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August 11, 2009





I was searching for Jose Jose and got this.. wierd!



Stay classy Rick



I am not sure if this was reported yet or not (I didn't see it), but Mickey Andrews is saying that the 2009 season will be his last.

Sorry, SCUM. He is one of the finest.

Go Canes!


canefan3, i think what Evans brings to VT though is that banger. I don't think he's a great back, but the other backs complimented him well since they were more speed guys. Now you lose the meat and potatoes guy. Plus the others really don't have much experience. Going to go through growing pains.

and have i made it clear i'm excited about the pads being on in practice tomorrow?

oh and solar...thanks for the less than appealing image. would've been funny if it didn't remind me of visits to CVS where I'm seeing whats on sale in that section cause I made the mistake of calling to ask the wife if she needed anything.


Go Marlins! Go Canes!


hey! what's wrong w/ san antonio?i mean u got the riverwalk,dick's...lol have fun joker.

and for the love of god can we take some pics to the house this year or at least go into dbl digits for pics.4 pics is just...just shameful.

w/ added pressure from our deep a$$ dl, more seasoned cb's and miami vice back at safety i think things will look sunny side up again though.

so my birthday is 3 days after labor day and my fiance' asked me what i want..i said besides a beatdown in tally? torn between new jersey or memorabilia or just some sexy lingerie w/ her in it.



Cant wait for more Bosher tackles and some SEAN "GET OUT THA WAY" SPENCE demolition.



Pryor ran a football forty of 4.33

The article is funny but these guys even when they argue do not really know their stuff. It is funny how inexact 40 times are. That is why for now on we use the term "football 40"
The best part of the article though is the bottom. He spends the entire article breaking down how fast pryor is and how unrealistic it is compared to great olmplic sprinters then at the end he says at least it is not "florida fake" http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/blog/dr_saturday/post/Fine-we-get-it-Florida-is-fast-There-s-no-nee?urn=ncaaf,147026



Posted by: Canezitis | August 12, 2009 at 02:42 AM

Lingerie with her in it, hands down.


pads are on today

Team just finished stretch and everyone except hardin looks good to go.



early wed depth chart

Moncur robinson and forston running with twos; ray ray with threes. Trump back in at 1 center. 1 cbs are vandyke and c grant. 1.wrs are byrd and hank







U in the parking lot? Randy going to send some boyz for U.......lol









Randy interview yesterday afternoon. The link in on the lower right! Enjoy


my bad, lower left for the link



Just reporting other sites are posting.




just looking out man!


Good morning!

Six I think K.kelly was going to sit that season anyway. I think that is why he chose baseball over football.

Marlins game was awesome last night. Finish these last 2 games against Astros but the rockies are going to be tough!

Go Canes and Go Marlins!!! Let's get some football started.


I am so ready for bone crushing football. I actually watched Tenn.& Fla play Dec. 1 2001 game on CBSSports. The biggist thing I got out of watching it was that Travis Stephens had a great game running against the Gators. I hope for that kind of production from as many as 4 of our R/B during different games.
Speaking of bone crushing I have photos of the XRays of my elbow with 6 screws up to 3" long holding a 6" titanium angle to my elbow.Not sure yet if I will have 100% movement. Forgot to ask the surgeon :-(


Posted by: DATcane | August 12, 2009 at 08:52 AM

Heard it yesterday. Randy is ooozzzziiinnggg confidence.

He knows whats about to happen.

Go Canes!



U are right, he sounds so much different about this years team.


He should sound different.

He walked into a shythole 2 years ago and is finally getting his nose out of it.

I would feel relieved too!




Good Read


Right now is where 90% of the Fans thought Randy's team was two years ago.

Remember how we were gonna cake walk through the ACC maybe end up a top 5 team?

This is the year we could win the ACC and end up in the Ten

But this year that same 90% will have us going 11-1 and playing for the NC



OU has a tight end starting at center right now,lost four of five O Linemen, had two backup linemen transfer and another just quit football altogether. Lost their two best receivers, both of their starting safeties, and have a true freshman pushing to start at corner. DeMarco Murray is hurt, again, and Mossis Madu has been moved to slot receiver from RB because of lack of talent and depth at receiver.

I think October 3 might be a game that no Canes fan will want to miss.

All you guys who think 8-4 is a record to shoot for...please list the games that you think we will lose...and why.

Old Skool

Nice collection there. Solar.
I had sell my 68 Camaro Rally Sport convertible
with 70K miles on it three years ago. Dam I hated to see it go. It had been in the family since it was new.


more on that




those are all good points. I hope OU does not get beat by BYU before they play us.


Old skool wow how did let that go?

My dream car would be a convertible 1967 mustang, candy apple green with a "u" plate in the front....never gonna happen but I can dream!!!

Go Canes!


After looking at this pic, I'd say the boyz have DEFINITELY been in the weight room. Good job Swasey!



The Canes way:

We HATE injuries to the other team.

We want them at FULL strength when we beat them.

Anything lesS that that is less than our best.

Posted by: SOUP | August 11, 2009 at 09:46 PM

I know he's posted before, and he'll post again, but this post is the real "TRUTH".

Although they do still have ryan williams in the whole. Also, even with evans i don't think they would have beaten alabama, their offense is garbage. saban would have just blitzed the hell out of tyrod taylor and force him to make reads in the passing game, keep his safties back and tell his other db's to be aggressive and don't be afraid to jump the routes.

ryan williams is more of the game breaking type runningback though. darren evans, the so called 3 star recruit out of indianapolis indiana. v-tech doesn't recruit off websites, they go out and find players, and look for the tough guys.

Analyzing between the 2 virginia schools, v-tech is the Fsu of virginia and the cavaliers of virginia are the gators. v-tech gets the tougher players while the cavaliers get these soft guys. I'm looking forward to seeing what julio jones does against v-tech, that's going to be a good match-up.



third time I have heard this, any TRUTH to it?


TexasCane - I think we lose at least 2 of the first 4

Oklahoma - yes they lose recievers, linemen, safties ect.. but they still have Bradford Murray and a good DLine... our front 4 will have to play very well

I would say VT but I really think that their offense is complete shat and don't know where all the NC hype is coming from?

GT because we struggled a lot in that game last year

and we lose 1 or 2 down the strech (Clemson, South Florida, someone like that) due to lack of being focused for a young team

Now I also think that we can go undefeated but dont think that it will really happen, I see the reason we lose this year is because of our DBs .. sorry i have 0 faith in them

The Truth

Yes. It's 100% true. The offer was on the table and Shannon said wait.


wow that's impressive! thanks


Bg - I am curious to see a similar shot to the one we saw last year, with all the boys in the weight room. I remember that some guys looked soft in that pic compared to others. I am curious to see what this year would look like.

DAT - Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. My guess would be they tried ot extend him at the current rate, with a raise on par with the % increase in coaches salary across the nation, and Randy said boys (and lady) I am rebuilding the dynasty, wait and see and then open the checkbook. It would be super gangsta if he went Randy Moss and said just pay me in "straight cash homie"

Old Skool


The reasons: money and no garage to keep it in.

Times were tight. Of course, a year later, I got the house with a garage, but at the time it didn't look like that would be possible any time soon.


Truth my friend. How goes it???

Did any of you hear me on Rivals Radio this morning?


Practice notes

Graham made a sliding touchdown reception on a pass from Jacory Harris in the back corner of the end zone in red zone drills and also got his feet wet with some big blocks in the running game.

He ran down the lists of nicks he got today: "My hips are sore, I got a skinned knee, caught a helmet to the hand," Graham said. "I was hit about three times, so I have to get my neck massaged a little bit. But that's about it."




BG I was listening most of the morning.

I must've missed you.

Still remember the first time I heard you on there in the car!!




Hey..does anyone in here happen to do any online advertising and if so, has anyone every tried or know anyone who uses Google Tv Ads?


Canez thanks for the practice notes. Does anyone have any updates about the DT's? There emergence is paramount for an improved run game


Meant run defense.


alrightee ... plane tix, game tix, and a reservation at the hampton good to go... looking forward to hangin with some spacers come oklahoma weekend!!! owwwwwwwwwww!


Fox on Oliver Vernon...

"He has a lot of raw talent," Fox said. "He's coming in out of high school, and the guy can play football. He's fast, he's strong, he's got several different ways to beat you. That's not normal for a freshman. He has a lot of potential."


Canez 1.

I was on there right before they ended for the day. I was the last caller. About 9:54 AM


Truth better be worried about his boy MRob, OV is gonna put him on the bench quick..

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