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August 26, 2009






doc in pv

go miaim






Carlos...U come on the Space at 9:02 and expect to get a FIRST?



Money is MONEY!


I'm here.


How I get dat shirt 86?


Still haven't mastered iPhone posting with typepad. 86, Check your email bro! [email protected]


Money...Email me at [email protected] or [email protected]


86 with another good blog! Thanks,as always


86, I sent an e-mail to both with mailing addy and size


we just lost two players that would never see the field anyway...water under the bridge.lets go out to doak with some REAL canes and mop up the noles.


Something to speculate. IF Randy saying he has had 3 guys contact him about transfers him is true (not sure if you are allowed to comment on this similar to recruiting), who are they?



Morris coming on next. I saw a post about Jason Fox doing a weekly diary on sportingnews. Anyone know how to get to it?


Whipple said they have some specific packages for Mike James.

Posted by: bg1906 | August 26, 2009 at 08:27 PM

Yeah I'm listening Bg. Mike James must be dat real. I can't wait till Sept 7th.

Posted by: moneycane | August 26, 2009 at 08:29 PM

Like I told U: Mike James is the real deal and my LOF pick for 2009.



JW...if I did this full time as my REAL job with media credentials I would bury the competition.

This is s P/T gig from the oustside looking in. But that may change soon...stay tuned!


Like I told U: Mike James is the real deal and my LOF pick for 2009.


Posted by: 86Cane | August 26, 2009 at 09:34 PM

So you putting your boy AJ down. 1st rounder and no love as your LOF


I was going to wait until everything died down a little bit to come back. I want to say that I am sorry to Soup for I have let you down. I do not know why your wife hasnt killed you yet to put you out of your poor irritable midget state. I feel like it is my fault that she has not pulled the plug or tossed a hair straightener into the shower. I will continue to prompt her and call her. She is a very nice lady and she is taller than you. I SAY GOOD DAY SIR

Aces & Canes

I'm just ready for some football. We are moving forward and not looking back. If U dont want to be a part of the comeback for the Canes, then to quote a friend "PIECE", U can catch us on the highlight shows handling our business.

Child Please! lol

Go Canes


Interesting, 86- I hope it works out!


three transfer requests to come to miami

So are they limp dik quitters?

yea thats what I thought



So you putting your boy AJ down. 1st rounder and no love as your LOF

Posted by: moneycane | August 26, 2009 at 09:40 PM

NEVER! AJ and Spence were my LOF picks last year and they will always remain my #1 guys.

But this year I moved on to Mike James and Sam Shields as my new LOFs.

I don't want to pick the OBVIOUS guys (Jacory/Spence). MRob, McCarthy, COOP, JJ and Byrd are all popular picks.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Fantasy...wtf was that??

At any rate, the good news is that we have two more ships for 2010. The bad news is our scout team may have a more difficult time preparing our 1s. But we'll figure that out.

Epps is blocking better because of what.....COMPETITION and it's the MONEY year for him.

Hankerson worked his azz off this off-season because of what......COMPETITION.

Micanor Regis and Jeremy Lewis are making waves because of what....HE KNOWS ANYONE CAN TAKE ANYONE ELSE'S SPOT IF THEY WORK HARD ENOUGH.

Olivier Vernon is a starter because of what......HARD WORK AND DEDICATION.

Jacory stayed in a situation last year that he HATED because of what.....CONFIDENCE, FORESIGHT AND LOVE OF THE U.

Laron Byrd came to the U as the sixth or seventh WR recruit because he had what......CONFIDENCE AND HE WAS WILLING TO WORK HARD.

So all you fools still talking about Shannon doesn't know what he's doing and such nonsense, please consider the above FACTS.

And if Moncur really is healthy enough to play, it's even better.


once you have a Platinum Canespace Membership it's a life sentence

you can check out anytime you want to but you can never leave.

We like to work at nothin all day

The waiting is the hardest part.

Time may change me

Slip slidin away

I'm stuck in the middle with you

clowns to the left of me, jokers on the right

me and the boys will be playin all night


Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

"three transfer requests to come to miami

So are they limp dik quitters?"

Of couse not. They're asking to come INTO the kitchen, 'cause they need some more heat.

Posted by: dj moonbat | August 26, 2009 at 10:02 PM


DJ, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Solar, those kids have the STEEL that Cook clearly does not. Just like Jeff George didn't have it, and we see how his career went, with all that talent. That's why Gary Stephens told him, "You MIGHT start at Miami."

George adjusted his diaper and went to Indiana or somewhere like that.

Mr Troutman

MY NEW LOF PICKS ARE GRAHMN/CHAMBERS I want some new blood to emerge...can't wait to see the 6'8n TE run over guys and make alley hoop type plays in the endzone......"Jacory to the corner of the end zone...TD GRAHMN . HE TOWERED OVER THE CORNER FOR THE GRAB.....BOY IS HE A WEAPON!!

Montreal Cane

LOF Picks Byrd/Spence


TROUT...first of all U need one player on defense and one on offense. Graham and Chambers are both on offense.

Second, U should try to make your picks while sober! When U are drinking it is obvious that it reflects your judgement.




Jacory stayed in a situation last year that he HATED because of what.....CONFIDENCE, FORESIGHT AND LOVE OF THE U.

Jacory stayed at the U because he was guaranteed he was going to start as a sophomore unless he fell on his face .
don't kid yourself


Montreal Cane

Too bad Stephen Morris won't be an EE
Pace won't let him...He confirmed that on WQAM...So no spring practice at the U...


To take a break from the action of the QBs taking flight from Gables ..

I bring you someone who should be at the top of any list that men have about who is a hot sports reporter

She does hockey, she's in the middle with the long brown hair


Erin Trev Andrews who?

Ya, exactly.


"Of couse not. They're asking to come INTO the kitchen, 'cause they need some more heat."

naw, they aren't gonna start where they are and they feel they might as well try and get some Mami glory, and if Jacory gets hurt who knows.

I love how no matter what the situation is guys will twist it till it sounds the best for Randy.

Guys that quit their team are diks universal diks, not diks till they come to miami and fk up remember that is the law.

You can't have it both ways

Either Cook did the right thing just like the three alleged transfers in waiting, or the three transfers are diks

You gotta decide one way or the other and live with it, not flip flop every other hour.



solar, for the record, i don't think i was the only one, but the 1st time i heard brock berlin wanted to transfer to Miami i was like hell no, no gators allowed. Never wanted him here and still don't care if he never came here. I said it back in the sun sentinel days, it's in their archives, that's why i'm glad we ddin't take deonte thompson, keep your waffling gator azz up their.

The only credit i can give brock berlin is that he buckle up and came back in a lot of games that he put us in the whole in the 1st place. WHile yeah i like how he led the comeback against the gators and west virginia, but both of those games i was pissed, hell, brock was the one who put us in the hole in the 1st place, damyum great comebacks, those teams we had he was running should have been back to the national championship game, brock was garbage, why would you want brocks heart in the so called perfect qb, what heart, he folded to much for me. Plus once a gator, always a gator.

I don't ever want a guy who couldn't make it at another school running here as if he's going to take somebodies spot or something, hell brock was handed the spot.

These qb transfers are the best thing that's happened to the team, that's going to add more to the us against the world mentality, which it still is, and it's real, we don't have to make it up, look how many people keep saying shannon doesn't know what he's doing, shannon can't talk, they cringing when he talks, the qb's leaving is shanon's fault, all this negativity people keep throwing at this team is only going to add fuel to the fire of these players, coach shannon, and this coaching staff.

Keep it up nay-sayers whereever you are, because people think this is the same old weak Canes that were pretending to be Canes.

As far as kyle wright the football player goes, my problem with him, he was always making comments as if he was the best qb in america and basically dis-owning his own team-mates. If your team is jumping up and down on somebodies logo, if you're the starting qb, you need to be out their with them. You think jacory won't be out their, hell, he'll probably be the one in the front that they have to hold back.

Well the good news is, shannon will have to adjust his punishments possibly by the quarter for qb's. To much on the line to suspend jacory for any game with highsmith as your back-up. Although highsmith can execute plays..


LOF DT Allen Bailey Travis Benjamin..
Put money on it...


Who ever rotates the right upper pictures should get tee shirts for life


Mr Troutman


Montreal Cane

This is the kind of remarks you read on The Chopping Block from FSU fans...


Solution: You pass rush Harris (Miami QB) and put him on his back as many times as ethically allowed. Judging from yesterday's news, Miami has no one to go to as a backup QB (2 transfers). I still remember last year's game against VT. We knocked out both the 1st and 2nd string QB in the first half. Wow.

Posted by: West Texas Warchant | August 26, 2009 at 04:50 PM

Montreal Cane

I don't know if Ponder will be shaking when he will see Allen "Hulk" Bailey coming at him like a mad truck...


cal good post brother

Sometimes kids make the wrong decisions or their high school coach and parents do as to what school is best for them.

Then a kid commits and hes miserable or can't do the drill.

If there was a rule saying you pick a college within 30 days after graduating and you stay at that school till you graduate or your class does a whole lot of this recruiting, transfering, biching and moaning would be over with.



monte we say the same thing



Folks - I know there is a lot of folks saying that Cook and Smith are quiters but ask yourself this question.....What's in their best interest? If they felt they didn't have a chance to play at UM, should we blame them for going elswhere? If you apply for a job, are there 6 months and you are not happy...what do you do? Look for a better job. We praise these kids when they come to UM and knock em when they leave. Let's just wish them luck and move forward.

And by moving forward I mean having a EMT next to Jacory Harris 24/7 in case he trips coming out of a Pizza Hut. :-)


Sarasota 'cane

If a player is seen by our team deliberately trying to "take out" Jacory, then UM will retaliate! It's no different than a bean ball in baseball.

What's good for the goose, is good for the gander!

This is all just blog speak anyway. There are so many legitimate ways to get to the QB of any team during the normal course of a game, that there is usually no need to resort to illegal contact.

Go 'canes!


Miami 28 fswho 20.....

Montreal Cane

End of the pre-preseason: What could be going better for Florida State

posted by Andrew Carter on Aug 26, 2009 4:15:00 PM

By now you’ve read about what has gone right for the Seminoles to this point in the preseason.

Now it’s time for the flipside: things that could be going bit better. So let’s get to it:

-Filling the holes in the secondary.
Mickey Andrews, the longtime defensive coordinator at Florida State, knew it’d be difficult to replace starters Tony Carter and Myron Rolle. Carter, a reliable cornerback, had been a four-year starter and Rolle, of course, had been a mainstay at rover. Identifying their replacements has proven more difficult, perhaps, than imagined. At rover, senior Korey Mangum figures to inherit the starting job but he has done little to distinguish himself during the preseason. He also missed nearly an entire week of practice with a knee injury and is just now working his way back. Ochuko Jenije, a junior, probably has the inside track to replace Carter. And though Jenije has had some nice moments, he has not yet consistently produced the way Andrews would like. What does it all mean? It means that right now, the secondary is probably this team’s biggest question mark headed into the season. The ‘Noles will have to rely on young, unproven players to emerge. Freshmen Greg Reid, a cornerback, and Jajuan Harley, a safety, could figure in here sooner than later.

-Developing a dominating running game.
When healthy, Florida State has a stable of running backs that might be the envy of the Atlantic Coast Conference. The problem is, though, that nagging injuries have cost offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher the chance to truly evaluate what he has. Tavares Pressley, Ty Jones and Chris Thompson have all missed practices this preseason because of injuries. Sophomore Jermaine Thomas and freshman Lonnie Pryor have been the team’s only two backs not to miss time this preseason. As a result, the development of the running game has lagged behind that of the passing game, which seems to be further along than expected. Thomas, for example, was the team’s leading rusher in the most recent scrimmage, and he only had 24 yards. It’s realistic to expect the running game to improve vastly when the season actually begins, but it has been a bit odd to see it struggle some during the preseason.

-Replacing the departed defensive ends.
FSU’s defense was most effective a season ago when it consistently pressured the opposing team’s quarterback. And sustaining that pressure has been an issue during the preseason. Both Everette Brown and Neefy Moffett – the Seminoles’ starting defensive ends in 2008 – are gone. And replacing them hasn’t been easy. Coaches are still waiting for Markus White, a junior, to become the force that a lot of people expect he will become. And on the other side, senior Kevin McNeil got a late start after some academic issues and he is in a position battle with Toshmon Stevens, among others. If the ‘Noles can’t develop a consistent pass rush, the defense will be in trouble.

From the chopping block...Orlando sentinel...



When are you going to start the kick off count down on your home page?


count me in as guys from long ago coming back...
calvin, would have to agree as usual brother...this OL damn sure better gel quick, because if Jacory goes down, especially in first 4, game over....
Cannon Smith was nothing more than practice fodder, and maybe a deep walleted alum down the road....complete garbage, and is now doing what he did in HS, when he doesnt get to play, he transfers....
Taylor Cook, to me was a shock and surprise....Every QB has had to wait thier turn...Kosar behind Kelly, Testaverde behind Kosar, Walsh, etc....His hurts. I think he may have had the talent and skill to give Jacory a run, but at least we had a backup...now, nada....
Im not bailing on season, I think we will win 9, and either 2-2, or 3-1 to open (and I aint gonna be shocked if we beat the sooners)...
Lastly, the crap I have been reading about race issue is crap....I believe Shannon doesnt give a damn what color anyone is, and only gives a dman about one color....the winning one!~


Who ever rotates the right upper pictures should get tee shirts for life


Posted by: solarcane | August 26, 2009 at 10:49 PM

I agree!


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