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August 16, 2009



thanks for the link MDCane. thanks JCane for telling me to read to the bottom.

So nobody knows shyte, and that's why there isn't any info about the scrimmage.

Thank you Jorge Milian for actually giving us something; even if it's the reason why you have nothing.


MJ, AJ and MRob are gonna make headlines this year.


Please post a comment at Jorge's blog at the PBP to invite him here. Do it NOW!


Solar, he works there and started taping some of the drag race footage. But he doesn't race.


SOUP - I actually sent him a couple emails instead. One thanked him for info and the other said he should come by.

I think it's good to send a writer something to thank them for their hard work.


Uh oh, somebody got kicked and found out, time to go to plan B and break out your wig.

solar, i've come to realize that often times, alot of guys i know and grew up with, we expected to get the job done and have fun, the negative plays are the ones that seemed like they stuck wiith us the longest cause those are the ones that piss u off the most. Like why give v-tech life at that point, that was one of the most stupidest interceptions of his career, not like v-tech was coming back, but anyway.

Like remember when DERRICK THOMAS had those 8 sacks in 1 game, but the one he remembered the most was the 1 he didn't get in that same game, which actually the qb threw a touchdown after slippin out of the sack. Anyway, that's part of the mindset that drives us man.

On that video clip with all the football analyst, is it me, or does todd mcshay seeems like he's just trying to be the 1st one to act as if he's the one who discovered spence before the rest of the country has to bear witness to not just spence, but "a whole host of Hurricane defenders"(as the traz powell commentator would say it).

This year, it'll be, "the tackle was made by sean spence and a few of his friends" Matter of fact if nothing else, we need to get back to winning so we don't have to listen to the commentators on espnU, oh that's right, he's gone off to build a powerhouse team somewhere in texas. So we need the traz powell announcer commentating our games at UM from here on out, time for everybody to get a raise.

After each victory this year, crank this song, for some reason, HURRICANE victories and this go hand and hand:


CA...thanks! I posted two comments on his blog inviting him here. We will see...

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

I hear ya' Cav, but is Streeter willing to go between the hashes to make the tough catch. And right now, AJ is the only one on the team with the reputation to do it on a consistent basis. And know Cav, "bubble screens" don't count (LOL).

Posted by: CaneRock | August 16, 2009 at 03:03 PM


Canerock, I've seen vids of Streeter catching the ball all over the field but it was in HS of course. However, I don't think it will be an issue. Watch him work.





The Truth

Awe man!!

What did I miss? Well at least I didn't have any comments "cleaned up" for once!!

The Truth

MJ, AJ and MRob are gonna make headlines this year.
Posted by: SOUP | August 16, 2009 at 10:57 PM

Damn right!!!


good to know my LOF picks are getting their overdue recognition.

The Truth

BabyJ best stay healthy...and I won't ever be convinced until he does...


Is anyone going up to the game?(UM vs FSU) If so where are you staying all the hotels look so dirty and filled with bugs.....


well we all missed a scrimmage Truth

FSU continues to get weaker, and just when I thought their offense was gonna be weak this year I read that their defense probably got lit up during their Saturday scrimmage:



Also where are all the parties at Sunday night?


Here is a Miami preview done by the ACC:


Also, here is a preview from www.scout.com. Right hand side under Video Spotlight:




well we all missed a scrimmage Truth

FSU continues to get weaker, and just when I thought their offense was gonna be weak this year I read that their defense probably got lit up during their Saturday scrimmage:


Posted by: CanesAddiction | August 16, 2009 at 11:53 PM

i remember reading an article about the beef between Jimbo and Mickey Andrews. How Andrews keeps just blitzing the entire practice which pisses off Jimbo cause he wants the offense to go against more than just blitz packages. So he ends up running plays he knows will exploit the defense in practice resulting in the offense looking great and the defense looking like garbage, but ultimately doesn't really help either side prepare for real game situations. while i ain't big on jimbo i think they'll be a better team once he takes over full time. just will cut out a lot of the b.s. that's going on for them.


Watch Christian Ponder get baby slapped on his face, 11 seconds into the interview by a FSU player walking by ...



"Say it ain't so...Texascane was on to something?

"Left tackle Jason Fox has 36 starts going into his senior season. He recently talked about what it's like for players to alternate playing snaps.

``Coach [Randy] Shannon and [Jeff] Stoutland are big on rotating and can tell you from experience there is good and bad to it. It keeps your legs fresh, but also it sometimes prevents you from getting all the way into a rhythm or getting a comfortable feel.''


Hot tall are U OcalaCane?


hotels look so dirty and filled with bugs.....

Posted by: CaneBoy | August 16, 2009 at 11:53 PM

It's trailerhassee, what did U expect?


Good Morning 'Space...

Sorry I've been out of commision for awhile.

Hope all is well.







Looking out for U, that's what we do!


Texas...good call there. For the record I always agreed with U on that point of rotating the OL. Hurts continuity, no doubt.


esteban, i was getting ready to post something about mickey not getting along with jimbo. i didn't know it was true, but it came to me last night, and when i heard jimbo give the answer he gave of "this might be my last year" he's saying that in case it's bobby's last year, so when bobby goes, he's going, that all makes sense now for sure.

Makes having guys like amato and haggins that much more important now. Also, i always thought it was a mistake bringing jimbo fisher to Fsu, especially basically just giving him the keys to the program even though the old staff is still their, but time will tell. I know the talking heads around that campus thought it was a smart idea to do that for recruiting purposes but okay, whatever, when you do that, you basically put bowden in lame-duck status which will rub a whole lot of people the wrong way who are loyal to bobby.

I don't care who's the coach after bobby, whoever it is, just as long as they start kickin the gators azz again on a regular basis that's good enough for me, but they do need to return to being the #2 team in the nation behind us. Just continues to make the stat of Florida look good!


This year, it'll probably be a whole lot worse as far as rotations go with the o-line, at the same time, it's not a bad thing, it has more positives than good rotating the o-line if you're able to put up points on a regular basis. Now if your offense is not putting up points and you're doing it, you might want to hold what you got.

Now i will say i noticed a big difference in our run game when they would rotate chris barney in, seems like we ran the ball better. This year, it'll go along ways if we're up 10 to 14 points, or even if we're tied to bring in the young guys t start ramping them up for next year, more importantly this year though, guys like ben jones, jermaine johnson, and whoever else they plan on having at the tackle spots definitely need to get time out their for the future of the program.

Other than that, us not scoring points didn't have a whole lot to do with our o-line being rotated, it was the stupid play-calling. Also, once we get the number right, i'm sure the rotations will trim down, but one things for sure, as long as shannon is here, gone are the days where the 2nd & 3rd teamers won't see playing time until someone graduates. So at this stage of the game, it's more beneficial to the health of the football program overall!

We gotta rotate alot of guys on the o-line this year, because come next year, who's going to be our starting tackles, and if we have to go inside out to have tackles, than guys like washington, wheeler will have to get time this year as well.


Today is a wonderful day. I am so excited to be a hurricane fan.


monday practice report

vernon w trainers w sprained ankle and shayon is in shorts (team is in pads) on side. Team also is resting some guys this am - first team DL is forston, joseph, dye and andrew smith



vernon w trainers w sprained ankle

oh my god we are gonna go 6-6



wow that is huge



I don't want to be a broken record but do me a favor. Watch any game you want (other than Miami)...Peewee through the NFL and find me a team that rotates offensive linemen,individually,during the game,to "keep them fresh". You won't find another one...why is that?

Line play is about communication, familiarity, reps and rhythm. There is a reason that the more experienced O Lines win championships.

Using your logic about playing young players so they are experienced for "next year"...what happens next year? Do you play the new crop of 2010 kids so you have experience for the next year again? When do you you just take five and say "this is the group"? You would never have a real O-line if you mix and match every year.

Please read the following article very closely. "Starts" for offensive linemen mean they play the whole game as a unit...everywhere except Miami. The more starts a team has means the same five have played together,longer


I also find it very telling that Fox is so exasperated that he would say what he said publicly. He knows that the rotation is counterproductive. Too bad the coaches don't listen to a guy with 36 starts.

The Truth

Calvin and Texas both have good points and the idea of getting young guys PT has a lot to do with the rotating.

I just think it's funny that Kehoe used to do this...along with switching positions when he brought different guys in (except at center usually) ie: switching Carey back and forth in the game between guard and tackle to accomodate getting other guys in (and that's just one of MANY examples) and yet Kehoe is Texas' god.

For the record, I'm with Texas on this...you pick your best 7, line up 5 and go. Someone gets hurt the other 2 need to fill a spot.

The Truth

You guys still don't realize how poor the talent was on the OL. Finding the "best 5" was like picking your soul mate out of a prison lineup.

By the way: District 9...very interesting movie. Thumbs up.


texas read your article

I'm with you on the o line having to be a unit that is cohesive and knows what each other is doing every second.

I noticed the article didn't mention anywhere how many snaps the "starters" were in.

If they are in for the entire game at those schools then their conditioning guy is fantastic.
Get us some facts on how many starters played every offensive snap every game all season at those schools, I doubt seriously if the starters stay in for every series.

Watch a lot of games, notice the O linemen with their hands on their hips looking down at their shoes, that's fatigue.

Being real savvy and real experienced can't counteract being dead on your feet in the fourth quarter.



Good writeup from Shadow's

"What an absolutely fantastic week, just phenomenal. My Nephew and I are on our third year traveling to Coral Gables and I'll admit, this week was the absolute best we've seen this team prepare. Considering we're newbie's...it Doesn't mean much eh?

The biggest contributor to the entire experience were the young men that are currently on and committed to this University. Now, Tues night was the worst because I got eaten up trying to kick back and catch some fish. It was just disgustingly humid...but anyway, I've gotta get the entire week off my chest, since my wife doesn't care much.

Great energy out there and I had a feeling Coach Whipple wasn't going to have his offense dinking/dunking or nickel and dimming their way thru the preparation needed for the FSU game. Actually, far far more deep routes than I ever could imagine.

These weren't just trotting a receiver down the sideline and heaving it down the field. We're talkin 20-25yrd comeback, curl and crossing routes, just really beautiful to see. To see a complete 180 in terms of philosophy and execution really made me pay attention.

They were timing the deep routes for each wideout, who could run the deepest pattern in the shortest amount of time, with accuracy. Then pair the wideouts according to the times they ran. So, if each WR ran the route combo as fast as they could while staying under control, it would be consistant each time. I thought it was a very clever idea.

As I typed earlier, the early spring focus was short, short and shorter, with the backs and linemen working on timing and coordination. The spring domination in the short passing game gave way to intermediate and lot's of ground work. Obviously it's led to a far more complex variation, with the offense doing very well on short/intermediate they really pushed the deep stuff.

This team ran more deep stuff than the last 2 years combined. It was relentless and folks that think the staff is going to trim down the wide receiver rotation is fantasizing. I recall local reporters writing on the subject a while back..well, like many of their articles, what a waste. There's no way in hell it's going to happen..well, there is two ways and that's if the offensive unit completely implodes or they have a boatload of quick strike scores.

The plays this offense ran this week were very demanding on the receiving core and when you have that much talent, you shouldn't exhaust a few while keeping the remaining skill guys benched.

There were stamina rumors with certain position players at the end of last season, to avoid the late season stamina issues for this upcoming season, the staff must have a deep rotation. Just as they exhibited this week, where everyone got into the mix and they all came up with plays..the folk's that took in this weeks action could in no way say a particular receiver is weaker than the other...the amount of talent eliminates weak all together. So, in essence..Who's better replaces who's weaker.

It was clear that Coach Whipple & staff were continuing to identify personnel and since I mentioned receiver, might as well stay there.

Street, AJ, Byrd, Collier, DJ, KT, Hank, all outstanding and highly complimentary of one another. This skill group isn't saturated with cocky or abrasive personalities, they're not timid that's for sure. It's no secret that TB looks pretty frail but he does a pretty damn nice job of avoiding contact, especially the big hit. Obviously, the D wasn't looking to decapitate their colleagues on the other side of the ball, but they were tackling.

A few of the early reps were ending with both the offensive (ball carrier) and defensive players still standing, plays closer to the sideline in particular, but that changed. Brown damn near layed out M. James and the reps began to end in a different fashion, before too long...it was on. Plays weren't always ending on the first whistle.

Each practice had it's own unique way of intensifying, a big hit, long gain or a quick score on a miscue...those type of things would contribute to the intensity. Coaches yellowing out to pick it up wouldn't always do the trick.

Then again, coaches themselves were guilty of slowing things down. Barrow for example, he was doing a lot of work with both lines, simultaneously. Barrow would run up to the line quite a bit to correct spacing and angles on the Dline, while there he would show the offensive side what to look for, feet..feet and more feet..the man has a foot fetish, well he and Hurtt share in the foot dept.

It really is neat to see Barrow out there and it's inevitable that he'll be a coordinator before too long. The only thing I recall him specifically working other than angles/feet of the Tackles was inside blitzing. He was presenting scenarios to both lines by lining up in each gap as a blitzing backer. All in all, just awesome watching Coach roam the field.

Defense..man, what a difference

Wideouts were working on influencing safeties and coordinating their routes. The TE's were going back and forth working with the line, rb and wr units. Tell ya right now, the TE is no joke in this offense and Epps came back so quickly for a reason...there is no way in hell Epps would have rushed back to endure another year in a Nix offense.

One thing that is certain, Zel was a serviceable player but Graham is way ahead on sheer athleticism...he looks faster, looks stronger and looks like a better all around TE. They worked his ass, mad reps and lots of blocking drills..and he made some plays too, big plays, right across the damn middle and he's gonna make some defensive players look clumsy when they try to tackle him low. Oh..he's playing and looks like #2 on the depth chart and a damn near guarantee for red-zone.

Motion..lot's of motion with this offense. Looks like they're intent on helping the QB's identify coverage by sending wideouts thru the formation. Same with the TE but only saw a few plays where the TE was called to go in motion. They're splitting the backs and sometimes bringing Collier to the backfield.

With a bunch of stuff to discuss, let's get down to business. This offense is going pro-set, traditional I-Formation, split back

Brown looks real good in the middle, it's gotta be his attitude that's holding him back...he's not verbose.
Spence is a linebacker prodigy, pure confidence. He's going to own lots of hardware before he goes NFL.

An entire week of practices isn't 100% fun for the family, there are what many would characterize as boring stretches and whatnot (ask G. Hardin ). The time does fly however and you find yourself wishing it hadn't ended.

Anyways, the player/team speed is truly remarkable, especially at ground level and depending on your vantage point. If you blink to long, you'll miss a play and many times lose sight of specific players.

Collectively, one of the things I really took note of is the Dline. They're consistently getting their hands up and it was paying dividends. The coaches were really stressing that and after the line tipped a pass which resulted in the first INT..well, D-lineman were doing more of it. The line tipped around a half dozen passes and ended up with a couple of INTs.

The offense was fairly consistent in putting players in motion, as I mentioned earlier, running a receiver across the formation, shifting from I to a split back, dragging a TE or back. I'm hopeful this tem can grasp the offensive playbook enough to make Coach Whipple comfortable to incorporate that type of stuffs.

I'm certain the short passing game is going to surface for polishing as game week approaches. I think it's absence has reduced the risk of injuries, cause all the short stuff seems to produce the biggest collisions and pile ups.

For the offense to completely shift gears and go long as much as they did was awesome. The offensive unit has the potential to set some school records with this offense, I know it's a vague statement and offenses around the country can say the same at this time. But the skill players on this team, as a collective, is very unique. I'm gona keep harping on that.

You've got Byrd on one side and AD on the other, then you sprinkle in a TB or Collier, then you split the backs with JJ and Coop. The potential there is remarkable, especially with Epps being such a potent reliable weapon.

They go I with 2 TE and Street/AJ or Byrd...not all defenses can just man up on these wideouts...and they won't be able to hide the coverage's as much if Coach Whip uses motion. That's got potential.

You can tell that Coach Whipple likes to move the defense before the snap. Some work also went into quick snap, where they're snapping early while the defense is not prepared, calling off blitzes or not getting onto the field fast enough after change of possession.

Jacory and Cook looked really good all week, Cook's deep ball looked better earlier on and Jacory's has improved as well. He (12) was throwing his arm off to get it deep last year, not the case this time around..the fact that he's much bigger now obviously plays a huge role in that improvement, but it wouldn't make sense to deny Coach Whipples impact on the QB's.

The addition of Highsmith is going to improve this teams defensive preparation for athletic QB's. He's already getting reps and Smith is now lost in the shuffle...the QB position now has legitimate depth and the new addition played a significant role in providing it.

B. Harris is clearly the most verbose of the bunch in terms of DB and he's shaping up to be the best as well. DVD looks like an imposing corner, he moves like one and he was producing like one too.

All the deep routes gave him some opportunities to run and he's really good at staying on a wr's hip. The problems all come when the ball is in the air, he's just not adjusting as well as he would like. Many DB's like to keep a hand out to feel the receiver while they look back for the ball...he seems to wait for the receiver to look back first.

Hankerson rocked a couple of mornings, making circus catches as well as the routine stuff. He's like the sideline specialist, laying out parallel and dragging the toes. Guess Hank is making that NFL push this season, same as Epps.

A Brown packs the biggest punch in terms of destructive potential, everything he touched went down and he's got a tendency to whip his victim around while he's tackling. Sharp, Buck, Spence and Futch are all hard hitters and It's safe to say that two LB spots are still in question as far as the 2 deep is concerned. Colin is a demolition man on kick coverage but packs less of a punch with short distance.

The lines are familiar with one another, so success along the lines is difficult to gauge. They rotate the heck out of the D-line and maybe that'll give some insight into the popularity of Vernon. He's trying extremely hard to make that first impression, which will taper off. That and familiarity should reduce all the super-human practice performances.

All things considered, the line is ultra-stout with a nice variation of personnel that offer a good mix of pure pass rushing and run stopping power. For me, Ojomo is numero uno in the DE dept, with Bailey and Forston leading the tackles...they're 1a and 1b.

McGee is playin, no doubt about it. He'll probably play a similar role to what Harris was asked to do, while Harris replaces Bruce. As mentioned before, Telemaque is gonna work with Phillups @ safety..So DB's are not as bad as the depth chart might make it appear.

As with many teams around the country, injuries will play a huge role with the success of this team. Many teams can rally back from the loss of an injured player but if they deplete a shallow depth position..It's quite difficult"

Kind of hard not to get excited. Arthur is going to be a force before he leaves, no doubt in my mind.

dj moonbat

"For the record, I'm with Texas on this...you pick your best 7, line up 5 and go. Someone gets hurt the other 2 need to fill a spot."

I get the feeling that all the rotation was intended to make sure that if they needed to fill a spot, the guy who was expected to step up had some knowledge of what to do. Unfortunately, like Texascane says, it had the unfortunate side effect that a lot of the time our line was uncoordinated and stupid, like it grew up eating lead paint.


fantastic thanks

Like I tried to say from the get go a long time ago.

With Whipple's offense you can't have a few "elite" receivers in the entire game, you will have dead men walking by the third quarter.

but noooooo the newspaper guy told you different.

out till later


Sarasota 'cane

Wow coop, nice post!

Just pulled this tidbit off of ESPN.


3 weeks, 8 hours, 55 minutes!

Go 'canes!


"our line was uncoordinated and stupid, like it grew up eating lead paint."

dj you kill me man, that was the shid of the week!
glad you come around once in awhile.

aight this time I'm out


Even if the guy posting above is just a homer, it's imopssible to deny the sick amount of young talent we have.

And for the first time in years, there is no questioning the coaching as well.

I am really excited for the season.

3-1 looks like a real possibility, not just a baseless dream predicated on the fact that we are the U damn it.


texas is right. randy and whipple want to mold this program into what the NFL does. so i dont understand the reason they rotate the starters as often. like texas said, look at any NFL team on sunday and you'll never see the backup offensive linemen get reps during a real game. that only occurs in blowouts or when someone gets injured.

if our guys are so tired during games that they need to come out, they need to get in better conditioning. you'd be hard pressed to find another program that rotates the starters as much as we do if at all. besides talent, chemistry is the most improtant aspect of playing on the o-line.


Palm Beach Ppost just reported Ojomo could miss opener for horsing around in the locker room???? On inside the U it just says Vernon was horsing around...Who the hell is it? What is going on


Stupid injury, Ojomo gets hurt horsing around in locker room

Mr Troutman


O-L Cane

Does the U have a practice bubble or something?

I need my scrimmage fix.


So is Ojomo and Vernon both injured? If so, what does that do to Miami's depth at the DE position?

Sarasota 'cane

….Shannon said he likes where his team is at the end of one week of fall practice. “We’re better than we were in the spring, a lot better than we were this time last year,” Shannon said. “The players feel it. The enthusiasm is there.”

U gotta like what there saying!

Go 'canes!


Dont worry buddy, they will both be ready to roll....Nothing a little tape cant fix. Worry more about the pourous defense in your scrimmage

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