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August 22, 2009



Calvin .........I believe Chris Corchiani went to Hialeah Miami Lakes H/S I will have to wait till my daughter gets home to ask. She was involved with athletics at HML in the 70's We lived across the canal from the school.

Old Skool

OJ Simpson?


Mr. Popa?

Old Skool

Oh a father.
Okay Mr. Ojomo

Manny Navarro

Ladies and Gents...
Just got back from covering Braves-Marlins in Atlanta. But I've left a present before leaving on vacation for the rest of this week. Come vote on the final three in our Top 60 poll. Make your case.


Mr Troutman

my LOF picks are Jascory / JJ 86 put me down for them two.

Jacory will have over 3,000 yards passing while James will break the 1000 yds mark for the first time in his career here.

We just might have a HEISMAN CANIDATE AT CORAL GABLES THIS YEAR....IF THEY PUT UP THE #S WE'LL BE GETTING SOME TYPE OF TROPHYS HANDED TO US... just think Shannon is the coach of the year which will be much deserve due to the amount of PAIN and AGONY we've been through over the years.



I think people have to realize this isn't based on who is most important to the team. Obviously that is Jacory but on talent, you have to go Spence. I see it like this.

1. Spence
2. Cooper
3. Jacory

If this was who we could least afford to lose then it would be

1. Jacory
2. Spence
3. Cooper

Posted by: bg1906 | August 24, 2009 at 01:11 PM



Least afford to lose?

Think about it.

1. Fox
2. Figueroa
3. Franklin


I went back and looked at the criteria. I was wrong. Manny says...

For the past three days, I've spent time looking over the roster and ranking the Top 60 Canes based on what they mean to the program, what they've done for the program and what we should expect from them in 2009.

In that case,

I say

1. Jacory
2. Spence
3. Coop

Splarfly, I misunderstood the criteria so you win. If I had READ what Manny said the criteria was we would've agreed.



I understand your concern and why you mention the guys upfront, but if Jacory goes down we are in SERIOUS, SERIOUS trouble. We can scheme around not having GREAT OLineman, but if you don't have a QB....Well...You know the rest.


Chuck Foreman


Yes,Chris Corchiani went to HML from 85-87


Que paso?



Mr Troutman

I agree with 1906 Texas Cane...we can live without some of our best lineman going down but having Jacory out hurts more. Imagine Tebow out for the season at UF and how below average they will look then.

Chinese Punisher aka Cavaleer


Bill K (NoleCC)

For the record... over voting the Canes in the poll doesn't piss me off. I found it rather amusing. Not counting the flood you guys were pretty much like every other ACC team in the poll, behind GT.




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Truth I hear u on the Dorsey backup, but this alos isn't the the O-Line we had back then either at least not yet. Let's hope they are.

Either way team Shannon better put a personal body guard on the right and left shoulder of Jacory and AJ!!!!!And I mean day and night!!!!!

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