the returning starters at TE... I have to think they'll be begging The U to get down here.


I saw it on CBS college sports channel or something like that last night. They were replaying their lineup from last night when I left the house this morning.

Cat 5 Cane

On Ray Ray... 2010... big, strong, loves contact! Would like to see him involved in the wild cat as QB, with Miller or MJ in the back field. Streeter, Byrd or AJ playing WR, with Thomkins, Collier or Benji playing slot or Adderley at TE and Harris out on the wing.... Ohhh Boy! Ok you're the defense... who ya watching first?

dj moonbat

Cat5, I think Adderley is gone.


152 on dish


“I know he wants the best for me,” James said of Shannon. “He's done so much for the program on and off the field. We feel we've got to go out there and put it on the line for him.”



Shannon has identified positions of need each year and stocked up. Expecting the same for TE.

Plus after we throw to the TE again this year it will be easier to recruit them.


613 on direct tv

macjones de Albuquerque

Canespacers are excited and with good reason about the talent level all across the board. I think that is more of what is perceived and written about.

Posted by: RandyCane | August 15, 2009 at 07:37 AM

I'm so flabbergasted about the upcoming games, that I changed my 2009 regular season forcast from 9-3 to 10-2. But no mas.

Nonetheless, the F.S.U. game will relatively dictate what the season holds for your Canes. In other words, if both of the lines MAN UP, and play beyond your wildest imaginations, then the sky's the limit for Team Shannon. Especially, since the O-line is St. Bowden's strength along with Ponder.

Is it Labor Day yet baby!

willie will in nashville


does anyone have rosters for ncaa10 on ps3?



#44Colin interview lower left


Manny and Ferman jocking my offensive LOF pick, Kendal Thompkins

It's alright if Manny does it, he's a real cool hard working cat ... met & talked with him a couple years ago at the FHSAA State Championship game in Orlando

Ferman on the other hand, I don't know about him

macjones de Albuquerque

This article about J.J., and his Hurricanes relatively sums up why 2009 should be a special season for Team Shannon. Enjoy!

Immokalee grad Javarris James hopes health, weight loss equals success at UM

By STEVE DORSEY, Special to the Daily News

Friday, August 14, 2009

CORAL GABLES — He's long been known as “Baby J” to his famous cousin, NFL running back Edgerrin James, and simply as J.J. by his University of Miami teammates.

But Javarris James has earned a new nickname from his UM teammates this summer.

“They call me Slim,” the former Immokalee High standout said Friday during a day off following the first week of UM practices.

That's because the Hurricanes' senior running back, following an encouraging heart-to-heart talk with UM head coach Randy Shannon early this summer, has slimmed down from his playing weight of 221 pounds last season to a svelte 207.

“I'm quicker. I can move around so much better, and it's easier to make cuts,” said James, who has cut out the late-night trips to McDonald's and is sticking to a more healthy diet that includes fruits and salads, but admits he still eats french fries “once in awhile.”

That's all good news for Hurricanes coaches and fans alike, but especially for James, whose production has slipped the past two seasons because of nagging injuries.

James, like his cousin Edgerrin, came out of Immokalee as a highly touted running back prospect, and lived up to expections his first year at Miami by rushing for 802 yards and five touchdowns in 2006, the second-most yards by a 'Canes true freshman. But a neck injury in the first game of 2007 slowed him down some during his sophomore year (582 yards, four touchdowns) and a high-ankle sprain last season forced him to sit out four games and limited him to a career-low 286 yards and four touchdowns.

James said he is 100 percent healthy entering his senior year -- UM opens the season Sept. 7 at Florida State -- and is confident he will regain the form that had 'Canes fans thinking two years ago that he might become UMʼs first 1,000-yard rusher since Willis McGahee in 2002; Edgerrin James did it twice during his UM career. He said the injuries have not made him gun-shy, that theyʼre part of the game and that the past is, well, the past.

“Injuries, they don't really get me down,” James said. “Luckily, I have another year. I've learned to take care of my body better. The injuries, in a way, have helped me mature. I'm ready to prove all the doubters wrong.”

James also said he strongly believes the Hurricanes will prove their doubters wrong this season. Miami failed to crack the USA Today Top 25 coaches' preseason poll for the third consecutive year, and there are many who believe that Shannon, who is 12-13 his first two years on the job, could be in danger of being fired if the 'Canes have another mediocre season and don't at least contend for the ACC title.

“We know we've got a lot of doubters,” said James, who will share time with junior backfield mate Graig Cooper, the teamʼs leading rusher the past two years, to start the season. “Not too many people believe in us. Our leadership is a lot different this year. We actually believe in ourselves. . . . As seniors, we've been through a lot. The past couple of years, we didn't have a lot of leadership, but this year we do.

“You can tell in practice, the way we compete against each other. We might have a fight or something like that, but we leave it all on the field. At the end of the day, they're my brothers.”

James said he and his teammates want to win for Shannon, who is in the third year of a four-year contract.

“I know he wants the best for me,” James said of Shannon. “He's done so much for the program on and off the field. We feel we've got to go out there and put it on the line for him.”

macjones de Albuquerque


Some opinions from the fellas at ESPN.

macjones de Albuquerque


I hope this works now.

Cat5 Cane

I know he put in his request to transfer, but then decided to stay for spring but havn't heard of him since....

I guess, since others haven't chimed in, that you are correct and he's gone... Dammmm! Sorry to see him go, I liked him.

But as another poster said... Whip will figure it out.

I'm out


Forbes rated the 10 Most Miserable Sports Cities

1. Seattle (Mariners, Sonics, Seahawks)
Total Seasons/Championships: 107/1
Years since last title: 30
Teams lost: 1 (Sonics - NBA)

2. Atlanta (Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Thrashers, Flames)
Total Seasons/Championships: 145/1
Years since last title: 14
Teams lost: 1 (Flames - NHL)

3. Buffalo (Bills, Sabres, Braves *NBA*)
Total Seasons/Championships: 85/2
Years since last title: 43
Teams lost: 1 (Braves *NBA*)

4. Phoenix (Cardinals, Suns, D-Backs, Coyotes)
Total Seasons/Championships: 84/1
Years since last title: 8
Teams lost: 0

5. Houston (Texans, Oilers *NFL*, Astros, Rockets)
Total Seasons/Championships: 128/4
Years since last title: 13
Teams lost: 1 (Oilers *NFL*)

6. San Diego (Chargers, Padres, Rockets *NBA*, Clippers *NBA*)
Total Seasons/Championships: 89/1
Years since last title: 46
Teams lost: 2 (Rockets & Clippers *NBA*)

7. Denver (Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avalanche, Rockies *NHL*)
Total Seasons/Championships: 115/4
Years since last title: 8
Teams lost: 1 (Original Rockies *NHL*)

8. Cleveland (Browns 1 & 2, Rams *NFL*, Indians, Cavaliers, Barons *NHL* )
Total Seasons/Championships: 215/7
Years since last title: 45
Teams lost: 3 (Rams *NFL*, Barons *NHL*, Browns 1 *NFL* )

9. Minneapolis (Vikings, Twins, T-Wolves, Lakers *NBA*, Wild, North Stars *NHL*)
Total Seasons/Championships: 162/8
Years since last title: 18
Teams lost: 2 (Lakers *NBA*, North Stars *NHL* )

10. Kansas City (Chiefs, Royals, Athletics *MLB*, Kings *NBA*, Scouts *NHL* )
Total Seasons/Championships: 114/3
Years since last title: 24
Teams lost: 3 (Athletics *MLB*, Kings *NBA*, Scouts *NHL* )

dj moonbat

And 86, Reggie Wayne.

Posted by: Esteban | August 15, 2009 at 09:40 AM

Reggie Wayne may have been our possession receiver, but he wasn't even a little slow. He only seemed like that 'cause he was on a team with Santana Moss. Wayne timed at 4.45 at the combine:


willie will in nashville


rosters for ncaa10 on ps3?

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